Is Champion A Good Brand? (The Trendy COOL Apparel Brand To Wear)

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What Is The Champion Brand Known For?

Champion’s hoodies and track pants define street style. They combine timeless design with unique features for a look that never goes out of fashion.

is champion a good brand

If you’re looking for sneaker streetwear, you’ll find it in our shoe range, along with boots and hi-tops which will take your urban wardrobe from the streets to the beach.

Champion is a big deal. The best t-shirts, sweats, hoodies, and accessories money can buy. With over a hundred years of experience, Champion equips athletes and casual fans with the right clothes and gear needed to perform in and out of season.

Champion has been around for over 90 years and has become one of the most well-known and trusted names in sportswear. They have been there for every major sporting event and have provided our athletes with high-quality tracksuits, t-shirts, and other sportswear.

Champion also has a great range of accessories including hats, sunglasses, and bags.

As always let’s take a look at some of the best-selling Champion products and see what customers think about the brand and its products…

Champion Is A Good Brand For Hoodies

The following Champion product has an amazing 83% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars and it is an Amazon bestseller with over 32,334.

For generations, Champion has been crafting the best fleece hoodies around, and their latest, the Men’s Powerblend Fleece Hoodie, continues that tradition.

Made from a blend of cotton and polyester, the Powerblend hoodie is warm, soft, and comfy, but not as thick or heavy as a traditional fleece. The hood is basic, with no drawstrings, but it fits nicely and stays in place when you’re on the go.

Its soft cotton blend and Sherpa lining keep you cozy while you relax. This hoodie has a front pouch pocket to hold any belongings and ribbed cuffs and waist provide comfort. Keep this hoodie handy when you want to sport a laid-back look…


Champion Men’s Powerblend Fleece Hoodie


Champion Men's Powerblend Fleece Hoodie, C Logo, Black, X-Small

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Example of comments from Champion:

I originally purchased the Champion-brand workout shorts and muscle shirts for the gym. I was so impressed with the quality/price of them that I decided to purchase this hoodie for those cold days when I workout. I really love this hoodie.

  • I can’t believe you get this much quality for this low of a price.
  • In the past, I’ve paid much more for other manufacturer’s products only to find the quality wasn’t even close to the Champion brand.
  • The Champion brand hoodie fits beautifully. It is soft, high-quality fabric, sturdy stitching, and fits exactly like every other men’s large hoodie fits.
  • I tried 4 other brands trying to save a couple of dollars. Not worth it! These are the best. Thick, soft material!
  • The Champion brand is in the midst of a renaissance, I got this hoody for a great deal.
  • I’ve loved Champion brand gear for almost three decades now. Its commitment to providing quality products at affordable prices has never changed since I was a kid.
  • Classic sleek design and material put together so well it performs far and beyond any of the big-name brands like Nike or Underarmour.
  • Husband loves this brand. Nice & heavy, great for work & keeps him warm!
  • These sweatshirts were great but this brand always a good brand.
  • Love Champion brand sweatshirts and hoodies. Awesome, durable, very comfortable, and really warm.

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Champion Is A Good Brand For Sweat Pants

The following Champion product has a good 67% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars and it is an Amazon bestseller with over 30,014.

These Champion Joggers will take you anywhere. They feature a drawstring elastic waistband with a lightweight fit so you can stretch it out at the gym or easily pull them up and over your hips when they get caught on that tree branch while you’re out on your morning run.

These joggers are great for hiking, exercising, and lounging around the house and feature a 100% cotton construction for maximum comfort.


Champion Men’s Closed Bottom Light Weight Jersey Jogger


Champion Men's Closed Bottom Light Weight Jersey Jogger, Black, Small

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Example of comments from Champion:

Champion is a good brand. These athletic pants are lightweight and would be good for jogging, bicycling, etc. Has a nice elastic waistband and a built-in cord you can use to make them fit tighter.

  • I try to stick with tried-and-true brands like Champion.
  • The CHAMPION brand speaks for itself. You can’t go wrong buying these lightweight lounge pants.
  • I’ve worn these for a long time but tried a couple of off-brands for a couple of years. Won’t do that again, stick with Champion.
  • The elastic waistband is wider and stronger than any of the different brands I have bought over the past 20 years.
  • Prefer this brand. Nice and roomy. Thin enough to work out in and dries quickly.
  • The pants fit great Champion is a quality product and brand I trust for quality items. Would definitely recommend them to a friend. Great price too!
  • Always a good brand for sweatpants!
  • I like Champion authentic pants over other brands I have tried.
  • The brand name says it all -Champion.
  • I never tire of saying that this is an excellent brand.

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Champion Is A Good Brand For T-Shirts

The following Champion product has an amazing 80% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars and it has earned Amazon Choice status.

Once you try this classic-cut T, you’ll never go back to your old T-shirt brand again. The Champion Men’s Classic Jersey Script T-Shirt features a tagless neckline, which provides a comfortable fit and the classic styling ensures that it will become an old favorite in no time.

It also features our athletic fit which is great for your workouts and lounging around. Expect exceptional cotton softness and fabric durability that only comes with 100% ring-spun cotton…


Champion Men’s Classic Jersey Script T-Shirt


Champion Men's Graphic Jersey Tee, Purple, Small

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Example of comments from Champion:

Blast from the past. Back in the day Champion was just a normal shirt that moms made us wear because it was cheap. Now it’s the in thing to wear. All the kids have to have it.

  • Good quality. My son likes the Champion brand. Comfy clothing.
  • Fits as expected, good material, simple design. Never had a problem with this brand.
  • Fits well, this brand is becoming a fav of ours!
  • Champion is trending and I already received compliments while wearing it.
  • It was very affordable considering that Champion is very hyped right now.
  • Some t-shirts are thin and cheaply made, but Champion’s material is really nice and washes well.
  • We always love the Champion shirts. Comfortable but look great.
  • Thicker, trendy tee. Champion quality.
  • I purchased this for my 13-year-old and it was perfect! Champion is definitely a trend in her age group and this was a lot cheaper than others I have seen.
  • Champion never disappoints. It’s a favorite in my family. Amazon has great prices for Champion products. Never a disappointment when we order Champion products from here.

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Is Champion A Luxury Brand?

Champion is a brand that is well known for its athletic and workout gear. As a brand that produces high-quality apparel, Champion is easily considered a luxury brand.

Champion makes primarily clothing, but also produces shoes, bags, jewelry, and beauty products. The brand first started out as a shirt company, but as the times changed, so did Champion.

Champion is known for performance, innovation, and an impressive variety of products that have helped us become America’s favorite brand of athletic apparel.

Is Champion A Cool Brand?

Champion is a cool brand. You will notice in er comments how their kids must have this brand. It is on-trend and it is the brand to wear.

Champion is the original retro-cool brand with a long-standing heritage of making high-performance sports apparel for your everyday life.

From street style stars to influencers at the biggest fashion weeks, everyone is obsessed with Champion. The brand taps into pop culture, linking it with its heritage as a long-standing athletic brand.

Champion is iconic for a reason. When you step out in Champion, you’re wearing the accessory that everyone wants to copy, because no one’s wearing it better.

Within the space of a generation, this brand has had an amazing transformation.

The retro logo’s return is thanks to the brand relaunching its vintage line, a new generation of baby boomers starting to rock the famous ‘C’ and Champion’s recent collaborations with some of the biggest names in the fashion industry

Champion has once again become the standard of athletic apparel. With modern and classic cuts that fit just right, it’s all about recreating a look that’s on-trend and built to last. This is about more than just a brand, it’s a way of life.

In summary, it is difficult to find a brand that is more iconic than Champion. The brand has been around since 1919 and is known for putting out quality athletic wear.

Your kids are already wearing Champion sweatshirts and tees, but now that they’re in grade school, they should be wearing the brand’s athletic-inspired gear for the schoolyard.

In particular, look for Champion’s zip-up hoodies, which come in cool colors and are made from poly-cotton, which means they’re soft, breathable, and easy to care for.

Pair them with the brand’s track pants, a multi-functional garment that can be worn to the gym or as a layer for stopping the wind on your morning walk.

Champion has grown to become an internationally recognized brand, offering the highest quality athletic wear. The brand is dedicated to both the sports enthusiast and the fashion-conscious.

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