6 Brands With Penguin Logo

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Everyone likes penguins, they are awkward on land, superfast in the water, and look cute and dapper wearing what looks like a tuxedo. Penguins portray a sense of friendliness and adventure.

The most recognized brand that has a penguin logo is Original Penguin however there are a few more companies using the penguin in their logos so let’s look at them…

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Original Penguin – Original Penguin was founded in 1955 by Abbot Pederson. A sportswear icon was born from the most unusual of places: a delayed flight, whiskey, and a stuffed penguin named Pete.

At some point during the flight, and after another cocktail or three, he accidentally knocked the head off Pete the Penguin. A stewardess on board the flight wrapped a necktie around the Penguin’s neck and quipped ‘He would look good on a shirt which led Pederson to embroider this character on his new shirts. An Icon was born.

Today, Original Penguin is a global lifestyle brand that encompasses all things casual and active with an emphasis on quality materials, fit, and style.

The Original Penguin brand has many different lines including Original Penguin Swimwear, Bags and Accessories, Men’s Clothing, and Women’s Clothing. The company also offers shoes for both men and women including sneakers and boots as well as sandals for women.

Penguin Swiss Clothing Penguin Swiss Clothing is a good clothing company because they are known for its technical clothing for powder enthusiasts. They have a large selection of bottoms, jackets, and tops that are designed to help you stay warm and dry while you’re out on the slopes.

It’s got everything you need to be ready for anything—from skiing and snowboarding to kayaking and biking—and it’s made with a focus on performance, reliability, and durability.

Of course, penguins are used to withstanding cold, tough weather conditions and so a penguin logo is very apt for a company selling apparel for such conditions.

The great thing about this brand is that it was founded by powder enthusiasts who know what they’re doing. They’ve been skiing their whole lives, and they know how important it is to have a reliable ski jacket or snowboard jacket that will keep you dry and warm during your favorite activities. That’s why they make sure their products are designed to keep up with even the most intense conditions.

The Kind Penguins – The Kind Penguins is a clothing brand that does so much more than make you look good. They are committed to organic clothing and sustainable art to help you be kind to people—and the planet.

Their logo? A penguin! Because penguins are the cutest animals on Earth (sorry pandas), but also because they are known for their fidelity and loyalty. The Kind Penguins strive to be like those loyal birds: always there for you when you need them most, even if it means standing up against some pretty fierce competition!

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Penguin Publishing Group – Penguin Publishing Group is a good book publishing company because of its quirky, creative character.

The “quirky” character of the penguin is a quality the company shares, and it shows in its logo. The penguin in the Penguin Publishing Group logo wears a bow tie and carries a book—a classic look for anyone who has ever been to a formal event.

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Linux – Linux is a good company because it’s well-suited for all types of server applications.

Linux is committed to open-source development and has more than 16 years of experience in this field. The company uses cutting-edge technology to create custom solutions that are tailored to your needs and budget.

The Linux logo is an adorable penguin. This animal symbolizes the freedom and independence that the company strives to offer its customers.

Tencent QQ – The Tencent QQ logo is one of the most well-known logos in China. It’s a penguin, and it’s also an emoticon. This image represents the global reach of the platform—it can be used anywhere in the world to send messages and connect with friends across borders or continents!

When Tencent QQ launched it was the first instant messaging software service and web portal developed by the Chinese tech giant Tencent. The company has since expanded its offerings to include gaming and social media services—but they’re still best known for its chat platform, which has millions of users worldwide.

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