15 Reasons Why You Need The Cuisinart Immersion Hand Blender

The Cuisinart Immersion Hand Blender is an amazing kitchen appliance and very popular…

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For such a simple compact blender it packs plenty of power and it purees like a champ, ideal for making baby food, soup, smoothies, milkshakes, mayo, sauces, gravy, mashed potatoes, beating eggs for making omelets, crepes, cakes, pancakes, or nice and fluffy scrambled eggs, and it is great for soap makers as well!

15 Reasons Why The Cuisinart SmartStick Immersion Hand Blender Is A Must-Have Appliance In Every Kitchen!


Cuisinart CSB-76BC SmartStick 200-Watt Immersion Hand Blender


Cuisinart CSB-76BC SmartStick 200-Watt Immersion Hand Blender, Brushed Chrome
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Here Is What Reviewers Had To Say About The Cuisinart Immersion Hand Blender…


 I Absolutely Love Not Having To Transfer Soup To A Blender Or Food Processor, I Can Just Blend It Right There In The Pot!


My main purpose was to make soups with it and 200 watt was plenty powerful enough to puree carrots to produce a smooth creamy soup. It’s definitely made life a LOT easier when it comes to making soup as I don’t have to deal with the juggling act of pouring soup into the blender, then put it in a holding bowl, rinse repeat till all the soup has been blended and return to the pot.


  • It will puree soups to creamy perfection – potato, broccoli, cauliflower, pea…anything, and without the hassle and the risk of burning yourself while transferring to your blender.
  • Has completely replaced my blender and food processor for soups, stews, and sauces.
  • No need to buy canned soup anymore. Boil some veggies and then blend ’til creamy.
  • I love my hand blender. I use it for making a nice healthy soup.
  • Not to mention making some rockin’ potato leek soups, roasted rep pepper soups, and a few others.
  • I use cauliflower and chicken broth to make my soup seem creamy and the hand blender works perfectly to blend the ingredients and give it a nice smooth texture. 
  • In the past, whenever I made creamy soups, it was a huge mess and a hassle – pouring everything into a separate blender, then pouring it back… But this hand blender makes it really easy! It’s very powerful, light, and easy to clean.
  • It has plenty of power to blend cooked vegetables for soups and thick custards for pies.
  • Works hard, great for all kinds of soups, smoothies, blending separated peanut butter.
  • At a fractional cost of the other blenders, it is one of the best kitchen appliances I have ever purchased. I love it, and have now gone soup crazy!
  • It works great. I made tomato basil soup and it pulverized the canned plum tomatoes without any effort. The same with potato soup.
  • I can’t imagine the more expensive blenders could perform any better. The 200-watt motor is sufficient for my needs.

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The Cuisinart Immersion Hand Blender Is Sturdy And Super Powerful And Loaded With Possibilities In The Kitchen


I never owned a hand blender before this. I am a kitchen nut and was tempted to buy a bigger, more expensive unit. For a small household, no need. It has plenty of power for most jobs, and I am glad I saved the money.


  • It is powerful enough to blend constantly without overheating or even getting warm.
  • This immersion blender has great power, a comfy grip that makes sense for how one holds it in use and a very easy to clean head.
  • It’s plenty powerful and handles any fruits (even apples) with ease.
  • This immersion blender is very powerful. I’ve used it for soups such as cauliflower soup, and it’s not necessary to chop everything into tiny pieces prior to making the soup; the blender will take care of it and make a smooth soup.
  • It can power its way through ice, frozen fruit, and the thickest materials that you can throw at it. 
  • Surprisingly powerful! For a cheap stick blender, I wasn’t sure what to expect.
  • The power and speed of this appliance are way beyond expectations. 
  • But this thing blends really well and fast.
  • Once you turn it on, you feel the really strong suction and it blends so quickly. I use it to blend thick lentil stews and to make yummy frozen drinks, and it works great with both!
  • The hand blender is light and easy to use. It has plenty of power for almost any job. 
  • I’m very pleased with the ease of using the SmartStick and it has ample power for my purposes.
  • This is a hoot!!!! Fast, powerful, EASY cleaning… I had two quarts of tomatoes in a pot and this reduced them to juice no problemo!
  • The blade is powerful, and blends large jobs quickly, and evenly.

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So Many Times I Would Be Make A Puree And Our Blender Would Choke Out… I Tried This The Day We Got It With Carrots And Zucchini, Amazing! I Was Done In Seconds!


We bought this SIX years ago and LOVE it. It is very sturdy, very easy to clean and is amazingly fast at pureeing anything we’ve tried so far. 


  • We also used it to puree pumpkins that we grow in our yard.
  • Last night I put the soybeans in a non-stick pan, stuck this hand blender in the pan, and 3 seconds later I had pureed black soybeans. It really was that quick, and with no mess.
  • I made everything from smoothies with frozen strawberries and ice cubes to pureed sweet potatoes and refried beans.
  • We particularly like it for making small batches of hummus and smoothies and we’ve also used it to puree vegetables etc. for baby food.
  • I highly recommend this magic stick to anyone who purees soups, makes gravy or does any other blending chores. It doesn’t leave gloppy lumps and makes cooking a breeze. The price makes it a no-brainer.
  • It can also handle pureeing thick batches of cooked food (lentils, rice, etc.) that I make for my dog.
  • The stick blender is Awesome it purees everything really good and doesn’t leave any chunks.
  • Cleanup is literally putting it in the dishwasher and it gets all my purees super smooth (carrots, peas, sweet potato, broccoli, apples, and pears so far).
  • I’ve made some soups that were pureed to perfection with minimal effort and I’ve made a smoothie just about every day since receiving it.
  • This thing is very strong and can puree chunks of butternut squash in a saucepan in a hurry.

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I Bought This As A Cost-efficient Alternative To Those Expensive Baby Food Makers And It Works Great!


This hand blender is the holy grail of all hand blenders! I bought this hand blender back in 2011 when I had just begun feeding my baby solids. I used it to blend up all of his baby food. We also used it to blend up my daughters baby food three years later. We still continue to use this almost every day to make smoothies, soups, sauces, and other random things.


  • My coworker got one and he uses it all the time to make baby food.
  • I use it primarily to puree baby food. It works great.
  • He even brought it with him to Hawaii to make baby food. Once you get it, you wonder how you ever lived without it.
  • We use this hand blender to make baby food pretty much every day, twice a day.
  • I can’t even imagine using a food processor twice a day everyday for baby food. This hand blender really makes my life easier. 
  • I love this blender so much. It has helped us make homemade baby food for 2 little ones so far.
  • Making baby food sounded like a chore but was an incredibly easy task thanks to this gadget. 
  • I used it this morning to make baby food for my twin granddaughters.
  • This made quick and neat work of a meatball and carrots. Instead of using my huge food processor and having to wash all those parts, I used this with the cup it came with and within 2 minutes I had a full jar of baby food done.
  • Don’t buy baby food! The smart stick blender has probably saved us a few hundred dollars.
  • We started with beans, carrots, apples, and sweet potatoes. Now we are on to chicken, Mac and cheese, and spaghetti. Why worry about additives in your baby’s food. 
  • I bought this to puree homemade food for my baby and I just love it!

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The Cuisinart Cup That Comes With The Mixer Is Fantastic For Making Smoothies… I Can’t Believe I Can Dump Ice, Yogurt, And Fresh Fruit In There, Put The Blender In, And Have A Fresh Smoothie!


Since ordering this I have made all kinds of fruit smoothies. Adding a little yogurt, flax seed, honey and whatever frozen or fresh fruit I have lying around, I am now in fruit heaven! It can grind through a whole kiwi, loads of frozen strawberries, mangoes, pineapple and blueberries without hesitation. The nice plastic cup included is plenty enough to make an 8 oz smoothie for myself and 2 smaller ones for my children in one quick mix.


  • I like how quickly you can switch between tasks. My wife doesn’t like protein in her drinks so I can make her a smoothie with no protein, make a chocolate one for my kids and make a smoothie for me with vanilla protein.
  • This thing is great – it makes a perfect smoothie in no time. 
  • It chops the frozen fruit better than the countertop blender ever did, I have not found a single chunk in my smoothies since using the Cuisinart, the countertop blender left chunks so big I couldn’t get them through the straw.
  • This guy goes to TOWN on those frozen mango chunks. It took like 30 seconds (pressing gently down into the fruit) and it was the most well-blended smoothie I can remember making. And yes, cleanup was a breeze.
  • Very powerful – I use ice and frozen bananas to make a smoothie and it comes out the perfect consistency. Add some cocoa powder and you basically have chocolate ice cream with no sugar or fat.
  • I use this to make smoothies too; it’s a quick way to whip up a frosty beverage.
  • It makes a super-silky smoothie in a minute or so–it chops fruit, vegetables, even ICE without a problem.
  • I make my smoothies in the cup which comes with it–easy as pie and just as good–a little non-fat yogurt, non-fat milk or water, frozen fruit, and whey protein powder and I’ve got a healthy smoothie any time of the day in seconds.

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I’ve Started Using It For Mash Potatoes, Which Makes Them Deliciously Smooth And Creamy!


If you are realistic and understand how to use this product, it is a God send. It makes heavenly mashed potatoes, right in the pot. It scrambles eggs, mixes pancake batter, great for french toast, gravies, au jus and so many other wonderful dishes.


  • I have used it for mashing potatoes and it was fast and easy. Almost too easy.
  • From blending sauces to making smoothies to mashing potatoes and more – it’s all easy and quick with this handy kitchen helper.
  • I’ve also used this to puree soups and whip mashed potatoes
  • This makes so many wonderful creations easier–creamy mashed potatoes, smooth & delicious soups, tomato purees, creamy desserts, etc.
  • I used this for the first time on thanksgiving for potatoes and it worked great.
  • Love it… the color is fun… a great tool for the kitchen… making mashed potatoes directly in the pot is great.
  • I have used it for mashed potatoes, mashed cauliflower, smoothies, protein frappes, milkshakes for the kids – you name it!!
  • It took me less than one minute to puree three sweet potatoes.
  • I’ve made whipped cream and mashed potatoes with this sucker. I gave my traditional blender away last year because I hadn’t used it since I got this one.
  • This small but powerful hand blender took on mashed potatoes and lentil soup this weekend and really made cooking Thanksgiving dinner a breeze!!
  • Mashed potatoes were so fluffy and easy!! 
  • It is a dream to use in soups – and does an unbelievable job on mashed potatoes

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Homemade Mayo Has Never Been So Easy And Fast, Literally In Less Than A Minute!


I bought this initially for making home-made mayo. O MG, it does a fabulous job on that.


  • Other weekly usages are hummus, homemade mayo, veggie drinks, and making whipped cream.
  • Also great for mayo, though I haven’t mastered the technique yet – my friend always makes perfect mayo with it when she comes over.
  • I bought this because I wanted to make homemade mayo. Oh my! So easy to do with this product! Took me literally less than a minute! I’m in love with it.
  • We make our own dijon honey mustard and our own mayo with this, it is powerful, easy to clean, and works great!
  • Now, I can make mayo in less than sixty seconds with the measuring cup provided with the machine. I put some egg yokes in the bottom, blend them up and start adding oil. Easy as can be.
  • Comes with a blending measuring cup, which is quite handy (the perfect size to make homemade mayo, too)
  • I can now make homemade mayo (using the nifty cup attachment) in less than 30 seconds and puree a pot of soup in a minute or so
  • Made cream of asparagus soup, chipotle mayo, sauce for Swedish meatballs … all came out exceptionally smooth in 2 to 5 minutes.
  • I use it for everything from blending my own homemade mayo… (I have chickens and fresh eggs) to creaming split pea soup.

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You’ve Just Gotta Have One Of These For Beating Eggs… Crack Your Eggs And Pour Them Into The Cup That Comes With The Blender And Blend Them For Just A Few Seconds. Wonderful!


The machine can whip up the best omelet and scrambled eggs on the planet. You simply put the eggs in the measuring cup and let it rip. Once the eggs get foamed up, you’re ready to go. You’ll have the best and fluffiest eggs you’ve ever had.


  • I bought this primarily to make omelets and it does a great job beating eggs up into a nice frothy mix. I use it to make crepes too.
  •  I use it mostly to blend eggs and butter for baking cakes.
  • It scrambles eggs, mixes pancake batter, great for french toast, gravies, au jus, and so many other wonderful dishes.
  • I use it almost every day from eggs to pancakes.
  • Blending two eggs until frothy, and then pouring them into the hot pan for a cheese and peppers omelet for two: Yum!
  • It makes quick work of whisking eggs for omelets.
  • Great for making lump-free gravies and extra fluffy omelets
  • I would recommend this to anybody who does anything in the kitchen even if it’s just scrambling eggs
  • My favorite so far is for making scrambled eggs!! 
  • It is also a perfect way to blend eggs for any cooking or baking purpose to break up the yolk and blend the egg whites perfectly.
  • I love this tool. Scrambled eggs come out so much better. I also use it to foam my hot milk for my homemade lattes.
  • My husband could never get the wrist action to beat eggs to make scrambled eggs. I got him one of these and for the very first time in his 60+ years, he’s been able to do scrambled eggs for himself when I’m at work.

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Cuisinart Is A Good Brand And I Use This Stick Immersion Hand Blender To Make Soap!


I was completly pleased with the performance of this blender. I am a crafter of soap and had not used a stick blender before. This made the process so much easier.


  • I bought one for soaping in a different color if you’re looking for one for soaping. It works well and I have not had any problem with either of my immersion blenders.
  • It takes my homemade soap to trace in a matter of minutes versus stirring it by hand which can take up to 90 minutes. One of the best products for the job.
  • I bought two of these. One to cook with and one to use for soap making. I’ve burnt through several other models, but these have continued to go strong.
  • Makes my soap look very smooth and I am able to pour it into molds within a matter of minutes before it starts setting up.
  • I bought this for soap making and my soap ‘gels’ so fast with this lovely machine.
  • Best soap making blender ever.
  • I used these stick blenders to mix cold process soap batches and they do the job.
  • The Cuisinart CSB-76PK: This one ROCKS!!! I have made several batches of soap and lotion with it and was amazed at how much more powerful it is than the old immersion hand blender; what a difference!!
  • I use this instrument for Soapmaking only. I have had it for around 6 months and I make an average of 2 batches of soap a week. It works wonderfully. 
  • It is fantastic and works perfectly for my soaps and lotions.
  • I bought this to use for soap making, and so far, it’s worked great.
  • It also does double duty when I make homemade laundry soap
  • I use this for blending my handcrafted soap. Very high quality and I love it! Industrial strength and I’m sure it will last a long time.

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It Makes Quick Work Of Every Soup I Have Thrown At It, Quickly Purees Tomato Sauce And Makes Excellent Dipping Sauces!


If you frequently make your own sauces, you will be satisfied with this blender. You do not have to transfer anything to a blender and then back to the pot after blending (and then cleanup!). You simply put the blender down into the mixture that you want to blend and it is done right in the pot.


  • I make tomato sauce and throw them in the crockpot seeds and all with seasoning and just use this to blend it down at the end.
  • This stick blender is awesome. It makes milk frothing on the stove easily, and it’s excellent for making sauces – including a pretty good version of hollandaise – with very little mess, comparatively.
  • I have also used it to mix my tomato sauce right in the pot! 
  • A real time saver. I also use it for making sauces and just about anything that needs a quick blend.
  • I also use it when I make spaghetti sauces
  • Make very easy work out of tomatoes for fresh tomato soup or sauce and super easy work out of blending the cooked cranberries for a sauce
  • I use this all the time to make salad dressings & things like tartar sauces & it’s easy to pulse small amounts for a quick salsa or even to prep berries for a quick jam.
  • The possibilities are endless! I’ve made lentil-carrots, black beans-carrots, zucchini-yellow squash, mango-peach ice, blueberry apple/pear sauce, cheesy cauliflower, broccoli, chicken-green beans, beef-peas-carrots-potato, cabbage, tomato-spinach, and much more! I just love my new toy!
  • I use it mostly for small-batch sauces, and blending ingredients for vegetarian meatloaf and veggie burgers.
  • She especially loves using it to make her marinara sauce.
  • I have also used it for making ketchup. I heated whole tomatoes, skins and all, with spices and then pureed them with the blender and it came out perfectly

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A Breeze To Clean… Just Eject The Blade And Pop It Into The Dishwasher!


It’s so easy to clean! Just click on little button on the back, and the motor part falls away from the blender blade. You can do it with one hand. Goes on easily, too. I usually rinse it fast after blending and often just use hot water unless there is grease involved. Even then… so few places for dirt to stick. It’s nice and easy.


  • Also, clean up is a breeze. You just push a button and the shaft/blender part comes off and washes up easily.
  • I’m very impressed with how easy to clean it is.
  • The best part about this stick blender though is the cleanup. Basically, there is none! After blending you just run the stick under some hot water for about 30 seconds to rinse it off, then throw it in the dish drainer to dry.
  • We LOVE this stick! It’s REALLY easy to clean, the cord is the perfect length (not too short that I need to stand next to a wall, not too long that I trip over the cord).
  • The blade and blending shaft assembly is easily removable for cleaning in the dishwasher top rack.
  • I also love the ease with which you can clean it. After you finish you just pop off the wand and it’s as easy to clean as rinsing it off. The shaft is seal so water doesn’t get inside. So easy.
  • The Cuisinart is perfect for individual smoothies and the clean up is super easy.
  • What a great immersion blender! So easy to clean, and it snaps securely together and apart.
  • The whole unit is simple to use, has enough weight to be substantial and solid, but isn’t too heavy to use; and the two-piece design allows for easy cleaning without requiring an engineering degree to assemble and disassemble.
  • As far as clean-up goes, you just press the button to separate the blade shaft from the motor and then put it in the dishwasher. It’s also very easy to wash by hand, so long as you rinse it well right after using it.

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I Finally Gave In And Bought A Cuisinart Immersion Blender And Could Not Be Happier With My Kitchen Addition!


I love, love, love my new Cuisinart Immersion Hand Blender! Why didn’t I get one before now? Had I known how much I would like it, I would certainly have purchased one before. It’s so easy to use and clean. I like that you can put it down in your stainless steel pot while it’s on the stove and blend the pot contents then and there. I used my immersion hand blender in the hot custard for chocolate pie and it ended up being so smooth that it was like a silk pie!


  • I can’t believe I’ve waited this long to add an immersion blender to my kitchen repertoire… I doubt I’ll be pulling out that cumbersome, loud, hard-to-wash freestanding blender anymore!!
  • My soup was creamier and more evenly blended than what I normally get from using my food processor, and the convenience and saves the time of using the immersion blender is incredible.
  • I absolutely love our Cuisinart immersion blender. It is much easier to use than a regular blender, saving you not only the steps of moving stuff to and from the blender while cooking like in the case of soups, but also cutting down tremendously on cleanup.
  • The shortened cooking time did not reduce the flavor and I was done an hour or two earlier! Without the hand immersion blender, I would have had to let the soup cool, then proceed, using a food processor and blending the entire pot of soup in batches.
  • I absolutely love this immersion blender and would not go back to a regular blender after using it. 
  • This immersion hand blender is the best purchase I’ve made in a long time.
  • I am needing to make a lot of ex meals now due to food allergies in my family and this stick immersion blender has helped speed up the process in some recipes.
  • Practically overnight, this immersion blender has become an essential appliance in my kitchen.
  • This was a great addition to my kitchen tools. I am making healthy soup more often now because it is so easy to do with this immersion blender.

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Cuisinart Immersion Hand Blender Has To Be The Best Stick Blender Out There!


I use this stick blender for malts & milkshakes, smoothies, frozen margaritas, pancake batter, soups, mushroom gravy, pasta sauce, and various dips. It actually makes the preparation of my favorite beverages, soups, and sauces a pleasure.


  • The Smart Stick was just perfect for travel. It’s really in two pieces, so you can squirrel each half, and the accompanying sturdy plastic blending/measuring flask, in different parts of your luggage.
  • I have used and owned other “sticksand by far this is the best! 
  • The Smart Stick is way, way less noisy than my regular kitchen blender, too.
  • I am very happy with the Cuisinart Smart Stick especially for mixing protein drinks. Cleans easily and the color is beautiful!
  • This the best stick blender I have ever purchased. We own another stick blender but this is the best!
  • I can’t imagine life without this stick blender.
  • This stick blender is excellent–the perfect upgrade for my kitchen equipment.
  • Like so many others have said, this is pretty much the best stick/immersion blender out there. Powerful, sturdy, and insanely easy to clean. No more waiting for your soups to cool off from a boil to go at ’em!
  • If you don’t have a stick blender yet, try this one!
  • This little stick blender is very good for the price. If you are looking for a home use single/double serving blender then look no further.
  • I love my Smart stick and use it when I’m cooking and what a great price. I love Cuisinart’s products and use many of them. I will continue to buy their things and they last long and are durable.

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They Are Very Inexpensive And We Have Given Several As Gifts And Everyone Loves Them!


I wanted one of the Cuisinart Smartsticks… and once I received it as a gift, decided I needed another one for my winter home in another state. I have several uses for it… milkshakes are a favorite. Also used in making some soups and when making gravy. The plastic measuring cup is an added bonus.


  • My mother gave this to me as a gift and now I’m getting HER one I love it so much!
  • I bought this as a gift for my mother, but my wife and I also received one as a wedding present and have had it for 9 months now.
  • I am really enjoying this Christmas gift
  • GREAT to have. A WONDERFUL gift for those unsuspecting or unaware.
  • I suggest this as a house warming gift all the time. Great Buy!
  • This would make an excellent gift
  • I bought this as a gift for my mother, and she uses it constantly.
  • After I bought one of these for myself last year, it became my go-to gift for friends and family.
  • I expect to give this item as a Christmas gift to several people this year.
  • Everyone should give these as gifts to anyone just starting to live on their own.
  • I have since ordered more of these as gifts for family members.
  • We have owned a Cuisinart SmartStick for two years and use it constantly. Recently, a dear friend was house-sitting for us and fell in love with it! I can’t think of a better gift for an aspiring cook.
  • I am glad I got this as a gift from someone who thought this was so much more convenient to use.
  • This handheld blender was a Christmas gift for my son. In fact, he insisted this was the only one to buy for him. It made his Christmas.
  • I have ordered a second one for my mom as a gift because she loves to make homemade soups and this would be perfect for her.

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In summary, a convenient way to add fresh ingredients and perfect texture to your favorite recipes, this Cuisinart SmartStick 200-watt immersion hand blender features a patented blending attachment that fits easily into pots, pitchers, and bowls for fast blending.

Designed for right or left-hand use, it effortlessly blends cereals, soups, sauces, dressings, and more – right in the bowl!

With its lightweight compact design, you’ll be sure to whip up delicious creations like smoothies, pancake batter, and soups with ease. It comes with a removable mini-bowl for even more versatility.

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The Cuisinart CSB-76BC SmartStick 200-Watt Immersion Hand Blender is a mind-blowing kitchen appliance for its size and price.

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Here Is A Quick Recap Of The Benefits Customers Mentioned About The Cuisinart Immersion Hand Blender!

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  1. You can blend items right in the pot without needless transferring from a blender or food processor.
  2. The Cuisinart SmartStick Immersion Hand Blender is the best stick blender for making soup.
  3. This immersion blender is super powerful.
  4. The Cuisinart immersion blender purees everything super smooth and fast.
  5. It is the perfect hand blender for pureeing baby food.
  6. This immersion blender is amazing at making smoothies, milkshakes, and even ice cream.
  7. It is powerful enough to even make heavenly mashed potatoes.
  8. Homemade mayo has never been so easy to make.
  9. Eggs for your omelets, cakes, or even just scramble never tasted so good.
  10. The Cuisinart hand blender is even the ideal stick blender for making soap.
  11. This SmartStick is excellent at making all kinds of sauces and gravy.
  12. It is super easy to clean this hand blender.
  13. The Cuisinart hand blender is the best immersion blender.
  14. Customers believe strongly that Cuisinart is the best stick blender.
  15. You can buy many of them as gifts and they come in different colors as well.

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