Careismatic Brands: Healthcare Clothing, Footwear, School Uniforms

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Careismatic Brands is known for its healthcare apparel, footwear, school uniforms, corporate uniforms, and adaptive clothing…. In the healthcare apparel segment, Careismatic Brands is a market leader.

In addition to offering quality products for healthcare professionals, Careismatic also sells school uniforms to help students look smart while at school or university.

The company’s footwear collection includes comfortable shoes that help people who need extra support while walking or standing all day.

Their adaptive clothing line helps people with disabilities…. This brand is one of the first companies to focus solely on people with dressing difficulties.

Let’s look at 10 brands owned by Careismatic Brands and see what each one has to offer:

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1…. Cherokee

In the medical field, it is important to have quality clothing that will last you through your career as a nurse…. Cherokee offers high-quality medical scrubs that are comfortable and durable.

The best thing about Cherokee is the variety of their medical scrubs, nursing uniforms, and shoes…. You can find tops, pants, joggers, maternity, under scrubs, dresses and skirts, lab coats and jackets, and vests.

Cherokee Women Scrubs Top Workwear Revolution Mock Wrap WW610, L, Navy

All of these items are made with quality fabric that will last through long shifts in the hospital or clinic. The company also has a great selection of lab coats and jackets that come in a variety of colors to match your personality or style.

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2…. Allheart

Allheart is a fierce, feminine, far-from-ordinary medical apparel brand…. They believe in the power of a great outfit and the confidence that comes from feeling good in it…. That’s why their scrubs are designed with you in mind.

They’re made to be flexible and comfortable so you can move easily through your day without sacrificing style or comfort. They have a wide variety of brands that offer scrubs for every occasion: nurse uniforms, medical apparel, nursing shoes, nursing accessories, and more!

Over the years Allheart has expanded its product line to include Cherokee Workwear shirts and pants, Dickies work pants, Grey’s Anatomy scrubs, Healing Hands bandages and wraps, Koi compression socks, Landau scrub tops and bottoms, Med Couture scrubs and accessories, White Cross medical supplies, WonderWink scrubs and uniforms.

And they sell many other brands as well.

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3…. Dickies

Dickies Medical is the leader in scrub tops, pants, warm-ups, lab coats, and scrub hats. Dickies Medical is known for creating high-quality medical scrubs to keep doctors and nurses looking their best while they’re working.

They offer a wide variety of collections that are designed to meet the needs of healthcare professionals in all settings, from hospitals to clinics and even private practices.

Dickies Everyday Unisex 40 Inch Lab Coat, White, Large

Collections include:

  • Retro – New! – Clothing for Work That Matters
  • Advance – a New Twist on Scrubs
  • Balance – Scrubs That Strike the Perfect Balance.
  • Eds Essentials – Making Your Day Extraordinary
  • Dynamix – Inspired by Sport, Designed for the Way You Work
  • Eds Signature – Purpose-Built Apparel
  • Essence – Made for a Day as Tough as Yours
  • Gen Flex – Function Meets Fashion
  • Xtreme Stretch – Professional, Stylish, Always Flattering
  • Cancer Awareness – Show Your Support Fight for the Cure
  • Fashion Prints – Mix and Match
  • Industrial Laundry – All Purpose Everyday Scrubs
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4…. Infinity

Infinity knows that healthcare professionals need to look and feel their best…. With that in mind, the company has created a comprehensive collection of scrubs, lab coats, and footwear in women’s and men’s fits.

Infinity takes the best trends from athletic wear and adapts them to the healthcare environment…. The result is a line of comfortable, fashionable garments that help you look great no matter what day you’re having at work.

Cherokee Infinity Women Warm Up Scrubs Jacket Zip Front CK370A, M, Black

You can find a comprehensive collection of scrubs in women’s and men’s fits…. They come in a variety of colors and styles, including solid colors and prints.

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5…. Healing Hands

It’s no secret that healthcare professionals are often wearing scrubs for 12+ hours a day, so they need clothing that is comfortable and can stand up to wear and tear.

The Healing Hands collection is a line of scrubs that offers healthcare professionals the fit, comfort, and fashion they want.

Healing Hands Yoga Scrubs Top for Women Purple Label 2 Pocket V-Neck Women's Scrub Top 2245 Juliet Pewter L

The line features stretchy, breathable fabrics, extra pockets in the right places, and waistbands that stay up without pinching…. The collection also includes a range of styles that fit and flatter all body types.

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6…. Medelita

Medelita is known for offering a wide variety of medical uniform options that fit well, and are highly tailored, long-lasting, and flattering…. In fact, this brand is committed to providing premium, functional medical attire that you can feel confident in wearing every day.

Medelita offers lab coats made from high-quality fabrics that are stylish and comfortable as well as durable enough to withstand repeated washing…. Their lab coats come in a wide range of styles and colors so you can find one that suits your preferences and wardrobe.

Their selection includes traditional white lab coats as well as color options like red or blue so you can express yourself while still remaining professional!

The scrubs are made from soft cotton fabric with an elastic waistband and beige stitching around the neckline for added comfort and durability…. They’re available in sizes small through large so you’ll always find something that fits perfectly—no matter how much weight you’ve gained since last season!

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7…. Med Couture

Med Couture is known for its fashion-inspired medical apparel for women and men…. The company’s collections consist of a range of products, including scrubs, lab coats, shirts, pants, and more.

Med Couture Women's Peaches Collection Seamed Jogger Scrub Pant, Navy, Medium

All of the pieces are crafted from performance fabric that helps to wick away moisture and keep you cool during hot days on the job.

In addition to being comfortable and functional, each piece is also tailored to fit a wide range of sizes and shapes so that everyone can enjoy the look and feel of chic workwear.

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8…. Heartsoul

Heartsoul is known for its scrubs, lab coats, and innovative accessories like modular medical bags and packable jackets.

Heartsoul’s scrubs are made to help women feel polished, professional, and psyched to take on the workday…. They’re designed with high-quality fabrics that last season after season.

The line also offers a wide range of sizes—from XS to 3XL—so no matter your body type or how much stuff you carry around on a daily basis (and we all know how heavy those stethoscopes can get), they’ve got you covered!

HeartSoul Break On Through Women Zip Front Warm Up Scrubs Jacket HS315, S, Navy

Their lab coats are designed with the same attention to detail as their scrubs: they’re made with durable materials that won’t stretch or lose their shape over time…. And because they come in a variety of different colors and styles, you can find one that fits your personal style too!

And finally, Heartsoul also has accessories like modular medical bags and packable jackets so you’ll always have everything you need in one place—no matter where your day takes you.

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9…. Classroom

Classroom is a clothing brand that designs and sells school uniforms and other items to keep students and teachers looking their best.

Classroom Uniforms womens Juniors Hipster Scooter school uniform skirts, Khaki, 9 10 US

The company’s products are made with high-quality fabrics, modern design features, and protective technologies like stain-resistant treatments that ensure they’ll stand up to wear and tear during the school day.

Classroom’s collections are crafted with the belief that people deserve easy, effortless fashion options that are both functional and stylish.

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10…. Silverts

Silverts is known for its wash-and-wear garments…. The Silverts brand focuses on making easy-care garments that are resistant to staining, do not need special care or dry cleaning, and are durable enough to stand up to industrial washing and drying.

Their clothes are designed for maximum comfort and ease so that you can wear them without having to worry about whether they will hold up over time.

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