Best Corner Computer Desk For Small Spaces With Drawer & Shelves

When it comes to corner computer desks for small spaces you will have to look a long way to find one more attractive than the Leick corner computer desk…

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It is the perfect size for small spaces and looks absolutely gorgeous in whatever room you choose to put it in. The desk comes with a convenient drawer and shelves…


8 Reasons Why You Will Love The Beautiful Leick Corner Computer Desk In Your Home!


Leick Corner Computer and Writing Desk, Mission Oak Finish


Leick Corner Computer and Writing Desk, Mission Oak Finish

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Here Is What Reviewers Had To Say About The Leick Corner Computer and Writing Desk…


Best Corner Computer Desk For Home Office!


We have a small office in our home. This desk fits nicely and doesn’t take up too much space. The desk is sturdy and best of all, looks really good in our office. Great product, worth the money.

  • Best furniture decision for value, design, and beauty.
  • This is quite possibly one of the best purchases I’ve ever made on Amazon.
  • I had a small room that needed to double as a small home office, tv room, and an occasional place for guests to sleep.
  • The desk is nice. It is sturdy and looks great. One of the best purchases I have; it is worth every penny!
  • I love sitting at my new desk it fits our small office room perfect!
  • A beautiful piece of furniture! We purchased this for our office & are very pleased with the overall look.
  • The quality surprised even me. The best. Treat yourself. You will be glad you did.
  • I have a large office and then a small space in my sunroom where I wanted to be able to write and watch the creek outside. I love it more than the bigger desk I have that I spent much more money on.
  • It has been a great addition to my home office.
  • I would recommend this to someone with a home office. The center drawer will accommodate a wireless or wired keyboard or just great for storing small items.
  • We have a small office in our home. This desk fits nicely and doesn’t take up too much space.
  • The desk is sturdy and best of all, looks really good in our office
  • This desk was EXACTLY what I was looking for in my man cave/home office.

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Corner Computer Desk For Living Room!


I love this desk. It is very well made and looks great in my living room where my computer cable is. This desk fits nicely in the corner.

  • Very easy to assemble and fits just as I had hoped in the corner of my living room.
  • I have very nice dark furniture in my living area and this desk matched perfectly.
  • It fits in my living room great. I’m so happy with this desk. Set my room off great!
  • I love this desk. It fits perfectly into the corner in my living room in my small apt.
  • A sleek desk that saves space in my living room.
  • I wanted a computer desk that had a keyboard drawer that would fit nicely in my multifunctional living room and not be a nightmare to put together.
  • Finish is good, feel is good. All in all, a nice piece in the corner of the living room. Very pleased indeed.
  • Easy assembly, fits well in our living room corner. 
  • Great desk, fits well in the corner of our living room.

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Corner Computer Desk For Bedroom!


We needed a corner desk to fit into a small bedroom/office space and this worked perfectly. It looks like a beautiful, solid wood desk, although it contains wood veneers.

  • I needed a small desk for the spare bedroom in my trailer. Well constructed.
  • Worked perfectly for my smaller master bedroom. The desk leaves an opening in the back, perfect for a floor lamp to occupy the space.
  • I love this pretty corner desk. I got the chocolate brown color, which looks great with the existing mahogany pieces in my bedroom.
  • No regrets on this purchase. I can’t wait to hang my pictures & finish this bedroom makeover!
  • Looked all over for an economical desk to put in corner of the bedroom and this worked great it is well made and easy to assemble.
  • This is going to have a tv mounted above in the bedroom so I’m not worried about the legroom. I needed something nice for the corner not so much a desk.
  • It looks very nice in the corner of my bedroom.
  • This desk fits perfectly in the bedroom.
  • I put this in the corner of our bedroom, where it looks lovely, holds one of our table lamps, and my husband can keep his laptop there.
  • Love it! Fits very nicely into my bedroom alcove.
  • Fits perfectly into the corner in one of our bedrooms. Looks great, too.

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Corner Computer Desk For Small Spaces!


I didn’t need a big heavy MDF office desk, but something small and stylish that fits neatly in a corner for a desktop computer. This fit the bill nicely.

  • Once together it looks great and is a perfect size for a small room.
  • Definitely recommend this desk if you need something to fit in a small space.
  • It’s small, but rightfully so, so as to fit in a tighter corner of a room.
  • Perfect small desk for a cabin corner.
  • I really appreciated the style/color choices this company provided and love this decorative, well-designed, wood option for my small kitchen corner.
  • Takes up very little space in a corner of our apartment, perfect size for a corner in a small space.
  • Takes up small enough footprint, but the work area is that of a good-sized desk without the out-of-reach areas to the back.
  • Perfect for our small home where space is lacking.
  • Beautiful little desk. Can accommodate 2 monitors. Fits perfectly in a small corner space.
  • It is just the right size for a small corner and has everything you need for a computer desk.
  • Well made and very functional for small spaces.
  • A beautiful, functional, high-quality desk fits in a small space.
  • This corner desk was exactly what I was looking for. I live in a smaller townhouse so a small footprint was very important.

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Corner Computer Desk With Drawer & Shelves!

Leick Corner Computer and Writing Desk, Mission Oak Finish

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The drawer has the option of rolling it out or opening the front by pulling it down. I can place a lot of office items inside it. Also, I appreciate the low shelf which I use to place books I will immediately need for my studies.

  • The keyboard drawer has nice action, very smooth. It’s just wide enough for a compact keyboard and a mouse, but no more.
  • Lots of space for my iMac monitor, keyboard, and mouse on top and I use the drawer for paperwork.
  • The pull-out keyboard drawer/shelf works smoothly and easily.
  • My huge monitor does take up a bit of room but the pull-out drawer works well and I can store my keyboard away when done for the day.
  • The drawer is convenient for the things I need.
  • Keyboard drawer is very handy and holds more than just the keyboard and mouse. Lots of room on the shelves below.
  • Love the Shelves underneath and the roomy drawer!
  • Both of my printers fit on the shelves underneath, the drawer fits everything I need and it’s a heavy/solid piece of furniture.
  • Very nice desk. Love the drop-down lid on the drawer, which I don’t use for a keyboard, so there’s plenty of room for misc. items inside.
  • I will most likely use the drawer for paper and pens, as there is plenty of room on desktop for the keyboard.

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Corner Computer Desk That Is Very Easy To Assemble!


All parts were encased in protective foam blocks and it comes fully assembled except the legs. It took about 10 minutes to screw the legs on. This desk is made of REAL wood and is heavy.

  • The assembly was a breeze – in fact, it was way easier than most particleboard and hex key furniture from places like Walmart.
  • Assembly is simply a matter of bolting the top piece and bottom shelf to the three legs.
  • The desk came in a large box, which meant there was little assembling to do. I had it put together in 20 minutes.
  • Assembly took about 15 minutes, and I’m not particularly handy.
  • The top section is already completely assembled, as are the legs and bottom shelf.
  • Only one person is required to assemble this.
  • This desk comes mostly pre-assembled in 5 pieces and is easily put together with 12 screws.
  • Assembly took only 15 or 20 minutes by myself.
  • Clear, simple assembly instructions made easier by their pre-installing hardware and parts where possible for shipping.
  • Assembly couldn’t have been simpler.
  • It comes with just a few screws, bolts, and washers, along with the Allen wrench. It took me about 10 minutes to do myself, which included the unboxing, etc.
  • The pieces fit together seamlessly and everything worked as expected.

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This Desk Is Very Attractive!


This is a beautiful and sturdy piece, which I would have expected to have a higher price in a furniture store.

  • So pretty and perfect for my room.
  • This desk is very attractive and extremely durable.
  • Beautiful desk, very attractive. Heavy—looks expensive
  • I can’t say enough about this beautiful desk!
  • The wood is beautiful and the hardware looks very nice.
  • Wow! Really Wow! This desk is beautiful
  • Excellent quality, beautiful piece of furniture.
  • The desk looks beautiful and doubles as my makeup table.
  • This desk is BEAUTIFUL!
  • Wow, beautiful wood, nice metal handles, and design too! The fact that this is a corner desk makes this piece a home run!
  • This desk is beautiful!! I bought it for my daughter returning to college, and it fits perfectly in her room in the corner.

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I Really Love Leick Furniture!


My third purchase of Leick, second desk. IMHO, highest quality available in this (needs assembly) type of furniture and the finished product rivals or exceeds what is available ready to deliver from most furniture stores.

  • Solid wood 100% / Leick customer service is stellar!
  • I’m not sure what other kinds of furniture Leick offers but it probably won’t be long before I check back to find out.
  • If I ever need to purchase furniture online in the future, I would have no hesitation about a Leick item.
  • I will definitely be buying more Leick Home products.
  • Very pleased with this corner desk. I had previously purchased the Leick printer stand and was delighted with the quality of it.
  • I definitely will research Leick furniture when we need a furniture in the future.
  • Thank you Leick furniture for a job well done!
  • I have purchased other pieces from Leick and they’re all great!
  • Highly recommend Leick. I now own 3 Leick pieces.

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In summary, the Leick Corner Computer and Writing Desk is the ideal corn desk for small spaces.

It looks very attractive and is equally at home in your living room, kitchen, bedroom, sunroom, home office, or anywhere else you have a corner space for it.

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