Diffuser That Plays Music – Very Relaxing Aromatherapy

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Diffuser With Music

With the best diffuser that plays music, you can sit back and relax with beautiful aromas combined with your favorite music.

Aromatherapy combined with music is really relaxing and it can help you fight stress. So it’s no wonder this device has become popular among people who want to stay healthy and happy.

Place the aroma diffuser in the bedroom before going to sleep. The soft light and lovely scent will help you relax and fall asleep faster, which will leave you refreshed and energized the next morning. This is especially useful for those suffering from insomnia or anxiety.

The same goes for young children. Aromatherapy diffuser can calm down your child before bedtime so he/she will be able to sleep better without any trouble. You can also use it as a nightlight for babies as they go to sleep as well as a humidifier for babies who have sensitive skin as well as sinus congestion problems.

You can also enjoy the benefit of aromatherapy if you’re suffering from headache, fatigue, muscle tension, dry skin, etc. with this essential oil diffuser that is stylish and easy to use.

The Best Diffuser That Plays Music Provides The Perfect Way To Relax

PRYZMA is a cylindrical, ultra-compact, and portable essential oil diffuser. It has a unique aromatherapy design that combines Bamboo Charcoal Technology with ultrasonic mist diffusion.

This Aromatherapy Bluetooth Speaker is the perfect gift for anyone who has everything. It plays your favorite music or audiobooks through its 4.0 Bluetooth speaker connectivity. This technology allows you to wirelessly play your phone, laptop, or tablet directly to this essential oil diffuser.

By adding a few drops of your favorite essential oil, the Pryzma Essential Oil Diffuser will fill your room with fragrance and help you fight against stress and depression.


All in One Bluetooth Speaker Aromatherapy Smart Essential Oil Diffuser


Pryzma Essentials All in One Bluetooth Speaker Aromatherapy Smart Essential Oil Diffuser, 7 LED Therapy Night Light, 200ml Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier, Wood Grain and Waterless Auto Shut-off
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What Consumers Said About This Diffuser That Plays Music:


Relax With Wonderful Aroma’s Combined With Relaxing Music!

The smell of oils come out AWESOME. Me and my mom both love it. I listen to music while in the tub relaxing so this was perfect. The sound is loud and can be adjusted on your phone or whatever you Bluetooth it on!

  • We are happy to mix our favorite aromas and combine them with our relaxation music.
  • I love that I can play my music on my diffuser – it saves space, and makes life a little bit easier.
  • This is a great product and a great gift for anyone who enjoys music with the aroma of the diffuser.
  • I love having this next to my bed as I sleep, it runs for the entire night and I can link sleep music to it.
  • Love the BlueTooth. I play music while it’s on.
  • This is awesome! Smells great and plays my favorite sleep meditation or any other music I want. 


Wooo! This Product is Amazing!!!

I have seen a couple of diffusers but this one does the perfect job. Great to relax with some chill-out music. Often used it for aromatherapy while I go to sleep and while I am doing yoga. The fact that plays music with great sound and lights is an awesome feature.

  • This one gives me a perfect combination of aromatherapy, music, and lights.
  • I enjoy listening to my meditation app with soothing sounds and envisioned myself in a bath full of bubbles with this diffuser at my side.
  • The fact that you can play your music and mist your favorite aromas at the same time is great!
  • Misting with this Pryzma diffuser while listening to music is fantastic!
  • I listen to my audiobooks at night and do my aromatherapy session at the same time.
  • Great for the office, I can play relaxing music from my phone while I work.
  • Its Bluetooth is simple and easy to pair with my phone and I can listen to my music.
  • I can listen to my music and watch beautiful lights change colors while inhaling a relaxing scent.


I Absolutely Love This Music Diffuser!

Not only is it pretty, our music sounds great through it and it diffuses enough to spread the beautiful scent of my oils through the room.

  • I practice yoga and this product goes great with this, I use it in each of my routines and it allows me to relax with soft music and relaxing aromas. 
  • She is surprised by how easy it is to sync it to her cell phone and listen to her favorite music.
  • I love this product because I can listen to music while I relax with the fresh scent of Jazmin.
  • The kids absolutely love having oils and sleep music going even request it when I forget.
  • I really like it, especially that it’s a blue tooth, it comes in handy if I want to listen to music on the fly.
  • It has made bedtime a breeze.
  • I love this essential Oil Diffuser I have two of them and the music is awesome and the sound is GREAT.
  • We love that we can fill the room with calming music as well as essential oil aromatherapy.

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Super Quiet Diffuser With Very Soothing Colors

It is an Aromatherapy Diffuser enriched with lighting effects, including 8 different light colors and the possibility of setting the light intensity. With its Waterless Technology, you can enjoy your favorite essential oils without any water or without making your house humid. It is able to deliver the highest quality of essential oil scents and create a pleasant environment.

Aromatherapy diffusers are excellent ways of producing beneficial fragrances that can help relax and calm your body, mind, and soul

Pryzma is the best essential oil diffuser for aromatherapy due to its soft light and pleasant sounds. Pryzma is the best gift for your friends, family, children, colleagues, and acquaintances. Pryzma is the most convenient way to enhance your mood and make yourself relaxed with the power of nature.


Pryzma Essentials All in One Bluetooth Speaker Aromatherapy Smart Essential Oil Diffuser, 7 LED Therapy Night Light, 200ml Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier, Wood Grain and Waterless Auto Shut-off

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This is Absolutely One of The Most Amazing Purchases I Have Ever Made

It is beautiful and the sound is great….the colors are so soothing …combined with the wonderful aromatherapy I’m able to create in my office. I couldn’t be happier with this item.

  • The diffuser itself is super quiet and the colors are very soothing.
  • There are various settings where you can choose to just have it on one color or not have the mist going; I like having all of those options.
  • The product is really quiet and the light can be turned off at night so I can sleep better.
  • I love the LED light, this humidifier has a soft glow with 7 colors, I can also set the color I like and experiment with my essential oils.
  • Lots of mist comes out at the top and I like how the colors can automatically change or you can set it to whichever color you like most.
  • It looks super cool and fun in my living room with all the different colors of lighting.
  • You can’t go wrong with this one. Love it. The colors are beautiful. 

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The Design Is Awesome and This Compact Diffuser Can Fit Anywhere

When it comes to aromatherapy diffusers, the Pryzma Essential Oil Diffuser is the best on the market. The Aromatherapy Diffuser by Pryzma is a high quality, easy to use, and simple to operate unit that will fit into any decor and blend in beautifully. This oil diffuser is an ideal gift for family and friends and is sure to be appreciated by all who receive it.

This is a great gift for any person who loves music and wants to relax with the soothing sounds of nature. This diffuser can be controlled by its remote which allows you to control different settings. The diffuser is made out of fine quality wood and is very elegant in looks.

If you are looking for a gift for someone who likes music, this is the perfect gift for them! The sounds that come out of the speaker are clear, crisp, and loud enough to fill up a large room or even outdoors if you want.

Pryzma Essentials All in One Bluetooth Speaker Aromatherapy Smart Essential Oil Diffuser, 7 LED Therapy Night Light, 200ml Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier, Wood Grain and Waterless Auto Shut-off

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It Adds A Very Soothing Element To The Atmosphere!

I absolutely adore it! It’s super simple to use and immediately had the desired effect! It adds a very soothing element to the atmosphere, last night I listened to my sleep meditation and used a few drops of my soothing nighttime blend and this is the first time in a long time I was able to fall asleep in peace.

  • The design is awesome and fits perfectly on my nightstand! 
  • use it regularly in my classroom.
  • Fits perfectly on my nightstand.
  • I use it every day and it is the most peaceful, yet intriguing thing ever.
  • A little small, but it fits perfectly in my bookcase.
  • use this at my workstation. Great item.
  • It is small, easy to set up and it lasts for hours.
  • I love using the diffuser while I go to sleep.
  • Works well and does not require any effort setting up.
  • use it every day in my sunroom as you come into my home & am thinking I need another one for the back of my home.

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Other Excellent Desk Clamp Lights To Consider:


Ellia Gather Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Aroma Diffuser

Ellia Gather Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Aroma Diffuser, White
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er Comments:

This is The Best Diffuser I’ve Ever Owned or Seen Anywhere!

It’s super quiet and works in several different settings. It can be used to work in internals or all the time, however, you prefer. If I use the interval setting, then it lasts me about 12-18 hrs!!!

It turns off automatically, after all water has evaporated, so you don’t need to worry about turning it off. It has different lights setting and also music. I’ve owned different diffusers before and this is by far the best of of all of them.

  • This is the Cadillac of all diffusers!
  • Simply amazing!
  • And gorgeous.
  • You won’t be disappointed with this gem!
  • This is the first oil diffuser I have bought and I LOVE IT!
  • So simple to use and they even give you a sample pack of oils.
  • Many features to choose from in the device itself like color, brightness, music, and volume!
  • So peaceful and relaxing.
  • It plays nice music and has beautiful lights.
  • The main attraction to this diffuser is the way it looks.
  • It blends in nicely with my decor and doesn’t look as “generic” as other diffusers that I have seen.
  •  I absolutely love the soothing color-changing and subtle music.

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Gratia Naturals Essential Oil Diffuser

Gratia Naturals Essential Oil Diffuser, Aromatherapy Diffuser Air Freshener W/ 4 Top Oils, Sound Therapy Bluetooth Speaker, Silent Cool Mist Humidifier Aroma Diffuser for Large Room, Office,Yoga,Spa
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er Comments:


Music Combined With Aroma Therapy is My Most Relaxing Experience!

Easy Bluetooth in from my iPhone. I can listen to any music from any of my apps. I added a spa playlist to my Pandora app.

This one has it all and sits next to my bed. It’s lovely looking, And the bonus of being able to Bluetooth music along with the essential oil aroma therapy makes for one of my most relaxing experiences.

  • It is a cute design, the lights are cool and the music sounds decently loud.
  • I like how quiet it is while it works so I can leave it working by my bed while I’m sleeping. the mist stream is pretty steady.
  • Lasts for hours and hours – love that it came with a water measuring cup – very little noise – love that it connects to Bluetooth to play music or books.
  • It’s quiet, diffuses well, and has Bluetooth for music or nature sounds.
  • I’ve received several compliments on its unique shape.
  • This is a beautiful device to make your room/bath feel like a spa!
  • I really like the relaxing chill-out vibe it gives my home. what really surprised me is the amazing speaker the quality is unbelievable and does very well in a pretty big room while I meditate.
  • It works like a charm.
  • The provided essential oils are small amazing and relaxing.
  • I would recommend this as a great gift for the holidays.

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HoMedics Ellia Gaze Diffuser with Sound

HoMedics Ellia Gaze Diffuser with Sound
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er Comments:


Such Soothing Music!

You feel like you are in a spa.. such soothing music, lights and the diffuser puts out a lot of steam! I bought 3 of these! My girls love them at college and in their bedroom at home! A must buy!

  • It plays beautiful soothing music, lights up, and off course is a diffuser as well.
  • All functions can be turned on or off independently of each other.
  • It’s easy to use and the scents are amazing!!
  • I love this diffuser.
  • It’s classically elegant..easy to use and it diffuses for quite a long time.
  • Going to buy some as gifts for friends and family.
  • It’s a gorgeous and perfect match for me!
  • And not to mention the oils that it came with… smell so good!!

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PriBuy Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser with Bluetooth Speaker

PriBuy Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser with Bluetooth Speaker,Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier,7 Color LED Lights,Waterless Auto Shut-Off,200mL Diffuser for Office/Home/Bedroom/Baby Room/Yoga Spa.
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er Comments:


It Diffuses Wonderfully With Beautiful Music!

I bought this it works great, it diffuses wonderfully and I can play beautiful music, great looking, everything about it is great .The colors, the sound, features are many for the price. Nothing bad to say about this diffuser.

  • It looks great on the end table and the nice soft light alternates and is relaxing.
  • Small units, can fit it almost anywhere.
  • It is completely quiet unless I connect my iPod to the speaker, which outputs a loud volume.
  • I use it as a night light, it illuminates the room, so I can see if I have to get up in the middle of the night.
  • It diffused oil well and the room was full of a strong smell.
  • Friends recommended it, it is very beautiful, my daughters like it very much. a lot of colors and add the smell of essential oils.
  • Colorful and can connect to your phone as a speaker.
  • I love my diffuser speaker.
  • Easy to use and has great sound quality.
  • Good value for money

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Aromatherapy Diffuser, Smart Oil Aroma Diffuser Cool Mist Humidifier with Bluetooth Speaker

Aromatherapy Diffuser, Smart Oil Aroma Diffuser Cool Mist Humidifier with Bluetooth Speaker 7 Color LED Night Lights Support Phone APP Control and Waterless Auto Shut-off
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er Comments:


This Diffuser Is Great Because It Can Play Music!

I love aromatherapy. This diffuser is great because it can play music when connected to your phone by Bluetooth. It also has several timer settings and can be used for light therapy.

  • Such a great oil diffuser.
  • First off the design is super cute.
  • It lasts a good amount of time before you need to refill the water.
  • The time settings are great and it will automatically turn off once it’s done unless it’s on continuous.
  • It isn’t loud but there are some light bubbly noises.
  • It definitely isn’t noticeable at all when you connect it to your Bluetooth and play music!
  • The volume is very nice and it can get fairly loud.
  • I love the color options and how it can rotate colors or you can just pick one go stay on.

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In summary,  the All in One Bluetooth Speaker Aromatherapy Smart Essential Oil Diffuser has it all and is our clear top pick for the best diffuser that can play music.

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