What Are The Different Types of Bedroom Dressers?

Types Of Dressers

When it comes to designing your bedroom, there are usually two main priorities: buying a bed with an extra comfortable mattress and having enough storage units to organize and store all of your clothes.

When buying different storage units for the bedrooms, regardless if people choose walk-in closets, wardrobes, an armoire, or some combination of these, they inevitably consider dressers as well.

That’s because dressers are here not only to provide additional storage space and organization for all the little pieces of clothes and accessories for you but also to improve the overall look of the bedroom, and in many cases provide space with mirrors for doing and storing makeup.

If you want to learn more about what dressers are and what are the different types of bedroom dressers, then keep on reading:

What are bedroom dressers?

A dresser by definition is a sideboard with drawers (and in some cases shelves) for storing items. What is interesting is that dressers are both used in the kitchens and bedrooms.

Worldwide, when you say dresser, you either refer to a sideboard with shelves above for storing and displaying plates and kitchen utensils used in the kitchens or you mean a piece of furniture with several drawers that are used for storing underwear, accessories, and other pieces of clothes in the bedrooms.

In America, when you say dresser you usually mean the second one, a piece of furniture with drawers used in the bedroom for storing clothes.



Delta Children Universal 6 Drawer Dresser, Dark Chocolate
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The term dresser is short from the dressing table and what is interesting is that unlike most of the American population who use the term dresser, the American collectors actually use the term lowboy to refer to dressers.

They usually do so because they want to distinguish between the typical dresser (lowboy) which is not that high, usually waist-high, and the tallboy (also known as highboy) – which is a chest of drawers that is typically higher.

In this article, we will discuss the dressers – the piece of furniture with several drawers used for storing clothes, and refer to them as dressers and not lowboys; before we jump into giving you the different types of bedroom dressers you can choose from…

Let’s Look at Some Interesting Facts About Dressers:

The earliest form of dressers was used in England, at the beginning of Tudor times; during this period, dressers were no more than a side table occasionally fitted with a row of drawers.

The designs of the dressers began to change a lot in the early years of the 16th century in France. French designers began experimenting with the design and decorated the dressers with more elaborate cravings; moreover, they adopted architectural forms such as gothic crockets, panels, reeded strapwork, cornices, and entablatures.

Dressers became more popular in the 18th century, in fact, they were favorite pieces of furniture in this century in both England and America.

You can often see the terms chest of drawers and dressers overlap in meaning. The difference between a chest of drawers and dressers is that chest of drawers are usually taller, vertical, they don’t typically feature a mirror, and have only drawers; on the other hand, a dresser is horizontal, usually waist high, it can feature a mirror but not necessarily, and it may include units with doors, not just drawers (as you will see in different types).

A typical dresser usually has 6 drawers (or more) and these are bigger, deeper than the chest drawers. Depending on the design, dressers can go by different names such as bureau, or vanity.

There are many different types of bedroom dressers. We will look at different types of bedroom dressers based on their materials and on their designs:

Different types of bedroom dressers based on their materials:


  • Wooden bedroom dressers

    This style is the classical and most typical type of bedroom dressers, and the reason why is because wood is a quite practical material for working, there are many types of different woods that come in many different natural shades; additionally, you can paint it, or carve it, and even add decorations to match the style you want. Therefore, you can find wooden bedroom dressers in all styles: from minimal, to shabby chic, nautical, rustic, contemporary, modern, simply every style you can imagine!


Novogratz 5969502COM-P 6 Drawer Colebrook Wood Dresser, Espresso/Weathered Oak
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  • Metal bedroom dressers

    These are mostly used in edgier, urban interior designs, a metal bedroom dressers are usually made of a combination of metal and wood – called a hybrid, and on rarer occasions, entirely out of metal. The metal bedroom dressers go better with more edgy styles, like retro, urban, industrial, etc.


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  • Wicker/rattan bedroom dressers

    Usually made of wicker (also called rattan) which is a type of woven material that can be crafted from natural fibers or plastic and in most cases it mimics the appearance of typical cottage style designs. The advantage of this material is that it is not heavy like wood, and it is still lasting and resistant to moisture and stains. Usually, it goes better with the nautical, cottage, bohemian styles.


Safavieh American Homes Collection Keenan Vintage White 6 Wicker Basket Storage Chest
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  • Leather bedroom dressers

    Leather is more recent in the market compared to wooden and metal, the leather bedroom dressers are made of wood and some pieces boast a fully leather surface to give that luxurious look. Usually, it is more incorporated into interior designs which include more modern, contemporary styles.


Baxton Studio Stella Crystal Tufted Upholstered Modern Nightstand, White
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  • Mirror bedroom dressers

    These are the newest types of bedroom dressers; in most cases, they are made out of wood, and there are mirrors on the surface of the drawers, as well as the sides and on the top. These became more popular among younger people and young couples as many celebrities and bloggers started using them, and their popularity actually spread throughout the social media platforms. What is interesting is that many of the mirror bedroom dressers are quite often DIY (do-it-yourself) projects where people transform their ordinary wooden dressers into mirror bedroom dressers.


Mecor Makeup Vanity with 7 Drawers,Vanity Table Set w/Tri-fold Mirror Girls Women Wood Dressing Table Cushioned Stool Bedroom Furniture White
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Different types of bedroom dressers based on their designs:


  • Standard or horizontal bedroom dresser

    – as the name suggests, this is the typical, ‘standard’ design of a dresser, also known as a horizontal dresser. It usually, but not necessarily, is made out of wood and has several different drawers usually arranged in two columns, each with 3 (or more) drawers for storing items and clothes. The standard dresser may have 6 equal size large drawers or on some occasions, it may have two sets of 2 large drawers and the top row of 4 smaller drawers usually for storing jewelry or makeup. On standard dressers, people place mirrors and other decorative items like picture frames, vases, flowers, books, lamps, or jewelry boxes, and on some occasions, even TVs.


WLIVE Wide Dresser with 3 Drawers and 1 Side Cabinet, Storage Drawer Chest for Home Office
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  • Combo bedroom dresser

    – combo bedroom dresser is a combination of bedroom dressers that includes both drawers and doors. This dresser has usually a few different sizes of drawers and at least one door. It is ideal for people who need a dresser that will contain more than clothes and jewelry, but also for example linens or electronics, keepsakes, photo albums, and other items. Quite often, these combo bedroom dressers have a mirror on top of them…


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  • Vanity bedroom dresser

    Probably one of the most popular types of dressers is called vanity. Often people use the terms vanity, dresser, and bureau as the same, and although they are basically describing the same piece of furniture, there is some difference in the meaning. Bureau usually refers to dressers used in offices, dressers usually refer to bedroom dressers and vanity refers to bedroom dressers with one or two rows of drawers, a mirror on the top of them and it is more similar to tables.

    Of course, some vanities are more similar to bedroom dressers and are more like standard dressers with mirrors on top of them while others are more similar to the table with smaller drawers. Before deciding on which version you want, consider the items you plan on storing in the dresser, and based on that, choose your bedroom dresser. Mostly, these like the other bedroom dressers are made out of wood and come in different styles, among which the most popular is shabby chic, French and modern.


BEWISHOME Vanity Set with Mirror & Cushioned Stool Dressing Table Vanity Makeup Table 5 Drawers 2 Dividers Movable Organizers White FST01W
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  • Dresser and changing table combo

    – this as the name says is a dresser combined with a changing table and although typically it is in the baby’s room, many parents place it in their bedrooms whether it is because they don’t have a baby’s room or they regularly wake up at night to change diapers and want it to be closed without having to constantly walk around. Because of this reason, we are mentioning it here with the other types of dressers. These are like regular dressers just on top of them there is a changing table that has sides and is made of soft material that is more comfortable.


Delta Children Sutton 3 Drawer Dresser with Changing Top, White
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When choosing…

When choosing your dresser to make sure that you not only match it with your overall interior and design but that it also provides enough spaces for all the items you want to store.

Some dressers actually have attached a mirror, but it is removable, so after a while, if you want to remove it, you can easily do so.

Choose the one-bedroom dresser that suits your needs, and is a combination of both beauty and practicality.

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