Cuisinart Cook Central: Is It The Most Advanced Multi-Cooker Ever?

The fact that the Cuisinart Multi-Cooker can brown food prior to slow cooking using the same pot with the ease of pushing a button makes it one of the most sought-after multi-cookers among shoppers…

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The Cook Central is Cuisinart’s most advanced multi-cooker ever. You can use it to not only sauté or brown ingredients but then slow cook or roast with just one button.

You can also throw frozen chicken breasts into the pot and have them come out perfectly cooked and moist without using a single additional pan. And you can put water in the bottom of the pot and just press a button to steam veggies until tender while your meat finishes cooking.

Let’s have a look at the wonderful things people are saying about this excellent multi-cooker…

The Cuisinart Cook Central Multi-Cooker Is An Amazing Slow Cooker And The Automatic ‘Keep Warm’ Feature Will Blow Your Mind!


Cuisinart MSC-800 Cook Central 4-in-1 Multi-Cooker, 7 Quart


Cuisinart MSC-800 Cook Central 4-in-1 Multi-Cooker, 7 quart
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Here Is What Reviewers Had To Say About The Cuisinart Cook Central 4-in-1 Multi-Cooker…


This Is The Greatest Slow-Cooker!


This is my new “go to” kitchen appliance: I highly recommend to anyone considering a slow cooker; trust me, I’ve had quite a few! It is well worth the investment. This product also features on our best gift list… Practical Gift Ideas For Christmas, Birthday, And Housewarming


  • I’m pleased with this purchase and would recommend it to anyone who needs a really large slow cooker.
  • The slow cooking settings, I like to use low and keep it cooking for 7-8 hours, seems to be accurate without boiling my food.
  • I noticed immediately that this slow cooker cooks at a significantly lower temperature than my old cheapo Crockpot.
  • This slow cooker rocks.
  • My first meal in it was braised short ribs. It was so neat to be able to brown them in the pan and then change the cooking to slow-cooker!! Ingenious!! 
  • The ability to fry/ brown than switch temp over to “ slow cook” with heat choices of low, high, simmer, or warm is so convenient.
  • I’ve used my slow cooker in every way imaginable and it works great. 
  • It browns; it sautes; it steams… Did I mention that it also slow cooks superbly? And, there is only one pot to clean at the end of the day.
  • It can make quick meals or slow cook, it looks good sitting out instead of hiding it like my last one, it’s perfect!!!
  • I did a lot of research before purchasing a new slow cooker and this one ranks number one on many lists of top slow cookers.
  • And although this is a rather pricey slow cooker, I have to say that it is by far the best slow cooker I have ever owned.
  • I haven’t yet tried steaming anything… but as a slow cooker, this is just AMAZING!!!
  • The best kitchen tool I have bought will last my lifetime.
  • I have had a number of slow cookers over the years, but this is the best.

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Plus, Total Bonus, You Can Saute Your Meat And Onions Or Whatever In The Same Dish As You Cook It. Less Cleanup!


I find it bothersome to brown something in a skillet and then put the item into the slow cooker. With this, I don’t have to. I can saute in the same pot. It’s a delight.

  • Also, I made a dish that required browning. I browned the meat in this slow cooker and then just switched it to slow cook. Couldn’t be easier.
  • It sautes or browns and then you can turn it on high or low and continue cooking in the same pot.
  • I generally don’t write reviews but I can’t say enough good things about this slow cooker. It certainly saves me browning meat in a separate and/or sauteing vegetables I want to add.
  • So say you need to saute onions and mushrooms, then add the rest of your ingredients to slow cook – do it all in one truly non-stick, easy to clean pan!
  • I can saute my onions and garlic and meats first, then switch to a slow cooker and add the rest and cook as needed. (This saves another pan to wash.)
  • That it sautes (browns) food prior to slow cooking, is excellent! 
  • Cooks well, and I was especially surprised with how well the brown/saute function works.
  • I love the saute feature which enables you to brown meats and vegetables before slow cooking. Saves using multiple pans. Great appliance — use it frequently!
  • One great feature is the ability to brown/saute foods in the cooker, eliminating the need to dirty a frying pan.
  • I cannot say enough good things about the Multi-cooker. To be able to saute something at a high temperature and then switch to slow cooker mode is fantastic.
  • It helps contain cooking messes to a minimum because you only need to use this appliance.
  • Click the brown/saute button to do prep cooking (now I don’t have to drag out a separate skillet to use on the stove and eliminates the need to transfer food from skillet to pot or slow cooker).
  • When ready, click the button to ‘slow cooker’ mode, add the rest of your ingredients to the container, and your meal is on its way.

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It’s Easy To Use For A Steamer And I Think It’ll Help Me Follow Through On A Decision To Steam More!


The steamer has also been fabulous for asparagus all Spring. I can turn the machine on to steam and then just walk away until I am ready to go without worrying about the pot running dry. This cooker is easy to love!


  • We’ve steamed shrimp in it with great success and also done a vegetable medley.
  • I love corn-on-the-cob steamed in it. It’s easy to do (8 minutes I think is the time setting) and the corn comes out PERFECTLY.
  • The steam feature works like a champ too.
  • I have steamed broccoli and sweet potatoes so far and it was fantastic.
  • It is great for steaming–artichokes, veggies of many types, small lobster tails, etc.
  • The browning and steaming features make it a great all-around cooking option.
  • I use it for everything and love to steam veggies in it. 
  • After steaming the chicken with chicken stock which gave me a start on my soup it didn’t take long for dinner to be ready. For me, it’s much faster. Love the cooking options and the idea of one pot!
  • I was able to scramble eggs, make a NY strip steak, turkey chili, and steam artichokes. That it sears and steams is priceless.
  • The steaming function is wonderful.
  • I love that you can sear or steam or slow cook.
  • My veggies were steamed perfectly.
  • The true beauty of this cooker shines out when you use the sauté/brown and steam options. 
  • The steamer is an incredible and unexpected treat. It’s like a high-quality restaurant good, you’ll understand it once you steam something and try it. 

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The Center Pot Is Easy To Remove, Light Weight, And Cleans So Much Easier Than The Old Ceramic Types!


There is no scrubbing the pot after 8 hours of cooking. Just rinse! You don’t have to sacrifice great cooking for the cleaning you do afterwards.


  • This is the most amazing kitchen appliance I have ever used.
  • I have used many slow cookers in my life but I have NEVER experienced slow cooking such as this.
  • My cooking is absolutely scrumptious if I do say so myself not to mention effortless as well.
  • This product is very well made, the pots coating is excellent quality which makes for a super easy clean up.
  • It’s a dream to clean.
  • The interior pot cleans up easily. 
  • It cooks very evenly and is a snap to clean.
  • I have yet to find anything that didn’t clean up easily. 
  • This is lightweight, nonstick, and oh so easy to clean!
  • It is a little more expensive than the competition but with the money saved by avoiding restaurants and fast food and the cooking and the cleanup time saved, I think it was a great investment.
  • Clean was a breeze since it is a non-stick coating.
  • It cleans up a thousand times more easily than a typical crockery model.
  • Clean up was a piece of cake.
  • The best thing is the metal insert, dishwasher safe.
  • It is so easy to clean, and it’s nice that the handle doesn’t get hot when in use.
  • Unlike most of these other “countertop ovens”, all of the parts that touch food are dishwasher safe.
  • The lid and the large cooking pot both can be washed in the dishwasher.

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Programming The Time And Temp Is Simple And Can Be Changed At Any Time!


It is very easy to control the machine. You have Slow cooking, brown/saute, and steam. The slow cooking fuction can be programmed up to 24 hours in advance.


  • I am able to brown my meat before switching the slow cooker to either LOW or HIGH and program the time I wish to have the slow cooker cook the meat.
  • It’s nice that you can program it and go off and leave it.
  • The front panel for programming is very intuitive and although I did read the manual, I think I could have figured out the functions without it.
  • It is stylish, easy to program, and produced the best chicken tortilla soup I’ve ever made!
  • Great to be able to preset and program.
  • Very easy to program for a slow cook, brown, or steam.
  • The controls are easy to understand and it programs like a dream.
  • Fun to use and programming and controls are easy.
  • I find that it does cook evenly and is very user friendly to program and set. 
  • This slow cooker is super easy to program, easy to clean, looks great, and cooks at appropriate temperatures.

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The 8-Hour Warm Auto Option After Slow Cooking Is Great… Food Is Always Hot When I Get Home!


Also after your cooking time has completed this defaults to and automatic 8 hour warm cycle so the food will still be hot when you get home. You can use this to keep food warm for a gathering and not have to worry about burning it.


  • After your cooker has completed the time you set, it automatically switches to warm.
  • Love the warming feature, it stays on warm for 8 hours so no need to worry if you are out later than you expected.
  • It doesn’t overcook your food. With this setting, it just keeps your meal nice and warm for serving.
  • And I love that I can set the cooking time and it will automatically turn to the “warm” setting until I’m ready to plate the food.
  • The simmer and warm settings are great when you’re done cooking at 6 pm and want to eat at 8 pm.
  • And it keeps warm for me, so even if I had to cook it on high for 6 hours, it’s still warm and toasty when I get home – AND NOT OVERCOOKED!
  • Once the cook timer goes off, there is a warming feature that keeps the food warm until it is ready to serve.
  • This slowly cooks, then when time is up, it switches to warm no over-cooking ever!
  • When the timer goes off, it just keeps it warm until you’re ready for it.
  • Automatically switching to the “warm” setting after cooking makes it great if you are running late because your food will still be perfect.
  • I went to work for the next 10 hours. The recipe calls for a slow cook for 8 hours, so the automatic keep-warm function after the cooking cycle was complete resulted in a hot soup that we could enjoy as my family of adults returned home for dinner at different times.

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My Favorite Part Of The Pot Is The Retractable Cord!


One thing I discovered about this that I didn’t read is the cord retracts inside of the cooker. If you wanted to take something you cooked to a party, just unplug it and pull release the cord, that is a nice feature to have. No one wants to struggle or trip on a cord hanging down.


  • The cord is retractable, which is great for storage and great when you want to adjust the length so that you aren’t getting it into the other messes in your kitchen. You can’t go wrong with this product.
  • Do you know what his FAVORITE part of this new slow cooker?? It has a retractable cord! Right!? Awesome! Great buy!
  • The retractable cord is a nice touch.
  • Did I mention the retractable cord on the bottom? That too is wonderful.
  • The retractable cord is so handy so you don’t have the excess in the way on your counter-top.
  • It has a retractable cord. So intelligent.
  • The power cord also retracts which is awesome all appliances should have that.

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I Love This So Much That I Have Given It A Permanent Spot On Our Counter!


It also looks great on your kitchen counter. That is important to me because mine stays out on my counter all the time.


  • The quad rubber feet keep it stable and non-slippy on even slick counter-tops like marble.
  • I use it so much I keep it on my counter.
  • The multi-cooker came out of the cabinet and hasn’t left the countertop since.
  • As far as I am concerned, it can sit on the counter in the kitchen as our primary cooking device.
  • Looks great on my counter too.
  • This appliance stays on our counter all year long!
  • It fits on my countertop better than my old crockpot.
  • I have used slow cookers for at least 45+ years! But never had one as versatile as this, not only does it cook well it looks good sitting on the counter.
  • It looks nice on my counter and I use it all the time.
  • I keep it out on my counter all the time so that I use it more. BYW… My husband raves about the dishes I have prepared using this product.
  • This is the best tool in my kitchen. I’ve not used my stove in weeks. It stays on my countertop ready to use every day.
  • It has a place of prominence on my counter because I use it several times a week.
  • The multi-cooker sits on my countertop for convenience. Thank you, Cuisinart. You did not disappoint me.

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Here Is A Quick Recap Of The Benefits Customers Mentioned About The Cuisinart Cook Central 4-in-1 Multi-Cooker!


  1. It slow cooks superbly.
  2. You can saute or brown in the same dish you cook in – less cleanup!
  3. The steam feature works like a champ.
  4. It is a dream to clean.
  5. The Cuisinart Multi-Cooker is very easy to program.
  6. Cuisinart’s Cook Central Multi-Cooker has an amazing auto warm feature.
  7. The retractable cord makes it easy to store away or transport.
  8. It looks good on your countertop.


In summary, Cuisinart has done it again by creating an outstanding kitchen cooking appliance.

This multi-cooker is a very versatile solution for your cooking needs and the ability to steam, saute, brown, and slow cook over any 24 hour period of time makes this an ideal solution for your home.

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The Cook Central multi-cooker has preprogrammed settings for slow cooking and roasting, making those family favorites as easy as can be.

Whether you’re cooking chicken tacos one night and beef stew the next, or want to cook quickly and eat later, let the Cook Central multi-cooker be there for you.

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