Do I Need To Oil My Wahl Clippers? (What Kind Of Oil, How Often & Where?)

Do I Need To Oil My Wahl Clippers?

Wahl is one of the most popular hair clipper brands, and many folks choose the brand due to its quality and durability.

You need to oil your Wahl clippers after each use to maintain their performance and longevity and reduce wear and tear. Oiling your clippers also prevents rust and friction, keeps the motor running quietly, the blades sharp, and makes haircuts more comfortable.

Your Wahl clippers will run better and last longer if you oil them occasionally. When you oil your clippers, you reduce the friction caused by moving parts, which helps extend the life of your clippers’ motor and blades.

You should oil your clippers every time you use them, but if you don’t use them often, you can also oil them more frequently. The more often you oil your clippers, the less effort they’ll require to cut hair.

Wahl recommends that you lubricate your Wahl clippers with a drop of sewing machine or 3-in-1 oil after each use. If you’ve never oiled any kind of power tool before, it’s best to practice on an old pair of clippers or scissors before working on a pair that’s new or in good shape.

This article will discuss why you need to oil your Wahl clippers, how often, where to put the oil, and alternatives you can use. I’ll also look at which lubricants to avoid.

Where Do I Put the Oil in My Wahl Clippers?

You should put a few tiny drops of oil on the top corners and at the foot of the blade of your Wahl clippers. Once done, turn the clippers on so that the oil can work its way through all the parts. If your clippers are dirty or clogged, you should clean them before applying the oil.

After allowing the oil to run through the clippers for about ten seconds, wipe off any excess oil on the blades to prevent stickiness when you cut hair.

Keeping your Wahl clippers well-oiled is an easy task that can be done in just a few minutes. A little bit of oil goes a long way and you only need to do it once every month or so. If your hair clippers are not well-oiled, they will run poorly and burn out quickly.

It’s also important to clean your hair clippers regularly in order to prevent any build-up of moisture or foreign substances (like hair) which could damage the motor of the clippers.

How Often Should You Oil Your Wahl Clippers?

You should oil your Wahl clippers after every use to ensure they function optimally and last for as long as possible. Fortunately, you only need to use a few tiny drops of oil for each oiling session, making it a cost-effective maintenance exercise. 

After using your Wahl clippers and before oiling them, you should remove the clipper attachment and brush off any excess hair with an old toothbrush or soft cloth. This helps prevent blade dulling and safeguards the internal parts as microscopic particles can cause friction and damage.

You may also consider using a cooling and disinfecting product like Andis Cool Care Plus (available on after brushing the hair off your clippers. Such products gently clean the clippers and cool them down after use.

Andis Cool Care Plus’s disinfecting property is useful if you use your Wahl clippers for more than one person.

To prevent rust, you should store your clippers in a dry place.

What Kind of Oil Can I Use To Lubricate Hair Clippers?

The best kind of oil to use to lubricate your clippers is the product recommended by Wahl, namely Wahl Clipper Oil or Wahl Lubricating Oil for Clippers. There are several other options if you’re on a budget or would like to use an alternative product that you already have in your home.

Below are some excellent alternatives to Wahl Clipper Oil or Wahl Lubricating Oil for Clippers (both available on

  • Baby oil. With its low viscosity and price, baby oil makes an excellent alternative, but you may not like the sickly, sweet baby smell on your clippers.
  • Kerosene. Some folks keep kerosene in their garage or workshop, and this substance lubricates clippers well. A drawback to kerosene is its diesel-like smell that can transfer onto your skin when using your clippers.
  • Mineral oil. Like baby oil, mineral oil has a low viscosity, and you may prefer it as it has no odor.
  • Sewing machine oil. If you have a sewing machine, you may have some sewing machine oil lying around. Designed to lubricate a sewing machine’s tiny parts, it’s perfect for clippers, too.
  • Essential oils. Essential oils are thin enough to use with clippers, benefit from smelling great, and offer medicinal properties.
  • Other brand clipper oils. Although Wahl recommends using their branded clipper oil to lubricate your Wahl clippers, using another brand of clipper oil, such as PlanetSafe or Oster, is fine.

Can You Use Olive Oil on Wahl Clippers?

You should avoid using olive oil on Wahl clippers because it’s too thick and will cause the motor and blades to become clogged, resulting in your clippers working sluggishly and your blades becoming dull. Olive oil has a one to two-year shelf life and will eventually turn rancid and smell.

Olive oil is also acidic and can wear down your clipper components.

Can I Use Wd40 on Wahl Clippers?

You shouldn’t use Wd40 on Wahl clippers as it contains silicone, a thick and sticky substance that can clog up your clippers and prevent them from working correctly. Wd40 isn’t a lubricant but a rust preventer and water displacer, and it won’t help maintain your Wahl clippers.

However, you can use a little Wd40 to clean the outside of your clippers and keep the blade rust-free.

Can I Use Andis Oil on Wahl Clippers?

You can use Andis Clipper Oil on Wahl clippers as this product has been formulated to work with any brand of clippers. It’s inexpensive and works in the same way as Wahl Clipper Oil or Wahl Lubricating Oil for Clippers. It’ll help extend your clippers’ lifespan.

Advantages of using Andis Oil are that it can also be used with dog clippers or electric shavers, and it’s odorless.

Other Products Not To Use With Your Wahl Clippers

Now that we’ve discussed the best products to use with your Wahl clippers (and a few to avoid) we can look at additional products to avoid as a clipper oil replacement:

  • Motor oil
  • Vaseline
  • Silicone oil
  • 3-in-1 oil
  • Coconut oil

Although these products are lubricants, they are too dense for hair clippers and will clog up the internal parts. Since these products can also dull the clipper blade, you could accidentally cut yourself when cutting your hair as you’d need to use more force for it to work correctly.

Final Thoughts

To keep your Wahl clippers working optimally for many years, you should oil them after every use.

Wahl recommends oiling your Wahl clippers using Wahl Clipper Oil or Wahl Lubricating Oil for Clippers. Still, you can also use baby oil, mineral oil, kerosene, sewing machine oil, or clipper oil from another brand. 

To lubricate your Wahl clippers, you should not use Wd40, olive oil, Vaseline, silicone oil, 3-in-1 oil, motor oil, or coconut oil.


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