Cuisinart Electric Kettle: Perfect Tea Every Time

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Cuisinart Tea Kettle

The Cuisinart cordless electric kettle has preset temperature settings for all of your favorite tea and French Pres coffee needs. You won’t believe the difference in taste when you make a cup of your favorite brew at the optimum temperature settings…

The Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp 1.7-Liter stainless steel cordless electric kettle rates AMAZINGLY with 82% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars. and that’s from over 9,107 consumers!

This kettle offers six preset temperature settings that will allow you to make personalized beverages on demand, including French press coffee, tea, cocoa, and oatmeal.

It boils water in record time thanks to its 1500-watt heater, and the blue LED and green indicator lights are easy to read. Plus, its 360-degree swivel base allows for a cordless pour, while the blue backlit water window shows temperature markings with precision.

Let’s read on to discover 12 reasons why the Cuisinart electric kettle is the kettle of choice for great-tasting tea and coffee…

The Cuisinart Kettle Heats Up To Boiling Much Faster Than Other Electric Kettles!

Cuisinart CPK-17P1 CPK-17 PerfecTemp 1.7-Liter Stainless Steel Cordless Electric Kettle


Cuisinart CPK-17P1 CPK-17 PerfecTemp 1.7-Liter Stainless Steel Cordless Electric kettle, 1.7 L, Silver
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Here Is WhatconsumersHad To Say About The Cuisinart PerfecTemp 1.7-Liter Stainless Steel Cordless Electric Kettle…


This is perfect in many ways; easy to use, heats up fast, temperature is perfect, great safety features, very attractive appliance, takes up little space, perfect size, etc. All this translates to my absolute love for this product but also the proverbial regret of why did I not but this sooner?


  • It heats water as fast, or faster than any other kettle I have used.
  • The kettle is easy to fill, solidly built, and heats water very fast.
  • A great kettle that heats fast.
  • It is FAST in bringing water up to temperature for whatever you are making/brewing
  • Having used teapots on the stove for many years, I was unprepared for how fast it would boil.
  • It boils extremely quickly, and I love it!
  • My water heats fast and to the perfect temperature.
  • Lightning-fast heating– the keep warm feature is awesome.
  • The kettle is easy to fill, solidly built, and heats water very fast.
  • I have to say it’s pretty much perfect–compact, great-looking, fast, and reliable.
  • It is fast heating and so much more convenient to use than a pot on the stove.
  • A fast and well-designed electric cordless kettle.
  • I was surprised by how fast it is! Use it daily, love the temperature control for making different kinds of beverages. But it’s my go-to for pour-over coffee.

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I Drink Various Different Teas And Coffee Everyday, So The Preset Temperatures Were A Huge Convenience!


I like the preset temperature settings. I make both green and herbal tea. I can set it to green, pour that, then up it to boil and wait a few more seconds and pour for the herbal tea


  • All of my different types of tea taste great when brewed at preset temperatures.
  • The temperature control is much easier when switching from coffee at 200F to green tea at 170F with preset buttons.
  • Love the preset temp options and that it reheats the water for you- great for our coffee and tea!
  • It’s perfect for multiple types of tea (it has presets for the perfect temps), and it boils pretty quickly for oatmeal or whatever else you’d like it for.
  • If you like tea, this helpfully has preset temperatures for various kinds of tea (they’re supposed to brew at different temperatures).
  • The temperature presets are very useful.
  • I love the temperature presets and that it’s so easy to use.
  • The preset temperatures are a great easy way to set the right temp for your type of tea.
  • This kettle is great for making the perfect tea every time.
  • I switch between black tea and green tea fairly often and with the preset buttons on this kettle that makes it super easy to brew the perfect tea. 
  • Love all the presets for specific types of tea to get the perfect temperature!

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Different Tea Types Do Best When Steeped In The Correct Temperature Water And This Cuisinart Perfect Temp Kettle Gives You All The Delicate Temp Increments You Need To Make The Most Of Your Expensive Teas!


If you’re looking for a hot water maker and are particular with the temperature you steep your teas at (as you should be), stop here as you won’t find anything better.


  • I consume different types of teas all of which brew and steep at different temperatures. My Cuisinart CPK-17 does it all.
  • It is expensive but has been very well worth the money if you are a hardcore tea drinker and need to steep different kinds of tea at different temperatures.
  • I’ve also been making a couple of types of tea, which require different water temps for steeping, so this kettle is great.
  • High-end teas come with brewing instructions with different water temperatures (and steep times) for individual tea types.

All we have to do is push the button of the one we are drinking and the water is heated to the perfect temperature. 

  • I am truly amazed by how delicious tea can taste when you pay attention to how it is meant to be made (using the right temperature setting, and steeping times), and it’s all thanks to the Cuisinart CPK-17, which heats quietly, quickly, and to the perfect temperature!
  • Great teapot to boil water at various temperatures for herbal tea drinkers.
  • This prevents you from overheating the water and delivering the right temperature for herbal teas which should not be steeped at boiling temperatures.
  • I drink different types of tea and pressing at the right temperature makes it convenient to steep the tea right away instead of waiting for the water to cool down.
  • We bought this in order to steep tea so we love that it allows us to select the temperature with the push of a button.

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 My First Cup Of Green Tea At The Appropriate Temperature In This Cuisinart Was An A-Ha Moment For Me!


I Especially Like The Tea Setting So That The Temperature Is A Bit Lower (Leaving More Oxygen In The Water And Gives A Better Tasting Tea)… Especially For Green Tea!


  • I like the variable water temperature that makes me excellent green tea – even if I forget to take the bag out, the water cools off quickly enough that it doesn’t taste over-steeped.
  • With this kettle the temperature is perfect, and green tea tastes great.
  • I really had no idea green tea should not be put into boiling water and yes, it does make a difference in the flavor. Green tea is not bitter when steeped in hot/not boiled water.
  • GAME CHANGER. Day 1: used the same organic green tea teabags I’ve been using for many years, chose the “Green” setting and the resulting cup of tea tasted more flavorful than ANY I’d brewed over the years.
  • If you over boil water for green tea it will taste bitter and using the temp control feature on this kettle makes the green tea taste so much better, every time. 
  • Finally! No more guesswork with water temperature when I’m making my green tea.
  • I was pleasantly surprised at how much better my green and herbal teas tasted when brewed at a more correct temperature than boiling.
  • It has proven very useful for this and made drinking green tea a pleasure.
  • With the temperature selection, this product has given me a new lease on green tea life, as well as letting me never worry about whether I left the stove on

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If You Drink A Lot Of Green Or White Tea You Owe It To Yourself To Try The Cuisinart Kettle With Variable Temperatures!


I wanted a tea kettle that made stopped the “guess my temperature” game that happens with a whistling tea kettle, when making green and white teas. This works wonderfully on doing just that. It is very easy to clean, fill and pour. My formal roommate is getting herself one after using mine and loving it as well.


  • I use this a lot for green and white teas because it boils to the perfect temperature.
  • Having different temperature settings is absolutely essential as green and white tea both taste very bitter to me if they are brewed with water that is too hot.
  • I’ve taken a liking to lose leaf tea, and when one goes down that path one finds that the water temperature starts to make a difference with some of the more delicate green and white teas. 
  • I use the white tea setting (185 degrees) for my black and my white tea and it’s perfect for both.
  • Really like the heat settings as I drink green and white teas and you can’t tell if your water is too hot and burning the delicate leaves.
  • I toyed with using a stovetop kettle, but since I drink green and white teas, I needed more control over the water temperature. This provides it.
  • For all tea drinkers who like white, green, and oolongs, this is perfect and affordable.
  • I’m a white tea fan, and can now make the perfect cup at home without the bitterness you get when you use water that is too hot. I love it!
  • It really brings out the flavor of tea when you use the right temperature for the type of tea, ranging from a more delicate white or green tea to a stronger oolong or black tea.
  • I am VERY happy with this product. White tea, green tea, and French pressed coffee taste WAY better when I use the specific temperature buttons on this electric kettle rather than basic boiled water from the stovetop.

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Truly A Wonderful Convenience That Has Allowed Me To Enjoy Green And Oolong Teas And Expanded My Tea Enjoyment Horizons!


And no more guestimating how long to leave the pot off the boil to reach the correct temperature for oolong or genmaicha, and no more bitter oolong or genmaicha because I guestimated how long to leave the pot off the bottle before pouring it over the tea.


  • I drink brewed ice tea so this teapot is used constantly to brew the oolong to the precise temperature.
  • However, the temp controls are the bomb!
  • I am a heavy and snobby tea drinker. To have a setting for oolong and delicate greens in addition to all the other settings is awesome!
  • Best electric kettle on the market.
  • I like the auto turnoff feature, and how I can tailor the water temp to my desired level.
  • Since I make a lot of oolong and herbal teas, I like being able to heat water to below boiling.
  • I never enjoyed drinking tea because it was tasteless – with the temperature gauge I’m able to brew my jasmine and oolong tea at the right temperature. This was so worth the purchase.
  • I did not know (and granted I’m a novice to anything outside of black tea) that green tea and oolong have a certain steeping temp.
  • I learned quickly that the minute flavor differences are all due to temp, and I love that the kettle does the work for you!
  • This kettle is perfect for tea enthusiast. I drink a lot of loose-leaf ginseng oolong and there’s a button for that.
  • I love my oolong tea.

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There Are 6 Temperature Selections For Different Teas And One For French Press Coffee!


This kettle is everything you could want! I use it mostly for french press coffee, but my guests have used it for various kinds of tea, instant oatmeal, or hot chocolate with great success.


  • This is one of the most essential tools in our kitchen. We use it for coffee (french press) every morning and it boils water faster than the microwave.
  • I work in an office with people who love tea, and this was perfect for their different types of tea and for those who love French press coffee.
  • LOVE IT! ~ I use this every morning for making my French Press coffee! ~ It is FAST in bringing water up to temperature for whatever you are making/brewing.
  • The coffee drinkers in the family appreciate it as well with the boiling water option as well as french press temp.
  • You can choose temps for making press-pot coffee, in short, very nice to be able to heat water to your desired degree.
  • Highly recommended if you are a tea drinker! (or a french press coffee snob!)
  • I have a coffee French press and if you want to make a good cup of coffee, you need to be able to heat the water at the perfect temperature. This kettle has a French press setting.
  • This is a really great electric kettle. I use it with my AeroPress and it works great for pour-over coffee (I work from home and use it ALL morning EVERY day).
  • I use it most mornings to make French press coffee, but it works equally well for tea or speed-heating water for the stove.

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I Love Being Able To Make Different Teas, Hot Cocoa For The Kids With A Cooler Temp, And Even Ramen Noodles!


I bought this product to be able to have hot, not boiling water for cocoas, green tea, and other beverages that state to add hot, not boiling water. Perfect temperature every time.


  • I love that there are several heat options so I can boil the water at a lower temperature for the kid’s hot cocoa, etc.
  • Saves a lot of time overheating water in a kettle on the stove, it’s fast to bring water to a boil for cooking or heating water for tea, or hot cocoa.
  • It works great for tea, french press coffee, instant oatmeal, hot cocoa, and all sorts of other things.
  • Bought one for my daughter when she first fell in love with tea, we loved it so much for tea, hot cocoa, even making instant oatmeal water, we had to buy another when she and the kettle moved out.

This is a great way to heat water for tea, cocoa, oatmeal, or anything else that requires hot water. Super convenient and easy to use.

  • We use the Cuisinart kettle 3-4 times a day for teas, instant cereal, cocoa, ramen noodles, etc. Besides ease of use, the multiple temperature settings are perfect for our variety of teas.
  • It heats up water quickly and has all the perfect settings for our teas and french press coffee and even our brewed cocoa
  • This is also excellent for making hot cocoa for our children as we can make it a much less hot temp with the lower temp buttons.
  • Her youngest is especially happy that she can now have hot cocoa that doesn’t burn her mouth.
  • It also comes in handy for hot cocoa, allowing you to mix at a lower temperature than boiling, so your cocoa is ready to drink faster and is arguably safer to hand to the kids.

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You Will Be Heating Milk, Making Oatmeal, Making Soup, And Making Noodles For A Long Time And This Will Do It Faster Than Anything Else!


I cannot tell you how much I love this kettle. I’m not a huge tea drinker but it is so good for heating up water for a cup of soup, hot chocolate, and the occasional cup of tea. The speed with which it heats is amazing! Worth every penny.


  • I have however used it for hot water for oatmeal, cooking, etc. and, just like for tea, it works perfectly.
  • It boils pretty quickly for oatmeal or whatever else you’d like it for.
  • I also use this to boil water for my morning oatmeal which is not necessary to have boiling water, it just needs to be good and hot.
  • We use it for cooking instant oatmeal and instant ramen.
  • I use it for various kinds of tea, instant oatmeal, or hot chocolate with great success.
  • The multiple temperature settings are perfect for coffee and oatmeal
  • I use it for my oatmeal, then for my coffee press, and then in the afternoon for my tea.
  • Our kids use it to make ramen noodles too.
  • I use this kettle every day to make tea or to boil water for ramen noodles or soup.
  • You can use the broil option for cup noodles soup, which works very well.
  • I am a tea drinker –soup sipper and a… “I want hot water” yesterday kinda guy. And this product fills all those needs. Not a day goes by when I don’t use my Cuisinart CPK- which means it’s durability & has truly been tested.
  • Sometimes I just heat water for instant soup. It’s so much faster than heating water on the stove, and I can have the exact temperature I need.
  • It makes my soup-making so much easier, quicker, and less wasteful of energy too.

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One Of The Best Features Is The “Keep Warm” Function!


This is the best electric kettle that anyone can own. With the keep warm and no boil features this kettle is a must for anyone who has ever had cold water or burnt up a kettle.


  • The electric kettle heats the water to the right temperature, then shuts it off and holds it warm for a while. Nice.
  • I like the various settings and the fact it will keep water warm for a period of time in the event you want a second cup.
  • A soft blue light illuminates the window and button panel to let you know the kettle is working or in “keep warm” mode.
  • Stop. Just stop. Buy this one. That’s all you really need to know. Multiple accurate push-button temperature settings, ability to keep warm up to 30 minutes. 
  • We love the various temperature settings, as well as the keep warm function and the clear water level indicator.
  • It’s so innovative, it goes to the perfect temperature and it keeps it warm if you’re in the middle of something.
  • The “Keep Warm” function keeps your water at the correct temperature for 30 minutes.
  • It has a keep warm setting that will keep heating up the water for 30 minutes if you’re someone that forgets to make your tea or coffee when the water is finished boiling.
  • I love this electric kettle. The keep-warm feature is pretty amazing.
  • The “Keep Warm” timer is a great option for when you start to brew a pot and get distracted and don’t have to worry about turning a burner off or unplugging the kettle.

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Without Question, The Best Cordless Electric Kettle I’ve Ever Used!


I love this cordless feature as well – only the base has the cord and the kettle lifts off the base so you can take it to another room if you want to. And in any case, its far better than having a cord in the way when pouring the water.


  • It is probably the best cordless electric kettle out there.
  • So far this product delivers all that I could hope for in a cordless kettle.
  • It’s very user-friendly, and I love that it is cordless – it makes it very easy to fill up.
  • The cordless function is a huge plus because you can bring the pitcher to the table.
  • Love the easy way it works, it is beautiful being left out on the countertop, the cordless feature is very practical.
  • The “cordless” and “keep warm” features allow it to leave the kitchen when needed.
  • I love the fact that it is cordless and I can use it in another room if I need to.
  • The 360 swivels cordless connector is a lifesaver as I don’t have to waste time fitting the kettle in the right position on the base.
  • Since the pot itself is cordless, you can take it wherever you want to pour it once it is heated.
  • I adore this cordless kettle because it makes life a little more relaxing when you do not have to get up and walk over to the stove to pour hot water.

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We Loved It So Much We’ve Given Them As Gifts And Had Other People Buy Them After Visiting!


Love this kettle and have enjoyed using it daily and many times per day for the past 3 years. It works just as perfectly today as it did when brand new. Have given this kettle as a gift to friends and family who love it as well. In fact, I am purchasing another one today to take on my travels. Hate the coffee pots in hotels where the hot water tastes like coffee when trying to make a cup of tea.


  • Have bought them for myself and loved them so much I bought two as gifts.
  • I love mine so much I have given several gifts.
  • It’s a great gift for tea lovers.
  • I surprised her with this for Christmas and it was her favorite gift.
  • Best birthday gift ever!
  • I have purchased 4 as gifts and my family loves them.
  • One of the best gifts I’ve given myself in a long time!!
  • I loved it so much I have given it to multiple people for gifts and they love it too.
  • My husband was thrilled with this as a gift.
  • I’ve purchased a couple of these for friends. Every person has loved it and said it was beyond their expectations (or something like “best gift ever!!“)
  • Bought this as a House Warming gift for my Granddaughter and she absolutely loves it.
  • As a gift-giver, it makes me happy when the item I give gets lots of use and is appreciated.
  • Makes the best gift for tea lovers.

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Here Is A Quick Recap Of The Benefits Customers Mentioned About The Cuisinart Cordless Electric Kettle!

  1. The Cuisinart electric kettle heats water extremely quickly.
  2. One of the best features of the Cuisinart kettle is the preset temperature settings.
  3. The correct steeping temperatures of the Cuisinart kettle result in delicious tasting tea and coffee.
  4. It makes excellent green tea.
  5. White teas taste better with the Cuisinart kettle.
  6. It has an oolong tea setting for the perfect cup of oolong tea.
  7. Perfect for french press coffee lovers.
  8. It provides the perfect temperature for kids’ cocoa and hot chocolate.
  9. Very handy for making soup, noodles, oatmeal, and for heating baby milk to the correct temperature.
  10. The keep-warm function will keep your water hot for 30 minutes after it turns off.
  11. It is cordless so you can take the kettle to any room.
  12. The Cuisinart electric kettle is a fabulous gift idea for family and friends.


In summary, if you want an electric kettle with all the bells and whistles that heats fast and at the precise temperatures needed for the best tea and coffee look no further than the Cuisinart PerfecTemp Cordless Electric Kettle!

There is so much to like with this kettle including its easy-to-read blue backlit water window is affixed to a stay-cool handle with an ergonomic non-slip grip for added control. A removable scale filter is attached to the lid, plus a drip-free spout for easy pouring.

Its 360° swivel base offers cordless convenience and detaches from the power base to conserve space when storing or traveling.

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