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Do Bionaire Heaters Work (Bionaire’s Office Heater Really Works)

The Bionaire brand is very well-known and they sell a number of different heating and cooling products for your home or office…

By far the best Bionaire heater is the personal office heater that is getting rave.

You can see from the er’s comments below that this Bionaire heater is ideal for your office situation. Just put it under your desk and stay toasty and warm.

One of the best features is the auto-shutoff sensor that turns the heater off when you aren’t there…

The Bionaire Office Heater Works Well!

Bionaire Office Heater with Worry-Free Motion Sensor


Bionaire Office Heater with Worry Free Motion Sensor

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What Consumers Said About The Bionaire Office Heater?


Perfect if your office is freezing! I got this for my office because I am always freezing in there. My hand used to be like icicles and it just made work absolutely miserable when you’re constantly cold. I love this heater–I was worried that (like many heaters) it would be noisy, but this is completely silent so it doesn’t distract me from what I’m doing.


  • Small and convenient heater, perfect for the office (under the desk). It works great, enough to warm you in the cold office.
  • I use it every day in my office. I have it for more than a year and works great. I would recommend it to anyone for office use.
  • So warm and toasty! I put this heater under my desk and it works perfectly! Can barely hear it when it’s on, keeps me warm where I don’t even need to wear my sweater or use my blanket and it’s a perfect size!
  • Perfect! My office is so cold I can hardly think sometimes. I keep this under my desk and it works fantastically.
  • Still works great after a year. I use it DAILY ALL DAY WHILE AT WORK. So it’s literally running for 8 hours a day…Mon-Fri. No issues, No burning smell, nothing but comforting heat!
  • For such a little heater it sure packs some big heat. I keep it under my desk at work, in an office that starts out at 62 degrees in the mornings, and within just an hour or so, this little bitty thing can heat up my office to a comfortable temperature.
  • I absolutely love my heater. It is compact and works well for the small space it was bought for.
  • Ordered two of these under our desks at work. Work perfectly and have made a huge difference in being comfortable in this cold weather.


Bionaire Office Heater with Worry Free Motion Sensor

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  • I keep this under my desk at work. Perfect size for this and provides just enough heat to keep me warm at my desk even when it is cold in the office.
  • The heater worked very fast. I was toasty warm in no time. My office was just too chilly to not do something about it. Fantastic!
  • I’m so happy I purchased this, my office can get pretty chilly at times and this works wonders.
  • Game Changer in My Cube at Work!!!
  • It’s VERY quiet, which I love. I can turn it on and off throughout the day and the guy on the other side of the cube wall doesn’t even know.
  • Good working heater- perfect for the office.
  • Incredible product! Works perfectly. I’m no longer freezing in my office. I keep it under my desk and my entire body is toasty especially my feet.
  • Bought this to use at work since it is so cold where I sit. Works great.


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Automatic Shut Off Feature


Things that were important to me were that it was quiet, put out a lot of heat, was small and discrete, and had an auto-turn off function that didn’t disrupt my use, but would prevent me from accidentally leaving it on overnight or something.


  • Works Great. Nice to have the safety features so I don’t have to drive back to work If I think I left it on.
  • Small and readily concealed from office safety police. Auto-off without motion is a great working feature.
  • They work great and they really turn off when no motion so if someone accidentally leaves on – no worries.
  • This is perfect for my office since I freeze and everyone else is hot. I can put this by my desk and finally be comfortable!! I love the fact that it was an automatic shut off.
  • I love-love-love this little guy. I have it on all day at work. It’s discreet and super quiet, and I don’t know how many times the auto shut-off feature has saved me. It worth every penny.
  • It is dependable and I don’t have to worry about turning it off because it has a motion detector so it takes care of itself.
  • Got this as a gift for my husband to use under his desk. It is quiet and efficient. The motion sensor works well.
  • The sensor works great under my desk and it does turn off overnight and when I step away.
  • I love the motion sensor on this! It’s a smart, quiet design that works really well. Highly recommend.
  • Works very well and the motion sensor is great.

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In summary, you can’t go wrong with this very affordable Bionaire office heater. It does the job and does it well.

Compact, easy to move about, and most of all will keep you warm. It also will not bother anyone else in your office as it runs quietly.

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