Chest of Drawers VS Bureau: What Is The Difference

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A chest of drawers is a standalone piece of furniture featuring stacked drawers for storage, often used for clothing. A bureau, on the other hand, combines a chest of drawers with a fold-down writing surface or desk, providing storage and a workspace. Consider your storage and functionality needs when choosing between the two.

At first glance, it’s easy to confuse the chest of drawers and bureau – they both offer storage solutions for clothing and other items and are usually made from wood. But there are subtle differences that can make all the difference when selecting the perfect piece of furniture for your home. Let’s discover the difference between Chest of Drawers and Bureaus…

Differences Between a Chest of Drawers and a Bureau

Furniture TypeChest of DrawersBureau
DescriptionA tall piece of furniture with multiple drawers stacked vertically, usually without a mirrorA shorter piece of furniture with multiple drawers, often with a mirror attached to the top
DesignSimple and utilitarian, with a focus on storageOften more decorative and ornate, with additional features such as carved details or decorative hardware
SizeTaller and narrower, with more drawersShorter and wider, with fewer drawers
FunctionalityPrimarily for storing clothing and accessoriesCan be used for storing clothing and accessories, as well as for getting dressed and grooming
MirrorUsually does not include a mirrorOften includes a mirror attached to the top
StyleOften has a more modern and minimalistic designOften has a more traditional and decorative design
CostGenerally less expensive than a bureauGenerally more expensive than a chest of drawers

It’s important to note that the differences between a chest of drawers and a bureau may vary depending on individual interpretations and variations in design. Additionally, the functionality and features of each piece may vary depending on the specific model and manufacturer.

What Is A Chest Of Drawers?

A chest of drawers is an often overlooked, yet invaluable part of any home. It can provide much-needed storage space and can be a great accent piece to liven up the decor in any room.

At its most basic level, it is essentially a tall cabinet with several shallow drawers that slide out from front to back. Aesthetically speaking, these pieces come in all shapes and sizes; they may have intricate carvings or sleek lines depending on your preference. No matter what style you choose though, having one in your home adds extra charm and flair that no other furniture item can quite match.

The beauty of owning a chest of drawers lies not only in its visual appeal but also in its versatility – whether used as additional closet space for clothing items or simply as a place to store extra linens, you’ll always find something useful to put inside!

Plus, if you’re looking for even more options than just storing things away, why not use them as makeshift nightstands? By adding some books or trinkets on top along with perhaps some decorative lamps beside it, you can create a cozy nook perfect for curling up with a good book before bedtime.

Chest of drawers are essential additions for any home due to their ability to seamlessly blend practicality and elegance into one stunning piece of furniture. With such versatile functionality coupled with timeless designs that will never go out of style, it’s easy to see why so many people opt for this type of piece when furnishing their homes.

What Is A Bureau?

The bureau is a timeless piece of furniture that has been around since the 18th century. It’s an embodiment of elegance and sophistication, with its high arched curves and ornate legs.

Many people imagine it as an old-fashioned wooden desk with upper shelves or drawers – like a cross between a bookcase and a chest of drawers – but bureaus come in all shapes, sizes, materials, and styles to suit any modern home décor. Here are just four ways why you should consider adding one to your living space:

  1. Bureaus offer ample storage for items such as books, documents, photos and more – perfect for small spaces where extra shelving would be difficult to fit in. Plus, their large surface area makes them great for displaying decorations and personal mementos.
  2. A bureau adds style to any room thanks to its unique shape and design – from traditional wood pieces reminiscent of Joanna Gaines’ signature farmhouse look to contemporary metal frames featuring sleek lines and minimalist profiles.
  3. Because they’re typically taller than regular chests of drawers, bureaus provide a greater sense of stability when filled with heavier items like office supplies or linens. And if you opt for multiple drawers, they can help keep everything organized while creating visual interest in the room too!
  4. Finally, bureaus often serve as focal points in rooms due to their impressive stature; making them ideal accents for purposes beyond storage including seating arrangements or even serving trays at parties!

So whether you’re looking for something classic or contemporary, elegant or eclectic – there’s no denying that a beautiful bureau will add charm and character to any interior space…

Benefits Of A Chest Of Drawers

When it comes to storage solutions, a chest of drawers can be just the thing you need. It’s versatile and efficient, offering plenty of room for your clothes while taking up minimal space in any bedroom or living area. Plus, when it comes to style there are so many options – from modern and sleek designs to more traditional pieces that add charm.

Whether you’re looking for something practical or with aesthetic appeal, a chest of drawers will certainly provide both! Not only does this type of furniture look great in terms of design but its functionality is second-to-none.

From organizing your favorite items such as jewelry or accessories quickly and easily to providing an efficient way to store clothing like sweaters or jeans, there are countless ways to make use of a chest of drawers.

And if you want even more storage capacity, consider adding additional drawers underneath the main piece which can help keep items like bedding organized without sacrificing on space.

At the end of the day, choosing the right piece for your home really depends on what works best for you and your lifestyle. With a chest of drawers, you’ll get all the functions plus some serious flair – ensuring everything has its place while still making a statement in any room!

Here’s hoping that this guide helps you find exactly what fits into your home and makes life easier. Now let’s take a look at the benefits of having a bureau…

Benefits Of A Bureau

When it comes to stylish storage, nothing beats a bureau. This classic piece of furniture has been around for centuries and is still incredibly popular today – no wonder many interior designers consider it “the perfect addition” to any home!

The timeless design makes the bureau an ideal choice for those who are looking for something that will never go out of style.

From its stately silhouette to its ample storage space, there are plenty of reasons why a bureau should be your top pick when shopping for bedroom furniture. It offers far more room than a chest of drawers, making it easier to store bulky items like sweaters and blankets.

Plus, you can easily organize everything from jewelry and scarves in the deep drawers or display decorative pieces on its spacious tabletop.

A beautiful bureau also adds charm and character to any space – whether it’s traditional or modern. Its unique detailing creates an eye-catching focal point and elevates any décor with ease. Not only does it provide practicality; but it also serves as a stunning statement piece so you can make your mark without spending a fortune.

Drawbacks Of A Chest Of Drawers

When it comes to a chest of drawers, there are certain drawbacks that should be considered. Most notably, chests of drawers can take up more floor space than other pieces of furniture like bureaus – this could be an issue in smaller rooms where storage is needed but the space available is limited. It’s important to think through how much room you have and what size piece will fit best.

Another thing to keep in mind when choosing between a bureau and a chest of drawers is the amount of storage they provide. While both offer ample storage options (depending on their size), some people may find that a bureau offers more overall storage capacity due to its longer length and depth.

It’s all about finding the perfect balance for your particular space – something that looks good while still providing enough storage for all your items. Remember, with any decision involving furniture it pays off to do research so you’re sure you’re making the right choice!

Taking these key points into consideration will help ensure you get exactly what you need when deciding between a chest of drawers or a bureau.

Drawbacks Of A Bureau

One of the old adages that we must keep in mind when discussing the drawbacks of a bureau is ‘measure twice, cut once’. This saying can be applied to furnishing your home – make sure you have enough room for the piece of furniture before you buy it.

Bureaus are usually quite large and bulky pieces of furniture with several drawers and shelves or cabinets, so they take up a lot more space than other kinds of bedroom storage solutions like chests of drawers or dressers.

If you don’t have the necessary floor space for a full-sized bureau, you’ll likely need to find an alternative solution to store clothes and other belongings in your bedroom.

Additionally, bureaus tend to be significantly heavier than most other types of bedroom furniture due to their size and construction materials; this means that they may not be easy to move around should you ever choose to rearrange your room layout or redecorate.

TIP: When selecting any type of bedroom storage solution (including bureaus) always remember to measure the available space first! It’s also important to consider how much weight each option can hold as well as its overall aesthetic appeal – after all, these pieces will become part of the look and feel of your home.

Cost Comparison

When it comes to cost, chest of drawers and bureaus have a lot in common. Both can be found at varying price points depending on the material used for construction and any additional features like storage space or decorative details. But which one is more affordable? Let’s take a look!

Given that both are available in different materials, you may find yourself feeling overwhelmed by your options. If budget is your main concern, good news: wood is usually the most inexpensive option when it comes to buying either type of furniture.

You’ll likely get the most bang for your buck if you opt for something basic – no fancy knobs or intricate designs here! And since quality doesn’t suffer just because you don’t spend top dollar, there’s really nothing to lose.

In comparison with other types of furniture, these two pieces present great value without sacrificing style or functionality.

Whether you choose an elegant bureau or a classic chest of drawers, rest assured that you’re making a wise investment with money well-spent. As we move into size comparison next, let’s keep this same mindset as we explore what each piece has to offer.

Size Comparison

When it comes to furniture, size matters. A bureau and a chest of drawers are two great pieces for any bedroom. To get the right piece that complements your space, you need to consider both size and cost when shopping around.

I remember when I was first furnishing my home – I had this vision in my head of how I wanted everything to look but wasn’t sure if all the items would fit into one room or another. After much trial and error, I learned that understanding the dimensions can be key to creating an aesthetically pleasing space.

A chest of drawers is generally narrower than a bureau; bureaus tend to have larger widths due to their deeper storage compartments with more shelves and drawers inside. They also often stand taller as well.

The difference between them can make all the difference in terms of floor plan feasibility! That being said, some chests are longer than bureaus too so just pay attention to which specific model you’re considering before making your purchase.

TIP: Measure twice, buy once! Make sure that whatever piece you choose fits perfectly into your desired location by double checking dimensions beforehand. This will save you time (and money!) down the road should something not work out quite like expected.

Style Comparison

When it comes to style, a chest of drawers and a bureau offer two distinct looks. A chest of drawers is typically more modern in design with sleek edges, while the classic bureau will have detailed carvings on both the top and sides. Each piece has its own charm that can be used to bring warmth and personality into any room!

Because each piece offers such unique styling opportunities, you’ll want to decide which look best fits your home before making your purchase. If you’re looking for something traditional yet timeless, then a bureau might be just what you need.

On the other hand, if you prefer clean lines and an updated feel, then go for the chest of drawers! Whatever your preference may be, you’re sure to find something that complements your space perfectly.

No matter which option you choose, one thing remains the same: when properly cared for these pieces can last generations – bringing joy and beauty into homes everywhere.

So take some time to consider how each style could fit within your home’s aesthetic; once you’ve made up your mind there are plenty of tips out there to help keep them looking great over time.

Care And Maintenance

Did you know that nine out of ten homeowners spend over an hour every week cleaning their furniture? It’s no wonder why so many people want to find the right piece of furniture for their home. That’s why today, we’ll be comparing the care and maintenance requirements between a chest of drawers and a bureau.

If you’re looking for something low-maintenance, then a chest of drawers may be your best bet! They don’t require much upkeep – just dusting and occasional polishing with wood wax or polish. Plus, they won’t warp or bend when exposed to moisture. On top of that, some chests come with protective finishes that make them even more durable.

As for bureaus, it really depends on what material was used in their construction. For instance, solid wood pieces need regular oiling or waxing to keep them looking good as new.

Meanwhile, metal frames are generally rust-resistant but will still need to be wiped down occasionally to prevent corrosion. You should also check regularly whether any screws have become loose after prolonged use.

No matter which type of furniture you choose though, proper storage is key if you want it to last longer.

Keep away from direct sunlight and heat sources; try not to bump into them too often; and always lift rather than drag items across surfaces – these simple tips can help extend the life of your beloved furnishing pieces!

So take the time now to consider how much effort each option demands before making your decision – it could save you lots of hassle later on!

How Long Do Chest Of Drawers And Bureau Typically Last?

When it comes to chest of drawers and bureaus, many people wonder how long they last. According to recent surveys, the average lifespan of a chest of drawers or bureau is around 10-15 years with proper care and maintenance. This means you can enjoy their beauty for quite some time!

When I’m helping my clients decide between a chest of drawers and a bureau, one thing I suggest is thinking about the longevity of each piece. If you’re looking for something that’ll stay in your home for decades, then invest in quality materials like solid wood and dovetail joints – these will help ensure your furniture lasts as long as possible.

On the other hand, if you’re more interested in making an inexpensive statement piece that’s easy to change out down the road, then go ahead and make a bolder choice when picking out materials.

No matter which route you take, both options come with their own unique benefits – from adding extra storage space to creating beautiful visual interest in any room.

When deciding on either piece, think about what style best suits your home’s aesthetic and how much money (or time!) you want to spend maintaining it. Your decision should ultimately be based on what works best for your lifestyle so you can truly enjoy it for years to come.

What Is The Difference Between A Chest Of Drawers And A Dresser?

Ah, the age-old debate – what is the difference between a chest of drawers and a dresser? It seems as though this has been an issue since time immemorial. Never fear, however; I’m here to help answer that very question!

Let’s start with the basics: Chest of Drawers are much taller than dressers but more narrow in width. This makes them ideal for rooms where space is at a premium. Typically, they have three to five drawers stacked on top of one another and provide plenty of storage.

On the other hand, Dressers are typically wide and short compared to chests of drawers. They may also feature multiple rows or columns of drawers for extra storage capacity. Both pieces can add character and charm to any room when styled correctly!

Now that we know some basic differences between these two furniture options, let’s talk about their specific uses. Chests of Drawers are best used in bedrooms where clothing needs to be neatly stored away without taking up too much floor space.

You can easily store folded shirts, sweaters, socks, underwear, accessories – you name it!

A dresser is better suited for larger items such as blankets or towels because its wider surface area provides ample storage space for bulky items like those mentioned above.

Plus, using baskets or bins inside your dresser helps keep things organized while giving your bedroom an inviting feel!

So whether you’ve got limited square footage or need more storage for bulkier items – there’s no wrong choice when choosing between a chest of drawers and a dresser! The only challenge left now is selecting which style suits you best…good luck out there folks!

Are Chest Of Drawers And Bureaus Easy To Move?

It can be a daunting task to move furniture around, especially when it’s something large and bulky like a chest of drawers or bureau. Moving these pieces from one room to the next requires lots of patience and planning ahead – not to mention some help from friends. But are they easy enough for just about anyone to manage? Let’s take a look at what it takes to get those drawers moving.

Just like any other big piece of furniture, chests of drawers and bureaus require careful handling in order to make sure nothing gets damaged during transport. Depending on your level of comfort with heavy lifting, you may need an extra pair of hands (or two) to help out.

And if you’re dealing with an antique or family heirloom that has sentimental value, even more caution must be taken! You’ll want to pack plenty of padding materials like bubble wrap or newspaper so the items don’t scuff up against each other while being moved across town.

But fear not: With proper preparation and care, moving either type of dresser is actually quite doable! As long as all contents have been emptied out beforehand and everything is secure, there shouldn’t be any major problems along the way.

If you’re feeling especially ambitious, try using straps or blankets over the top layer for added stability during transit. By taking these simple steps before getting started, your furniture will arrive safe and sound – no matter how far away its destination might be!

Is There A Difference In Quality Between Different Brands Of Chest Of Drawers And Bureaus?

When it comes to furniture, quality matters! You want pieces that will stand the test of time and look beautiful in your home. So when you’re trying to decide between a chest of drawers or bureau for your bedroom, what should you consider?

Well, different brands offer varying levels of craftsmanship. Take some time to read reviews online and compare prices. It’s always worth investing in higher-quality pieces if they’ll fit into your budget—because even with frequent use, these items should last you years. Plus, they can be heirlooms handed down from generation to generation!

On the other hand, if cost is a major factor for you, there are plenty of options out there at every price point.

Remember: just because something isn’t expensive doesn’t mean it won’t hold up over time. Do your research and pick the best option for you and your family—whether that’s a luxurious piece or an affordable classic.

Is There A Difference In Durability Between Chest Of Drawers And Bureaus?

As the old saying goes, ‘familiarity breeds contempt’. This adage applies to a common debate in furniture design – whether chest of drawers or bureaus provide more durability. There are always pros and cons when it comes to comparing two pieces of furniture, but considering which is better for your home requires a deeper look into what each piece offers.

Chest of drawers are often seen as an economical choice due to their affordability and availability from various brands. They come in many sizes, shapes, colors and styles, making them easier to match with existing decor at home. However, depending on the quality of wood used by the brand, some may not be as durable over time compared to bureaus.

Bureaus are typically viewed as higher-end options than chest of drawers because they require craftsmanship that makes them sturdier and longer lasting over time – but this means they can also be pricier choices.

It’s important to remember that although costlier doesn’t necessarily mean better quality; it may just depend on how well you take care of your furniture! While there isn’t one clear answer about which type of furniture will last longer between chests of drawers and bureaus, investigating factors such as material quality and construction techniques can give you a clearer idea about which would work best for your lifestyle needs.

The bottom line is that both chest of drawers and bureaus have advantages when it comes to durability if chosen wisely based on the specific criteria mentioned above – so make sure you do thorough research before investing in either piece!

Chest of Drawers VS Bureau: FAQs Answered!

Are you trying to figure out the differences between a chest of drawers and a bureau? Well, you’re not alone. Here’s a list of frequently asked questions about these two types of furniture that may help you make the right choice for your bedroom.

What is a Chest of Drawers?

A chest of drawers is a type of furniture that consists of several drawers stacked on top of each other. The drawers vary in size and can be used to store clothing, bedding, and other items. They come in different styles, from traditional to modern, to suit any interior.

What is a Bureau?

Also known as a dresser or a vanity, a bureau features drawers and a top that can be used for placing a mirror or other decorative items. It’s a larger piece of furniture than a chest of drawers and can also be used to store clothing and other personal items. Bureaus are versatile and can be used in any room of the house, not just the bedroom.

What are the differences between a Chest of Drawers and a Bureau?

The primary difference between the two types of furniture is their size and style. A chest of drawers is typically taller and slimmer, while a bureau is wider and shorter. A bureau also has a top surface that can be used to place a mirror, whereas a chest of drawers doesn’t have this feature.

Which one should I choose for my bedroom?

It depends on your needs and preferences. If you need more storage space and don’t have much space in your room, a chest of drawers may be a better option. If you want a larger piece of furniture that can also be used as a vanity or a dresser, a bureau is the way to go.

Are there any other factors to consider when choosing between the two?

Yes, the style of the piece of furniture is also a factor to consider. If you’re going for a more traditional look, a bureau may be a better option. If you’re looking for a more modern and minimalist style, a chest of drawers may be the right fit.

What materials are Chests of Drawers and Bureaus made of?

Both types of furniture can be made from a variety of materials, including solid wood, MDF, and particleboard. The quality of the materials can vary, so be sure to check labels and descriptions for more information.

What are some tips for maintaining my Chest of Drawers or Bureau?

To keep your furniture in good condition, make sure to clean it regularly with a soft cloth and a mild cleaner. Avoid using abrasive cleaners, which can damage the finish. You should also avoid placing heavy objects on top of the furniture or overloading the drawers.


At the end of the day, it’s all about finding a piece that you love and will last. When comparing chest of drawers to bureaus, there are certain factors to consider: How long do they typically last? What is the difference between them? Are they easy to move? And is there a difference in quality or durability?

When considering these questions, I think it’s clear that both options have their merits. Chest of drawers offer an attractive look with lots of storage space. Bureaus often provide more variety in terms of design and size, plus they’re usually sturdier than chests.

Ultimately, the decision comes down to personal preference. Consider your needs and style before making any decisions – after all, this furniture should reflect who you are! Whether you go for a classic bureau or modern chest of drawers, you can’t go wrong as long as it fits your lifestyle and tastes.

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