This Burr Mill Makes Coffee Worth Getting Out Of Bed For [Cuisinart]

The Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill is an extremely popular seller with most people agreeing it is the best coffee grinder in this very affordable price range. Below we take a look at 9 reasons why customers like this automatic burr mill…

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Discover the difference freshly ground beans make to your coffee, with the Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill. Elegantly styled, the automatic burr mill boasts 18 levels to grind your coffee beans, from ultra-fine to extra-coarse.

The Cuisinart Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill Will Extract Optimum Flavor From The Coffee Beans And You Won’t Believe How Much Better Your Coffee Will Taste!


Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill


Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill
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Here Is What Reviewers Had To Say About The Cuisinart Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill…


I Had No Idea That A Burr Grinder Would Make Such A Humungo Difference In The Flavor Of My Morning Addiction. OMG… How Did I Ever Live Without This?


I don’t know how I would manage mornings without my coffee grinder. Love using beans that are ground right before the coffee brews, resulting in a much fuller body flavor to my coffee.


  • With the burr grinder, I actually taste some of the flavor described.
  • The flavor in the coffee is so much better from a burr grinder.
  • I’ve been grinding my own coffee for decades and noticed a flavor improvement when I bought the Cuisinart burr grinder about eight months ago.
  • I have noticed an increase in flavor and a pleasant aroma each time I’ve used grounds from this grinder.
  • There is no comparison to grinding your own beans when it comes to flavor and aroma.
  • A great purchase really enhances the flavor of the coffee and my husband and I both agree that our coffee brewed at home is now just as good as you can get from the coffee shops.
  • The flavor of coffee is so much better fresh ground.
  • I enjoy my coffee and this has added a little bit more flavor to each cup or pot.
  • The grinder gives you the flavor of a professional grinder.
  • Fantastic grinder. A regular grinder chop beans, but a burr grinder actually grinds them for the best flavor
  • Our Cuisinart coffee comes out full of flavor just the way I like it.
  • The burr grinding system extracts maximum flavor from the beans, with the correct grind and I just set the number of cups I am brewing …. perfect coffee every time!
  • This machine grinds the beans effortlessly and the coffee has a richer flavor
  • Like it – improves the coffee flavor.
  • The burr mill seems to help release the full flavor of the coffee beans.

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I Encourage Anyone Debating To Buy A Burr Grinder To Do So, There Is A Huge Difference In Taste!

Really makes a difference in taste! The burr grinders tend to NOT burn your coffee beans. And this one is a work horse I tell ya! Love it! Keeps coffee fresh too.

Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill
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  • Wow, I am amazed at how much better my coffee tastes
  • It’s an awesome machine and has made our coffee taste so much better. 
  • Our coffee in the morning has never tasted better!
  • My coffee tastes much better now that I’m not crushing the beans in a blade grinder or overworking them just to get an even grind.
  • So far this Burr grinder works great! A must-have for coffee lovers it will be a big difference in the taste of your coffee.
  • I love the freshly ground brewed coffee taste as opposed to pre-ground beans in a container.
  • The burr grind makes GREAT tasting coffee! 
  • OH WOW! I never knew my coffee could taste so much better!
  • Our coffee tastes so SMOOTH and creamy.
  • We drink our coffee black and it just has a richness to it. 
  • Great burr, easy to use, makes coffee grounds just before brewing for a greater tasting coffee.
  • Most important is the clearly superior taste and the ability to adjust the grind to one’s own taste.
  • I have been told for years “buy a good grinder”. Well, they are right, coffee tastes so much better.
  • Works perfectly and our morning coffee has never tasted better.
  • Coffee tastes great again. I use the 8 o’clock original… SMELLS AWESOME TOO!!!

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With This Burr Grinder, You Can Literally Dial In The Exact Grind Size That Makes The Perfect Cup Of Coffee

This Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill has been the BEST COFFEE GRINDER we have ever owned in our 45 years of married bliss and fresh ground gourmet coffee drinking.

Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill
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  • Anyhow, this inexpensive Cuisinart grinder model has worked as well for me as the $300 conical burr grinders that friends have, so I decided – why mess with a good thing?
  • The size of the grind is uniform (which is what you want in a burr grinder), and the amount it grinds at a given cup number setting is pretty consistent.
  • This is the BEST Burr Grinder!!!
  • It has so many different grinds from Espresso to the course.
  • This burr grinder works well and is a nice-looking appliance to have out on the countertop.
  • There is a tremendous difference between my previous blade coffee grinders and the Cuisinart Burr Mill.
  • This Burr grinder is wonderful. Just keep coffee in the hopper and you are ready to enjoy some really great coffee.
  • The Cuisinart’s grind seems very precise and uniform.
  • Cuisinart has designed a fabulous burr Grinder that is trouble-free making the mornings simpler with this automated set your grind and the ground coffee amount and forget it machine.
  • The large capacity and number of grind variations for your coffee make this burr mill an ideal choice for those of us that like to grind fresh beans.
  • This model is the best burr grinder I have owned and matches the performance of professional-grade grinders I used as a one-time barista.

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The Top-Loading Hopper Is Large Enough To Hold Enough Beans That You Won’t Be Having To Fill It Too Often


  • Large capacity bean hopper, complete versatility in the grind & graduated capacities for the cup size.
  • It has a large airtight bean storage container on top of the grinder, a selector to pre-select the number of coffee beans dropping through the grinder into the removable container.
  • A large hamper permits loading beans once for many pots.
  • The hopper is a generous size and the grinding chamber is quite large.
  • Its large capacity and easy use make for lots of good ground coffee.
  • I love the large hopper and just pushing one button to get the exact grind and amount that I want.
  • The hopper is large and can take quite a few beans.
  • It has a large capacity to hold the coffee beans and it’s nice being able to grind in a larger size for a French Press.
  • This mill has everything – large capacity hopper and one-touch operation to obtain ground coffee in the amount desired.
  • Purchased because of the large hopper and hands-free operation, and the grinder works much better than anticipated.
  • The large bean hopper and cup amount control are not found on most burr mill coffee grinders. 
  • It features a large clear acrylic bean hopper that holds a ½ pound or more of whole beans and seals fairly tightly, so it doesn’t require frequent refilling.
  • The large batch hopper is great and selecting the perfect grind is easy.
  • This grinder seems faster and produces a more consistent grind, the large half-pound hopper is a definite plus.
  •  I love the versatility of this grinder, as well as the large coffee container.

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The Cuisinart Automatic Burr Mill Is Easy To Use

The ground beans are automatically forced into a small rectangular plastic container. You simply pull out the container, take its lid off, and scoop out the amount of ground coffee needed. So easy and convenient.

Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill
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  • Very easy to use, and I made some excellent pour-over coffee with my single-sourced, rain forest certified Guatemalan coffee!
  • It holds a lot of beans and is very easy to refill.
  • Easy to use, pretty fast, and the clean-up is easy.
  • This device is also very easy to use and clean.
  • For a novice, it’s easy to operate and clean.
  • Just pour in the beans, set the texture then select cups of coffee desired, and press start. Easy peasy!
  • The ground coffee sits in a big easy-access receptacle, so I don’t have to scoop around the grinder blades to retrieve it.
  • I love the push-button ease of this, you set it on how many cups you’re making and it automatically stops, makes everything easy
  • At last, a coffee grinder that is not only easy to use, but it’s also easy to clean as well.
  • Quality product, easy to use, and I love the option that allows you to grind just the number of cups you want to brew.
  • Very easy to program to your taste.
  • Really easy to use and clean and a lot of different settings which is really helpful.
  • It features many grinds to choose from, and it’s easy to load and unload the coffee.
  • This one is very simple to use and easy to clean.
  • The capture bin on this really works great and easy to pour into my filter and replace back into the unit without a spill.

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This Very Good-looking, Durable Burr Mill Delivers A Lot Of Bang For The Buck


This grinder is amazing, I wouldn’t change a thing. I’ve had it for two years and it works like the day I got it. The stainless steel really looks good too. Doesn’t feel like the cheap silver painted plastic some brands use.


  • It has a nice look with the majority being shiny stainless steel housing.
  • This grinder is BIG but has a quality look on the counter.
  • It is easy to use and looks great in my kitchen.
  • Looks nice on the counter as well.
  • It looks sharp and stylish and I love the clear glossy funnel that holds the coffee beans.
  • It’s my first dedicated grinder, I get more kick out of the whole process than the size of the grain. Plus, this thing is just drop-dead gorgeous to look at.
  • Looks great on the countertop and will deliver a fresh cup of coffee each time as you can set the grind for a cup at a time.
  • Overall good grinder and looks nice on the counter.
  • Very classic looking and can grind a larger amount for future use.
  • Last but not least, it’s really sleek and attractive.
  • It really looks good sitting on the counter.
  • The black and stainless machine look sharp on my kitchen counter.
  • It looks stylish on the counter. 
  • I leave the grinder out on my counter, and think it looks stylish – especially when the hopper is full is beans!
  • If you are concerned about lookswell it looks nice too!
  • Looks nice on the counter, black and stainless.

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This Is The Best Of The Best Burr Mill Grinder Because It’s All Automatic


The automatic feature is convenient: You choose the number of cups you want, and it then measures out and grinds the beans at the touch of a button. The machine automatically stops grinding when it is done.


  • I can’t even remember when I purchased this but I know it was several years ago and it is a great automatic grinder in every way.
  • This machine uses a burr grinder, isn’t too loud, and stops automatically after it’s finished. Cuisinart has made this model for many years.
  • I like the way you can select the amount of ground coffee you want, the coarseness, and the way it automatically stops. 
  • It will automatically grind the exact amount of beans for the cups of coffee you want.
  • Really a professional grinding mill. It’s fully automatic, allowing you to set the number of cups of coffee you wish to grind coffee for, as well as how fine the resulting ground coffee should be. Then you just press “Start” and walk away.
  • Multiple options for grind selection to taste, along with the number of cups you are brewing then it “automatically” grinds the exact amount of coffee beans to provide a deliciously consistent cup of coffee to your individual taste.
  • It does the measuring and grinds automatically.
  • We love the fact that we can set the number of beans to grind for the number of cups that we are making, and once we hit the start button, the machine automatically stops once it’s reached its goal.
  • This fancy new coffee grinder is great. You can set the desired grind, the desired number of cups and it does it all automaticallyjust hit the button… it shuts off automatically as well.
  • The best feature is how one touch of the button automatically grinds the correct amount of beans for the number of cups I want to brew and then stops on its own.

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The Cuisinart Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill Is The Best Grinder & I Have Tried Many


This is the best coffee grinder I have ever used. No more measuring the beans you put into the grinder because you can just tell it how much to grind for you. We have this grinder at work and I loved it so much I threw away my old one and bought this one.

  • I have had several grinders over the years this is the best I have ever had.
  • This is the best coffee grinder I have found.
  • The best coffee grinder I’ve owned yet!
  • It’s a Cuisinart after all so you can’t go wrong.
  • This coffee grinder is the best one I have ever used. It is EXACTLY what I expected from Cuisinart.
  • She says this is the best grinder she’s ever used.
  • If you want the best coffee ever then you need this grinder!!
  • Has to be the best grinder I’ve owned.
  • This is the very best coffee grinder that I have ever owned.
  • Before purchasing this coffee grinder, I checked out the reviews and shopped around. It is definitely the best buy out there.
  • Best purchase we’ve made this year.
  • Absolutely the best coffee grinder we have used. This machine gets daily use and not only give us a great grind but infuses the kitchen with a magnificent scent.
  • Reliable and consistent grind. Lots of setting to get the right grind for the filter you are using. Bought a second one for my summer home, Cuisinart is the best.

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As Good As The Top Ratings Suggested… Does As Excellent Job With Uniform Grinding


The grind on this burr grinding machine comes out so much more uniform than the grind I was getting using a blade grinder. No chunky pieces of coffee beans, just a nice even grind.

  • This one produces very little dust and more uniform ground coffee.
  • It does a uniform grind without leaving a whole of half bits of bean behind.
  • Love the uniformness of the grind! 
  • This Cuisinart grinder is great. The grind is exceptionally uniform.
  • I love the uniformity of coffee. 
  • This mill is built around a burr grinding mechanism, which produces uniform-sized coffee grounds – far superior to the results from the common blade coffee grinders that dominate the under $30 price range.
  • Spits out a uniform amount of coffee every time.
  • The grinds are uniform, no more chunks like the other style grinder.
  • Uniformity of grind exceeded all expectations.
  • This is a very uniform grinding machine.
  • It makes grinding coffee very easy, uniform, and smooth.
  • The uniformity of the grind is noticeably superior to the blade grinder.
  • Perfect, uniform-sized coffee granules make for a great cup.

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In summary, the Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill is an outstanding grinder, especially at this price point. With automatic grinding and easy-to-adjust settings, your grinds are the freshest they can be.

This is an excellent coffee grinder for those who want to enjoy the time with friends and family in the mornings while making great tasting coffee.

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Here Is A Recap Of The 9 Reasons Why The Cuisinart Supreme Grind Burr Mill Is A Popular Choice

This brand also features on my best coffee machine brands list found here…

  1. The Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill enhances the flavor of your coffee.
  2. You will be amazed at how much better your coffee tastes.
  3. The Cuisinart is an excellent burr grinder.
  4. It has a large top-loading hopper.
  5. The machine is automatic.
  6. It looks sleek and attractive on your countertop.
  7. The Cuisinart Burr Mill Grinder is very easy to use.
  8. It is the best grinder for the money.
  9. The machine does a uniform grind.

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