Is Crossrope A Good Brand? (Crossrope Fitness)

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What Is The Crossrope Brand Known For?

The Crossrope brand is known for its scientifically proven, cutting-edge technology that can give any fitness novice an effective workout in less than 15 minutes.

The Crossrope brand was born in the CrossFit community, which is known for being strong, fast, powerful, and “beyond conventional” when it comes to fitness training…. But perhaps most known for being characterized by the one thing that no one ever feels they have enough of—time.

Crossrope’s innovative line of products reflects this mindset with durable products that are manufactured efficiently so you can spend more time actually doing the sport or activity that you love.

There is a science to hitting the workout sweet spot…. It’s critical that you challenge yourself at the moment and work at the most efficient level…. The Crossrope brand delivers products so effective and so smart, that people forget they’re working out…. Their rope is engineered with mechanics in mind, so you can trust it will give you an amazing workout–every time.

The Crossrope brand of cross ropes is known for being tough and durable…. Crossrope has been the preferred brand of professional trainers who have tried others and come back to us…. Their ropes are made in the USA, hand inspected, and will not break or crack under heavy stress.

Below I have listed some of MCM’s most popular products so you can see how good this brand is…

What Makes Crossrope Different?

The Crossrope Training System was created from the ground up to be the world’s finest training solution for functional fitness athletes…. The system gives you complete control over your workout environment, allowing you to maximize every single minute of training time and deliver results beyond your wildest expectations.

Crossrope is an experience…. And since athletes are always looking for new challenges, it’s the only workout that offers you unlimited workouts with unlimited potential. You can fully integrate it into your Crossrope App…. You can do all Crossrope workouts using just their app so there is no need to buy an expensive gym membership or other training equipment.

Crossrope products are designed to help you achieve your personal best…. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced, our Dynamic Interval Training (DIT) products will challenge you to achieve more than you ever thought possible.

Can You Lose Weight With Crossrope?

You bet…. Crossrope is not just an exercise in waistline control, it’s a system that helps guide you to an improved life…. The equipment is built for intense workouts that bring heart rate into the fat-burning zone quickly and keep it there for months of fat loss to come.

With the Crossrope System, you can burn up to 600 calories per hour…. But…this isn’t about losing weight…. It’s about building muscle and burning fat while having fun…. Most people—even those who don’t think of themselves as athletes—can do something like this…. And, they’ll love doing it.

Crossrope raises your heart rate with a HIIT-style work-and-rest interval pattern for 20 minutes…. If you work out with extra resistance it is similar to lifting weights or doing squats. You’ll also feel more energized when it comes to exercising because studies show that high-intensity intermit ent training (HIIT) burns more calories than low-intensity exercise.

Crossrope Get Lean

The following Crossrope product has an AMAZING 87% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

The Crossrope Get Lean – Weighted Jump Rope Set is a set of two weighted jump ropes designed especially for losing weight and toning muscles…. It makes exercise smooth and effortless, even while weighted…. Its sturdy ends allow you to provide resistance without worrying about damage to your floor…. This set is great for athletes and fitness enthusiasts of all levels and ages.

Crossrope Get Lean – This complete jump rope package is designed to help you lose weight and get fit! The Get Lean program begins with the Crossrope Premium Jump Rope which features a weighted, tapered-tip cable that won’t hit the ground as you swing…. Triple the burn with with hi-intensity workouts to trim your tummy, carve out your core and booty.

The only weighted jump rope set in the world designed to increase calorie burn, lean muscle mass, and blast calories…


Crossrope Get Lean – Weighted Jump Rope Set


Crossrope Get Lean - Large - Weighted Jump Rope

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The Crossrope Get Lean Weighted Jump Rope Set is the perfect solution to getting the most out of your jump rope workouts…. The weighted handles provide increased resistance and increased caloric burn.

  • Achieve a lean and toned body with the Crossrope Get Lean weighted jump rope system.
  • This jump rope is built tough to provide you with a rigorous low-impact cardiovascular workout.
  • With minimal effort, this weighted jump rope gives you a powerful workout that will help you achieve healthier, fitter results.
  • Burn more calories and build muscle with the Crossrope Get Lean weighted jump rope systems!
  • The Swivel Action Spring technology allows for a smooth, fluid motion while you train.
  • The Crossrope Get Lean jump rope system is proven to burn more calories in less time than other leading exercise products.
  • The weighted cord provides extra resistance that goes beyond the speed of the jumper to help build muscle and burn calories.
  • Balance your workouts with slower jumps to target specific muscle groups, or speed it up for maximum results.

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Crossrope Get Strong

The following Crossrope product has an AMAZING 87% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

Get better, faster with the Crossrope Get Strong Set…. The weighted jump rope system goes beyond simple fitness to help you achieve your fitness and strength goals faster than before.

With a fully adjustable rope that can be set at a wide range of weights, a built-in counter that works in real-time to show you key metrics from your jumps, plus pairing with the free app for iOS and Android devices for additional training data, this is more than a jump rope.

The Crossrope Get Strong Set is a weighted jump rope system designed to help you perform at your peak in all areas of fitness…


Crossrope Jump Rope Get Strong Set


Crossrope Get Strong Set 2020 - M 8'6" - Weighted Jump Ropes for Strength Training - Improve Power and Endurance in a Fun Jump Rope Workout

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Designed with functional fitness users in mind, this set now features a longer rope designed with the needs of CrossFitters, strongmen, athletes, and outdoor enthusiasts in mind…. The longer rope helps improve body positioning and timing to help you achieve your strength, endurance, and fitness goals.

  • Whether you’re training for a triathlon or just looking to stay active, this durable and adjustable rope, with its precision bearings and ergonomic grip, will help you go the extra mile.
  • The Crossrope Jump Rope Get Strong Set delivers your ultimate cardio and strength training workout in a package that is perfect for you and your home.
  • The weighted handles and rope allows light to heavy jumps in the same motion and increases the intensity and effectiveness of each double under, squat, cross-step, and a squat jump.
  • It’s also great for athletes including volleyball players, boxers, and martial artists looking to develop their footwork and agility.
  • Durable ropes that will not bend or tangle like the competition, and the right amount of weight to start building explosive speed and endurance.
  • Spend more time jumping and less time worrying about knots…. Great for kids too!
  • Crossropes provide a non-impact, full-body cardiovascular and strength training workout, specifically designed to tone and define muscles and maximize calorie burn and toning results.

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Is Crossrope Worth The Money?

The Crossrope System is designed for runners, walkers, weightlifters, rope skippers, and anyone else who wants to stay healthy…. It’s the perfect way to work your upper body, core body, and lower body all at once without any impact or jarring on your joints.

The ropes are made of heavy-duty tangle-proof aircraft cable with an adjustable connector that allows you to use both ends for jump after jump without stopping to untangle the rope…. Yes, it is expensive – but it’s worth every penny.

Here is what some customers had to say:

I know the price tag on each set is $$$$, but they are worth every penny…. I watch other people at my gym try and use cheap jump ropes and can’t help but grin (no judgment)…. They waste time untangling the ropes, spend the rest of the time trying to get a good rhythm, that never seems to happen…. If you are new to the jumping rope I highly suggest starting with the Get Lean Set, and eventually acquiring the Get Strong Set.

  • Is Crossrope worth the money? Honestly, I wish it was cheaper, but you’re getting the quality you pay for.
  • Bought both sets for my wife and me and we love them…. They are worth the money, very good build quality.
  • These ropes are worth the money! There’s definitely a difference from the regular rope.
  • The best all-around workout I’ve ever had…. The price is really steep but I’m in love with this product and it’s only about a month’s worth of the yoga membership.
  • I caved and bought this expensive jump rope and found that it is totally worth it.
  • The parts are high quality and I even jump in rain sometimes, which means that the stainless steel has come in handy…. Is this worth the cost? Yes…… quality costs money.
  • These are totally worth the investment if you’re doing jump rope on a regular basis.
  • I would’ve scoffed at buying an expensive rope at the time, but boy this is so worth it and it would’ve been much better if I started out with one of these.
  • I cannot recommend this product enough…. It’s not cheap but I consider it an investment on myself, well worth it.
  • This is an investment that is well worth the expense and will redefine how you view jumping for cardio and overall fitness health.
  • Sometimes spending a little more will net a whole lot more, if you make the right choice…. This set is definitely one of them!

CrossRope is revolutionizing the fitness industry with its innovative and effective jump training and cardio equipment…. This equipment is designed to increase endurance and cardiovascular health, as well as improve stability and coordination.

In summary, Crossrope is dedicated to strengthening your body wherever you go, with incredible equipment that is easy to use, and affordable.

From beginner to elite athlete, the Crossrope system has been developed to function at any fitness level while delivering a high-quality product.

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