Can You Cook Rice In A Cuisinart Pressure Cooker?

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Yes You Can Cook Rice In Your Cuisinart Pressure Cooker

Crisp rice, tender beans cooked to perfection, and flavorful meats that practically fall off the bone–these are just a few of the results you can expect from using your pressure cooker. Easy to operate and to clean, pressure cookers have been demonstrated to save time and fuel by cooking foods in less time with no loss in flavor. Cuisinart makes it a breeze to get professional-quality results in your own kitchen.

Yes, you can cook rice in a Cuisinart pressure cooker, but there is a bit of a trick to it. Pressure cookers cook food at a higher temperature, which means there is the possibility that the rice could burn or stick to the pot if not done correctly.

This is a must-have for any rice lover – it can cook brown or white rice, as well as sushi rice. Additionally, the Cuisinart Pressure Cooker can be used as a slow cooker as well as a steamer and warmer. It has special settings for cooking “no-fuss” potatoes and pasta too. Anyone who cooks regularly will become a huge fan of this appliance!

Once you know how (and we will show you below how easy it is to do) cooking rice in a pressure cooker is an easy and quick way to cook rice…

How To Cook Rice In A Cuisinart Pressure Cooker

Rice can be prepared by using the steam basket that comes with the Cuisinart pressure cooker. Since the rice is cooked under pressure, it is done more quickly than with a traditional stove-top pot. Simply put the rice and water into the steaming basket, set the pressure cook function to high, and walk away. It will take less than 15 minutes for a delicious batch of rice to be ready.

Pressure cookers cook food quickly and evenly, and they’re excellent at keeping flavors locked in. That means it’s the perfect tool for cooking rice – whether you follow a recipe or just cook it yourself. The answer is yes – but it’s not as easy as dropping the rice and water in the pot and waiting for the timer to go off.

There are a few things to keep in mind when cooking rice in a pressure cooker, so it will pay to watch this short video that shows you how to do it…

What Do Customers Say About Cooking Rice In The Cuisinart Pressure Cooker?

Cuisinart pressure cookers have a reputation for being able to handle cooking jobs that were previously irreversible, so it stands to reason they can cook rice. While most modern gas or electric stovetops have a high enough heat output to cook rice, a pressure cooker does it faster.

When you use a pressure cooker to cook rice, you’ll have fluffy white rice with just the right amount of chewiness.


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If you’ve ever cooked rice in a pressure cooker that required constant monitoring of the pressure regulator, you’ll love how easy it is with the Cuisinart.

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How Many Minutes Does It Take For A Rice To Cook In A Pressure Cooker?

Pressure cooking is very fast. It’s more than twice as fast as ordinary boiling water, and up to 70% faster than steam cooking. In fact, beans cooked in a pressure cooker may take only 5-6 minutes. How many minutes does it take for rice to cook in a pressure cooker?

Pressure Cookers tend to cook food in a small quantity of time. It takes on average just 15 minutes for a rice to get cooked in a pressure cooker. The temperature in the Pressure Cooker is very high and it cooks the food fast to avoid any loss of vitamins and minerals.

What if you could cook rice in just three minutes, using less energy than it takes to boil water? The Pressure Cooker does exactly that. It’s one of the most versatile cooking devices around.

Pressure cookers can drastically cut down cooking time, especially when cooking grains. In a regular pan, it would take 25-30 minutes to cook a cup of long-grain white rice.

In a pressure cooker, the same amount of rice takes just 3 minutes at high pressure and 10 minutes of natural release that will produce a fluffy, separate and soft rice that will not stick.

How Much Water Do You Put In A Pressure Cooker For Rice?

If you want perfectly cooked rice every time, it’s important to add just the right amount of water to your pressure cooker. The average amount of water is around 1 and 1/4 cups to 1 cup of rice but it can vary to what kind of rice you are cooking

  • For Jasmine rice try a ratio of 1 cup of rice to 1 cup of water
  • For Brown rice try a ratio of 1 cup of rice to 1 + 1/4 cups of water
  • For Basmati try a ratio of 1 cup of rice to 1 + 1/2 cups of water

The main thing to watch out for with pressure cookers is not to put too much water in them. They don’t need the same amount as you would use on a stovetop because there is no evaporation.

In summary, Cuisinart has an appliance specifically designed to cook rice – Cuisinart CRC-400 Rice Cooker, 4-Cup. However, if you already own the pressure cooker there is no need to spend more money getting a rice cooker because the pressure cooker will do the job just fine once you know how to use it.

And if you don’t own either just yet, then it really depends on what you want to do. If you’re looking for a versatile appliance then go with the pressure cooker but if all you want is something to cook rice only go with the rice cooker.

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