Are Darn Tough Socks Good? (Darn Tough Socks )

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What Is The Darn Tough Brand Known For?

Darn Tough socks are known for a few things – and they’re proud of all of them…. First, their 100% merino wool means breathability (so they don’t stink) and warmth (so your feet don’t get cold)…. Second, they’re made in Vermont – a state known for its crazy winters where you need the warmest sock on the planet…. And lastly, if you ever wear a hole in ’em, they’ll replace ’em for free.

Darn Tough socks are known for their high quality and no-nonsense approach to a quality sock…. Their original wool hiking socks are the most popular offering on the market today.

No other wool sock company is more obsessed with quality, construction, and testing than Darn Tough Socks…. Their socks are meant to go the distance, through wicked weather or rugged terrain the same great pair of socks can still be worn for years on end.

Customers love how long these socks last and know once they put their feet in a pair of Darn Tough Socks they won’t stop until they are good and darned tired.

Some socks you just can’t hurt…. Darn Tough Vermont-made hiking socks are guaranteeing their products will live up to your expectations, or they’ll replace them for as long as you own them.

Below I have listed some of Darn Tough’s most popular products so you can see how good this brand is…

Darn Tough Hiking Socks

The following Darn Tough product has an AMAZING 87% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

Darn Tough Men’s Merino Wool Hiker Micro Crew Cushion Sock features true seamless technology which allows for an undetectable seam fusion for an ultra-smooth, invisible feel…. This cushion sock features a shorter, more concise take on the traditional crew height with roomier toes that are designed to stay comfortable all day long without becoming irritatingly zany.

It’s a mid-layer style sock that hugs your foot circumference for a secure fit…. True Seamless technology allows for an undetectable seam fusion for an ultra-smooth, invisible feel…. A shorter, more concise take on the traditional crew height…. Peeks just above the top of a standard hiking boot.

Perfect for when you’re sunny and want a boot that looks as good no matter how long you hike in! For those looking for luxurious comfort in an effortless package, this sock delivers in spades…


DARN TOUGH Men’s Merino Wool Hiker Micro Crew Cushion Sock


Darn Tough (Style #1466) Men's Merino Wool Micro Crew Hiker Sock With Cushion - Denim, Large

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The Darn Tough Men’s Merino Wool Hiker Micro Crew Cushion Sock is perfect for those who plan on hiking in the winter months…. Unlike many other products in this category, the Tough sock has a true seamless construction, which means there are no invisible seams behind the cushioned footbed.

  • This design provides a comfortable fit even for those with large or deep feet.
  • The micro-cushioned footbed is lightweight and breathable, while also being durable enough to last multiple seasons underfoot.
  • From the wilderness to the urban jungle and all of it in between, Darn Tough’s Hiker is ready for action.
  • Made of Merino wool which provides maximum comfort, breathability, and natural odor control.
  • Its fine gauge knitting maximizes durability and minimizes weight while the reinforced heel and toe offer extra strength in high wear areas.
  • True Seamless technology allows for an undetectable seam fusion for an ultra-smooth, invisible feel, so there’s never a reason for blisters.

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Darn Tough Running Socks

The following Darn Tough product has an AMAZING 89% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

Darn Tough Women’s No Show Tab Ultra-Lightweight with Cushion Run Sock features a sock-like outsole that is flexible yet supportive in all the right areas…. They’re light, comfortable (about mid-sole pressure point), easy to clean and dispose of after usage.

Darn Tough’s Cushion Run Sock is one of those products that just makes sense…. It’s super affordable, being sold only from domestic vendors…. And if you actually run, like, really far – like farther than any casual stroller-wearer would ever run – then you certainly won’t be wanting to add extra bulk to your feet.

Available in a half size up and down, for those women who find themselves between sizes or who have a hard time finding a shoe that fits properly…


Darn Tough (Style 1052) Women’s No Show Tab Ultra-Lightweight with Cushion Run Sock


Darn Tough Women's Run Coolmax No Show Tab Ultra-Lightweight with Cushion - Large Black Coolmax Socks for Running

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Imagine having sock-like layers that mold to your foot shape, then switching out socks throughout the day to find the perfect fit…. The new sock adds less weight than traditional dark indigo sock models and features an 8-inch insole for superior cushioning power and comfort–even when you’re running hard.

  • This Cushion Run Sock is an example of a cushioned sock that offers minimal weight in a design that will stand out on any runner’s foot.
  • The sock has an inset cork midsole that tucks away into the front of the sock to mimic a sock sole, protecting your arch while preventing blisters from forming.
  • Between the midsole and upper arch, there’s an airy soft touch that mimics the feel of running on the carpet.
  • They are perfect for women who work out regularly, or for women who don’t want to wear bulky, heavy socks.
  • Women’s no-show tab ultra-lightweight running sock is lightweight and fashionable yet retains the superior performance of its more costly counterparts.
  • Its unique design features a unique connector to accommodate the contours of each foot.
  • The result is a sock that provides an ideal fit even underfoot while remaining lightweight and flexible.

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Darn Tough Athletic Socks

The following Darn Tough product has an excellent 79% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

The Darn Tough ULTRA LIGHT SOCKS brings a comfortable, lightweight sock system to the market without sacrificing performance or quality…. Made from North American wool that is specifically selected for its ability to wick away moisture, the sock insulates while maintaining an even foot feel much like a traditional sock would while acting as your main layer when aerobic or anaerobic exercise is being performed.

Darn Tough socks give your feet uncompromising comfort and style…. They are constructed using ultra-lightweight merino wool that is seamlessly combined with custom-engineered fibers to give you the best in breathability, durability and style…. You will love the look of these light weight, yet durable socks on any injury requiring extended wear.

Made with a True Seamless technology that allows for an undetectable seam fusion for an Ultra-smooth, invisible feel, this product will quickly become your go-to product for both aerobic and anaerobic activity due to its combination of performance, material, and design…


Darn Tough Ultra Light No Show Sock – Men’s


DARN TOUGH (Style 1437) Men's Athletic Sock - Team DTV, Large

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You’ll love the way these socks look when you style them with some eye catching accessories…. You’ll love how they feel when you run or play sports…. But the best part is that they are so comfortable that you won’t even notice you’re wearing them.

  • Darn Tough’s Sock has been engineered to be the most lightweight, comfortable, and flashy pair of socks you’ll ever own.
  • It comes in multiple colors including red, white/black, navy blue hue, and green to match any outfit.
  • You don’t have to be a fitness expert or even a runner to appreciate the all-day comfortable feel of well-fitted socks.
  • Color selection is also appreciated as some socks tend to be brighter than others which may distract from your professional outfits.
  • Or if you’re just looking for something fun to wear with your favorite pair of jeans, you’ll love the vibrant design that comes in red, black, or green along with navy blue for great little winter kicks.

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Darn Tough Lifestyle Socks

The following Darn Tough product has an AMAZING 85% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

One minute you’re walking on pavement, and the next, you’ve trudged through a creek…. To stay cozy on whatever adventure you take, try Darn Tough’s Animal Haus Crew socks…. Made from fine merino wool – the highest-quality wool there is – these socks will keep your feet dry, warm, and comfortable.

The Darn Tough Womens Animal Haus Crew Lightweight Casual Striped Merino Wool Socks is a unique sock that makes for a great gift…. These socks protect your feet from bad odors and blisters, and are great for those with pronation…. Made using the finest grade merino wool in Vermont, this sock was made to last more than 200 times longer than regular socks.

Darn Tough socks are made in Vermont from Merino wool—the world’s softest, most breathable form of wool…. Strong and naturally antimicrobial, it pulls moisture away from the skin and dries faster than synthetic fibers…


Darn Tough Women’s Animal Haus Crew Lightweight Casual Striped Merino Wool Socks


Darn Tough Women's Animal Haus Crew Lightweight - Medium Violet Koala Casual Striped Merino Wool Socks

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A 1:1 ratio of luxurious Merino wool with nylon provides plenty of cushioning and durability with every wear the soft blend of materials wicks moisture away from the skin keeping feet dry and odor-free

  • These women’s hiking socks are a great gift for any woman.
  • Get these colorful striped socks to match any outfit.
  • Make a statement about being comfortable and cute.
  • Meant to be worn with sneakers or boots, this Animal Haus Crew sock is perfect for everyday wear.
  • They will keep your feet cool in the summer and warm in the winter and they feature an aggressive gripper that stays put no matter what you do.
  • The cushioned sole adds comfort underfoot and the anklet height gives you some extra room to roll over at the ankle.
  • These socks provide the perfect balance of cushion, breathability, and temperature regulation for active pursuits.
  • The short-staple wool is durable and abrasion-resistant for less wear—so they last longer.

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Darn Tough Ski Socks

The following Darn Tough product has an AMAZING 83% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

Darn Tough ski socks are made to withstand the most vigorous use on the mountain…. Yet they still offer all-day cushioned comfort for non-skiing activities like work and play…. They feature a fully cushioned sole that provides insulation from the cold, padded heels, seamless toe construction for comfort and durability, and expanded arch support.

Darn Tough socks are the highest quality, most comfortable socks on earth…. Darn Tough Ski and Ride Function 5 Over-the-Calf Padded Cushion Sock are perfect for frigid winter days because of their perfect for layering.

The exclusive Vermont-made merino wool construction regulates itself to stay dry regardless of conditions so feet stay warm and dry…. Darn Tough backs their ski socks with an unconditional lifetime guarantee because they love it when you return from the mountain saying “darn these are good socks…


Darn Tough Ski/Ride Function 5 Over-the-Calf Padded Cushion Sock – Men’s


DARN TOUGH (Style 1811) Men's Function 5 Snow Sock - Black, Medium

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Darn Tough ski socks are the best darn ski socks around…. We make them from fine merino wool, which is soft and itch-free like cashmere, and durable and quick-drying like nylon…. And, Darn Tough backs all of its products with an unconditional lifetime guarantee.

  • Darn Tough socks just might be the most comfortable socks you have ever worn.
  • Made with a high-density cushioning foot, these socks are designed to cushion your feet while optimizing comfort through long days or multi-day ski and snowboard adventures.
  • Darn Tough’s award-winning Merino Wool makes this ski sock breathe easy, stay cool, and be comfortable all day long.
  • Over-the-calf height, lightweight cushioning, and rugged durability make these some of the best ski socks around.
  • They are perfect for skiing, snowboarding, and even hiking in the summer.
  • These Ski socks are more than a fashion statement, they are designed to keep warm during winter sporting activities.
  • Darn Tough ski socks are built with rugged no-sag construction that supports your feet without getting hot or smelly.
  • This moisture-wicking, breathable ski sock uses odor blockers, dual-layer cushioning, and an anti-microbial treatment to keep your feet warm and dry all day long.

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Darn Tough Hunter Socks

The following Darn Tough product has an AMAZING 84% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

Darn Tough’s most durable sock yet, the Hunter is specifically designed with more cushioning on key impact zones to help keep you performing at your peak in the field, on the road, or wherever your adventures take you…. Made with a strong nylon yarn that doesn’t stretch out, yet is breathable and comfortable.

Darn Tough only use the most durable fabrics to make their hunting socks…. Bottom line, they are built for all day comfort and maximum durability…. The new Extra Cushion sock contains 79% merino wool, 19% nylon and 2% Lycra Spandex giving you the highest level of wicking performance and warmth for tough winter hunts.

Light cushioning in key impact zones combined with a depth of cushioning in ankle areas helps keep feet cool and comfortable for long days of hunting…. Antimicrobial treatments help reduce foot odor and moisture…


Darn Tough Hunter Over The Calf Extra Cushion Sock – Men’s


DARN TOUGH (Style 2013) Hunter Heavyweight w/ Full Cushion Sock - Charcoal, Medium

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Darn Tough Hunter Extra Cushion socks are the toasty warm heavyweight wool socks with reinforced heels and toes for superior durability…. Feel confident that these bad boys will stay in tough no matter how far you trek into the backcountry.

  • Keep the outside out and stay comfortable with these extra-cushioned socks from Darn Tough.
  • The combination crew height offers support without feeling bulky.
  • Built on a blend of Merino wool and nylon exclusively for Darn Tough, the socks have a cushioned upper to help wick moisture away from your feet to keep you warm and dry.
  • They also feature anti-microbial treatment so your socks smell as good as new even after an extended trip.
  • Reinforced heel construction for added durability, and extra cushioning in the forefoot and toe boxes where you need it most.
  • Arch support that won’t flatten, a Y-seam at the instep for comfort, and no pesky internal toe seam.
  • Tough’s heavyweight cushioned socks are designed for hunters, outdoor enthusiasts, and other hard-working people.

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Darn Tough Work Socks

The following Darn Tough product has an AMAZING 86% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

Looking for work socks with extra cushioning and durability? Well, Darn Tough has designed a pair of socks just for you! These work socks are incredibly soft right out of the box…. The new Full Cushion footbed provides superior shock absorption, while the comfort toe seam puts an end to rubbing and blisters you often experience with close-fitting socks.

Darn Tough, makers of the most comfortable, best fitting socks in the world, have applied their expertise to a new range of men’s work socks that will provide you with odor resistance and breathability, plus a padded footbed for impact protection

Reinforced heel and toe areas increase durability – no blisters here! The perfect gift for the guy who works hard…


DARN TOUGH (2003) Paul Bunyan OTC Midweight with Full Cushion Men’s Sock


DARN TOUGH (Style 2003) Men's Paul Bunyan Work Sock - Sand, XL

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Sturdy enough for any job, tough-as-nails Darn Tough work socks are experts in their field and engineered to deliver a customized, sculpted fit, while the woolen blend yarns naturally wick away moisture and create a vapor barrier that locks in warmth.

  • Darn Tough socks don’t just look good…. They deliver the strength, durability, technology, color, and fit you need for all-day comfort.
  • The Paul Bunyan OTC Midweight with Full cushion is the ultimate in comfort and performance.
  • Made of exclusive 4-way stretch nylon coupled with superior darning and a high cut, this sock will give you superior comfort in any situation.
  • A perfect match for your custom boots or footwear, this sock will match the boot of your dreams.
  • DARN TOUGH brand socks are the best socks for work, play, and everything in between….
  • These work socks are the toughest that you’ll ever own.
  • The Full Cushion sock is designed with added cushioning in high-impact areas to provide superior comfort and protection.
  • The ultra-durable fine-gauge Merino Wool construction wicks moisture regulates temperature and ensures breathability in even the most strenuous of conditions.

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Darn Tough Tactical Socks

The following Darn Tough product has an AMAZING 88% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

The best socks you’ll ever wear…. Period…. Darn Tough brings you the ultimate tactical sock…. The Tactical Over-The-Calf features excellent wicking performance, DEET resistance, and cushioned feet for extensive use in harsh conditions…. The toes and heel are reinforced for long-lasting wear, and the shock-absorbing mid-sole makes walking on concrete easy on the feet.

These tactical hiking socks have been created to withstand some of the harshest conditions on earth…. The deepest wool fibers are twisted together, and resistance bonded to create a strong and durable sock…. Once these rugged threads have been combined, they are engineered into a seamless sock with an anatomical shape that provides unrivaled comfort, fit and protection.

The combination of Merino Wool and Nylon Footpads offers a wider non-binding fit without bunching or wrinkling at the toe…


Darn Tough Tactical Over The Calf Extra Cushion Sock


DARN TOUGH (Style T4050) Heavyweight w/ Full Cushion Over-the-Calf Tactical Sock - Foliage Green, XL

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Darn Tough’s upgraded Extra Cushion sock offers foot-loving features of cushioned comfort and a lightweight next-to-skin feel, plus superior durability of reinforced toe and heel for abrasion resistance and excellent fit retention

  • Darn Tough Tactical Extra Cushion Sock will be your new favorite sock for any kind of active outdoor activity.
  • Made of the same high-quality merino wool we use in all Darn Tough Vermont-made socks, the Tactical Extra Cushion sock is designed for comfort when your legs are on the move.
  • Over the calf, exactly right on the heel, and over the toes….
  • They have it all, one pair of Darn Tough Socks makes any mission possible.
  • The merino wool wicks moisture to control foot temperature and keep you comfortable through rain sleet or snow.
  • It’s built with powerful arch support plus an extra cushion in the heel to revitalize feet at day’s end.
  • Whether you’re on your feet during warm summer hikes or shivering through frigid mornings; your feet will thank you for wearing these socks.

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In summary, Darn Tough is known for its high-quality socks and commitment to customer service, and you can trust you’re getting a great pair of socks with every purchase.

Darn Tough Vermont is a leader in the sock industry…. The founders of the Darn Tough Economy Sock built their business on the idea of making high-quality socks that last…. They try to keep things simple at Darn Tough: quality materials, simple designs, and unconditional lifetime guarantees.

These socks are incredibly soft and cushiony thanks to the CozySeam footbed, which also features an anti-microbial treatment that keeps your feet drier and more comfortable.

Their medium height provides support while still being low enough to fit into most shoes and boots…. And whether your socks are used for hiking in the mountains or everyday wear, you can trust their durability—Darn Tough backs these socks with an unconditional lifetime guarantee.

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