The Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker Really Works: (And It’s So Easy)

The Cuisinart ICE range is one of the most popular and highly rated automatic ice cream, frozen yogurt, and sorbet makers on the market, and below we itemize 11 reasons why consumers rate the Cuisinart so highly…

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With the Cuisinart, you will be able to transform fresh fruit, yogurt, and other ingredients into a delicious frozen treat in minutes. This fully automatic machine does the work for you – simply add your ingredients to the bowl, and press the ON button…

With A Simple But Clever Compact Design, The Cuisinart Does It All – It Makes The Most Vibrant Tasting Ice Creams, Frozen Yogurts, Sorbets And It Does So Quickly & Easily!

Cuisinart ICE-21RP1 ICE21R Frozen Yogurt Automatic Ice Cream and Sorbet Maker,120 V, Thermoplastic, 1-1/2 qt, Red


Cuisinart ICE-21RP1 ICE21R Frozen Yogurt Automatic Ice Cream and Sorbet Maker,120 V, Thermoplastic, 1-1/2 qt, Red
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Here Is What Reviewers Had To Say About The Cuisinart Frozen Yogurt, Sorbet, And Automatic Ice Cream Maker…


This Small Ice Cream Maker Makes The BEST Frozen Yogurt Imaginable


  • I am such a convert now that I can’t go to frozen yogurt stores anymore. I get perfect froyo, my way, daily.
  • Instead of indulging in popcorn and other snack foods, I indulge in healthy homemade frozen yogurt.
  • I did buy this machine for ice cream, but now it’s my go-to frozen yogurt machine. 
  • My mom is pre-diabetic so we make ALL our frozen yogurt sugar free.
  • I have used this a handful of times now, and each time it makes amazing frozen yogurt.
  • We just used this for the first time to make frozen yogurt and it only took 20 min. and was delicious! 
  • I bought the Cuisinart to make healthy frozen yogurt. It’s delicious!
  • My husband loves the frozen yogurt made with Cuisinart as it does not sabotage his diet.
  • I’ve made several batches of fruit frozen yogurt in this machine with good results.
  • Love this! It has made many many servings of frozen yogurt and has not failed.
  • I make frozen yogurt and use the most healthy ingredients I can and the results have been great.
  • We use it constantly, mostly for blended yogurt and fruit. LOVE IT!
  • Made some great peach frozen yogurt in 15 – 20 minutes, after prep. Not difficult at all.
  • I have been saving a ton of money (and calories) by making my own frozen yogurt at home instead of buying it premade!
  • My daughter loved this Ice-21R Frozen Yogurt-Ice & Sorbet Maker.
  • I like frozen yogurt and like to be able to control how much sugar is in it and what fruit I like to put in it.
  • We’ve made frozen yogurt with zero fat Greek yogurt and fresh strawberries as well as cherry vanilla ice cream.

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Love Making Chocolate Banana Fat-Free Frozen Yogurt And Pumpkin Yogurt… So Yummy


  • We love our ICE-21 Frozen Yogurt-Ice Cream & Sorbet Maker.
  • I love taking Greek yogurt and fresh fruit and blending it and using just that.
  • We have had strawberry and pineapple frozen yogurt so far.
  • Watching my weight it has definitely been a lifesaver! A frozen treat without all the calories!
  • I made a raspberry frozen yogurt in it and it was delicious!
  • It makes great yogurt and is very fun.
  • So far I’ve made strawberry frozen yogurt and blackberry-raspberry frozen yogurt, both of which are far better than any frozen yogurt I’ve ever had, and healthier.
  • It makes great frozen yogurt
  • I have only used it so far to make frozen yogurt and it works great.
  • It makes fantastic frozen yogurt and it makes it quick!
  • We’ve made everything from chocolate fudge cheesecake ice cream to healthier banana-berry greek frozen yogurts.
  • I’ve made several batches of frozen yogurt by simply pouring in non-fat vanilla yogurt, nothing else, and it’s come out great.
  • Great way to control ingredients and sugar content in frozen treats.

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My Ice Cream Came Out Perfect And My Husband Couldn’t Quit Raving About It And How Much Better It Tasted Than Store-Bought Ice Cream


  • I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this ice cream maker.
  • Life is now measured “before homemade ice cream” and after!
  • I never purchase store-bought ice cream anymore.
  • So impressed with this ice cream maker!
  • I make non-dairy ice cream… My children, husband, and everyone who tastes it can’t believe I made it.
  • Great for keto ice cream!
  • My family has been raving about the quality of our homemade ice cream, and this machine is really easy to use.
  • I can have all-natural ice cream with my own ingredients and flavors at any time!
  • The included recipes – especially the plain vanilla – are incredible. It’s the best vanilla ice cream I’ve ever eaten.
  • I got this to make my own low-carb ice cream, and it is working out great.
  • Perfect ice cream maker! I got this item to make frozen Keifer ice cream.
  • This ice cream maker was just what I needed to make keto ice cream
  • My first try with this machine and my homemade ice cream concoction came out perfectly frozen, creamy, and delicious!
  • Flavor, texture, creaminess, all are excellent. 
  • This is a perfect Keto ice cream when made with full-fat whipping cream (organic is my preference)..

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With The Cuisinart Automatic Ice Cream Maker, You Can Make Better Ice Cream Than You Can Buy


  • This makes the best ice cream I have ever had!
  • Cuisinart Frozen Ice Cream Maker is epic!
  • I love this ice cream maker! 
  • There is nothing that I don’t love about this ice cream maker! 
  • Each of the flavors of ice cream we’ve made has been incredibly creamy and luscious.
  • I am amazed at how easy it is to make creamy, delicious ice cream in my own kitchen.
  • We love making ice cream with this simple gadget.
  • I just created my first batch of homemade ice cream and it came out perfect thanks to the Cuisinart ICE-21.
  • This is also the first time I ever tasted homemade ice cream. The flavor is light and refreshing and simply delicious. This is one of the best kitchen purchases I’ve ever made.
  • I’m on the keto diet and this is the best thing I ever bought to help me with my ice cream cravings.
  • Having this ice cream maker at home made it so easy for me to make my own low carb and sugar-free ice cream
  • I never buy ice cream because homemade is the best and the healthiest for you!
  • This ice-cream maker makes fantastic full-fat ice-cream; soft, creamy, and very yummy.
  • I love that I can create ice cream just the way I like it. 

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Just The Perfect Consistency For How We Enjoy Sorbet


  • The raspberry sorbet was surprisingly good, considering its basically 3 ingredients.
  • I usually make lemon sorbet. 2 cups of hot water mixed with 2 cups of sugar (a bit less is fine), chilled, mixed with 2 cups of fresh-squeezed Meyer lemon juice, also chilled. So simple, so good.
  • Super recommend trying sorbet and avocado ice cream. It’s impossible to gorge.
  • Coconut Sorbet for breakfast… who knew!? …or later, pair with dark-dark chocolate sorbet to make a frozen Mounds bar parfait.
  • The Persian Melon sorbet was a mind-blower, too — maybe the best fruit sorbet I’ve ever had.
  • Hmmm…but the red and black raspberry with a hint of Chambord makes me nearly swoon.
  • I just made a batch of fresh peach sorbet and it is fabulous.
  • I used my new machine to make 5 different sorbets for a garden party we held at my home. Sorbets are easy to make and everyone thought the desserts were high end.
  • Absolutely love this thing for making perfect ice cream, and sorbets with all the great fruits in the farmer’s markets these days.
  • I received the ice cream maker and immediately made the raspberry sorbet, DELICIOUS! 
  • We use this mostly to make sorbet — fun, healthy recipes from the garden like raspberry, strawberry, mint, lemon basil. Excellent taste and lots of satisfaction!

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The Cuisinart ICE-21 Makes Quick And Yummy Sorbets


  • Keeping a bottle of fruit juice, cherry, grape, etc., cold and adding sugar makes a quick sorbet dessert.
  • A couple of scoops of orange sorbet and vanilla ice cream just the perfect summer treat.
  • I’m in ice cream heaven especially with all the fresh fruits being in season. Did I mention it makes sorbet too… oh my!!
  • My first batch was a mango sorbet- nothing but fresh mango, honey, a little water, and a shot of triple-sec liqueur too keep it from getting too firm. Wow. Best natural mango sorbet I have ever tasted.
  • I use sorbets to make popsicles and this is perfect for this application. I made fruit sorbet popsicles and I use tea, ginger, and honey to make sorbet popsicles.
  • Then I went on to do a coconut sorbet. One scoop of the mango with a scoop of the coconut topped with some diced fruit was true Heaven.
  • I experimented with fresh peaches and got an awesome peach sorbet.
  • We’ve been making a lot of sorbets in the last few months and they are very refreshing. 
  • I made a delicious cherry sorbet with my new ice cream maker today, and it was amazing.
  • The first two batches of sorbet were AMAZING.
  • So nice to make our own sorbets with real fresh fruit as well as ice-cream from coconut milk, which lends a lovely texture for a dairy-free ice-cream substitute.
  • I just purchased this Sunday and made lemon sorbet from the inserted recipes, wow, was it good! 

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This Little Gadget Has Been Fun To Use And It’s So Easy, Almost Foolproof, To Have Great-Tasting Ice Cream Without The Mess


  • This makes it incredibly easy to have a frozen dessert just the way that you want it.
  • Super easy to use.
  • It’s fun and easy to use. You’ll be proud as a brand-new parent after you make the first batch.
  • Super easy to make and ice cream tastes delicious!
  • Enter this magical machine of ice cream goodness. It’s so easy to use if you follow the instructions.
  • This machine is ridiculously easy to use, …All you have to do is turn it on, pour your ingredients into the frozen core, wait about twenty minutes, and eat your delicious home-made ice cream!
  • Easy to clean, easy to useeasy to love, love, love.
  • I get consistent results and it is super easy to use with a variety of recipes.
  • It’s a very nice looking unit and it’s very easy to use.
  • This is my first ice cream maker. It is very easy to use and easy to clean.

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The Ice Cream Maker Works Very Well… It’s Easy To Clean, Fun To Use, And A Really Simple Way To Try New Kinds Of Ice Cream


  • This simple little machine makes making ice cream super easy and really pretty quick.
  • It’s so completely easy and simple, and very easy to clean.
  • I am amazed at how easy it is to make creamy, delicious ice cream in my own kitchen.
  • It’s really a lot of fun trying though, and it’s easy to get the kids involved.
  • I had no idea making ice cream was so easy! I love this machine.
  • This little jewel eliminates all that and makes everything so easy I could make ice cream every day if my waistline and heart could stand it.
  • Making ice cream at home is so easy and so delicious. Never need to look at the ice cream section at the grocery store anymore.
  • I saw this machine in action and was amazed at how easy it is to make my own ice cream.
  • This ice-cream maker is easy to use and works beautifully.
  • I can’t believe I was 52 before I ever made my first batch of homemade ice cream. Super easy, super fun, super good.

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I Have Been Telling All My Friends About This And Have Given One Away As A Wedding Gift


  • I have given two as gifts and talked 6 people into buying one! Everyone has loved it and now I have a group of people to swap recipes with.
  • Parents that age can be so hard to buy gifts for as they have everything they need, they really love this maker.
  • I love it and I’m going to buy 2 more as gifts for my sister and friend!
  • Great gift for anyone!
  • I’ve enjoyed it so much that I’ve purchased several more for gifts. I’ve also introduced several friends and family to my ice cream, prompting them to buy the machine as well.
  • I bought this as a gift for my husband and it’s one of the best things I’ve ever given him.
  • This is so convenient. I have recommended it to many people and also bought it as a gift.
  • I have bought several of these for ourselves and as gifts. Everyone loves them.
  • Gave these as Holiday gifts and EVERYONE loved them!

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This Ice Cream Maker Is At The Top Of My Gift List For The Upcoming Birthdays Of A Couple Of Friends… They Are Going To Love It


  • This was a gift for my sister as she fell in love with mine. Sissy is over the top excited with her gift!
  • I enjoy it so much that I bought one as a Christmas gift for my granddaughter.
  • This definitely makes for a unique gift that most people can use and most likely don’t have.
  • These are great gifts for a wedding or Christmas.
  • I’ve had this model of Cuisinart ice cream maker for a little over a year (purchased from Amazon), and I love it so much that I bought two to give as Christmas gifts this year.
  • It will make a GREAT Christmas/birthday/anniversary gift for the ice cream lovers in your family!!
  • I have one and use it all the time. I love it so much that I like to give as gifts, this year I’m getting 2 for a family whom I know will enjoy it as much as I do.
  • Wonderful wedding gift!!!
  • I just had to buy this gift for my parents for Christmas since we have loved ours and use it so much (probably too much!)

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My Husband Couldn’t Quit Raving About It And How Much Better It Tasted Than Store-Bought


  • I never purchase store-bought ice cream anymore.
  • My children, husband, and everyone who tastes it can’t believe I made it.
  • You may not save money making your own but the ice cream tastes great and you know what’s in it.
  • So far this has worked as claimed and everything has tasted great!
  • I tried strawberry ice cream, it took me hardly anytime and the taste is delicious.
  • So far all flavors have turned out awesome, it added just enough air to have a wonderfully rich taste, though that depends on your recipe.
  • Also, we use raw goat’s milk and it works perfectly and gives great tasting ice cream in a very short time.
  • The tastes of homemade fruit sorbets are so fresh and intense that I can’t eat a pint at a sitting — unlike the commercial garbage — and I’m actually losing a bit of weight.
  • A couple of my neighbors tasted it, and they thought the ice cream was really good, full of flavor, and not grainy.
  • It tastes as real ice cream should taste
  • The basic vanilla and chocolate recipes are very easy and taste amazing, like Haagan Dazs or another high-end brand.
  • This model is engineered so well! I love it. It’s easy to pour the ice cream mixture into the frozen bowl and it makes great-tasting ice cream. 

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This Fabulous Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker… Makes The Creamiest Textured Most Delicious Ice Cream I’ve Ever Tasted


  • This is the easiest ice cream maker I have ever used and the ice cream tastes great.
  • It was so easy to make and tasted fabulous. 
  • This makes great-tasting ice cream.
  • Homemade ice cream really does taste better.
  • It really makes ice cream that tastes like and has the same consistency as I remember ice cream tasting like when I was a kid.
  • Being of cautious nature I experimented on my immediate family, first, and got rave reviews on the taste and texture of the vanilla and chocolate ice cream.
  • Last night I served 14 guests and I believe several of them are going to purchase the Cuisinart for themselves.
  • Amazing little machine!! If you follow the instructions, you will have ice cream that tastes just like the ones you buy at the grocery store. Even better, because there are no preservatives!
  • This is the machine for low calorie, good tasting frozen sweets!
  • Better than any store-bought ice cream I have ever tasted.
  • This is great for playdates, parties, and sleepovers! The ice cream honestly tastes a lot better than store ice cream.

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This Style Of Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker Is Compact, So It Isn’t Going To Take Up A Ton Of Room On Your Counter. It Is Lightweight And Easy To Move And Store Wherever Is Conventions


  • Compact shape stores easily. 
  • I love how well this machine works and how compact it is.
  • So easy to use, makes wonderful ice cream, easy to clean, and compact for storage.
  • It is compact and the ice cream is the best bc you add your own quality ingredients.
  • This small appliance has made Ice Cream making a breeze~~easy to operate, compact design, and very user friendly!
  • The size and compactness of the machine make it handy to use.
  • It is compact and easy to clean and take care of.
  • Easy to use, good quality, compact ice cream maker.
  • It is compact enough to tuck away in our cupboard when not in use.
  • This machine is smaller than I expected, very compact and sleek looking too and way quieter than reviewed.
  • Like the small compact size for storage.
  • It is super easy to use and to clean and it makes some wonderful ice cream, plus its compact size doesn’t take up a lot of space.
  • The compact design of the unit looks nice on the kitchen counter and can easily be stored due to its modular design.
  • It is every good thing – small, compact, easy to use, functional and with the great recipes I recently acquired, it is exactly the right tool for the job.

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3 1/2 Years Later And It’s Still Going Strong And I Still Love It


  • I’ve had one for over a year now and still no issues.  Still going strong!
  • One of my coworkers has used this same machine for years in a professional capacity and it’s still going strong
  • Having a basic Cuisinart food processor for over a decade that is still going strong, there was no hesitation purchasing this very similar Cuisinart unit.
  • It’s still going strong. I made at least 30 batches of ice cream with it last year.
  • I bought this a couple of years ago and truly love it. I have downsized my appliances, but this is one that stays. It is so easy to use and quickly makes lovely ice cream. We have used the Cuisinart recipes as well as the ones we looked up.
  • After a couple of years, it is still going strong!
  • It was stored in the garage (not the best place because of extreme heat but we had no room) and it’s back in service just like I left it.
  • Durable. Used for over 2 years with absolutely no problems.
  • Just like any other Cuisinart product, it is durable, a beautiful color red, easy to use, and works great.
  • If it ever breaks (did I say I’ve used it daily for a year), I would buy another. It’s that awesome!
  • We have had this machine for several years now and LOVE it!
  • I’ve used it for over a year and it works well. 
  • We have had ours for several years. This was bought as a gift. I hope they never change it.
  • I had a Cuisinart maker for nearly 10 years. I would still use but the person I lent it to lost the beater. Used this new one – just as good as the old one. Awesome!

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The Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker… Makes Ice Cream So Quick And Easy


  • What in the world have I been missing? Just don’t read any further reviews to make your decision. Just buy one! SUPER simple. Not messy. QUICK!
  • Easy to use with quick results.
  • The quickness of making this ice cream sold me.
  • As the other reviews already printed on state, this machine is quick ( much shorter processing time than the 20 minutes indicated in the directions) it’s easy to use, easy to clean, and kind of a fun activity for families with youngsters.
  • I should probably start off by saying that if you’re looking for a quick way to make frozen desserts, this definitely isn’t it.
  • This is simple to use and works really well for quick healthy ice cream and sherbet. 
  • Love ice cream and this is so easy to use, quick way to have delicious ice cream with natural ingredients.
  • Very quick as well, from cream to ice cream in under 30 minutes.
  • The icecream is quick to make and is the best I have ever had.
  • Overall the ICE-21R works well. It is not too loud, it works fast, and clean-up is easy.
  • To say it works fast is an understatement of epic proportions.

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The Cuisinart Ice-21 Ice Cream Maker Makes The Process Fast, Easy, And Fun


  • This ice cream maker is the BOMB!!! It works so fast that I just may need to give up all over food groups to save my calories for this.
  • Very fast at making slushies! Like less than 10 mins.
  • While we’re used to making almost a gallon of ice cream before, it has never been this easy or fast to make it! 
  • Lightweight, beautiful, sturdy, and extremely fast freezing machine.
  • Produces excellent ice-cream, very fast
  • So easy and fast to make you can pull it out on the fly to make right after dinner with/for friends (you’ll have to pre-make the ice cream mixture though).
  • Grandkids enjoy the fact we can make fast and tasty ice cream. 
  • Nothing beats this for simplicity of operation, fast Ice Cream making, and easy to clean. We love this, wish we had gotten one several years ago.
  • This is awesome! Ice cream freezes so fast in this ice-cream maker and it’s so easy to use.

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This Machine Will Give You A Soft Serve Consistency In Less Than 10 Minutes


  • After 20 minutes you’ll have a soft-serve consistency, if you want it scoopable, place ice cream in a shallow container, cover with a piece of plastic wrap, then close the lid and put it in the freezer for at least 2 hours.
  • The consistency was creamy & firm.
  • I turned it on – poured the mixture in and thought I would start cooking dinner while it churned. Within 5 minutes it was done! Sort of a thick soft-serve consistency which is lovely.
  • The ice cream right after the initial churn is delicious, but definitely more of a soft-serve consistency.
  • Leave it churning until desired consistency, and it’s done! Mine took 20 minutes. It is so easy!
  • Twenty minutes later you will have the perfect ice cream consistency. If you want your ice cream really hard, put it in the freezer for a few hours.
  • The consistency is so nice and creamy, and the canister is super easy to use and clean.
  • Really, it didn’t need the extra freezer time as the mix was a great consistency straight from the machine – it was frozen but fairly soft and very creamy.
  • The consistency was perfect and all of our family enjoyed it.
  • Keeping the insulated freezer bowl in the freezer all of the time or a day ahead ensures the ice cream will be the right consistency.
  • The ice creams were soft serve, or slightly harder consistency, immediately after churning, which is fine for me as I like ice cream on the soft side.
  • This thing is so much quieter and the consistency of the ice cream when the cycle is complete is truly soft ice cream, not some runny goo that must be frozen further.
  • The consistency upon completion is good, slightly harder than soft serve like Dairy Queen.

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Unless You Are Willing To Spend Hundreds Of Dollars On The More Expensive Types Of Makers – This Is Worth The Money


I can’t really add to the great reviews this product has received so I’ll be brief and just note my granddaughter seconded my opinion last week when she came by for a visit (after we made some chocolate/chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream): “Grandma, I think this is probably the best $40 you’ve ever spent.” And I’m a really cautious buyer so that’s saying quite a lot.


  • To be honest one of my best purchases here.
  • Amazing deal for the money.
  • Best value for money.
  • I now make high-quality ice cream and save money.
  • Now that was money well spent!
  • Cuisinart is a great machine for the money!
  • I can’t say enough how cool and well designed this machine is. Well worth the money for sure.
  • If You are shopping to buy an Ice Cream Maker, This Is the one I would HIGHLY SUGGEST. Worth the money.
  • This is one of the best kitchen purchases I’ve ever made.
  • For the money, if you love ice cream you can’t go wrong.
  • Best money I have spent in a long time!
  • This has been one of the best products I’ve ordered.
  • As always I did hours of research and this was just the best out there and cheap as all get out.
  • I’ve had previous versions of the frozen canister ice-cream maker before, but this is the best one so far.
  • Works really well my wife makes tons of healthy ice cream recipes with Greek yogurt and almond milk too! Best machine out there!
  • Simply the best machine out there, period.
  • It works, it’s affordable, and it gets the job done.
  • Best ice cream maker for the price!

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In summary, the Cuisinart ICE-21RP1 ICE21R Frozen Yogurt Automatic Ice Cream and Sorbet Maker ticks all the boxes for excellence with the strong Cuisinart brand behind it as well.

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Here Is A Recap Of The 11 Reasons Why The Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker Is A Popular Choice

  1. It Makes The BEST Frozen Yogurt Imaginable.
  2. You Can Make Better Ice Cream Than You Can Buy From The Store.
  3. It Makes Quick And Yummy Sorbets.
  4. The Cuisinart is Fun, Easy, And Almost Foolproof To Use.
  5. It Is One Of The Best & Unique Gift Ideas For All Occasions.
  6. Frozen Desserts Never Tasted Better.
  7. It Is Compact, Lightweight, Fits Great On Your Countertop And Is Easy To Store Away.
  8. The Machine Is Durable and Lasts Many Years.
  9. It Makes Ice Cream Very Fast!
  10. You Can Quickly Get A Treat With A Soft Serve Consistency Or Put It In The Freezer For Something Harder.
  11. The Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker Is Value For Money.

Of course, there are other advantages as well such as being in control of what ingredients you use. You can stick to low fat, low carb, Keto, or be as decadent as you want.

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Now you have some understanding of the reasons why people are raving about the Cuisinart Frozen Yogurt, Automatic Ice Cream, And Sorbet Maker and why it is one of the biggest sellers in the market with high ratings from reviewers.

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