Breville IQ Kettle (Breville Variable-Temperature Tea Kettle)

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What makes the IQ Kettle unique is the patented variable Smart Temperature control, which allows precise and consistent water temperature to be independently set for different types of beverages. The five pre-set brewing temperatures for tea, coffee, hot chocolate, soup and broth, and instant noodles have been established by the teams of experts at Breville.

Whether you’re a tea lover or enjoy a fresh cup of coffee, the IQ Kettle takes your beverage to the next level. It accurately brews tea, coffee, and more–just choose one of the 5 pre-set brewing temperatures and let the IQ Kettle do the rest.

Made of durable stainless-steel, it includes a brewed volume window and cord storage in base for convenient use and easy serving. Plus, it’s designed with an elegant mirror finish that fits right into any kitchen.

This IQ Kettle has an intelligent one-touch switch that lets you set the temperature for your preferred beverage—ideal for coffee and tea. With a 1500W power base, the IQ Kettle offers fast boiling and an illuminated on/off switch so you can boil or keep warm with the flick of a switch…

Watch The Short Video Presentation To See All Of The Various Settings On The Breville BKE820XL Kettle

The correct temperature is crucial for making the best tea and coffee. In this video, Breville’s Adele Schober shows you all of the features and great functionality of the Variable Temperature Kettle…

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The Easiest Way To Make The Perfect Cuppa

The Breville IQ Kettle is an advanced kettle that combines precise technology with easy-to-use features, like variable temperature settings to brew the perfect cup at the perfect temperature. The intelligent IQ Kettle offers 5 pre-set temperatures for different varieties of tea: green, white, oolong, black and herbal.

The water temperature is also displayed digitally, so you can keep track of your water temperature inside the kettle. Innovative “fill time quick-jump” up to 99 oz takes just over 2 minutes. The removable scale filter is rinsed easily under running tap water. Every item that comes in contact with the water – from the ultra-safe concealed heating element to the tip of the spigot – is 100% stainless steel and food safe. Includes a Keep Warm function that tells you when the water has reached your selected temperature.

Simply choose your preferred setting and the kettle will automatically heat to the ideal temperature to deliver a consistent flavor and maintain those flavors in every cup…


Breville BKE820XL Variable-Temperature 1.8-Liter Kettle


Breville BKE820XL Variable-Temperature 1.8-Liter KettleClick the image to view on Amazon



Here Is WhatconsumersHad To Say About The Breville Variable-Temperature Kettle…


It’s The Best Water Kettle I Have Ever Bought


I really use different temperature settings when I make different kinds of tea or french press coffee !! Super sturdy and I’m a heavy user of a water kettle and that’s why I was willing to invest in a proper kettle! Highly recommended – and it’s so good looking design too!

  • This kettle looks great and works great. I’d recommend it to anyone looking for the best kettle available.
  • I love the lid opener. It opens so smoothly. So far this has been the very best water kettle I have owned.
  • This is a great kettle – the best one I’ve found to date. If you drink a lot of tea, this is the one to have. Looks/feels very high-end.
  • The best kettle I’ve ever owned. I absolutely love this kettle. Heats very quickly and precisely can hold the temp which is crucial for me, beep when hot, what’s not to love.
  • This is the best way to make tea and heat up water for a french press. Love it!
  • Oh yeah, and the tea I’ve made in the last few days is easily the best I’ve ever brewed! Yay!
  • I’m just coming in from buying a Breville for my parents – since I own one of these myself. I bought it in 2016 and it is the best kettle I have had. 
  • This truly is a quality unit and I think the best kettle on the market. I did other kettles but decided to stay with Breville.
  • There are many electric kettles to choose from but this one is hands down the best one on the market.

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Easy For Both Left Handed And Right-Handed People

The IQ Kettle goes beyond just boiling water. It’s so much more, it’s an experience. It is of premium quality, with a high-grade stainless steel finish and the smart functionality of IQ Digital technology. The design incorporates a strong, solid base to hold the powerful 1500 watt element, a cool grip handle, and an ergonomic pour spout for easy serving and cleaning.

The fill indicator is on both sides of the kettle body, making it both more visible and easily usable by both right and left-handers (very nice touch). When it’s time for a quick cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, the Big Easy IQ Kettle from Breville is here to help. You’ll love how fast it heats water and how easy it is to pour with a 360-degree swivel cordless base.

The see-through cordless body makes it easy to monitor the water level and fill with less contact to the hot sides. The IQ Kettle includes many great features that make this kettle so special. A clearly marked digital display shows the selected and actual temperature and keeps warm function allow you to keep your water at your preferred temperature until ready to serve.


  • This has a water level indicator on two sides for use by right or left-handed people.
  • She is right-handed and I am left, so the swivel works great for us, as well as seeing how much water you are putting into it.
  • What brilliant designs from Breville!! Since I’m left-handed, I like the blue light windows on both sides so that I can see the level.
  • Very easy to read the buttons and see the water levels (left or right-handed).

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Video 2 –  A Thorough Of The Breville BKE820XL Kettle

This video presentation of the Breville Variable Temperature Kettle was presented by the guys over at the following Youtube Channel – Seattle Coffee Gear and it pretty much shows you everything you need to know about this kettle and who it is for and who it isn’t for…

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Great For Making Different Teas And Styles Of Coffee

The IQ Kettle is the first kettle with pre-set temperatures that actually makes the perfect cup of tea and coffee the very first time. Simply choose the type of beverage you are making, enter the temperature, and press start! It’s just that easy. The IQ Kettle is complete with a stay-cool handle, covered water level window, removable scale filter, easy-fill lid, and one-button flip top. This hassle-free appliance is ready when you are; from heating up water for a cup of tea to a full 8 cup carafe for coffee.

The ability to set a target temperature for your French press or your green tea that is not just boiling the hell out of your water is a great feature.

Perfect for making both tea and coffee, this kettle is equipped with an IQ gauge that lets you monitor the temperature of the water. The kettle features stainless steel construction and a 360-degree base allowing for precise pouring. With a 2 quart capacity, it’s perfect for entertaining or just enjoying a cup.


  • It’s very convenient, easy to use and I love the variable temperatures for all my teas and matcha.
  • I can’t imagine living without this amount of ease when you want a cup of tea, hot lemonade, or need hot water for some recipes.
  • It heats water to different temps which is great since we drink lots of white tea and that needs a lower H20 temp than black tea.
  • For those who love tea, this is a must-have!!
  • It heats water in a blink and I love it for the different settings for different types of tea.
  • We use the pot to heat water for green tea, oolong tea, and french press coffee.
  • It makes life so easy to just press two buttons and get the perfect temperature water. 
  • I have been enjoying my Green Tea and definitely taste the difference with the temp-controlled water. 
  • It has settings for different types of tea and even comes with a book to tell you what temperature you want for different herbal teas.
  • Quiet, premium-looking, quick boil, great options for a green and white tea at lower temperatures hold temp.

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I Like Being Able To Select The Temperature–My French Press Coffee Is Perfect

Do you love coffee with your morning meal? Truly fresh-tasting coffee is easy to make. Whether you brew one, three or five cups, Breville IQ Kettle will make it simple. It features a large, blue backlit LCD display with advanced preset modes to ensure that your coffee is brewed just the way you like it.

I’ve become a bit of a coffee hobbyist and decided French Press is my way to go. This plus the fact that my three older kids and wife are into various types of tea convinced me it was time to go the path of a variable temp kettle.

With variable size options and auto-stop settings, getting multiple cups of coffee while not your entire pot is as simple as pressing one button.


  • We use the Aeropress to make espresso and the water cannot be boiling, so Breville’s “French press” setting is the perfect temp.
  • Heats water quickly but what I like the best is the multiple settings. I am making coffee in a French Press and it has the perfect setting just for that.
  • As for coffee, I use a French press and the lower temp setting also makes a positive impact on flavor.
  • I use the kettle to heat the water for my French press coffee maker. The kettle is quick, accurate, and dependable.
  • Works flawlessly…great for different types of tea requiring different levels of heat AND also great for myself and my french press coffee maker (has a level specifically for french press).
  • I’m obsessed with this tea kettle. My husband and I literally use it EVERY day to make French Press coffee. 
  • Amazing. This + French press = THE BEST home coffee set up.

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The Water Stays Hot Through At Least My First Couple Cups In The Morning, So I Don’t Have To Reheat

Boil water quickly whether you need a small cup or a big pot, with the power of IQ. The Breville BKE820XL IQ Kettle heats up to an eye-opening temperature of 210°F in just one minute to heat up to 1.7 quarts of water. And when you’re done boiling, the kettle’s secure-snap lid locks in the heat and keeps it contained so your water stays hot through at least my first couple cups in the morning, so I don’t have to reheat.

I wanted something for green tea, coffee (love the keep-warm feature), and for various jobs like making jello, hummingbird food, getting a jump on boiling a pot of pasta water, and filling the dishpan with hot water rather than letting the faucet run and waste water.

The Breville BKE820XL kettle is the perfect solution for busy people like you who want to make the best cup of coffee quick or the tea lover who wants to add a bit of hot water to their favorite leaves. Keeping your water hot and ready for when you need it is job one for this fantastic electric kettle.


  • This is a wonderful upgrade and the convenient “keep warm” feature adds convenience to dependability
  • It has a keep warm button so when you forget to go over and pour your tee, it keeps it warm so it lowers the time to get it boiling again.
  • There is a hold function that will keep your water warm at a constant temperature for 20 minutes, which is perfect for those days you’re rushing out the door.
  • I use it every day to prepare tea and keep water warm for dinner.
  • The keep-warm setting is quite helpful if you know that you will be making a second cup.
  • There is a hold button if you want to keep the water hot.
  • Love the different water temp choices and the Keep Warm function!
  • This kettle does just that and does a great job keeping the water at the temperature as well in case you chose to walk away while it was heating (given that you press the keep button).
  • I also love that I can push the keep warm button and for twenty minutes it maintains the temperature so I can get a second cup.

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The Hideaway Cord Feature In The Base Is A Clever Design Idea

A brilliant machine for making your favorite cup of tea or instant coffee! This kettle also comes with a concealed cord feature in the base that allows you to hide away the power cable.

We also like the lighted buttons that are easy for large man-fingers, hideaway cord feature, the fact that the base does not skid on the counter, and the plug with the big hole to easily unplug it with no strain on the power cord.

The IQ Kettle is designed with cool-touch handles and a stainless steel concealed element providing peace of mind when handling and pouring. The cord neatly retracts into the base for clean looks and easy storage, while the handy Keep Warm setting lets you enjoy a hot drink moments after the boiling cycle has ended.


  • The plug’s design (big hole for finger in the center) ensures that constant plugging and unplugging doesn’t put wear on the power cord, helping to avoid further problems or safety issues.
  • It has a separate stand that you lift the kettle off of so you don’t have to hassle with a cord
  • The fact that it has a corded base (rather than a kettle) means you’re not tethered to your outlet when you go to pour the water. 
  • It’s incredibly fast to get to boil and works exactly as expected. The retractable cord is great, as is the ‘hold’ option.

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Breville Makes Tea Life So Easy

Open your door to the world of boiling with the IQ Kettle from Breville. This sleek, high-tech kettle is designed with a concealed heating element that provides fully variable temperature control for any type of pour-over or tea preparation.

It includes smart features such as variable volume, extended boil setting, pre-boil alert, and temperature lock, as well as cordless 360-degree base rotation. Your tea and coffee will be ready for you when you want it, anytime. It’s so simple to use that even first-time users will feel great using it – just turn on the kettle and let it boil!

All products from Breville are good quality, easy to use and long lasting. I love the fact that there are different temp buttons for different teas.

Get your fix from black teas, herbal teas, green teas or even fine loose leaf teas with this Breville’s exclusive infusion selectors. Its innovative IQ system raises and lowers the kettle’s temperature to precisely their ideal settings, boosting the flavor in every cup.


  • I love being able to quickly select the water temp for what I am brewing and how fast it heats to the correct temperature
  • The temperature guide (buttons labeled “green tea”, “white tea”, “black tea/boil” and so on) make it extremely easy to decide on the temperature.
  • It is extremely easy to use, and you can use different settings for the different kinds of teas (which improves the taste of the tea).
  • The measurements are easy to read and this is ridiculously simple to use. 
  • Love the one-touch button to select the desired temperature. 
  • My wife loves it as it gives her a quick and easy selection of temperatures for various types of teas.
  • The markings on the outside of the kettle are clear and easy to read and it is super easy to use.
  • It is a simple process with uncomplicated options, making it easy to select.
  • The ease of the Breville makes it simple and easy to blend a perfect cup of tea.

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The Breville Variable-Temperature Kettle Is Close To Perfect – It’s Beautiful

The IQ Kettle is a smart, sleek, and stylish addition to your kitchen. With Variable temperature control, you can make the perfect cup of tea every time as well as a complete range of life-inspired features. A kettle that is not only stunning to look at but practical as well. With its clean lines, spill-proof spout, and brushed stainless steel design, the new Breville IQ Kettle is a sophisticated addition to any kitchen.

If you are a tea lover and enjoy using loose tea leaves don’t be put off by the price. This pot is beautiful and brews the perfect pot of tea.

Its beautiful brushed stainless steel finish gives the IQ Kettle a modern, elegant look that’s completely unique. With a 1500 watt element, you get superfast boiling for perfectly cooked portion-controlled family meals. The removable scale filter ensures every cup of tea stays tasting fresh and clean, and the variable temperature settings allow you to match the strength to the blend for the perfect brew.


  • The stainless steel is brushed rather than glossy and looks beautiful on my counter.
  • It also looks nice and can stay on our kitchen counters.
  • A beautiful and accurate Electric tea kettle.
  • Looks great on my counter and it pours smoothly.
  • This is an elegant, beautiful, well-thought-out machine. Definitely worth the money.
  • Beautiful design and effortless.
  • The kettle is also very beautiful and looks so posh on my counter. 
  • It’s also a good-looking appliance and we’re also Breville fans.
  • Highly recommended – and it’s so good looking design too!
  • Nice and modern and looks great on my kitchen counter.
  • It looks so sleek and modern in my room and I’m pretty much in love with this product.

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The Breville IQ Is A Great Gift Idea

The Breville BKE820XL IQ is a great gift for anyone who likes to entertain. It is a very user-friendly electric kettle that uses 100% purity, PTC heating technology. This technology means it heats the water quickly and efficiently, adding delicious flavor to your hot cup of tea or coffee.

Received this as a 25 year gift from work. Has worked excellent everyday with a family of 4 for 4 years now. Easy to use and love the big power safety plug. Considering buying another for a second home. Highly recommended!

The cordless design makes it a versatile choice for any kitchen countertop. Features include IQ Kettle Intelligence: The IQ Kettle automatically sets the perfect temperature for your selected beverage with just the push of a button; the Keep Warm function keeps water at the desired temperature for up to 30 minutes. Whether they love coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, the Breville IQ Kettle is a gift everyone will be glad to receive.


  • I purchased the Beville tea kettle as a Christmas gift for the tea lover in my life. She loves it.
  • I’ve given a couple as gifts since people see mine and want one.
  • It was recommended by a friend who also loves Breville Kettle. We use it every day and I’ve even given it as a gift. Great look.
  • I also gifted it to my daughters.
  • I’m coming up on four years of loving this kettle. I liked it enough that I have bought them as gifts.
  • I saw this kettle in a friend’s house (she received it as a wedding gift) and instantly loved the idea of the various temperatures.
  • We have given it three times as gifts.
  • I bought the kettle for my granddaughter’s high school graduation gift.
  • I received this kettle as a gift and adore it. 
  • My sister-in-law was visiting and she had to have one. We purchased another one and had it shipped to her house. Another happy Tea Drinker!
  • I think this would be a nice gift if you know someone who drinks a lot of tea or French Press, or someone older who might forget a kettle on the stove (this beeps when done and then shuts off automatically).

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This Kettle Is Great And Worth The Extra Money

Usually, you’d expect to have to sacrifice something when you’re buying a great product at a great price and we’ve done the opposite. It has all the features that you’re used to on a traditional kettle but with a modern twist.

I absolutely love this kettle, and I’m so glad I bought it at Amazon. The price is much cheaper than you’ll find elsewhere, and the free shipping is awesome. Definitely consider this Breville!

The Breville IQ Kettle is a fast, beautiful, and intuitive way to make the perfect cup of tea or coffee. The smart internal scale allows for accurate water measurement and intelligent temperature control ensures hot drinks are always served at the right temperature.


  • Yes, it’s more expensive, but this thing sits on my kitchen counter and I use it a lot, so I was willing to spend the extra money.
  • I knew it was expensive as I bought it, could have bought a cheaper one, but glad I spent the extra money on a quality unit.
  • Worth the money for this regular tea drinker.
  • One of my friends had this particular model. I decided to splurge and treat myself. My other one was just average. You will be glad that you spent the extra money.
  • It was exactly what we needed, love it, so easy! We are big tea drinkers and this was right up our alley, worth the price.

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Other Products That Complement The Breville Variable-Temperature Kettle!

Many consumers mentioned how well The Breville IQ works when using other products such as coffee grinders, French press coffee makers, and the famous Aeropress Coffee maker, so let’s have a look at these products as well…


Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

The Baratza Encore is the new generation of conical burr grinders for home use. The first thing you will notice about the Encore is how solid and well-made it feels in your hand. The intuitive interface lets you choose your grind setting with a simple turn, of the wheel. Choose from espresso, fine or coarse settings, or select the programmable auto-off function if you want to have your grinder stop automatically after your desired dose of coffee has been ground.

The Baratza Encore is a mid-range grinder. It’s small, but not too small. Well-built yet extremely affordable and by far the most durable grinder Breville supplies their customers. This machine can be used every day. It is perfect for the coffee enthusiast who wants to learn what it takes to grind superb coffee by hand. Or, if you have been using an electric powered grinder that just wasn’t efficient enough to consistently make good coffee, you will really appreciate what the Encore can do for you.

It features 40 individual grind settings, speed control to set the perfect grind and it accepts all of Baratza’s accessories, including 50mm and 58mm Coffee Gears. The Encore is sleek in design, small in size, and big on performance. Plus it works great with a wide variety of coffee brewing methods including French press, percolator, and automatic drip machine…



Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

Click image to view on Amazon


Grinds beans pretty fast. Coffee has been tasting fantastic since buying this; I’m coming from a blade grinder and had been using a manual burr grinder but have found the effort a little much for a daily coffee for two.

  • I checked multiple round-up and the overwhelming consensus that the Baratza Encore is the perfect marriage of inexpensive price and superior function.
  • Right out of the box, the grinds were more consistent and perfectly sized than what had been coming out of the old machine, and the shots were some of the best I’d pulled in quite a while.
  • I bought this because I use a french press almost daily and have been hand grinding beans.  This grinder has performed well and has a very consistent grind.
  • This is a solid, reliable, easy to use, and clean coffee grinder with precise grinds for every coffee type.
  • I have had one for 6 years that is still in perfect condition. 

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Bodum Chambord French Press Coffee Maker, 1 Liter, 34 Ounce, Chrome

Bodum Chambord is a stunning French press coffee maker with a 34-ounce heat-resistant glass beaker that is finished with borosilicate glass by hand. The new improved double-walled stainless steel lid on this model is lined with triple insulation and includes an internal silicone gasket for drip-free pouring.

Bodum’s French Press is a classy way to serve bold coffee and tea. The press has an insulated, heat-resistant borosilicate glass beaker and lid, a sturdy stainless steel frame, a chrome-plated filter to separate grounds from your drink, and a unique plunger that creates 10-12 cups of coffee or 8-10 cups of tea.

The three-piece mesh filter, made of stainless steel, provides extra protection against the heat and bitterness of coffee grounds, while still allowing the full aroma and flavor to infuse into your coffee…


Bodum Chambord French Press Coffee Maker, 1 Liter, 34 Ounce, Chrome

Click image to view on Amazon


One thing I can pass on is that BODUM is the best, sturdiest French Press I’ve found — not just the glass, but the holder. Others only have 3 feet and don’t lift the hot pot off the counter surface– and the metal is flimsy. BODUM’s THE BEST, honest!!!

  • This French press really works well and one of the best features is the filter.
  • I have used some French presses in the past where I end up with coffee grounds in my cup. Not the case with this one; nothing but smooth coffee.
  • The Bodum Chambord French Press Coffee Maker makes the best coffee on earth.
  • I visited a friend who used one of those fancy “french press” coffee makers I had seen years ago all over Europe and in the various coffee houses I walk by, and I am converted. The best darn cup of coffee ever.
  • The original and still the best!

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AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker with Tote Bag and 350 Additional Filters – Quickly Makes Delicious Coffee Without Bitterness

The AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker makes it quick and easy to brew rich, delicious coffee with minimal effort. This award-winning brewer uses standard coffee filters to make 1 or 2 cups at a time, or up to 4 servings when using the included travel mug.

By combining a vacuum brewer and a French Press, the AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker creates coffee that is rich, smooth, and flavorful. The patented design combines a unique air pressure brewing method followed by a gentle micro-filtering process to yield rich coffee with low acidity. This compact coffee maker allows for quick setup without the need for special filters or papers.

The combination of gentle air pressure and heat extraction result in perfect coffee without harsh bitterness, and cleanup is a breeze afterward. This vacuum-sealed AeroPress package includes a free 350-filter sample pack, plus a free coffee scoop and glass stirrer.


AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker with Tote Bag and 350 Additional Filters - Quickly Makes Delicious Coffee Without Bitterness - 1 to 3 Cups Per Press

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The AeroPress made coffee so good, so low acid that even my 13 year old who tried them both side by side agreed that the AeroPress made noticeably better coffee. I made 3 cups with 3 different coffees. There was really no doubt. This little plastic device makes the best coffee!

  • I love my Aeropress. I use it every day sometimes more than once because it’s seriously the best coffee ever.
  • Literally THE BEST coffee I’ve ever had.
  • By far the best coffee maker I’ve ever owned and I’ve tried most of them.
  • The coffee is smooth and delicious – the best I’ve ever had.
  • My husband hates coffee and rarely drinks it, but he will actually enjoy a cup of Aeropress coffee.

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In summary, the IQ Kettle is the smartest electric kettle you’ll find, equipped with smart features that make your morning easier.

The Breville BKE820XL Variable-Temperature certainly provides the quickest and easiest way to have the correct temperature required for the perfect cup of tea or coffee.

The temperature-adjusting base has five different settings; fill or boil water to the ideal temperature for Green, Oolong, Black, White, and herbal teas (185 F-190 F). The illuminated display shows time and temperature using a backlit blue LCD screen. A variable color-changing alert light will flash when water is ready. The power cord wraps around the bottom so it can stay out of your way while you pour.

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