Is Copic A Good Brand? (Copic Markers)

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What Is The Copic Brand Known For?

Markers are a very important tool for digitizing our drawings, but most of us don’t have that much knowledge about them. Copic is one of the most popular marker brands in the world, and we are going to explain why it deserves that place.

Let’s start with how Copic Markers can be used. Copic Markers are a different kind of marker because they offer a wide range of functionality and styles.

  • There are Copic Multiliners which work well for drawing, and Copic Sketch Markers for sketching. There are Copic Wide Markers, which are just larger versions of the Sketch Markers.
  • There are Copic Watercolor Markers, which are ideal for coloring, and Copic Air Markers which are more versatile.
  • Copic is the original hybrid ink brand, designed to offer artists quality tool that works for the purpose it was built. Copic can be used in different fields and purposes.
  • Whether you are an artist or doodler, you’ll love this product because of the wonderful tools it delivers. It is known to be one of the most creative markers for coloring and sketching.
  • Copic markers are world-renowned as the best-quality art supplies money can buy. Other comparable brands can’t hold a candle to Copic’s superb ink quality (true color and smoothness) and, with Copic markers, your artwork will always stay in top-notch condition.

Let’s look at 8 of their best-selling Copic products and see what customers think about the brand and its products…

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Copic Sketch Markers

Copic Sketch Markers are a relatively new addition to the Copic family; they combine the best aspects of Copic’s popular alcohol-based Copic markers with the easy application of a fine-tip felt-tip pen.

Sketch Markers’ fine tips and large ink capacities make them especially well-suited for people who want to add color to their drawings with very little effort; in order to color a full 8.5×11-inch sketch pad, you only need to fill each marker twice (and you can even color it a third time if you want to add some shading).

Copic Sketch Markers 72pc Set-New

Copic Sketch Markers 72pc Set-New

Many artists and art supplies sellers have started to recommend Copic sketch markers for every mediums and artwork. The advantage of these markers is that it can be used on paper, board, wood, glass, metal, and more. This 72pc set is excellent for you who want to start practicing and using these markers.

The set includes a wide variety of Copic Sketch markers, including a mixture of vibrant colors for drawing and sketching, dark tones designed for adding details, delicate pastel colors, and more.

They are permanent markers that can create vivid colors on thick or thin paper alike. The unique cap design prevents accidental dripping when not in use…

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Copic Marker 72-Piece Sketch Set

Most artists use colored pencils or watercolors, but if you’re looking for something a little more vibrant you might have to turn to markers.

Markers come in a wide variety of colors and styles, and the Markers blog shows you a whole range. The set includes 72 markers from E00 to E11 in 12 different colors on two double-sided trays.

A collection of 72 Copic Markers organized into 20 colors and 12 basic shades ranging from light cyan to rich, dark brown. Ideal for sketching, coloring, inking, or even coloring on comic pages, the included markers come with an extra bullet nib for precision.

Copic Marker 72-Piece Sketch Set, E (S72-E)

Copic Marker 72-Piece Sketch Set, E (S72-E)

Complementing the wide range of ever-popular Copic Ciao color options is an exclusive set of softer pastel tones to add a touch of shading or create a watercolor effect.

Copic markers come in a wide range of vivid colors and deliver smooth, even strokes every time. The alcohol-based, quick-drying ink is also free of odor and bleed-through on most papers. These affordable markers are compatible with other major brands of marker pens, making them a versatile option for artists…

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Copic Marker Sketch Paper Crafting Set

Open a new world of artistic possibilities with the Copic Sketch Paper Crafting Set. This 72-pack of 11″ x 13″ pre-cut sheets combines the convenience of marker paper with the vibrant colors and blend-ability of Copic markers. Perfect for planners, journals, school assignments, scrapbooks, letters, and more!

The Copic Sketch Stampers Set provides 72 colors which include fine pens and brush-tip markers to create beautiful works of art.

Copic Marker Sketch Paper Crafting Set, 72-Pack


Copic Marker Sketch Paper crafting Set, 72-Pack

Easy to use, the markers are great for decorating and designing cards, invitations, scrapbooks, photo albums, book covers and so much more!

Each marker is coded with numbers and letters, and the set includes Copic sketching guides to help you figure out what the numbers and letters mean. There are also blank guides for you to fill in yourself so that you can customize the settings to your own preferences…

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Copic Marker Classic 72 Color Sketch Set

When drawing a detailed scene, like the one above, it’s hard to ignore the reality that the secondary colors you need to complete your masterpiece are usually in the next room or in your toolbox. With the Copic C72 Classic 72 Color Marker Sketch Set, you’ll never have to leave your desk.

The Copic Sketch Stampers Set provides 72 colors which include fine pens and brush-tip markers to create beautiful works of art.

Copic Marker C72A Classic 72 Color Marker Sketch Set


Copic Marker C72A Classic 72 Color Marker Sketch Set; Preferred for Architectural Design, Product Rendering, and Other Forms of Industrial Design; Packaged in a Clear Plastic Case

Easy to use, the markers are great for decorating and designing cards, invitations, scrapbooks, photo albums, book covers and so much more!

The Copic Sketch Set C72A is a 72-marker set great for fine art, comics, manga, and graphic novels…

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Copic Ciao Marker Set

The Copic I72B Ciao Markers Set B, 72-Piece contains a wide variety of colors that are great for crafting and illustrating projects. It is made with durable casings that can hold up even with frequent use.

Colors included in this set are some of the most popular ones that come in a range of hues. The markers are sold in bulk to offer savings on each set.

Copic I72B Ciao Markers Set B, 72-Piece

Copic I72B Ciao Markers Set B, 72-Piece

The Copic I72B Ciao Markers Set B, 72-Piece, is a set of 72 markers. These markers are the perfect complement to other markers. All the markers are rich in pigment and work great on both light and dark surfaces. The markers are easy to use and designed to work with them.

These markers come in a durable and convenient carrying case that makes them easy to organize and bring with you. The case protects the markers from chipping and breaking. The case is easy to carry and is easy to store…

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Copic Premium Artist Marker

The Copic 72-color set includes opaque and transparent airbrush colors, plus a set of White Copic Original markers that feature alcohol-based ink that lets you blend colors quickly and easily.

Ideal for an illustrator or fine artist who wants to create detailed line drawings. Sure, you can do this with regular pens. But markers are just more fun to use!

Copic Premium Artist Markers – 72 color Set A – Intermediate Level

Copic Premium Artist Markers - 72 color Set A - Intermediate Level

Copic markers are refillable, making them good for the environment and your wallet. The quick-drying, alcohol-based ink is also fade-resistant to ensure brilliant results with every mark. Since Copic markers are refillable, you can use the same marker endlessly without throwing it away.

These Copic markers are a great entry to the Copic Marker world. With 72 color choices, you will have a variety to create any look. Copic markers are great for crafting, scrapbooking, and artists alike. Each marker has a metal (nickel) nib that can be replaced as needed. Reload your markers with Koh-i-Noor refill Nibs…

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Copic Blending Cards

Copic markers are popular for their wide range of colors and the fact that they blend easily. The blending feature is a little more difficult to use than it seems, though.

The design of Copic markers has changed over the years, and they now feature a nib that does the blending work for you. If you’re using an older Copic marker, though, you may need to do a little more work.

Marker XPBC 8-1/2-Inch by 11-Inch Express Blending Card, White, 125 Per Pack


Marker XPBC 8-1/2-Inch by 11-Inch Express Blending Card, White, 125 Per Pack. - New

Copic’s XPBC blending cards are extra durable and made with a smooth, non-porous surface that’s safe for blending and wiping markers. They’re also double-sided, giving you twice as many blending possibilities.

These white cards make it easy to see the result of your blending work, and the black Copic logo is a nice, professional touch.

Designed for use with Copic markers the Express Blending Card allows you to blend your colors and create unique effects and transitions…

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Copic Warm Grey Marker Set

Copic Markers 12-Piece Warm Gray Set (CWG12) Markers come in 12 pieces and include the following colors: grayish warm gray (GYW) and warm gray (WG).

Copic Markers are high-quality markers with patented non-toxic alcohol-based ink. The Copic Markers are great for coloring, illustration and design, crafts, scrapbooking, card making, and journaling.

Copic Markers 12-Piece Warm Gray Set (CWG12)

Copic Markers 12-Piece Warm Gray Set (CWG12)

Great for beginners who want to enjoy coloring with Copic Markers, the CWG12 Warm Gray set includes 6 gray Copic Markers and 6 gray refill ink bottles. These standard nibs can create a range of effects on a wide variety of papers. The warm gray color set is compatible with all Copic original markers and inks.

Copic Markers are refillable using ink bottles to easily refill markers when you run out of ink. The water-based, non-toxic inks are acid-free, body safe, and feather-proof. With a cap on each end of the marker barrels, included are 12 pieces of warm gray colors…

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In summary, although Copic is newer to the USA market, Copic Markers are arguably one of the most innovative and high-quality lines of markers on the market. We will describe why these markers are so special, and explain to you how they have come to be regarded as one of the best.

Copic Markers, also known as Copic Multiliners, are professional quality markers used by artists, designers, and architects. Copic Marker’s superior pigmentation, versatility, and durability enable users to produce professional quality work.

Copic Markers are refillable with virtually no limits. It is the perfect marker for professionals and students, creating an economical and environmentally friendly alternative to other brands.

Students have long used pens in the classroom, but for the last few years, a new type of pen has been growing in popularity. These are called Copic Markers, and they are popular with many young artists, especially those who enjoy manga or anime.

Copic Markers are known for their ability to create very crisply, clean lines, and for their variety of colors. They are a fast, efficient, and fun alternative to colored pencils, pens, or markers, and are great for drawing comics and other illustrations.

Copic markers are the world’s leading high-quality refillable colored pencils with an emphasis on the accuracy of blending. In addition to the refillable pens, Copic markers are sold as individual replacement nibs that fit any of Copic’s marker bodies.

Copic markers are one of the best brands when it comes to markers. They are recognized all over the world for making markers that can be easily used by beginners and professionals alike. There are many different types and tones of markers available, so you can find a color for almost any use.

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