6 Reasons Why Avalon Bottom Loading Water Dispenser Is A Winner

The Avalon Bottom Loading Water Cooler dispenses 3 temperatures of water: cold, cool, and piping hot…

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With a capacity of up to 1.5 gallons per day, you can conveniently keep water on hand at the office or in your home throughout the day. The sleek dispenser features a stainless steel exterior finish and bold black accents.

The water dispenser looks equally as good in your home kitchen or in office environments…

With The Avalon Bottom Loading Water Dispenser… You Can Instantly Get Hot Water For A Cup Of Tea, Drink Cold Water, Or Get Room Temperature Water!


Avalon Bottom Loading Water Cooler Water Dispenser – 3 Temperature Settings – Hot, Cold & Room Water


Avalon Bottom Loading Water Cooler Water Dispenser - 3 Temperature Settings - Hot, Cold & Room Water, Durable Stainless Steel Construction - UL/Energy Star Approved
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Here Is What Reviewers Had To Say About The Avalon Bottom Loading Water Dispenser…


Cooling And Heating Temperatures Seem Ideal… Hot Enough To Make A Steaming Travel Mug Of Tea… Cold Enough To Feel Like It Came From The Fridge!


The cooler is very nice looking and the 3 water temps are wonderful. The cold is really cold, hot perfect for tea, and room temp – well exactly that. Much easier and much nicer looking to have a bottom load cooler.


  • Three temperatures are great.
  • I like the fact you can turn off the heater–I myself, don’t need the hot waterside. It has a room temperature selection which is kinda neat. We use that more than I would have thought.
  • The cold water is the perfect temperature.
  • With no bottle showing and having hot cold and room temperature, it’s just perfect and very smart.
  • The product itself is exceptional. It has great features such as the HOT, ROOM & COLD water temperature dispensers. The HOT comes out instantly, as does the COLD.
  • IT provides HOT, room temperature, and COLD, water… HOT and COLD capitalized on purpose. It works as designed and I’m purchasing another one to use at work!
  • Heats up water quickly and has an added step dispense so you know you are getting hot water. You can also get room temperature water. 
  • The hot water temperature is easily hot enough to brew tea.
  • We love the hot, room temperature, and cold features.
  • Very cold water which is what we like in our hot summer months.
  • Hot water for tea in the winter.
  • And room temperature for coffee.
  • We love the fact that this water dispenser gives instant hot water, room temperature, and cold water on demand!
  • It dispenses delightfully cool water, toasty hot water, and room temperature water.
  • The hot water is so convenient when we make tea!
  • It saves us the time of putting the kettle on.
  • Even the cat loves the refreshing cool water from this water cooler!
  • I enjoy having three temperatures to choose from.
  • It’s easy to take my hot tea on the go.
  • I quickly get my hot water from the dispenser instead of boiling it and place my teabag inside my cup.

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With The Convenience of The Avalon Water Dispenser… Everyone In Your Family Will Drink More Water!


The difference in the amount of water I drink with a water cooler in my office is amazing. I also drink less soda, even though I have some in the fridge right beneath my water cooler


  • My goal was to drink more water. (Live in AZ, it is a job!) When you can stop messing with refrigerating water, it gets much easier.
  • This has made our lives so much easier to make sure we are drinking enough water. The kids love it. We love it.
  • Kids are drinking more water (10 and 8 years old)
  • We drink tons of water because of this gadget.
  • This has met my expectations – drinking much more water now.
  • Great dispenser, well worth it. I find kids are drinking more water with this dispenser.
  • I love everything about this. The bottom load is nice and my son is always drinking water now.
  • No more fridge full of 16 oz water bottles.

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I Love The Way I Am Able To Fill Up The Water Without Having To Lift It Up And Just Place It At The Bottom!


My favorite feature is that I no longer have to lift that heavy bottle of water and then have to tip it upside down on top of the cooler. I hated that! With this water cooler, you just slide it in to the bottom cabinet and insert the tube. Easy! 


  • Bottom load so that you just slide the bottle in and out… no more lifting bottles up awkwardly and splashing water all over the walls! 
  • The bottom loading feature is very convenient.
  • Bottom loading water is convenient.
  • I like the fact that it is a bottom loader.
  • Two main features that attracted me most to this model were- bottom loading and 3 temps (hot, room temp, and cold).
  • Very nice water dispenser, I love how it’s bottom-loading so no more back strain loading water jugs.
  • Easy to load the 5 gal bottles on the bottom. No need for heavy lifting anymore. 
  • I love that I can now load my own bottles with the bottom load feature.
  • It being a bottom loader makes it easy to replace the 5gal jugs and it saves so much money.
  • Much easier and much nicer looking to have a bottom load cooler.
  • I really like our new water dispenser. It is bottom loading so super easy to replace bottles. 
  • This machine is easy to set up and runs like a dream. The bottom load makes it super easy to use. No splashing or heavy lifting.
  • It also is easy to load the bottles into the bottom.
  • This is the first time I bought a bottom loading cooler. I was always afraid it wouldn’t get all the water out of the bottle. BOY WAS I WRONG! This thing gets every drop of water.
  • It is so much easier to load than all of the top-loading coolers I’ve owned in the past.
  • Now that I’m older and disabled I wasn’t able to get the bottles up to the top so I thought why not try this one. I no longer have to ask someone to load the water for me. I can do it myself with no problems. By far the best cooler I’ve owned.
  • It is easy to install and the 5-gallon water bottle just slides into the bottom and the tube goes all the way to the bottom and will drain all the water with only a few drops left when empty.

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The Unit Is Exceptionally Quiet And Only Runs To Replenish The Hot Or Cold Water Just Used – The Lack Of Noise Was Very Important To Me!


My favorite feature of this water cooler is that out of the 4 different ones I’ve used in the last 2 years this one is whisper quiet. Whether its dispensing into your cup or a refrigeration cycle is kicking on it’s definitely the quietest appliance in my home.


  • It runs very quietly.
  • The cooler is quiet and easy to operate.
  • It is quiet in all modes.
  • The Avalon is very quiet, dispenses water at a good, steady flow, and receives 24oz water bottles easily.
  • It is quiet and works perfectly.
  • Easy to use very quiet bottom loader looks nice.
  • Very quiet with a good water flow… would recommend to anyone.
  • Super quiet water cooler. This is just what we needed and for an affordable price.
  • Easy for us to load/replace the bottle and the machine is very quiet.
  • I love this water cooler. It looks nice, it’s quiet and it works perfectly.
  • It doesn’t need a big space. So quiet, early alarm for low water level. excellent.
  • Sleek and quiet, love the easy to load function instead of lifting and flipping the bottle.
  • It’s never noisy just sitting there and chilling/heating water, which was my biggest annoyance with past units from competitors.
  • Aside from when it’s re-filling the upper tank after running out, mine is dead silent.
  • This one is ABSOLUTELY SILENT! There is not so much as a hum.
  • It is near silent, which is nice for my small office.

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Most Of All I Love The Little Night Light The Avalon Bottom Loading Water Dispenser Has!


I love the night light switch in the back, and option settings if turning on and off hot water to save energy


  • The night light is a nice touch.
  • There is also a convenient light, and a third tap for room temp water.
  • The added light is a plus for late-night water trips.
  • Enjoy the night light setting.
  • The nightlight is perfect for late-night use.
  • Easy to use and it has a night light feature.
  • I love the storage for the water, the night light, and the fact it has on-off switches for cool and hot water.
  • Very sleek looking, and the light is efficient to fill your drinks at night.
  • The night light is a great feature and I especially like that it can be manually turned off.
  • What’s really cool is a night light feature, which can be turned off during the day if one so desires.
  • The night light is one of their favorite features and is bright enough for them to see even in the darkest conditions.

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It Is Nicely Designed Water Dispenser And Sleek Looking!


I Loooooove my water dispenser so much! It’s sleek, not bulky, no drips after the water come out, and works Perfect!!!


  • An absolute pleasure to deal with customer service and the unit looks gorgeous in my kitchen as it matches my stainless steel appliances, win-win!
  • Enough room between the spill catcher and spigot to easily fill something taller like a travel mug.
  • Nice modern look.
  • This is probably one of the nicest looking water dispensers I have ever had or even seen I love the way I am able to fill up the water without having to lift it up.
  • It’s really nice looking. We have it in the kitchen and everyone that visits wants to know where we got it and wants one of their own.
  • The stainless steel and black look of the unit is very professional for a work environment.
  • A plus on this is that it looks good. My old 20+-year-old machine was ugly looking but did the job. This one does the job and looks good too.
  • The wife likes it because it hides the bottle underneath and it looks nice.
  • This water cooler looks amazing and sleek. Fits well with other stainless steel appliances.
  • I also like the way this looks in my dining room, it was easy to set up, and I like that there are three temperature options.
  • Looks great in black n silver as it matches my kitchen perfectly.
  • Subjective to my opinion, it looks very nice.
  • It’s a lot nicer looking than the ones with the ugly alien fluid module top-mounted units.
  • I love this water dispenser and as an added bonus, it looks great in my kitchen.
  • It’s beautiful and modern looking.

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In summary, the Avalon water dispenser will provide you with clean filtered water at the touch of a button.

This Avalon Bottom Loading Water Cooler Water Dispenser is an excellent bottom loading water dispenser!

It features three temperature settings so you can select your preferred drinking option. Features hot, cold, and room temperature water with three temperature control, which allows for easy customization of the water output.

The cold fresh and lukewarm functions include adjustable LED lights for convenience. The Avalon is reliable and dependable, making it an attractive addition to any office space or large workgroup.


Here Is A Quick Recap Of The Benefits Customers Mentioned About The Avalon Bottom Loading Water Dispenser!


  1. The Avalon 3 Temperature Water Dispenser has 3 temperatures so you can have cold water whenever you want, make an instant hot cup of tea, or have a room temperature setting.
  2. Having fresh clean water readily accessible with a water dispenser will result in your family including the kids drinking more water.
  3. A big plus for the Avalon Water Dispenser is the bottom loading feature. No more lifting heavy bottles.
  4. The Avalon water dispenser runs very quietly.
  5. It has a handy night light for those late-night cups of water.
  6. The Avalon is nicely designed and looks good in your kitchen or professional looking in your office.

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