Companies Like Stripe: Top Alternatives for Online Payment Processing

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In today’s digital age, businesses of all sizes require secure and user-friendly payment processing solutions. Companies like Stripe have revolutionized the online payment industry by providing businesses with a seamless payment experience.

However, Stripe might not be the perfect fit for all businesses. Therefore, it is essential to explore other payment processing alternatives that offer similar features and benefits tailored to business needs.

In this article, we will highlight the top alternatives to Stripe for online payment processing, providing you with a comprehensive list of comparable payment solutions.

Whether you are a small business owner or running a large enterprise, finding the best payment processing services is crucial. By exploring payment gateways like Stripe and their alternatives, you can find a secure and efficient payment solution that suits your business needs.

In the following sections, we will take a closer look at some of the top Stripe competitors, discussing their features, benefits, and how they compare to Stripe.


PayPal is one of the most well-known and widely used online payment processing solutions in the world. With over 300 million active accounts in more than 200 markets, it is a top alternative to Stripe.

One of the key features of PayPal is its user-friendly interface, making it easy for businesses to set up and manage their payment processing options.

It also offers a digital wallet that allows customers to store their payment details securely and easily make purchases online.

In addition, PayPal provides a payment gateway that integrates seamlessly with most e-commerce platforms, making it a versatile option for businesses of all sizes.

PayPal Alternative

Its fraud protection measures and dispute resolution services also ensure secure and seamless transactions for both merchants and customers.

Square: An Alternative to Stripe for Online Payment Processing

Another popular alternative to Stripe is Square, which has gained a reputation for its focus on mobile payments and user-friendly interface.

Similar to Stripe, Square offers a payment gateway for online transactions, as well as the ability to accept payments in person via its point-of-sale (POS) system.

One of the main advantages of Square over Stripe is its emphasis on mobile payments. Square’s POS system can transform a mobile device into a point-of-sale terminal, allowing merchants to accept payments from anywhere, at any time.

Additionally, Square offers a range of tools and features to help businesses manage inventory, track sales, and analyze performance.

Square Payment Gateway

Square’s payment gateway is designed to be easy to use and integrate with a variety of online platforms, including Shopify and WooCommerce.

In addition, Square offers competitive pricing, charging a flat rate of 2.9% + 30 cents per transaction for online payments and 2.6% + 10 cents per transaction for in-person payments.

Braintree: A Seamless Payment Solution for Your Business

If you’re looking for a reliable and user-friendly payment processing solution, Braintree is a great alternative to Stripe. Braintree was founded in 2007 and acquired by PayPal in 2013. It offers secure and seamless online payment processing options for businesses of all sizes.

Braintree is known for its easy-to-use payment gateway and its focus on providing merchant accounts. Its platform supports more than 130 currencies and is available in more than 40 countries, making it a great option for international businesses.

Features and Benefits

One of the key features of Braintree is its user-friendly payment gateway. The gateway allows businesses to accept credit card payments, PayPal, and other digital wallets. It’s also customizable, so businesses can tailor the checkout experience to their brand and customers.

In addition to its payment gateway, Braintree offers merchant accounts. This means that businesses can process payments directly through Braintree, rather than using a separate payment processor. This can simplify the payment process and reduce costs.

Braintree also offers advanced fraud protection and PCI compliance. Its fraud detection tools help prevent fraudulent transactions, while its PCI compliance ensures that businesses meet industry standards for payment security.

Getting Started with Braintree

To get started with Braintree, businesses can sign up for an account on the Braintree website.

From there, they can customize their payment settings and begin accepting payments. Braintree also offers developer tools and documentation for businesses that want to integrate Braintree into their existing systems.


Overall, Braintree is a robust payment processing solution that offers a range of features and benefits for businesses of all sizes. Its user-friendly payment gateway and merchant accounts make it a great alternative to Stripe.


Authorize.Net is a widely-used payment gateway that serves as an excellent alternative to Stripe. The platform provides robust merchant services, making it a go-to solution for businesses requiring comprehensive payment processing services.

Authorize.Net enables businesses to accept payments online through various channels, including mobile devices. The platform’s user-friendly interface and easy integration with e-commerce platforms make it an ideal solution for businesses looking to streamline their payment processing operations.

One of the many benefits of using Authorize.Net is its secure payment gateway. The platform employs advanced security features to protect users’ payment information against potential threats, giving businesses and their customers peace of mind when conducting transactions online.

Authorize.Net payment gateway

Despite its comprehensive features, Authorize.Net offers competitive prices, making it affordable for businesses of all sizes. The platform also provides excellent customer support, ensuring that businesses have access to assistance whenever they need it.

If you’re looking for a reliable and secure payment processing solution, Authorize.Net is an excellent choice. Its robust features, user-friendly interface, and competitive pricing make it one of the top alternatives to Stripe in the market today.


As another alternative to Stripe, 2Checkout stands out for its capabilities in handling international payments. With support for over 45 payment methods and 100 currencies, 2Checkout is an ideal payment processing solution for businesses that operate globally.

Its user-friendly payment gateway is easy to set up and offers advanced fraud protection to ensure secure transactions.


2Checkout also offers a range of additional features, such as recurring billing and mobile-optimized checkout, that make it a popular choice for businesses of all sizes.

Its integration with popular e-commerce platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce makes it easy to set up and manage payments on your online store.

Another key advantage of 2Checkout is its excellent customer support, with dedicated account managers available to provide assistance and resolve any issues quickly.

With its competitive pricing and comprehensive payment processing capabilities, 2Checkout is a solid alternative to Stripe for businesses looking to expand globally.

Amazon Pay

Another widely used alternative to Stripe is Amazon Pay. As one of the largest e-commerce platforms in the world, Amazon has established a highly trusted and secure payment system that businesses can leverage for their online transactions.

One of the major advantages of Amazon Pay is its integration with the Amazon ecosystem, which allows businesses to tap into a vast pool of existing Amazon customers.

For users, the payment process is fast and seamless, with the option to use saved payment information from their Amazon account.

In addition, Amazon Pay provides businesses with a customizable payment gateway that can be tailored to their specific needs. The platform supports all major credit and debit cards, as well as digital wallets like PayPal and Visa Checkout.

Moreover, Amazon Pay offers buyer protection and fraud detection features that provide an extra layer of security for customers and businesses alike. With its robust features and strong reputation, Amazon Pay is a reliable and popular alternative to Stripe.

Amazon Pay

Shopify Payments

Shopify Payments is another alternative to Stripe that offers a seamless online payment processing solution. It is specifically designed to integrate with Shopify’s platform, providing a simple and user-friendly experience for online businesses.

With Shopify Payments, merchants can easily accept payments from customers through a secure payment gateway. The platform offers competitive transaction fees and supports multiple payment methods, including credit cards, digital wallets, and more.

One of the biggest advantages of Shopify Payments is its easy integration with Shopify’s platform. Merchants can manage their store, inventory, and payments all in one place, streamlining their online business operations.

Shopify Payments also offers fraud prevention features and chargeback protection, adding an extra layer of security for businesses and customers alike.

If you’re already using Shopify for your online store, Shopify Payments is a natural choice for your payment processing needs. With its seamless integration, competitive fees, and robust security features, it’s a reliable solution for businesses of all sizes.

Shopify Payments

FAQs about Companies Like Stripe

As online payment processing becomes increasingly important for businesses, finding the right solution can be a daunting task. Here are some frequently asked questions about companies like Stripe and their alternatives:

What are some top alternatives to Stripe?

There are several payment processing services similar to Stripe, including PayPal, Square, Braintree, Authorize.Net, 2Checkout, Amazon Pay, and Shopify Payments. These platforms offer unique features tailored to businesses of different sizes and needs.

What features should I look for in a payment processing solution?

When choosing a payment processing solution, it’s important to consider factors such as security, ease of use, fees, and flexibility. Look for a service that is secure, user-friendly, and offers competitive fees, as well as features that cater to your specific business needs.

How do I integrate an alternative payment platform into my website?

Most payment processing providers offer tools and plugins that make it easy to integrate their services into your website. Look for documentation and support provided by the platform to ensure a smooth integration process.

Which payment processing solution is best for small businesses?

For small businesses, it’s important to find a payment processing solution that is affordable and easy to use. Services like Square and PayPal are popular options for small businesses due to their low fees and user-friendly interfaces.

Are there any hidden fees with payment processing solutions?

It’s important to understand the fees associated with using a payment processing solution before signing up. Some platforms may charge hidden fees for transactions, chargebacks, or monthly account maintenance. Be sure to read the fine print and research fees before making a decision.

Can I use multiple payment processing solutions for my business?

Yes, it’s possible to use multiple payment processing solutions for your business. This can be especially useful for businesses that operate internationally or have multiple sales channels. However, it’s important to ensure that integrating multiple solutions doesn’t cause confusion or issues for customers.

How do payment processing solutions ensure the security of my transactions?

Payment processing solutions use a variety of encryption and security measures to ensure the safety of transactions. This may include tokenization, SSL encryption, and fraud detection tools. Look for a platform that prioritizes security and provides clear information on their security measures.