Best Cast Iron Skillet With Lid For The Money (Beautiful Colors)

If you are looking for the best cast iron skillet with a lid for the money then the Tramontina enameled covered skillet is the one to get…

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Tramontina enameled cast iron brings out the best of any meal. The beautiful, durable nonstick surface and superior heat retention are just two reasons why this range of cookware is a cut above the rest.

The Tramontina Skillet features a patented reinforced rim for drip-free pouring every time. Not only is it perfect for everyday cooking, but it’s also ideal for serving family-style from the stovetop to the table…

Discover Why The Tramontina Cast Iron Covered Skillet Is The Best Cast Iron Skillet With Lid For The Money!

Tramontina 80131/068DS Enameled Cast Iron Covered Skillet, 12-Inch, Gradated Cobalt

Tramontina 80131/068DS Enameled Cast Iron Covered Skillet, 12-Inch, Gradated Cobalt
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Here Is What Reviewers Had To Say About The Tramontina Cast Iron Skillet With Lid…


The Condensation Ridges In Lid Of The Tramontina Cast Iron Skillet Are Very Clever!


I love this pan. The lid IS heavy and that is what I think is so great about the way it cooks. Heat and steam stay in the pan and you won’t have moisture dribbling down the sides


  • I like the Tramontina design much better. The grooves in the lid make an enormous difference and the seal on the pots is much better.
  • It is like a deep 12-inch skillet with a lid and is great for everything.
  • Everything cooks sautes, and bakes beautifully with this enameled pan. Love having the lid
  • The lid is a great feature, and is really nice with enamel on the outside and well as the inside.
  • It’s not too small and with the lid, I can cover it to keep it a little longer than before.
  • It doesn’t have to pointy bumps on the inside of the lid, they are ridges instead.
  • The lid has ridges for “self-basting”
  • I love the fact that the lid has these grooves that create a self-basting feature that allows my meats to cook to perfection.
  • The heavy lid is also a plus as it makes the skillet a great baking pan.
  • It retains heat well and cooks evenly. With the lid on, food stays nice and moist.
  • Large heavy oval pot, lid makes a great seal.
  • The heavy lid seals in moisture.

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Tramontina Makes The Best Cast Iron Skillets!


I was looking for a large skillet that I could cook chicken breast with veggies, and other similar meals in. This is PERFECT for that. It is a great size. It heats evenly and I couldn’t love it more!


  • Well made skillet. This is my go-to skillet current.
  • Most cast iron skillets are rough but the surface on this one is the smoothest I’ve seen and high quality!!
  • The best cast iron skillet! Worth more than the price.
  • My husband has wanted a cast-iron skillet for a long time. He loves this one. It is very good for a glass top stove. Doesn’t scratch.
  • It changes everything when you cook with this skillet
  • Very good skillet it handles large family meals with ease.
  • What I great skillet! Tramontina is a really great product.
  • OMG! I love this freaking skillet! I have used this skillet almost every day since I bought it.
  • This skillet does wonders for steaks, chops, etc.
  • I’m pleased to say that in the 7 months I have been using these skillets they have performed beautifully and clean up well.
  • My new favorite skillet and must-have cooking item.
  • This skillet cooks like a dream.
  • A worthwhile upgrade from the traditional iron skillet.
  • Cast iron skillets are wonderful for cooking but difficult to maintain. This skillet is the best of both worlds.

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We Use This Dish For Everything – In The Oven And On Top Of The Stove… Love That You Can Fry, Saute, Braise, Roast, And Bake All In One Dish!


She loves how it spreads the heat when cooking and uses it on the stove top and transitions to the oven with no problem. 


  • Great skillet. I’m using it for virtually everything!
  • It can go from cooktop to oven.
  • Very versatile and much less expensive than some of the other “fancy” brands
  • Perfect for filet mignon. It also can go in the oven.
  • Awesome for stovetop to oven recipes!
  • I recently took my skillet to the beach with me for a month’s all-girls’ trip and we used it every day. The cast iron heats evenly and maintains heat well.
  • Heats evenly keeps food out of the grease and cooks like an outside grill.
  • I like to make a big breakfast in it – I cook the bacon, then my eggs, and then make a quick gravy out of the left behind fat – perfect over a couple of sizes of toast to round out the meal.
  • I also like to make pork chops in this pan, and last, but not least, cornbread.
  • Cast iron is the perfect way to make good and well-browned cornbread.

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In summary, durability, functionality, and control are the cornerstones for the Tramontina Enameled Cast Iron collection’s passion.

These pieces are ideal for cooking a wide variety of dishes; whether preparing appetizers, entrees, or desserts, and this Tramontina Cast Iron Covered Skillet is a very attractive and practical skillet with the lid providing extra options for cooking a variety of recipes!

The Tramontina Traditional line features the finest enameled cast iron cookware on the market today.

In general, enameled cast iron cookware is one of the most desirable pots and pans for cooking because of its heat transfer capabilities.

The thermal efficiency of this cookware is two to three times higher than stainless steel. Enamel on cast iron is more durable than conventional porcelain enamel because the cooking surface is fused to an aluminum core, penetrating into the metal, creating a completely sealed connection.

This produces a hard surface that prevents food from sticking or burning during cooking which makes cleaning a breeze.

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Here Is A Quick Recap Of The Benefits Customers Mentioned About The Tramontina Cast Iron Skillet With Lid!


  1. The Tramontina cast iron skillet has a very well-designed lid that is designed for self-basting.
  2. Many satisfied customers say this is the best-cast iron skillet with a lid and it is plenty big enough for family meals.
  3. It is oven safe and you can go from stovetop to oven with no worries.

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