Is Chirp Wheel Good? 10 Reasons Why The Chirp Wheel Is a Good Self-Massager

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What Is The Chirp Brand Known For?

This brand has developed the famous Chirp Wheel which is a self-massager and a relaxation tool that was designed to target the muscles in the lower back. The Chirp Wheel moves effortlessly, alleviating tension in your lower back, and releasing muscle knots. One of the best features of The Chirp Wheel is that it’s very lightweight.

This home exercise device uses muscle strengthening principles used by physical therapists to strengthen and tone weak muscles surrounding the spine which helps support the discs, allowing for an improved holistic approach to relieving lower back pain.

The Chirp Wheel instantly relieves lower back and hip tension, knee pain, headaches and more delivering a low-impact self massage that feels incredible. Just place the tip of the Chirp on your lower back and with a gentle roll – it’s gone… all without having to stretch or lie down. And since it’s portable you can roll out locked up muscles any time, anywhere.

Chirp Wheel+ was created by a Chiropractor to be the safest, effective, and most affordable way to achieve pain relief for patients suffering from back pain with degenerated discs.

The Chirp Wheel is not like regular foam rollers, tennis balls, PVC pipes, and other back rollers out there. It was designed to release your lower back tension and smooth out that area better than a roller, plus it gets to places other rollers cannot go.

10 Reasons Why The Chirp Wheel Is a Good Self-Massager and Relaxation Tool

  1. No batteries required – The Chirp wheel requires no batteries to operate, unlike most electric massagers or vibrating devices, which means you never have to worry about the device running out of power during use.
  2. Portable – The Chirp wheel has a compact design that makes it perfect for travel and portability.
  3. Quiet mode – If you find the chirping sound too loud for sleeping or relaxing purposes, simply flip the wheel over to its silent side for discreet relief, or switch it off completely.
  4. Works on virtually any part of the body – Unlike other self-massage devices and tools, The Chirp wheel uses plastic rollers instead of needles or spikes, which makes it safe and convenient to use on any part of the body including feet, hands, back and even head.
  5. Great for those with sensitive skin – It’s designed to improve the health of your muscles and joints. Unlike other tools, it uses large plastic rollers that gently massage your skin, but remain rigid enough to give your muscles just the right amount of pressure.
  6. The Chirp Wheel naturally stimulates blood circulation as it rolls over tense muscles. An improvement in circulation can be very beneficial for overall health; better circulation means more oxygen and nutrients are carried throughout your body, which helps all of your cells perform better.
  7. The Chirp Wheel helps to relax your muscles while at the same time stimulating them to relax even further by working out any knots that may have developed within them over time.
  8. The Chirp Wheel improves your posture by encouraging you to sit up straight when using it in order to achieve the maximum benefits from it and keep your spine properly aligned so that you don’t strain any muscles or ligaments along its length in the process.
  9. It’s also good for athletes and trainers because it allows them to get into those areas where they might not normally be able to reach.
  10. It has a soft rubbery grip on it which makes it really comfortable for you to use when you’re using it on your back or your legs or arms. It makes it really comfortable for your hands as well because you don’t have to worry about blisters or anything like that from using any other products.

Chirp Wheel

Say goodbye to your back pain. The 6” Chirp Wheel+ (Deep Tissue) is the perfect solution. The wheels work to stretch and massage muscles and tissue in the thoracic and lumbar region through a combination of rolling and kneading movements.

The Chirp Wheel is a patented stretching device that uses the force of leverage to release lower back tension and roll out tied-up muscles, releasing pain, improving range of motion and flexibility, and reducing headaches and neck and shoulder pain.

The Chirp Wheel+ is a powerful, and portable, 6” Deep Tissue Massager that helps improve strength, flexibility, balance and reduces back pain. It features an ergonomic handle for comfort and an extended reach to treat the back effectively.

The Chirp Wheel+ is a circular wheel that is equipped with deep tissue attachments. It was created by licensed physical therapists to help relieve pain for patients with lower back pain, muscle tightness, spasms, or nerve-related discomfort…


Chirp Wheel+ for Back Pain Relief


Chirp Wheel+ for Back Pain Relief - 6"

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It works by chirping, or rolling back and forth across your skin, creating a gentle but effective massage that increases blood flow, relaxes muscles and relieves stress. With an ergonomic shape that fits comfortably in your hands, it’s easy to bring the benefits of physical therapy to your home.

  • Developed with input from physical therapists, the Chirp Wheel+ is a therapeutic device in the form of a wheel that you can use at home to relieve back pain and improve strength, flexibility, and balance.
  • Plus, it’s mobile so you can take advantage of every second that it works to relieve back pain.
  • When used on a regular basis, the Chirp Wheel+ can provide lasting relief from back pain associated with disc injuries by extending and strengthening muscles and improving circulation throughout the body.
  • Just roll this Chirp Wheel under your back every night, and within several weeks you’ll feel the difference.
  • The soft but rough texture gently massages those important trigger points in your back that we all spend too much time hunched over.
  • This will leave you feeling much more refreshed in the morning!
  • The gentle, but strong massaging action also increases circulation, reduces joint pain, and eases stiffness.

The Chirp Wheel+ is a self-correcting wheel which helps realign your back and your posture in one easy step. It corrects the curvature of the spine which in turn improves posture and helps restore a healthy S-curve resulting in reduced strain.

  • The secret to reducing back pain is improving posture.
  • With The Chirp Wheel+, you’ll look taller, healthier, and more confident on your feet while relieving pressure on your spine.
  • These innovative wheels are designed to naturally align your spine by adjusting the curvature so that you no longer have to slouch and hunch forward to correct for an improper alignment.
  • Correct the curvature of your spine and improve posture in just 10 minutes a day with the Chirp Wheel+.
  • Train your muscles to support a healthy curve in just 3 weeks; get lasting relief from back pain, numbness, tingling, and stiffness.
  • It is a breakthrough product in the treatment of back pain, neck pain, injuries, and other musculoskeletal issues.
  • They may help prevent functional disorders such as muscle tightness, scar tissue build-up, and muscle/joint spasms and may help prevent common conditions such as Herniated/bulging discs, Arthritis, and Osteoporosis.


The Chirp Wheel+ benefits include: less muscle fatigue; heightened physical awareness/coordination; work out specific muscles to relieve pain; help overall posture; improve stability.

  • The Chirp Wheel+ is created to strengthen the muscle surrounding your spine which supports the discs and relieves pressure on the spinal cord/nerve roots.
  • Also helps reduce epidural scar tissue build-up from spinal surgery and continued leakage of the nucleus pulposus (aka liquid disc) from a herniated disc.
  • The Chirp Wheel+ is safe, comfortable, and easy to use.
  • The 6” Deep Tissue Chirp wheels provide deep tissue, skin stretching relief for acute low back pain and have been proven to significantly reduce pain from chronic back pain.
  • Clinically proven, pain reduction for chronic back pain. In lab testing, Chirp Wheels delivered 37% more pressure relief versus a standard foam roller.
  • Chirp Wheel+ wheels are specifically designed to stimulate deep tissue massage, which in turn helps the body to activate its natural pain and healing processes.
  • Due to increased blood flow from the skin back toward the heart, Chirp Wheels+ can also improve circulation and decrease swelling of the area that was massaged.

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Does The Chirp Wheel Crack Your Back?

The ChirpWheel is a revolutionary self-cracking tool that will safely, affordably, and effectively crack your back. By following The ChirpWheel self-release system, you can relieve nerve and muscle pain from strains to arthritis and much more. If you haven’t tried it yet, you’ll find your back feeling relaxed and revived in just minutes.

The Chirp Wheel makes cracking your back just as simple as rolling your shoulders. Safely roll the Chirp wheel up and down your back and feel your muscles pop like never before.

The Chirp wheel is a device that you can use to crack the hard spots of your back. Knowing where to crack can eliminate the pain and discomfort you feel on a day-to-day basis, but which point do you use? With The Chirp Wheel, you only need to roll along your spine at strategic points (between your shoulder blades) to alleviate pressure on the facet joints.

You know when you crack your back it cracks because two vertebrae are separated and the thin membrane between them snaps into a new shape under pressure, releasing tension in the spine.

How Often Should You Use Chirp Wheel?

The Chirp Wheel+ can be used for 5-10 minutes daily or as needed. The Chirp Wheel is a great way to melt away tension and lower stress levels. It relaxes muscle tightness, increases mobility and range of motion, and releases physical and emotional discomfort. Many people like to use it both morning and night to relieve their back pain or soreness.

The Chirp Wheel also has an impressive 500 lb weight limit making it an excellent device that treats back pain and spinal stenosis with a unique, patented method for people of all ages and sizes.

Many customers use the Chirp Wheel both morning and night to relieve their back pain and love the fact that they can use it at home on a daily basis for long-lasting benefits.

Can You Use The Chirp On Your Neck?

Yes, the Chirp Wheel can be used on your neck to help relieve tension and pain, develop better posture, and help in the healing of bulged discs and muscle strains. The Chirp Wheel uses biophysical muscle stimulation to create an electrical field around the disc to help promote healing.

The Chirp Wheel is intended to provide self-manual therapy for neck pain and to improve posture, by moving the joints in various directions. It helps relieve tension that builds up in the neck and shoulders due to hunching over workstations, extended use of computers, or driving.

The Chirp wheel is unlike any other massage tool. It can give massages without the risk of damaging muscles, and it can help to align the spine by easing tension and releasing tight muscles in the neck.

Great for those suffering from degenerative discs, this tool is a must-have for anyone with muscle strains or mild to moderate muscle pain in their neck.

The Chirp Wheel can be used on any part of your body that requires a good massage. It’s best suited for:

Tight shoulders and back – The Chirp Wheel is a great tool for athletes and those who work out frequently since it can help relieve muscle tension in those areas.

Sore feet – The large plastic rollers are perfect for massaging sore feet after a long day on your heels or running around town.

Knees – If your knees hurt after walking or running, you can use the Chirp Wheel to help alleviate some of that pain without needing to get down on the floor.

Ankles – The Chirp Wheel is great for relieving the tension in your calves and ankles, which are prone to injury if you’re active, and having a massage for your calves can make them feel much better.

Concerns People Have With The Chirp Wheel

For some, using the chirp wheel self-massager is a pain reliever, and for others, it’s a way to relax. But in order to fully understand how this product works, some people may have concerns that need addressing.

Tingling Sensation When Using The Chirp Wheel Self-Massager

The first concern that people have with the Chirp Wheel self-massager is that they experience a tingling sensation when using it. This is due to the fact that Chirp uses a special vibration mechanism called “bimorph” in which two thin and flexible pieces of metal are attached to each other at one end and free to vibrate at the other end, which produces high-frequency vibrations. These vibrations are what help stimulate your sore muscles and relieve tension and pain.

Allergy Concerns With The Chirp Wheel Self-Massager

The second concern people have with this self-massager is that they are worried about having an allergic reaction to it. This concern is based on the fact that some users have reported redness or irritation after using it. However, these issues can be easily avoided by following the instructions provided with your order of a Chirp Wheel self-massager.

Does It Hurt?

While using the Chirp Wheel Massager, customers report it feeling like a gentle tapping sensation rather than any kind of pain or discomfort. It is similar to getting a deep tissue massage from someone else, but this product allows you to keep control over how much pressure you apply.

In summary, the Chirp Wheel is patented, designed specifically to target your back where it needs to be and for BACK PAIN RELIEF. Budget-friendly back pain relief that is easy to store and doesn’t involve any dangerous medications or treatments

  • This revolutionary wheel will effortlessly release your lower back tension and roll out the tied-up muscles that cause pain, headaches, neck, and shoulder pain as well.
  •  The Chirp Wheel is a patented and designed device that provides all-natural relief for back pain.
  • It is also effective in increasing blood flow and muscle relaxation.
  • The wheel’s transverse ridges are set at a specific distance apart, making it possible to reach between the little muscle fibers and apply light pressure while rotating the wheel.
  • It can be used for back pain relief or to increase and direct blood flow between different muscles groups. Its compact size allows for easy storage and portability.

The Chirp Wheel has been clinically tested and shown to be effective at reducing tension headaches, backaches, neck aches, and shoulder pain; elevating mood, and reducing stress through quick use.

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