Best Flexible Desk Clamp Light That Works (Eye-Strain Protection)

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We have found the best desk clamp light that actually works. It is a very flexible clip-on light that can really help you zero in and focus on otherwise hard to see places…

It is ideal for all types of work situations including a computer workstation, sewing, crafts, photography, video creators, artist, and more.

The ability to clamp it on the side of your desks and tables or even under them helps you to maximize your working space while seeing clearly. The clamp light comes with a variety of light settings providing different brightness or warmth setting to suit any situation…

Best Flexible Desk Clamp Light That Works And Protects Your From Eye Strain

IMIGY 9W 500 Lumens LED Clamp Light


IMIGY 9W 500 Lumens LED Clamp Light, Flexible Gooseneck Dimmable Office Work Light with Touch and Remote Control, 5-Level Brightness and Color Temperature Dimmer Eye Care Light, White
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What Reviewers Said About This Desk Clamp Light:


This Desk Clamp Light Has A long Flexible Goose Neck That Is Excellent For All Types Of Work



This Thing is Great

I needed a lamp to clamp to a stand-up work surface with a neck long enough to position at different angles as I worked on clay sculpture. This one fits the bill nicely.

The neck is so long that I can position it all around my work surface without having to move the clamp at all, and still have the lamp out of the way of where I am working.

And it is very bright, far more than I expected. Having the different color tones is nice as well, to prevent eye fatigue.


  • The 5 touches of warmth/colors + 5 brightness settings are awesome to play around with and really useful for a jack-of-all-trades crafter who may need very different lighting for different types of work.
  • The flexible neck twists into a million different positions easily and stays put.
  • It’s nice and long (neck is 28″) so you can position the lamp right over whatever you’re working on.
  • What I like is that the lamp has a long, flexible neck, which means I can move it around over areas of work.
  • We’ve had this for a couple of weeks now and it is amazing so far!
  • I bought it to light up my kids’ craft/work table in a dark corner of our game room where adding a table lamp or a floor lamp would not be ideal.
  • I’ve been looking for a while for a lamp to light my working space (I make tutorial videos for youtube). This one is absolutely perfect! 


I Bought This Task Lamp For a Craft Table

The lighting selection and remote use is great. It easily attaches to the side of my work table and the flexible arm allows me to direct light where I need it. I loved it so much, I’m bought a second one for another area!!!


  • The lighting definitely helps with my artwork.
  • I like that it is flexible since I tend to shift around from sitting all day, so I move the lighting and change the color to help keep me focused.
  • This is a cool work lamp.
  • I use this to work and study at home and I am very happy with it.
  • It works great and it’s super bright with multiple personalized settings such as a warm or cool setting meaning more reddish vs more blueish color.
  • These lights are very good, all features work as described.
  • It works perfectly for my desk. I attached it to the back left corner and it brightens my whole desk.
  • A good investment for a working student.


This is By Far The Best Light I Have Ever Bought to Work At My Desk!

You can move it to shine on at any angle, change the brightness – all by remote control! Liked it so much I bought another one for my daughter!


  • I use it while filming at my desk. Works great and easy to set up.
  • Great light for desk work. The light directs where needed to focus.
  • Worked great!
  • My entire workspace is now lit evenly. 
  • Great Sewing light.
  • The light is perfect for my computer work station.
  • Put it on my sewing desk, excellent light to work under. 
  • The ability to adjust brightness allows me to adjust to the work I am doing.
  • Excellent! Solved all the lighting problems. Most especially, the computer work area was significantly improved.

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This Desk Clamp Light Will Help Prevent Eye Fatigue


IMIGY 9W 500 Lumens LED Clamp Light, Flexible Gooseneck Dimmable Office Work Light with Touch and Remote Control, 5-Level Brightness and Color Temperature Dimmer Eye Care Light, White
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It’s Easier On His Eyes and He Can Work For Hours Without Any Fatigue

I got this lamp to go with my son’s drafting table. I love how long the lamp arm is. This allowed us to clamp the lamp on a lower shelf so that it wouldn’t interfere with adjusting the desk… my son likes how he can change the lighting depending on what he’s working on… he says it’s easier on his eyes… he can work for hours without any fatigue.

  • Some of her projects require lots of light but she really liked that she could soften the light to relax her eyes with projects that didn’t need bright light.
  • The best of both worlds plus the gooseneck design easily allows her to maneuver the light anywhere on her table she needs.
  • With its long neck, I can see my entire tea area as bright as I want. 
  • Having different color tones is nice as well, to prevent eye fatigue.
  • It’s perfect for what I need … which was one more lamp for my small desk to alleviate major eye strain from reading so much.
  • I can focus light in any direction as well as control the spectrum so I now have no trouble seeing what I am doing.
  • Just what I need to see my miniature projects. 
  • The fact that I can strap this light from one end and see the other end clearly is priceless.

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Very Easy To Use The Light and Easy To Clip Onto Your Desk 

IMIGY 9W 500 Lumens LED Clamp Light, Flexible Gooseneck Dimmable Office Work Light with Touch and Remote Control, 5-Level Brightness and Color Temperature Dimmer Eye Care Light, White
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You Can Clamp This Light Down Pretty Much Anywhere!

This lamp is awesome. I bought it because I wanted something that didn’t take up space on my already cluttered desk lol.

Being able to clamp it down on pretty much anywhere. The light is bright and comes in technically 4 different modes: Moon, 20%, 50%, 100% brightness levels. You can also adjust between which share of light you prefer, with either warm, cool, or a mixture of both.

The lamp neck is adjustable so you could twist bend and move it however you can. You can control all that with your handy remote control right in the comfort of your bed.


  • It’s very easy to attach/clip on to a desk or table, and it’s so easy to turn on and off … and adjust settings, etc.
  • Extremely easy to move the flexible shaft any which way you want – and it stays put.
  • It was easy to attach to the easel.
  • Setup is a no-brainer. The clamp is very easy to use.
  • It is easy to use with a touch on-off and a brightness button right on the front.
  • The remote is super convenient – the base sits behind my monitors, so I can’t reach it easily.
  • Great light options, and easy positioning.
  • It’s super flexible, and having the remote makes it so easy to turn on and off.
  • The metal clamp is strong, the lamp is easy to operate, and gives great light.
  • It’s a great clamp-on light and I highly recommend it.

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Other Excellent Desk Clamp Lights To Consider:


Vari LED Task Lamp (Black) – Adjustable Arm – Removable Base with Desk Clamp

Vari LED Task Lamp (Black) - Adjustable Arm - Removable Base with Desk Clamp - Three Color Settings
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Reviewer Comments:


A Clip On Task Lamp That Doesn’t Take Up Much Space!

We had been looking for a task lamp that wouldn’t take up much space. The Varidesk lamp is perfect. It has 3 light settings which have worked out great. Love the easy on / off with a slight touch.


  • I love this desk lamp!
  • It is so clean-lined and modern looking, but I also love the technology of how you turn it on or change settings.
  • I needed a desk lamp since my desk was always so dark, particularly during video conference calls. 
  • The brightness settings are great and the different light types.
  • Very well built.
  • The 3 options of color temperature are nice, plus the 3 levels of brightness on each gives you lots of options.
  • The desk clamp light should fit any table up to 1 1/4 inches thick.

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Magnifying Clamp Lamp For Desk

Magnifying Clamp Lamp Daylight Magnifier Lighted Lens Bright Magnifier Light for Desk Table Task Craft or Workbench (5X Magnifier - Adjustable Arm)
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Reviewer Comments:


A Big Step Up In Quality From The Usual Table Light!

A big step up in quality from the usual adjustable table light. Stays solid and adjusted wherever you move it. Very clear magnifier and light.


  • This lamp is amazing.
  • Perfect fit for my desk setup.
  • It’s very stable, it’s very bright, magnification is perfect, and it can be attached to almost any tabletop like space.
  • Every now and then you buy something and you wonder how you lived without it all this time. This is one of those things.
  • Perfect for older eyes.
  • This light is amazing… perfect brightness for doing nails, as well as the magnifying glass is perfect for nail art.
  • Absolutely awesome lamp! I use this almost daily on my solder bench and the magnification and light are perfect for me.
  • I really like this light, it is bright and the magnification makes it easy to work on small items with ease.
  • Looks great on my workbench.
  • Really good for working with small items.
  • I’m getting older and my eyesight is not so good and this makes projects much easier.

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In summary, we can’t go past the IMIGY 9W 500 Lumens LED Clamp Light as the best clamp desk light that offers all of the perks you want in a desk light. It easily clamps to your desk, table, workbench, easel, and other workspaces.

The long gooseneck provides you with the ultimate flexibility so you can adjust the position of the lighting to where you need it most to focus on the task at hand and you will be able to maximize your workspace and alleviate eye-strain as well.

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