20 Things Customers Love About Breville Infuser Espresso Machine

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The Breville infuser espresso machine is rated as one of the best and with good reason. The Infuser features Breville’s unique dual-wall filter which restricts the flow rate and resists clogging…

The result is a rich crema with intense flavor in every cup of espresso. The flavor is further enhanced by the helical brewing system, which helps compress and extract flavors from finely ground beans.

One of the most loved features is the pressure gauge that allows you to quickly learn how to make the best espresso…

The Breville Infuser Espresso Machine Comes With Everything You Need For Perfect Espresso Shots!


Breville BES840XL/A the Infuser Espresso Machine


Breville BES840XL/A the Infuser Espresso Machine

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Here Is WhatconsumersHad To Say About The Breville Infuser Espresso Machine…


20 Things Customers LOVE About The Breville Espresso Machine!


I love our Breville espresso maker, and great customer service as well. We’ve had this machine for about 2-3 years, and have loved the espresso it makes. For a home machine it is really good.

  1. I love how you don’t need to ‘temperature surf’ with this machine, it automatically cools itself after you steam milk.
  2. love the PID options on this model. 
  3. I love the fact that they have a water filter to help protect the pump from calcium buildup.
  4. Love the wand too, the water spigot is great for an Americano so you don’t have to use your kettle.
  5. love the fact that we can adjust how long a shot pulls and once we got the grind dialed in we get the most amazing espresso shots.
  6. LOVE the hot water dispenser and the fact that I can push a button for a shot, walk away, and do whatever and not have to watch it.
  7.  It warms up very quickly and love the automatic features (being able to walk away while it’s brewing and shutting off when I inevitably forget to turn it off).
  8. After 2 weeks of using this machine, I just LOVE everything about it. I love the amount of crema and also my friend’s big eyes when they first see it.
  9. I love the Breville brand because I have several of their products.
  10. love the cappuccinos I make, and they are so delicious, I find myself finding coffee-shop cappuccinos inferior at this point.
  11. I love making lattes with this machine! It gives great shots!
  12. love the pressure gauge– instant feedback on how well your extraction is progressing.
  13. I love the storage on the unit and the pump seems to work really well.
  14. Love that it has pre-settings for quick, easy use, or I can manually adjust or program to customize for my preferences.
  15. LOVE that it holds and fills the porta-filter so I go straight from grinding/filling to tamping then brewing.
  16. love the look of this machine. Compact size, attractive and will fit well in any kitchen.
  17. Very consistent performance. Love the programable shot feature and all of the included extras.
  18. This machine has given us coffee shop quality espresso drinks! I love customizing my lattes.
  19. It’s also really easy to operate and I love that you can re-program the one- and two-shot volume to draw your own size of a shot.
  20. We love our Breville! It was very easy to learn how to use andLOVE all of the great little features like the hidden tray for supplies and the magnetic holder for the tamper.

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TIP: How To Get That First Good Good Shot Of Espresso!

If you have never used an espresso machine before it can take a few days to a week of experimenting to get the espresso shot the way you like. The following video titled – Beginners instructions using Breville Infuser or Barista Express, walks you through the process so that hopefully you will be able to make the perfect espresso from day one!


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I Get Compliments On The Results And It Tastes As Good As The Best Coffee Houses In The Big Cities- And Far Better Than Starbucks And Run Of The Mill Shops!


Went from the Breville 800esxl to the Infuser and the upgrades they have done over the years are substantial. I love the PID options on this model. You can pull 4 different shots at different temperatures and really taste the difference.


  • Excellent crema and taste.
  • This is my first Breville machine and it is awesome! The coffee and steamer make the best tasting and creamy foam I have ever had on a home machine. I use it 4-5 times per week and it works flawlessly.
  • The way it pressures the espresso without making it taste burnt is great.
  • Very easy to use and espressos taste great! Lattes, flat whites, and espresso just perfect. Very glad I picked this one.
  • Since I got this I’ve been able to enjoy the taste of coffee again.
  • Oh my, I cannot believe how much better a cappuccino tastes in this! Was not expecting that.
  • Wow, great espresso. No comparison to my old unit. Tastes just like Starbucks but better because it doesn’t cost four dollars a cup.
  • My perfect pulls taste EXACTLY like coffee-shop quality (at least to me).
  • I can make a Caramel Macchiato and it tastes and looks better than Starbucks. ISN’T THAT WHY YOU’RE WANTING AN ESPRESSO MACHINE?
  • Let’s face it, most of you are wanting lattes and cappuccinos that taste good so you don’t need to spend five bucks a day at the coffee shop. YOU WILL NOT GET THIS KIND OF QUALITY WITH CHEAP MACHINES.
  • This machine is expensive, but at least I feel like I’m actually getting good espresso out of it and I have zero desire to return to another coffee shop when I can make it just as good at home.
  • The coffee produced is excellent. The first time I made a double for my piano teacher, a die-hard Starbucks fan, she said: “OMG! is this what coffee is really supposed to taste like?”
  • I’ve had a few espresso machines and tasted the product of many more and in my opinion, this is the best one under $1000.

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The PID Temperature Control And Especially The Pressure Gauge Are A Must—the Pressure Gauge Gives You Feedback To Adjust Your Grind, Tamping Pressure Or Coffee Volume For Consistent Espresso!


I didn’t think I would care about the pressure gauge, but after a couple of shots, I know why they included it. It really has helped me hone my grind and tamp to get the shots in the right zone.


  • It ensures you are grinding and tamping properly and that the espresso is wetted correctly and maintains both the right pressure and the right temperature for ideal extraction.
  • The pressure gage on the machine responds to even tiny changes in grain size or tamp-pressure.
  • I purchased the Infuser over the Bambino mainly because it has a hot water spout and pressure gauge, which the Bambino was missing.
  • The pressure gauge is very useful for consistency and quality so you can duplicate your favorite results.
  • I really like the pressure dial feature because it helped me identify the precise grind and tamping pressure I needed to get a consistent pull.
  • The pressure of the water/steam is controlled by the machine. It is amazingly repeatable & scientifically-precise.
  • I appreciate the meter showing the pressure so I can see how well I ground the beans.
  • Too fine a grind creates too much pressure with the coffee struggling to pump out and too course is not enough pressure and the taste is too watered down. The meter is a nice guide and a teacher!
  • It makes an amazing espresso, and the pressure gauge helps to dial in the grind like a pro.
  • The pressure gauge on the front is a very useful feature when learning how to fine-tune your shots as it helps you hone in on the perfect balance of grind and tamp.
  • It’s beautiful. It’s sturdy. The best part is the gauge that shows you the level of pressure of the pull so you can manage the level of your grounds. Thick delicious crema and the milk frothing is superb and fast. I’m delighted.

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The Breville Is The Best Home Espresso Machine For The Money!


I’ve had this machine for about 8 months and it is a great machine for the money. Easily better than the Gaggia Dual Boiler and hands down beats the equivalently priced DeLonghi. It also comes with everything you need to get, except the cups and coffee (for which I highly recommend fresh roasted beans).

  • If you’re looking at other machines then expect to spend at least another $20 on a tamper (usually about $50), $20 on a milk jug and thermometer for steaming milk, and cleaning supplies.
  • This is the greatest and well worth the money.
  • I couldn’t recommend this machine more highly. For the money, I could not imagine getting a better machine.
  • This is an absolutely fantastic home espresso machine for the price.
  • It’s well worth the money the crema is frothy and thick.
  • This machine is so well thought out, so feature-packed, it’s a great mid-range machine. You can’t beat the price, either.
  • I have used this every day saving tons of money by not going out for my coffee.
  • This is a great machine, great coffee, and well worth the money
  • For the money, this is the best espresso machine you can buy!
  • The best money ever spent! We LOVE this machine!!! Easy to use and makes the best cappuccinos!
  • So for me, the fact that it is working after a year of my constant use, at the price, and the QUALITY OF THE COFFEE!
    This is well worth the money. To get my total dream machine, I think it is in the thousands of dollars.
  • The amount of money we save from not buying at coffee shops as frequently has paid for the machine more than once.
  • No more coffee stand expenses this small investment is saving me a ton of money!!
  • I have my coffee shop at home and I can do all my favorite drinks saving tons of money and seal with bad coffee around the city!
  • Best espresso machine for the money. I’ve used it nearly every day for 7 months now and haven’t had any issues.
  • Saves money without any sacrifice! It’s a pleasure to wake up in the morning to a freshly made latte made for pennies, not $4 plus tax. Highly recommend!

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The Breville Home Espresso Machine Is Packed With Great Features!


It also has some other nice features like easier cleaning with a tablet, a convenient built-in handle for the water reservoir, and a way to ensure the drip tray does not overfill. But the quality of the espresso it produces is the real reason to buy this machine.


  • The mug warmer actually works great and is a feature I enjoy, which was a surprise to me since I’ve never had warmed mugs and didn’t particularly feel like my life was missing heated cups.
  • I also was able to program how much espresso should be pulled (a convenient feature). Steaming/frothing milk was easy.
  • This machine (owned for 4 months) has so many more useful features compared to Rancio Silvia V3, at less cost.
  • I like the quality and features of the Infuser, and greatly appreciate the selection of filters that come with it.
  • The hot water feature is incredibly useful for heating up cups, making hot cocoa, and diluting an espresso shot if you choose.
  • One of my favorite features is the front gauge. It really helps dial the grind and lets you know ahead of time to put a little more muscle in ur tamping or not to over-tamp.
  • Features I like are modifying the amount of expresso per shot, to get even 2 ounces each time. I also like how you can change the temperature of the expresso up or down 2 degrees, I think there is an 8-degree range.
  • I use the hot water feature often for a quick cup of tea.
  • All the features work wonderfully. The water reservoir is solid. The clean notification light and the cleaning process both are great.
  • There are all sorts of neat design features on this, including a magnetic hold for the tamp, parts storage behind the drip tray inside the machine, a floating “clean me” feature on the drip tray, automatic single or double shot button, etc.
  • I spent a lot of time researching espresso machines and decided this machine had the features I wanted.
  • The ease of use is great, with the built-in features make it a breeze to use. 
  • Breville packs a lot of features in a reasonably sized unit.
  • This unit was only two inches wider than my previous but has three times the water storage and a storage bin, behind the water tray for the extra pieces and coffee pucks, and storage for the cord.

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Recommended Accessories And Other Products!


Breville Espresso Machine Cleaning Tablets and Filters – 2 Gram Espresso Cleaning Tablets – Replacement Water Filter


Breville Espresso Machine Cleaning Tablets and Filters - 2 Gram Espresso Cleaning Tablets - Replacement Water Filter - Espresso Machine Cleaner Accessories by CleanEspresso (20 Tablets + 6 Filters)

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I was really happy to find this bundle. Honestly you don’t do this cleaning or filter change that offer so I didn’t want to buy a ton of stuff. This was just right. And the charcoal filter in my opinion is better and I can taster the difference. You can definitely count on another purchase when I run out.


  • I use to work for DB for years so I know how important it is to keep your coffee machine clean as it not only prolongs the life of your investment but also makes your coffee taste so much better! I clean and decalcify every 2 months.
  • Easy to use. Good value and coffee taste a LOT better when the filter is replaced.
  • Perfect for my coffee maker – get it all at once and not have to search everywhere.
  • This kit has what you need to regularly maintain your machine. Works well, and for everything you get, it’s a good value.
  • These espresso cleaning tablets and filters are exactly what I needed for my Breville barista express! Great quality tablets and filters and most importantly… AFFORDABLE.

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Breville BCG820BSSXL The Smart Grinder Pro Coffee Bean Grinder

While it is not a necessity some customers also purchased the Breville grinder as one customer phrased it… I bought the Breville grinder with this unit and recommend purchasing both together!


Breville BCG820BSSXL The Smart Grinder Pro Coffee Bean Grinder, Brushed Stainless Steel
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This grinder changed my coffee game. DANG. It made a profound difference — being able to dial in the grind specific to whatever device you’re using to brew was a super game changer.


  • I do love the options for grind settings. The grind comes out even and precisely. I really notice a difference in the taste of the brewed coffee.
  • We can’t even put into words the difference this grinder has made to our coffee.
  • I was stunned by the differences between our old grinder and the Breville. It truly makes fresh ground coffee a no-brainer.
  • Before this, I was drinking watered-down flavorless coffee and now it’s amazing at the difference.
  • I never guessed how much better the coffee would taste.
  • There is simply no comparison. I simply did not know that a coffee grinder would make such a difference in flavor. 

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In summary, the Breville BES840XL/A Infuser Espresso Machine is an excellent option if you are looking to venture into the world of making your own espressos.

The Breville infuser espresso machine is compact yet has plenty of features including features much larger machines do not have.

This brand also features on my best coffee machine brands list found here… Best Coffee Machine Brands: Good, Excellent, & Amazing Brands

It is very popular, highly-rated, and once you get used to the settings makes excellent espresso, lattes, cappuccinos, or any coffee you prefer.

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