Coleman Cabin Tent Instant Setup No More Bickering Or Sweating

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If you are sick and tired of starting your camping trips on a sour note by sweating like a pig, bickering with your partner, and getting beyond frustrated every time you have to set up a tent then you will love the Coleman Cabin Tent…

The Coleman Cabin Tent almost sets itself up so easily. So now you can put the enjoyment back into camping by setting up your tent in minutes with minimal effort.

The Coleman Cabin Tent for Camping Sets Up in 60 Seconds

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Here Is WhatconsumersHad To Say About The Coleman Cabin Tent…


Instant Setup – Just By Handling The Poles It Almost Sets Itself Up!


Coleman Cabin Tent with Instant Setup | Cabin Tent for Camping Sets Up in 60 Seconds


Coleman 2000032730 Camping Tent | 10 Person Dark Room Cabin Tent with Instant Setup, Green/Black/Teal

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I can’t emphasize just how easy this was to set up! Didn’t read the directions and not a regular camper. My wife and I had this set up in about a minute, literally!

  • I was able to set this up quickly and I even had my two-year-old climbing on me begging “mommy up” the entire time. I had it up in under a minute and it was just easy to take down!
  • The YouTube videos make it look ridiculously easy to set this tent up – it really is that easy.
  • It’s so easy to set up and take down; setup is doable with just one person.
  • Best Tent Ever. My husband and set up the tent in under a minute. Either of us could have set it up alone.
  • Great tent. Restored my lost love of camping set it up and took it down by myself.
  • I set this one up alone in just a minute or two on the first try without using instructions.
  • Thanks, Coleman for a great tent! Set it up in less than 30 seconds and takedown was just as simple, and I had a blast with my homemade weather simulation testing.
  • My husband had no trouble setting it up within minutes, and I was able to help without getting frustrated over tent poles.
  • Amazingly easy to set up in less than a minute! I was dubious but it’s really well-engineered.
  • It nearly fell out of the case, extend the four arms and they snap into place and now your tent is set up!
  • These tents set up in seconds, seriously.
  • I have had fellow campers offer to help set up the tents but politely said I didn’t need assistance. A moment later the tent was set up and I heard comments from a neighboring campsite how quickly it went up.
  • As advertised “INSTANT”- Unlike most everything I looked at.
  • It was SO easy, I don’t know why anyone would buy a tent where you have to feed the poles through the tent, etc.

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No More Bickering Or Frustration While Setting Up The Tent!


My wife and I have been married for 36 very happy years, and rarely ever fuss and fight. But in times past while trying to set up other tents we would be at the point of wanting to sign divorce papers. But not with this Coleman Instant Tent. Marriage is bliss.

  • Take the frustration out of setting up your campsite!
  • Oh my gosh …I LOVE THIS TENT. No more bickering while setting up the tent.
  • It stinks to start out your camping trip bickering about whether part A connects to part B or does part C insert into pocket Z. 
  • While everyone else is still feeding poles through their tent sleeves, my GF and I are already relaxing in our chairs with a beverage watching the other couples bicker on who’s setting up the tent wrong.
  • Makes camping life fun & easy where it used to be time-consuming and frustrating.
  • The easiest set up even for the not-so-savvy folk. Saves time and frustration, with fewer pieces to fuss with.

Coleman 2000032730 Camping Tent | 10 Person Dark Room Cabin Tent with Instant Setup, Green/Black/Teal

  • Nothing worse than starting off a camping trip all sweaty and frustrated from setting up the gear…this tent fixes that problem and others.
  • If you and your partner tend to fight when putting things together, this tent is well worth the money!
  • Holy … I had no idea tents could be this easy…. this thing is worth its weight in gold… no frustration and the most simple setup I have ever seen.
  • Instant is an understatement! This tent sets up in seconds. So easy. No more fighting when setting up the tent!
  • I can’t believe I struggled with the ones that take forever and get me and the hubby frustrated and worn out. This one is a breeze.

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Pole System Is Designed For One-Person Setup!


I was nervous because I had never set up a tent before so I wanted something easy. I was able to set this up all by myself and it took no time at all.

  • Easy is not even the word to describe setting this up. My nephew set it up in record time.
  • Super easy to set up this tent, even alone. The tent was completely staked-in under 5 minutes.
  • Tons of room and it sets up in under 4 mins with only one person – which is the main reason I got it.
  • It is true this sets up in about a minute flat and can be set up by a single person. 
  • Set up the first time in less than 60 seconds, not counting time to subsequently hammer in stakes. Set up dozens of tents over the years, and this is by far the easiest.
  • It’s so easy to set up and takedown! My tiny self can set up the tent and take it down in under a minute.
  • By myself, I was able to unpack, set up, and stake the tent in about 100 seconds.
  • It sets up quick and easy even if it’s just one person.
  • This tent was so easy to set up and take down. I was able to do it by myself and I’m short only 5’2.
  • I got it and took it to the yard and was absolutely amazed at how it practically set itself up! It took me 3 1/2 minutes but as I said, I’m creaky in the knees!

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Pack Up With Ease!


I’ll never buy another tent with poles after using this, when I finally pack up to leave for camping I’m tired and wore out, feeling kind of lazy about packing my things up and this just makes it easy to go.

  • It took about 5 minutes to get it packed away neatly. Still, that’s nothing! I suspect the second time we use it, it will be about two minutes to pack it up!
  • I have camped for years. I think setting up and packing up was the quickest and less stressful event I have ever done.
  • We had a fun four days and packed up and left in record time. The tent was just as easy to collapse and roll up and setting it up. We loved it.
  • It can very literally and easily be unpacked, set-up, taken down, and packed back up in under four minutes.
  • I had it set up in 2 minutes, and packed away in about 2 as well… incredible.
  • Putting it away took about 4-5 minutes, but now that we know how to collapse it and pack it away, it’ll probably only take 2-3 minutes next time.
  • I am 5 feet tall and can easily put this up, take this down and pack it all up all of my own very quickly.
  • Set up in about 2 minutes. Add another couple of minutes to put the stakes in. Packing it up is just as easy and it actually fits back in the bag.
  • Man, where has this tent been all my camping life? 1 minute to set up 5 minutes to take down and pack away.
  • The best part is not that it can be put up by one person.. no.. the best part is that it GOES BACK IN THE BAG! Unlike other tents that I just couldn’t get to fit, this one folds up and fits without any issue.

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Room For Queen Size Beds!

Coleman 2000032730 Camping Tent | 10 Person Dark Room Cabin Tent with Instant Setup, Green/Black/Teal

Fits a queen sized air mattress with walking room on both sides. Someone called my tent the “better homes and tent” because it was so big at the camp site!


  • We had a queen-size bed and me and my husband could walk around freely.
  • I fit a queen size air mattress in it with plenty of storage space left in the tent.
  • We throw a queen air mattress in here when car camping and we feel like Kings.
  • It was just 3 of us in the tent, myself, my husband, and our 3-year-old son. We had a queen-sized air mattress in the tent. We had plenty of room to keep belongings and toys in our tent.
  • Zips up well, and can easily store all your gear if you’re one or two bodies with a queen-sized air mattress.
  • We also were able to put a queen size air mattress in with no problem. 
  • I have a queen air mattress in it and there is still plenty of room.
  • We set up a queen air mattress and our 1-year-olds pack n play bed and it was a good fit.
  • Also queen size mattress with plenty of room for all your stuff coolers food etc.
  • It fits a queen-sized bed, suitcase, tubs, and a side table with plenty of room to spare and walk around.
  • I also camp with a queen-sized pillow top air mattress and the tent was the perfect size for me, my two dogs, and all my gear.
  • We also fit a queen-sized air mattress, our bags, and had room left over.

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Stay Dry If It Starts To Rain!


Poured down rain for three days. The only water was condensation and what I tracked in. Setup minus stakes? 60 seconds. Omg! Worth every penny. As dry as my $899.00 tent!

  • It stayed dry through 5 straight hours of heavy rain.
  • Not only did it hold in the heat well from my portable heater, but it also kept me dry. No leaks, no problems.
  • It rained again on my most recent outing and we stayed completely dry while we heard those around us scrambling to avoid puddles or as in the case of one camper – just packed up and left.
  • Camped in the Smokey Mountains in a rainstorm. Stayed dry and warm. 
  • It stood up to a whole night of Adirondack rain without a single drop of water coming in. Even the walls stayed dry.
  • Just used it for the first time and just our luck, it rained! It did really well though and we stayed dry inside. 
  • I always set up a canopy over my tent for both shade and protection from rain but I’ve never stayed this dry in a storm this bad.
  • This thing held up to torrential rain for a day and a half until we decided to just pack it up and leave. Kept me dry every moment I was in it.
  • It rained virtually our entire trip and it stayed entirely dry inside.
  • BEST TENT EVER! I have used this tent for many years as have many of my friends. I have slept dry through rainstorms in it (with the rain fly on) and it holds up to wind.

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The Coleman Cabin Tent With Darkroom Technology!


The darkening feature + size was a major selling point for me as I don’t typically enjoy sleeping on the floor outside and waking up when the sun wakes up.

  • BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY, the tent definitely keeps out the sunlight.
  • During the day you can enter the tent and need a light to see… or you can just open a window that isn’t facing the sun.
  • Love the blackout! You don’t have the bright sun and warmth in the tent in the morning. Love the hinged door!!! So much easier to go in and out of the tent for the bathroom at night.
  • I also added a sunshade/rainfly to the entrance. When you step out of the DARK tent, the sun can take a little time to adjust to.
  • Love how dark it is and that it has windows all the way around!
  • However, I can tell you that it is so dark and much cooler in there even during the day (so much so that I’d definitely enjoy a peaceful afternoon nap in there).
  • My kids sleep better in dark rooms so this tent came through in the darkroom technology is amazing. My kids are 7 and 9yr old.

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The Coleman Instant Setup Cabin Tent Is The Best Tent Ever!


Best tent I ever owned! I’ve been looking for a tent that was easily deployed without having to mess with all the rods of all your standard ones. You can literally set this up in less than a minute

  • One of the best designs I have ever seen.
  • Oh my God, buy this tent. I am a scoutmaster for a huge cub scout troop and this is the best tent I have ever seen for ease of use.
  • We take 60 people camping at a time and these make the whole thing way more manageable.
  • Coleman got it all right with this one. I have been camping for the last 20+ years and this is by far the best tent I have ever owned. Setup takes me and my GF roughly 30 seconds, no joke.
  • Best tent ever for a solo camper.
  • Great job Coleman this is by far the best and easiest family tent to set up! No cussing required!
  • The best tent you’ll ever buy. This tent is an engineering marvel.
  • This is the absolute best tent I have ever had. The set up was insanely easy. It just pops right together!
  • I have been camping my entire life and this is the best tent I have yet to encounter.
  • These are the best tents we’ve ever owned! Everyone is jealous when we whip our tent up in minutes!
  • We love them so much we have the 8-man and 6-man for our family of 4. The 8-man is our very own camping castle.

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This Tent Is Very Roomy Inside!


The tent is very roomy inside, and I love being able to stand upright in it – that was one reason I chose this model.

  • It’s roomy and airy and you can stand upright if you’re under 6′ tall.
  • A friend strongly recommended this Coleman 6-Person Instant Cabin tent do to ease of setup, break down, and roominess, and he was correct.
  • It is roomy and has no sagging due to the well-fit pole frame.
  • The tent is very roomy and our family of 3 has oodles of space inside. Also, I’m 6’1″ tall and was able to fully stand up inside easily.
  • It’s also very roomy. I’m 6’ and I have no trouble laying in any position in this tent.
  • But the tent is nice and roomy with a standing room also. 
  • Excellent tent & quite roomy. It’s got enough room for me to have a folding Coleman camping cot, a small round table, a plastic yard chair & still have plenty of room to move around in it.
  • It’s roomy and comfortable. I would buy this tent a million times over.
  • For car-camping with the family, this tent is very roomy. Fits four very well, could fit six, especially if some are kids.
  • This tent is roomy. I am 6’2″ tall. I can stand up in it with my head just touching the roof.

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Large Windows And Plenty Of Ventilation!


So rest assured, if your camping in the summer time, you are going to get plenty of ventilation.

  • It has lots of windows so it’s well-ventilated but you can also totally close the tent up.
  • The windows all have sippers for screen ventilation.
  • There are two ceiling vents that are a great idea by Coleman.
  • It has nice large windows on all sides and two air vents on the ceiling for good ventilation.
  • The nice thing about the vents is that they can be completely closed or opened.
  • I wanted a tent I could stand up in and room for all my gear, and ventilation on all 4 sides–and I got it all.
  • There’s plenty of windows in the tent for ventilation and opens on top of the tent for air.
  • It keeps bugs and water out and has plenty of ventilation for those cool summer nights
  • The tent has windows on all 4 sides and has fantastic ventilation.
  • It is clearly the best tent I have used. It is roomy, tall enough to stand up in, has large windows that can be opened for excellent ventilation.

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I summary, what an amazing design this tent has. It really takes the worst part of camping out of the equation and you can now quickly and easily set up and pack up your tent giving you more time to enjoy your camping experience.

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The Coleman Cabin Tent for Camping almost assembles itself and has plenty of room as well.

This is the ideal tent for all types of camping!

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