Breville Toaster Oven – Best And [Most Versatile] Toaster Oven

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The name Breville says it all when it comes to superior quality, style, and practicality and Breville has done it again with their top-rated toaster oven that you can put to work to cook just about anything in it…

Its large capacity and advanced Element IQ technology means this smart oven bakes delicious cookies, makes gorgeous pizza, and roasts succulent meat to perfection.

It even alerts you when your dish is cooked perfectly thanks to the visual timers and sound alerts, so you can focus on something more important – like your guests!

Discover 11 Reasons Why The Breville Toaster Oven Is One Of The Most Popular And Award Winning Toaster Ovens You Can Buy!


Breville BOV800XL Smart Oven 1800-Watt Convection Toaster Oven with Element IQ


Breville BOV800XL Smart Oven 1800-Watt Convection Toaster Oven with Element IQ, Silver

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Here Is WhatconsumersHad To Say About The Breville Toaster Oven…


I Have Had Many Toaster Ovens Over The Years, And The Breville Is By Far The Best In All Aspects!


I was so scared to spend this much money on a toaster oven. I have no regrets! This oven does everything it says it will. I don’t even use my full size oven anymore. This unit heats up super fast, cooks evenly (and I mean *evenly*), looks beautiful and is one of the best ovens I have ever used.


  • This is one of the best kitchen appliances I’ve ever purchased.
  • The best Convention Toaster Oven out there for the price, Pure quality!!
  • Fantastic Oven, save your pennies and get the best.
  • One of the best kitchen appliance investments I’ve ever made!!
  • I rely on small ovens almost daily, and this oven is without a doubt the best product of its type that I have ever used.
  • If you are debating a new oven or thinking this would be a good present, stop thinking, it is the single best toaster I have ever seen and used.
  • This is the best toaster oven I’ve EVER HAD!!
  • We have always had some kind of toaster oven, and I’m not young. This one is by far the best all-around and I think it’s worth the extra money.
  • This is hands down the best toaster oven we’ve ever owned.
  • This thing is amazing. Hands down the best toaster oven we’ve ever owned. The volume is fantastic.
  • By far, the best appliance purchase I’ve ever made. It has exceeded our expectations 10 times over.

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This Is The Best Oven And The Term “Toaster Over” Does Not Do It Justice… It Is A Real Oven – Being That I Cook EVERYTHING In It!


This oven is still the oven of choice in my house now. I bake bread, casseroles, pies, cakes. Broil steaks, bake potatoes… well, pretty much anything and everything I would do in my full size oven.


  • I haven’t used my wall ovens once since I received it. Not only can it toast perfectly, but it also does everything else a wall oven can do.
  • This has to be the best small convection oven. I have never had a single problem with this unit and it is worth every penny I paid for it. I have cooked cakes, pies, bread, mac & cheese, potatoes, and sooo much more.
  • I’ve cooked everything from frozen DiGiorno pizza to rotisserie chicken. I’ve heated store-bought stuff like lasagna that says not to use a toaster oven but never had an issue.
  • The toaster part is fantastic, baking cookies is another big plus. I use my oven for everything that needs to be baked. 
  • Mine has cooked everything from brownies to fresh berry pie to a whole chicken, and it makes perfect toast!
  • Now we are using it more than the big oven, probably saving energy. Everything I have asked this oven to do, it does exceptionally well!
  • I use this for ALL my baking. I make cookies, cakes, hot dishes, and everything in between in this convection oven.
  • We make everything in it…cookies, brownies, toast, pizza, bagels, chicken, lasagna, chicken nuggets, reheat meals, pretty much anything you would bake/reheat/toast in a toaster, regular oven, microwave, or toaster oven.
  • Heats evenly and quickly and has so far cooked everything I’ve put in it as well as the larger oven on the stove.
  • Have baked, broiled, toasted with and without convection and everything has been perfect.
  • Wonderful countertop oven. Baked everything from classic apple pie to classic pound cake to glazed salmon. After preheating, the circular pizza baking sheet is excellent for baking from scratch pie crusts in Pyrex pie dishes as it helps brown the crust’s bottom.

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This Could Easily Substitute For A Range Oven If You Don’t Need To Roast Or Bake Big Things!


Has virtually replaced our traditional oven! We use this for anything that will fit. We baked a large chicken for Christmas, plus a huge cheesecake.


  • I don’t think we’ve used the regular oven since we’ve got it. 
  • It has replaced my oven for smaller chores.
  • I only cook for 2 people, and as a result, this toaster oven has completely replaced my regular oven.
  • True Alternative To A Regular Oven!
  • I believe it has been over a year since I have used a “regular” oven. .
  • Two friends have this model and rave about it. Finally, I bought one and I’m loving it. I haven’t used my regular oven at all since buying. 
  • Thanks to this little guy, we hardly use the regular oven anymore, unless we need to bake up a large batch of cookies or roast a turkey.
  • I find myself using it for just about everything. In fact, I think I only used my regular oven once last week.
  • In states where the summers are hot – this lets you bake without heating up your house to the extent that a regular oven does
  • We use it for everything from toast to main dishes. Works fantastic. We haven’t used the regular oven since.
  • It is so efficient, we don’t really have to use our regular oven. 
  • I bake practically every other day, either bread, brioche, cookies, pizza, cakes, etc. Roast & bake fish, lamb, chicken. I don’t even use my regular oven since purchasing this oven and it’s a delight having this little helper on my countertop.

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 It Doesn’t Heat Up The Kitchen Like The Regular Sized Ovens And It Takes Only 1800 Watts (The Same As A Good Hair Dryer!)


Since it’s energy efficient – I’m sure I’ll reap the benefits of a lowered electric bill – and not having to turn on a giant oven that heats up the entire house.


  • I’ve been using this almost daily for the past 3 weeks and it is wonderful to not heat up my traditional oven for my single portions.
  • This thing is wonderful heats up quickly does not heat up the whole house etc…
  • Not heating up the whole kitchen to bake a pie in the summer months encourages me to bake more often.
  • It’s much more convenient to use than my large electric oven and doesn’t heat up the kitchen.
  • There are just two of us and I was tired of heating up my whole kitchen just to brown a few tater tots.
  • I love this oven, and I am looking forward to using it quite often rather than heating up my large oven for smaller dishes.
  • The amount I save on electricity from using this vs walk oven, and on a/c from not heating the house up justifies the cost for me.
  • I call this a countertop oven, not a toaster oven, because it truly works like the big oven without having to heat up the whole kitchen (and take out all of the pans, etc. stored inside), especially a really small kitchen like mine.
  • Good capacity and saves us from having to heat up our large regular oven for the smaller and normal casserole, potatoes, etc.
  • The best thing about this oven is it doesn’t heat your kitchen up like a full-sized oven.
  • I live in Texas, so having something small that won’t heat up the kitchen is a must during the summer.
  • In states where the summers are hot – this lets you bake without heating up your house to the extent that a regular oven does.
  • I love this product. I use it instead of my larger oven. It was great during the summer months because it did not heat up the whole kitchen and still got the job done

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I Love How There Are So Many Preset Settings, Yet They Are All So Easy To Change To Your Own Preferences!


The best thing is that the unit’s presets are spot on, and when they do need tweaking the controls allow a high degree of sensitivity. Also, once you have your preset set, it stays that way even if you leave that particular mode…you go back to it and there is the setting.


  • I love the convection aspect of this oven and the presets make it so easy to use.
  • The pre-sets are very helpful and fairly easy to understand once you walk through them once.
  • I love the digital settings and the flexibility to change the presets
  • The preset selections for various functions are great. The controls are very easy to use and understand.
  • We are loving this little toaster oven! We are making homemade English muffin breakfast sandwiches, brats, toasted cheese sandwiches. I love the presets and it is really easy to clean!
  • It is simple, easy to use, quick, and the dials have great presets. It is stylish, built well, and a great addition to any kitchen.
  • The presets are perfect. I turn it on put it in and it stops when it’s done.
  • Controls are easy to use and most presets work well.
  • This has some terrific features that actually work and the presets are accurate. The convection is very quiet. Very happy with this purchase.
  • I love this oven! Good size. Very versatile. The presets are great! Cooks quickly and thoroughly. Easy to operate. Used frequently as an alternative for my large oven.
  • It cooks all my items perfectly and I love the preset options.
  • Numerous settings make it easy to choose a cook time, temperature setting, and method of cooking. Everything that is preset is adjustable. The dials are large and easy to use.
  • All of the presets are spot on and it cooks true to prescribed cook times on directions so far with great results!

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Just Set The Control And Timer Then Let The Oven Do The Rest!


I have done more baking than I ever have since owning this oven. It is so easy to use and the timer with the automatic shut off is great if you are not in the room to take it out of the oven right away.


  • It cooks up and warms up pizza fantastic. I made some perfect cookies in it too. I love all the timer options.
  • I even bought a second one for my mother because she is elderly and sometimes forgets to turn off the oven… With this oven, everything is on a timer so it is impossible to do that.
  • It’s very easy to use and cooks everything to perfection. The shutoff timer future is great.
  • All the functions are on a timer and you can easily change the cooking times.
  • Great oven. A great alternative to microwave. Set the timer and you’re done.
  • It is impossible to burn anything with the automatic timer and I have found baked goods are done faster due to the convection oven.
  • The timer shuts the oven off when it’s time to shut off, and if I forget to get the dish out it won’t overcook because the oven cools down quickly when it shuts off.
  • It has a timer that turns the oven off, regardless of what you are doing, so that you will not accidentally burn the house down by forgetting to turn it off.
  • We got distracted after dinner and forgot the pie was cooking until four hours later. But the timer had shut off and I pulled a perfectly baked pie out of the Smart Oven and served it warm to the crowd.
  • Preheating is a snap. And intuitive timer settings make it easy to heat your food to your taste.
  • The frozen store pizzas and small casseroles cook nicely, I love the timer because I can set the exact minutes for English muffins, bagels, raisin toast, etc.

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A Complete Video Walk Through Of The Breville BOV800XL Smart Oven!

This is a very well presented and thorough video where all of the settings for the Breville toaster oven are shown and explained along with all of the various features…

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Probably The Most Important Thing About The Breville Toaster Oven Is Its Quick Pre Heating And Consistent Oven Temperature!


With having teens this comes in handy for dinners and quick after school snacks that require heating. I LOVE my Breville toaster oven and it has exceeded my expectation more than I ever thought.


  • Quick things like chicken nuggets using the convection we get super crispy pieces.
  • Even cooking, quick pre-heat compared to a regular size oven and I love the magnetic pull-out feature for the middle rack position.
  • One of our favorite quick meals/snacks to make is flatbread pizza, and the 13″ pizza pan is the perfect size for it.
  • We find we are using it all the time. Quick heat up time. Everything comes out perfectly.
  • I find this really convenient as it heats really quick & super easy to cook smaller stuff.
  • It has worked flawlessly with daily use. settings are easy to use, heats up quickly, and doesn’t stay hot for long after you turn it off.
  • Does everything quick and well… almost don’t need a large oven!!!
  • Warm-up time is very quick and the temperature seems to be very accurate and smooth, with no “hot” spots in the oven.
  • The preheat time is so quick, and then before you know it, you’re food is cooked and ready to eat.
  • Great size & quick heating – this little oven can fit more in it than you’d think.
  • The quick heat-up time and convection works really well. because of this, I routinely bake goods like cookies and pizzas.
  • We use it instead of a microwave and we use it instead of the oven 90% of the time. It’s quick, consistent heat, and gives things a great crisp.

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 I Have An Oven, But Frequently Default To My Breville For Convenience And To Keep The Kitchen Cooler During The Summer!


I love it because it’s multifunctional, convenient, easy to use and can handle everything from bagels to meatloaf. I like it so much that I’m giving away our toaster oven and toaster because this oven is sufficient.


  • This product has simplified our lives and made cooking so much more convenient.
  • The preheat time is short making it very convenient to use instead of heating up the big oven.
  • I find this really convenient as it heats really quick & super easy to cook smaller stuff.
  • The included 13″ pizza pan is very convenient.
  • It is simple to use and my kids love the convenience. It looks great too.
  • But this toaster oven has so many convenient features I have used practically all of them in the short time I have had it.
  • The food roasts bakes and warms evenly and I LOVE the convenience.
  • I haven’t done much baking in it, but the convenience factor alone makes it worthwhile.
  • This is an amazing toaster oven with all the conveniences of a more expensive unit.
  • I needed something to handle the simple toasting of products as well as the convenience of a small oven so I wouldn’t have to fire up the big oven for small items.
  • This unit, with all its functions, makes cooking totally convenient.
  • I love cooking with this oven! Easy, Fast, and just downright convenient to use.
  • It serves my purpose because it is more convenient, less labor-intensive, and more economical than my conventional oven.
  • Fits nicely in my kitchen on a cart. It is so convenient when you are cooking for one and don’t have to turn on the oven.

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This Countertop Oven Is Very Durable, Super Easy To Clean, Lots Of Features, It Regulates The Temperature Very Well And It Looks AMAZING!


It looks nice on my counter and really doesn’t take up that much more room than my original toaster oven.


  • It’s also very attractive sitting on the counter. I recommend purchasing the companion cutting board that sits on top of the oven.
  • This thing is beautiful on my kitchen counter.
  • It also has great lines so it looks nice on your counter.
  • I have used the Breville oven for the past month and have observed a quicker warm-up, easy selection of cooking options, ease of use, and attractive addition to my countertop.
  • It looks adorable on the counter.
  • I put it on the counter and everything about it says HIGH QUALITY.
  • It looks great on my kitchen counter.
  • Easy for even the pre-teen kids to use. Looks great on the counter.
  • Major pluses are the very roomy interior size, the availability of size-appropriate accessories, the ease of the interface, and the looks of the oven on the counter.
  • I like the way it looks on the counter, too – very nice!
  • This Breville oven was a great choice! It looks nice and modern on my counter-top. 
  • Looks nice on the counter and not overly sized. So many cooking options!

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I Have Purchased Several Of The Breville Toaster Ovens As Gifts, That Is How Much I Like It!


Bought it for my brother as a Christmas gift. So sweet and appreciative is my brother that he had to tell me all the reasons why this was such a great gift… I found myself experiencing a serious case of small appliance envy.


  • Best purchase I ever made! I bought one for each of my daughters WELL.
  • I liked this toaster oven so much, I even gifted one to my parents for the holidays.
  • Ours is now a year old and I am buying a second one as a gift for my mother.
  • This was purchased as a gift for our children. We have had an identical one for several years now. Ours is still working great!
  • Love, love, love! Got this as a Christmas gift and it’s the best gift ever. I never knew how much I would have needed this until I got it. I use it every day!
  • This was a Christmas gift and I’ve used it multiple times each day for the past week.
  • My husband and I gave them as gifts to 1 of our daughters and also to our daughter-in-law last Christmas, they liked them so well that I had to have one too.
  • This was the best apartment gift I could have given my daughter to get started on her own. It will last for years.
  • I chose this oven as a gift for my 90-year-old mother.
  • It makes a great gift for anyone. Forget the cheap toaster oven!
  • I’ve given a few away as gifts. Raves all around.
  • When I’m buying what I consider a decent gift this is what I buy. I’ve gifted 4 in the past few years and everyone loves it.

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The Breville Toaster Oven Is Excellent Value For The Money!


I have had many toaster ovens over the years. I finally figured I should shell out a little more money for a high quality one. I have brought Breville products in the past and have never been disappointed. This toaster oven is definitely worth it!


  • Great Oven, worth the extra money!
  • A premium toaster oven that’s worth the money.
  • I don’t mind spending more money on a superior product and that is what this Breville is.
  • If you like form and function, this is worth the money. This became more than a replacement. Took us to a new level.
  • It’s also a little expensive, but it’s definitely worth the money. I looked at cheaper toaster ovens, and none of the ones I found had anything like the feature set this one has.
  • Granted, the Breville Smart Oven cost more but in my opinion, it’s well worth the money.
  • BUY this one… don’t waste money on cheaper items.
  • I don’t part with my money easily but I bought two of these. One for the motor home and another for the house. I’ve used one of them for more than a year now and have no regrets about the purchases.
  • Don’t waste your money on inexpensive toaster ovens that don’t work very well.
  • I bought a second one for our cabin because the one we have at home works so well. 
  • AWESOME!!! Definitely worth the few extra bucks over the ones in the $100-$150 range!
  • The extra money translates into MANY more options/functions for cooking/baking/broiling/toasting!
  • This unit has already pretty much replaced our 4 slice toaster AND our traditional big ‘ol oven! Easier. Faster. More energy efficient! It worth the money many times over!

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In summary, the Breville BOV800XL Smart Oven 1800-Watt Convection Toaster Oven is one of the most raved about and highest-rated toaster ovens on the market today.

As with all Breville products it oozes class, quality, while the versatility and practicality are simply amazing.

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