Best Electric Boot Dryer For Quick Drying (Is PEETS A Good Brand)

What Is An Electric Boot Dryer?

An electric boot dryer is an electrical device that provides the answer to the problem faced by many of us who get our feet wet or muddy while out in the countryside. The electrical heating element is located inside the padded chamber and does not affect the outer material of the boot. It works just like drying your hair and takes two hours to completely dry one pair of boots.

The best electric ski boot dryer

One of the best electric boot dryer brands is PEETS and if you will be amazed at how well it keeps your boots dry and eliminates yucky shoe odors.

With the PEETS electric boot dryer, you can start living a life with no more wet and smelly shoes or boots…This electric boot dryer with a fan will dry your footwear quicker and is ideal for skiers, soccer moms, or anyone that lives in wet areas.

It can dry ski boots, gloves, cleats, waders, boots and shoes of all kinds, and more…

9 Reasons Why The PEETS Electric Boot Dryer Is So Highly Rated By Consumers

PEET, Advantage 4-Shoe Electric Express Shoe and Boot Dryer


PEET, Advantage 4-Shoe Electric Express Shoe and Boot Dryer

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Why Is This Boot Dryer So Popular With Reviewers?


I’ve used Peet Dryers in the past and I like this one the best. It doesn’t get hot like past models I’ve used and it has a timed shut off which I really like. I can turn it on at night and wake up with dry boots in the morning without worrying about burning my house down. I use it primarily for ski boots.


  • It is the best boot dryer I have ever seen. I have put my oilfield boots on it and my kids his shoes on. It has always worked very well.
  • Works great! Happened to buy it this winter – it’s been used a ton during the record snow in the North East. It is the best purchase I have made in years!!!!
  • This thing cranks. I use it weekly for snowboard and motocross boots. I also use it to dry pants that hang above the machine. Best drier I’ve owned.
  • We are a ski family of five and use boot dryers at least twice a weekend from November to April. The Peet is the best dryer out there.
  • This is the best PEET product with four young children in the family!
  • Works great best boot dryer ever!

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Boot Dryer For Waders

  • I received the dryer the day before I left on a North Dakota duck hunting trip. The dryer with the extensions worked very well on my chest waders. I had dry waders every morning. Very happy so far with the PEET Dryer.
  • We have 4 people who hunt and have everything from hiking boots to waders. We can dry 2 pair at a time if needed or 1 pair of boots and 1 pair of gloves with the attachment I bought
  • I can also dry one pair of waders with two pairs of extensions.
  • Great product I have this and one for duck hunting waders.


Boot Dryer For Boxing Gloves

  • I use mine for boxing gloves!
  • Great for boxing gloves! Nobody likes dropping the coin for this, but it will pay for itself making your gloves last longer. And they won’t smell as bad.
  • I purchased this specifically for my boxing gloves!! Works great!!!
  • Does a fantastic job of drying out our boxing gloves between classes. I like that it has a timer.


Boot Dryer For Cleats


Not sure why I didn’t do this sooner. Not only can you go through fewer soccer cleats but your kids should have healthier feet (no more putting on wet shoes).


  • This works great for stinky cleats, tennis shoes, and boots. Came highly recommended by a Mom of 3 boys who all play football.
  • Whether the cleats are soaked from rain or sweat we dry them out. Keeping them dry definitely combats that stinky cleat smell that lurks in the mudroom.
  • This was a splurge that has turned out to be a value as it saves expensive leather cleats from being damaged via overdrying.
  • We live in the Pacific Northwest and it is WET. My children play soccer and we were replacing cleats often as they never dried out and it was destroying the shoes. This has been a lifesaver and well worth the investment as we are saving on replacing sports shoes.
  • Bought two of these for everyday use in my house. We use it for soccer cleats, baseball cleats, water boots, hunting boots, and winter gear. Works perfectly and without issue.
  • This machine is amazing! No more stinky shoes in our family...especially soccer cleats!
  • Love this! I use it for my boy’s lacrosse cleats, lax gloves, and elbow pads. Perfect for after lax games if I wash and need them dry by the next day practice. I spray the cleats with a shoe deodorizer and then put cleats on the boot dryer. Wish I had known about this years ago.
  • We have three boys in our household and this dryer takes care of their boots and stinky football cleats.
  • Great for football helmet and cleats after practice. Keeps the stench out. Don’t wait, buy it right away!
  • This a fantastic tool. It’s used almost every day in our home to dry cleats and baseball shoes.
  • Love this! Purchased football cleats and football gloves. Dries them very well. The great features are the heat or no heat options as well as the timer.

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Boot Dryer For Cowboy Boots

  • This is truly amazing! My husband wears steel-toed boots at work and cowboy boots most days and this works wonders on getting rid of the stinky smells associated with both! I love that it has the capacity for 2 pairs of shoes and it is relatively quiet.


Boot Dryer For Quick Dry

  • Got it since the drying time was quick.
  • Works great as a dryer and I also use it as a quick warm-up for my boots on very cold mornings.
  • It gets your wet shoes and gloves dry pretty quickly.
  • I highly advise everyone to purchase this product if you are in any kind of wet conditions. The product does EXACTLY what it says, and, quick too!
  • Kid’s boots and gloves dry fast. It drys gloves better than the dryer, which usually leaves fingertips damp.
  • Awesome! Fast-drying really helps with the stink!
  • Dries wet boots/sneakers fast and somehow eliminates the smell.
  • It dries my running shoes and our winter boots fast.
  • Love this product! Dries boots fast! I buy this for my clients who buy a house in the mountains. All parents of sports kids should have it also!!
  • Very happy with this boot dryer. Love the timer on it and that it dries the boots fast.
  • Dries exceptionally fast and my husband loves it.

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Boot Dryer For Ski Boots


Bought these for drying ski boots after long wet days in the PNW. They fit both my kids ski boots (one is functionally adult size, the second is mondo 23), turn them on for the maximum time period- 240 mins and they’re dry.


PEET, Advantage 4-Shoe Electric Express Shoe and Boot Dryer

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  • I purchased this to dry our ski boots – this is a must if you ski multiple days.
  • We bought two of these for our ski lodge and people love them. Even if your stuff isn’t wet, it is nice to have a warm pair of gloves and boots to put on!
  • I have three of these, a must for living in the mountains and skiing with kids.
  • We bought this for drying out ski gear and have been very happy with it. It’s used every weekend with no problem.
  • Everyone’s favorite gadget at ski condo. We have 9 people every year and we usually get all the boots and gloves dry by morning.
  • I bought this for my husband’s ski boots. The boot’s interior is dried very quickly.
  • Works great!! We use it for snow ski boots and gloves, an excellent product.
  • Perfect for drying out hiking boots and ski boots!

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Helps To Eliminate Shoe And Boot Odor

  • As a bonus, the drying seems to prevent the awful, “cat urine” odor that some athletic shoes seem to develop after getting wet in everyday use.
  • Several years ago I started throwing my shoes on this dryer every day when I got back from the gym and it eliminated the odors and makes my shoes last longer.
  • It drys my helmet and shoes well and leaves no odors. It’s very simple to use and works great!
  • Works like a dream and helps keep shoe odor down.
  • WOW works like a charm best thing to control sneaker odor, shoes smell new in 40 min.
  • The wet shoe odor is gone!


Boot Dryer With Fan

  • This model, which has a fan, dries much faster than the original PEET dryer. I use it to dry my cycling shoes and gloves at work after a rainy commute and they’re both nice and dry when it’s time to ride home.
  • Bought this PEET electric boot dryer for my son, who works in wet conditions all day, boots dry quickly because of the fan.
  • This is a MUST have you will love it.  The fan on this one is very quiet and makes a major difference in the dry time.
  • Dries Hockey gloves, goalie gloves, and skates very fast. Heat setting and fan setting are both great options.
  • I picked this dryer because of the option of using heat to dry wet boots quicker. The fan is a must if you’re going to wear the boots several days in a row.


Boot Dryer With Timer

  • The timer on this dryer is nice to have and the option of heat/no heat drying is a great feature.
  • It’s quiet and gently circulates air, this model has a heat/no heat switch and a timer.
  • There is a timer on it, which is nice because you can just set the timer and not worry about having to remember turning it off.
  • Easy to use put your boots on set the timer warm or cold and forget about them they will be dry when you get back.
  • Plugged it in and set the timer. It was wonderful.
  • Will never be without one of these PEET dryers. The timer with heat is the way to go.
  • It offers either air or heat drying, you set the timer in 10-minute increments and let it go. No more setting the shoes outside to dry.
  • Love the timer set up and the choice of hot or cold air.
  • The drying time for soaking wet boots is about 2 hours and the fact that you can set a timer and just leave the boots and dryer is great.
  • It dries everything great and the timer is a great feature!!
  • Paying extra to get a unit with a timer and heat options was so worth it because I can set it and forget it on the nights when we come in late.
  • The dryer is very nice with the bonus it helps lull me to sleep with the soft noise it makes. The timer is a must.

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In summary, the PEETS 4-Shoe Electric Express Shoe and Boot Dryer are ideal for anyone who needs to constantly dry boots however it is the greatest thing since sliced bread for families.

If you have kids who play sport and they wear cleats this thing will quickly become your best friend.

Skiers love this boot dryer and it comes with a timer and a fan.

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