The Comet Center Craft Table With Storage Is A Good Craft Table

Organize your office, crafts supplies, and playroom with the Comet Center with Stool. This set provides a comfy spot to sit and work while storing most of your essential supplies within easy reach…

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If you are looking for a craft table with storage then the Comet Center Craft Table with drawers and a stool has to be one of the best, if not the best craft tables with storage you can buy!

The Comet craft table features a large, 36″ wide tilting tabletop for effortlessly switching from drawing to coloring or any arts and crafts project…

7 Reasons Why The Comet Center Craft Table Is The Best Craft Table With Storage!

Comet Center with Stool in Pink / Spatter Gray


Comet Center with Stool in Pink / Spatter Gray
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Here Is What Reviewers Had To Say About The Comet Center Craft Table With Storage…


The Table Is Great For Drawing, Painting, And Crafting But Also A Great Space For… Office Work, Kids Play-Doh, And Gaming!


Great desk! I’ve had it for 2 years now with zero complaints. Awesome customer service as well. I would recommend this to anyone looking for an affordable (but still good quality) craft desk. Also, I’ve had to temporarily convert it to an at home work space, and it’s worked out great!


  • This desk is a great desk. It was easy to put together and I love being about to do all of my crafts on it.
  • We loved it so much we have ordered a second one (different color) for our son.
  • My daughter loves this desk. She uses it for school work and for crafting.
  • The size of this is perfect, my daughter uses it as a craft area and the easy slide drawers are amazing for storage.
  • My daughter loves her desk & now has a space for her arts and crafts.
  • This is a great crafting table. Perfect for my daughter.
  • We absolutely love this. Perfect for every craft. My husband uses it for drafting house plans.
  • Arrived before expected delivery; easy to assemble; perfect for my arts and crafts!
  • Perfect for my daughter… school work, arts, and crafts.
  • She uses it for everything, from homework to scrapbooking to drawing and all crafts imaginable.
  • Great desk for writing and crafts.
  • I finally decided to buy a crafting table. It is so much easier on my back and neck.
  • This is a sturdy desk ideal for art projects and storage of light items like brushes, paints pens, and other craft pieces.
  • I love my new desk, color is beautiful… a great addition to my craft room!
  • Perfect for my home crafting, and artistic projects! I’m a full-size adult and it is a comfortable size.

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The Comet Center Craft Table Has Storage Drawers That Are Attached And Also The Shelf Under The Desk Is Also A Good Place To Put Items As Well!


We bought this for our son who is very into art. The storage on the side is a huge plus for all of his markers, pencils and other things he uses. This product also features on our best gift list… Practical Gift Ideas For Christmas, Birthday, And Housewarming


Comet Center with Stool in Pink / Spatter Gray
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  • The drawers are a really nice touch and we put some storage containers on the footrest panel.
  • I appreciate the storage underneath, originally believing it would only be enough room for my feet— boy was I wrong.
  • It’s pretty durable for leisurely use and I love the features it has like the storage units, the angle changing desktop, and even the bar that holds your pencils that can be collapsed when you don’t want it there.
  • I love the attached storage, which will keep things tidy on the tabletop.
  • The drawers for storage are a good size and hold quite a bit.
  • I love this desk… It fits perfectly in the corner of my room and I love the extra storage that comes with it.
  • Our grandchild was thrilled to receive this exact table! She loves the storage, size, and overall usefulness of her college credits!
  • Also, there is plenty of room underneath for storage and the tip is big enough for crafts and homework.
  • Got this for my wife and she absolutely loves it. It was easy to put together and provides enough room for all her work and storage for most of her materials.
  • I love the drawers for storage.
  • My daughter loves this desk! It’s sturdy, has a large workspace, and nice storage. 
  • It looks very sturdy and has plenty of storage in the bottom shelf and side drawers.
  • She has organized her storage bins with her accessories for her drawings, paintings, and sketches.
  • This is a nice art desk with storage space and an adjustable table.

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I cannot say enough GREAT THINGS about this work station!! It is STURDY and highly functional for ANY project that you would want to do. The lift-top slants easily into position with just one hand and slides back flat with no effort. The “disappearing edge” for holding a canvas in place is GENIUS! And YES – it DOES come with the stool. (comfortable and perfect height for the table)


Comet Center with Stool in Pink / Spatter Gray
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  • Honestly, I spent a lot of time searching amazon reviews for the perfect drafting table and I’m very happy I chose this one.
  • I’m really happy with this drawing table.
  • My budget wasn’t very large for a drafting table. I am currently working from home artist/art educator. So, I decided to buy this drafting table because it worked with my budget. I am super pleased! 
  • I would definitely recommend this table! Great price for a beautiful table!
  • The Comet Center Craft Table is the best price on the market and great for painting, building miniatures.
  • I like the fact it has an adjustable table and can be set to nearly a 45-degree angle for work.
  • This turned out to be a terrific little drawing table
  • I had never had a table to set my artwork upon. This is perfect. It is comfortable to sit at, sturdy, easy to assemble. It works great for my art. I’m glad I bought it.
  • Amazing, Amazing Drafting Table!!
  • Bought this as an art table for watercolor painting and drawing. Really nice, sturdy quality for the price.
  • I love this table! It was so worth the buy. I love it so much that I’m taking it with me to college.
  • My son is on the autism spectrum and is a wonderful little artist. This table has been a God-send for us and for him to use to create his masterpieces. 
  • Great table and side drawers. A lot of space on the table to do the artwork.

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I Think It’s Cool That The Table Tilts Forward For Different Needs!


I wanted something to draw on, illustrate and write books and try to discover the art of painting. This does just that! It tilts up for a drafting table or I can lay it down flat for writing.


Comet Center with Stool in Pink / Spatter Gray
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  • My 3rd grader can tilt the drawing surface himself.
  • Also, the fact that you can tilt the top to different angles is a bonus.
  • It is a perfect size, perfect color, and has the perfect tilt.
  • Very cute desk. My daughter loves it. The tilting feature is great!
  • Great value for the money. It tilts easily and I like the catch at the bottom that slides in to give you a completely flat surface.
  • Perfect size for my office, I use it for acrylic and watercolor painting. It was easy to put together. The top tilts easily to various angles.
  • He loves that it tilts up for drawing and that he can lay it flat to work on digital art when he gets on the computer.
  • The fact that the desk itself can tilt was an added bonus and my daughter uses It for not just her nail station but for everything. Including her school work!
  • The easel has several positions that allow you to tilt to work on different areas without having to relocate canvas, design pieces, or sewing materials.
  • The bar at the bottom that holds the artwork up when the desk is tilted up easily slides down if you want to work on a flat service.
  • It is easy to put together and the drawing board tilts nicely.

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It Came Out Beautifully! I Love It And Only Took 20 Minutes To Assemble!


The instructions were perfect and the assembly was easily done by one person, but it never hurts to have a helping hand.


  • This art desk was very easy to assemble and we were very pleased with the way it looked.
  • It was no trouble for me to assemble by myself.
  • Loved the hardware packaging with clear, fool-proof labeling. Simple to assemble, Allen wrench provided.
  • I was able to assemble this myself in part of a morning.
  • This art table is easy to assemble, the table can go from being a 45° angle to being flat.
  • Assembly was incredibly easy. Everything is labeled and went together perfectly.
  • My granddaughter loves this! She pretty much assembled it herself with a little assistance from her mom.
  • It is a good desk for me. I even put it together myself. I have never assembled furniture.
  • Every part was wrapped individually – very easy to assemble
  • Took this senior female an hour to assemble thanks to my senior husband who offered not to help but supplied great tools.
  • It was super easy to assemble, I’m an idiot and I was able to follow the directions, it only took me an hour or so to assemble.
  • Assembly was easy with all pieces lettered. Took maybe an hour for 1 person to put it together.

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This Craft Table Has A Modern Appealing Look To It With A Excellent Sized Surface Area!


Wonderful desk! Easy to put together, efficient in use, sturdy, and looks decorative in the meantime.

  • The desk edges are smooth, and the finish looks great. It doesn’t feel cheap, as I expected particle board material, but it actually feels very smooth and hardy. It is also very good looking.
  • My husband finds it comfortable. He’s 5’11 and sits at the table with no issues. It looks so amazing. 
  • Quality piece. Looks great and mostly made of metal, looks, and feels much more expensive than it is.
  • I am amazed at how great this desk looks!
  • It looks great in my office and was very easy to assemble.
  • Very nice looking draughting table once it is assembled.
  • Looks beautiful and very durable. Perfect for my 11 yo budding artist!
  • I love the look and it goes well in my daughters’ room.
  • Great!!! Easy to put together! Looks beautiful and works great !!
  • I almost forgot, it is very sturdy and quality looking!!
  • This table was exactly what I was looking for. Not only is does the color make it look very modern, but the drawers and overall adjustments of the table make it incredibly comfortable.
  • I’m using it for diamond painting and coloring. It is perfect. Set it up in my living room and I love it! It’s very nice and looks great in my living room.

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The Comet Center Craft Table With Storage Is The Perfect Gift For The Soaring Artist!


Bought for my mom as a gift. She loves doing crafts. This was perfect. Functional, looks good, includes the stool, and didn’t break the bank. She loved it.


  • My wife loved this as a mother’s day gift. Now she has another tabletop to do her arts and crafts.
  • Great product. This was a gift for my artistic fiance.
  • Stylish!!!! Birthday gift for a teen.
  • I bought this for my husband as a gift and built it myself as a surprise.
  • This is a surprisingly nice desk. It’s sturdy and easy to build. Bought it as a gift for my son and it’s perfect. 
  • I bought this as a Christmas gift for my 10-year-old daughter and she absolutely loves it. Her little sister just requested one for her room.
  • The product purchased as a gift, my child loves it, with enough drawers and space for all her needs.
  • This desk is much more than we could have hoped for. We bought this for our 11yr olds birthday gift, and she absolutely loves it.
  • I bought it as a birthday gift for my 10-year-old daughter who outgrew her child’s art desk. She loves drawing and painting and this desk is perfect for that.
  • Given as a GiftThe artist loved it.
  • My daughter has been dreaming of a desk like this forever, purchased it as a surprise for her birthday and it was by far her favorite gift.
  • It was a birthday gift for my granddaughter and she absolutely loves it!
  • I purchased this for my 12yr old as a birthday gift. Now my 19yr old wants one for her house. It’s the perfect buy for any artist, of any age. Looks great, and it’s sturdy.

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In summary, Comet Center provides a practical set for craftsmen and hobbyists alike. The 36″ wide tilting tabletop is larger than other tops offered on similar sets.

The Comet Center with Stool in Pink / Spatter Gray is the ideal choice for both children and adults!

The 24″ wide pencil ledge can be positioned to keep pencils and markers from falling off the top while tilted.


Here Is A Quick Recap Of The Benefits Customers Mentioned About The Comet Center Craft Table With Storage!


  1. The Comet Center is a very versatile craft table. The tilt feature is perfect for artists, drawing, painting, coloring, etc. It also lay flats and can be used as an everyday desk for office work, and even a kid’s play area.
  2. With excellent storage in both the side drawers and the bottom shelf, you can have all of your craft and art supplies at your fingertips with no clutter in your work area.
  3. The Comet Center is the ideal craft table.
  4. As already mentioned the tilting feature provides you with a variety of angles to work from without having to relocate your canvas.
  5. It is very easy to assemble with most people able to assemble it on their own in 20-60 minutes.
  6. As an added bonus the Comet Center Craft Table With Storage looks beautiful.
  7. If you have a budding artist in your family this craft table is the best gift you can give them.

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