Best Canopy With Eaves For Camping, Beach, BBQs, And Picnics

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The Coleman Canopy Tent is the ideal sun shelter for camping, the beach, sporting events, tailgating, family picnics, backyard BBQs, and for anywhere you need shade for an extended period of time…

Of course, the Coleman Canopy is so easy to set up, and not only will it protect you from the Sun it will also keep you cooler on hot days and it will also keep you dry when those pesky showers that always seem to arrive when having outdoor fun.

Coleman Canopy Tent | 13 x 13 Sun Shelter with Instant Setup

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Here Is WhatconsumersHad To Say About The Coleman Canopy Tent…


The Coleman Canopy Is Super Easy To Put Up And Take Down!

Coleman Canopy Tent | 13 x 13 Sun Shelter with Instant Setup, Khaki

We’ve had several canopies, but this one is really one of the nicest. It’s very large, but SUPER easy to erect! I’ve put it up by myself several times with no problems whatsoever.

  • They are extremely quick and easy to put up with two people and fairly easy and nearly as quick with one person.
  • Very easy to put up and take down, especially with 2 people.
  • We love this canopy. Easy set up with no pinching!
  • This is a good quality canopy that is easy to set up and take down. I was able to put it up and take it down by myself with a little effort. I would recommend having two people to speed up the process.
  • Extremely easy to put up and take down, even with just 2 people.
  • Love this! Best price around. Easy to put up and no more pinched fingers.
  • It sets up in minutes and comes with stakes to secure it into place.
  • The takedown is equally simple, and then it stores away in a rolling bag that takes up about a square foot of space in my garage.
  • This is an amazingly easy to use tent canopy. I love the fact that I can set it up alone if need be and with a very active toddler sometimes one parent has to entertain while the other setup

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The Ideal Canopy For Sporting Events!


If you have a child that plays sports where you need protection from the sun for hours and won’t blow away easily when it is slightly windy, then this is the canopy for you.

  • It is durable! We use it every weekend during the summer, every day at the beach, and for multiple sporting events and family functions…probably about 30-45 uses a year!
  • Awesome canopy! Use multiple times a week for various things, namely sports though. It is BIG!
  • We put this over a set of bleachers at games, and it almost completely covers the bleachers fully.
  • Good tent for sports.
  • He plays sports year-round and we thought this would work well in the spring/fall/winter months. It surely does!
  • Grandchildren are on a local swim team. This has been our biggest and best tent. Chose this tent because others on the team were happy with this tent.
  • We ended up buying 4 for our swim team. It is very large underneath to fit plenty of people or table and chairs.
  • This shelter really does go up fast and comes down fast as well. We have used it a lot this summer at swim meets and softball games.
  • Always get other folks commenting on how much easier and nicer this shelter is compared to the one they own.
  • Great coverage. Less than 5 minutes to set up (we’ve timed it multiple times) We’re the envy of all the soccer moms at the park.

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Perfect For Days At The Beach!


This canopy was excellent for a week-long beach trip. I collapsed it and took off the canopy each night, and had zero problems with it. It provides enough space for pack-n-plays, chairs, coolers, etc.

  • The canopy is perfect for our days at the beach. It looks sharper than most of the other canopies on the beach.
  • I love this product! It gives so much shade that we take it to the beach and use it for the entire family!
  • This canopy set up very quickly and provided much-needed shade for a large group of 10 at the beach this summer.
  • It looks very nice and seems to hold up well with moderate ocean breezes. Great canopy for the price!
  • We have had this canopy for almost two years, using it at the beach and in the yard. It was stable at the beach; we used sandbags on the cords to keep it stable.
  • Heavy! But SO worth it once we set up at the beach for our gang of 8-10. Super sturdy even in strong Gulf Coast breezes.
  • We bought this to take to the beach. It was perfect to keep the grandkids out of the direct sun.
  • An excellent beach Canopy. Easy setup and the largest canopy I have found. So you get a lot of shade and it is also very wind resistant.
  • This thing is so perfect. Huge sun protection on the hot Hawaiian beaches
  • It held up great on a recent camping trip to the beach. It took some pretty good wind gusts and did fantastically. A few of our friends said they were going to purchase one it did so well.
  • Absolutely the best beach canopy available! Super easy to setup.

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Great Canopy For Backyard BBQs!


We used it during a backyard gathering during which we had a 15-minute passing shower. Many of the guests remained under this canopy and one other one, and it served us quite well. Excellent purchase.

  • Great coverage, easy to set up & take down, great for backyard BBQs.
  • Finally, we can enjoy our sunny backyard in July!
  • I have used it for gatherings in my backyard, I also use it to ensure shade at an outdoor gig with my small Swing Band.
  • Use in the backyard as extra shade/shelter space. 
  • This canopy is great! I used it in my backyard for a BBQ and just used it for a camping trip.
  • The quality of the canopy is awesome and it provides a lot of shade. Easy to set up and take down.
  • We got this to use for backyard summer parties. 
  • It’s been great in the backyard and on camping trips.
  • We also set up the small BBQ pit for breakfast toward the outer edge to allow for a very rainy am pot of coffee and breakfast with no problem with the roof being too near the heat thus suffering no damage at all.

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Very Good Tailgating Canopy!


So far it lasted almost a complete college football tailgating season and still looks brand new after being used in the south florida sunshine and rain storms.

  • It has lasted us 9 years so far, typically used at football tailgates and the occasional event at home.
  • Very good for tailgating. Great price.
  • Excellent Canopy for our Tailgate Crew! Durable and extremely roomy. Easy set-up and tear-down after initial setup out of the box. Can’t beat the value!!
  • Has lasted me five years of heavy use on our deck, college football tailgates, and car racing tailgates. Withstands good winds, light hail, and snow.

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The Perfect Shelter For Camping Trips!


We bought this because we go camping a lot. The weather isn’t always agreeable and we would like to spend time outside. We also use it for over our dogs pen when we go camping. To keep the sun off of them.

  • I purchased this specifically for a camping trip to shield us from the rain and sun while we ate and played board games. I was absolutely thrilled with its performance.
  • EASY to set up — just be wary that the unit is big and heavier than most, but you get more shade out of the deal, which is what I wanted for camping and covering the table at State Park sites.
  • I used it for a 5-day camping trip in the Keys. We experienced light wind, light rain, lots of sun, and plenty of shelter with this canopy. It installed easily and did just as it was supposed to.
  • I took this camping almost every weekend this past summer and it was awesome! It is bigger than I thought it would be.
  • We took this tent to scout camp a few weeks and all of the leaders were surprised about how much area it covers. They all asked where they could get one for personal use.
  • I purchased this for our camping trips. It’s so easy to assemble and quick, too. Definitely, a must to protect us from the harmful sun-rays while sitting and watching our grandchildren play.
  • Great canopy for our camping, which is full time for us. I haven’t found anything better for the price!!!
  • Very easy to set up. Well thought out with the overhanging edges. Plenty strong for camping in the woods.

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The Coleman Canopy Is An Excellent Picnic Table Shelter!


The structure is incredibly beefy and sturdy, the release mechanisms can literally be operated by my 4 year old, and the size is HUGE. It covered the entire concrete picnic table at our site and still left a ton of room to walk around while still being protected from the rain.

  • I bought this to use on my deck (which I haven’t done yet) but took it to a family picnic this summer. It was a 90-degree day with a little breeze.
  • Sitting under the canopy was a pleasure. The breeze kept us cool, and the canopy blocked the sun.
  • The additional size made it a no brainer to cook and eat at a 6′ picnic table with gear around the edges that still remained dry in a quick downpour in the mountains.
  • Really have enjoyed this canopy as a picnic table rain shelter when we go car camping.
  • It easily fits a standard picnic table underneath with lots of room to spare, plus plenty of headroom.
  • We had 2 picnic tables under it with room to spare.
  • This canopy would be great for family events at the park, get-togethers in the back yard, even camping. It’s big enough to cover a picnic table and more.
  • We used the canopy last week while RVing. Rained almost every day and it kept our picnic table dry. My wife and I set it up after reading the instructions without any problems.
  • Setup is fairly easy and quick. The shelter size is very good (placed over a large picnic table with room for a grill and room to cook).
  • I can see us using this canopy for more than camping as you can fit a full-size picnic table underneath it and still have walking space under the canopy where you are covered.
  • Covers the entire double picnic table. We’ve gotten many compliments on it.

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Ideal Canopy For Summer Parties!


We bought it for our annual July 4 party and we really love it. It’s roomy and attractive. Easy to put up. For a party or occasional shelter, it’s perfect.

  • We have taken it to friend’s houses when they have invited us for summer parties and putting it on the grass we have never had to stake it down.
  • In fact, it saved our Memorial Day party on the dock; we had three days of rain and barely noticed.
  • I used this on my dock for a dinner party and it worked great. It is very well made and easy to set up.
  • Great quality product. I bought it for a back yard party. I was very pleased with it right out of the box — great look and very sturdy.
  • We bought this for a graduation party to cover the band.
  • Two of us set it up for a birthday party weeks ago and we have left it up ever since! Provides great shade and shelter from the rain.
  • Great party tent! Excellent product for outdoor partying.
  • Excellent party shelter! This product served us well for a three-day family reunion.
  • Easy set up for an outdoor birthday party! It stayed up for two days and was sturdy.

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This Canopy Makes The Summer Days Cool And The Fall Showers Bearable!


On the hottest days, it stayed beautifully shady and cool beneath the canopy. It also fits well over a smaller tent, to add extra protection from the sun.

  • The vent at the top is nice – it doesn’t trap hot air – so it stays nice and cool under the canopy.
  • Vent keeps things cool, excellent shade, and stands straight up.
  • Noticeably cooler in 95-degree Texas summer.
  • The canopy also kept the tent nice and cool after the storm finally broke and the sun came out blazing on the third and fourth days.
  • The vent on the top helps it stay cool.
  • Very sturdy canopy. It works well and has a lot of ventilation. The top part really does help.
  • Lots of little things done right, the pergola for ventilation, the levers for height adjustment instead of buttons, and tie-downs in addition to ease of setting up.
  • This new one allows us to put it over the fire pit so early morning and late-night dew isn’t a problem. We even can sit by the fire during rain showers.

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A Tent Canopy With Eaves!


This unit has “eaves” that draw the covering tight on the frame eliminating billowing by the wind and allowing rain for runoff all sides as opposed to collecting in pockets formed when the top cover droops over the frame on the insides when it rains.

  • Love the dimension! The vented roof makes a big difference and the eaves extend the shade footprint.
  • Easy up and down. Repels water. The eaves are a nice addition.
  • I love this canopy! Especially love the eaves design as it extends the area that is covered. In Southern California, We have this set up in our yard full time. We lower the legs if it gets too windy.
  • The extended eaves make it so much better.
  • Gorgeous eaved canopy!
  • This is a great eaved canopy!!! My second purchase…just love it.
  • I love the size and that there are overhanging eaves.
  • The eaved section cuts a lot of undesirable sunlight! Thanks for such a wonderful product!!!
  • This is the best canopy we’ve had so far. The extended eaves give more space and a nice open feeling.
  • Excellent tent – the eaves give shade and also let the water drip down.
  • It gives a lot of shade because of the eaves.
  • The eaves offer better protection from the rain while standing close to the frame.
  • I like that there are eaves over the sides of the canopy so that if there is rain it is not coming down right into the covered space.
  • The eaves really make a big difference. 

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The Best Canopy For The Money!


This is one of the best instant Canopy’s I’ve purchased. Totally worth the money after buying countless cheap pop-ups. Coleman is always a name you can count on. It is spacious, really good looking and very easy to put up.

  • This is the best canopy I know of. Don’t waste your money on the others.
  • I bought 3 different pop-ups at the same time and this one is by far the best for the money.
  • Best money I have ever spent! I absolutely love this tent!
  • This shelter is worth every penny, and the price can’t be beaten for the size. You cannot get a better quality fabric on any easy up I’ve seen, which is why I have always purchased Coleman.
  • You cannot get a better Sun/rain structure for the price.
  • Great canopy for the price!
  • I have purchased many instant canopies and this one is by far the best for the price.
  • Well made; excellent mechanisms; strong arms and joints; dual stakes (poles and guy wires); strong guy wire connections; triple-height adjustment; top vent.
  • Awesome Canopy at a very good price.
  • Another good Coleman product at a great price. Looks great, seems to be very good quality, and no more pinching fingers!

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In summary, Coleman has produced another top-of-the-line product with the 13 x 13 Sun Shelter with Instant Setup.

It is the ideal tent canopy for all of your summer and fall entertainment needs such as backyard parties, picnics, beach camping, or beach trips, and is also the perfect shade protection for the kids sporting events.

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The canopy also is ideal for tailgating events, camping trips, and is even big enough to place above your tent for extra rain and sun protection.

If you need a decent size shelter you can’t go wrong with the Coleman canopy!

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