Body Solid Review: Is It A Good Brand?

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Is Body Solid a Good Brand? If you’re diving into the world of physical fitness and setting up a home gym, one brand that might have caught your eye is Body Solid.

Is Body Solid a good brand?

With the rising trend of people wanting to exercise in the comfort of their homes, many are on the hunt for the best gym equipment, and Body Solid often comes up in the conversation. So, is Body Solid worth the hype? In my opinion, absolutely!

The Body Solid Leg Press/Hack Squat machine is a testament to the brand’s commitment to quality. It provides a robust and smooth leg press and squat experience, targeting the human leg muscles effectively.

Whether you’re into weight training or functional training, their diverse range, from the Smith machine to the Body-Solid Pro Power Rack w/Bench OSB300S, has got you covered. Their dumbbell sets, cable machine (not to be confused with an electrical cable), and pull-down equipment also speak volumes about their dedication to exercise enthusiasts.

What sets Body Solid apart is not just their top-notch exercise equipment but also their thoughtful design that caters to various exercise routines. Whether you’re looking to do a leg curl, leg extension, or any other specialized workout, they’ve got a machine or bench tailored for it.

Body Solid Is A Good Brand For Freeweight Gyms

Body Solid Is A Good Brand For Freeweight Gyms

The following Body Solid product has an excellent 74% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

The Body-Solid Leverage Gym with Squat Attachment takes advantage of physics by applying increased resistance when legs are further from the fulcrum (in this case, your hips). By applying leverage to your work out, you will burn through more calories in less time.

The SBL460P4 free-weight leverage gym is a great addition to your gym because it provides you with everything you need–free weights, dumbbells, and leg press–in one place. That’s not all, however. The SBL460P4 is also the first parallel squat attachment that is compatible with the Olympic-style flat or decline bench, as well as the first bench in the world that has a side-to-side incline adjustment.

The Body-Solid SBL460X Leverage Gym features a Smith Press, lat pulldown, and cable crossover stations. With the capability to add on additional weight and strength training equipment, this gym has everything you need for an effective workout.

The Smith Press allows users to perform squats, leg presses, shoulder presses, calf raises and standing military presses…

Body-Solid SBL460P4 Free-Weight Leverage Gym with Squat Attachment and Olympic Leverage Flat Incline Decline Bench

Body-Solid SBL460P4 Free-Weight Leverage Gym with Squat Attachment and Olympic Leverage Flat Incline Decline Bench
  • Body-Solid is a leading manufacturer of innovative strength training equipment, weightlifting accessories, and functional training systems.
  • Their products deliver affordable quality to consumers, allowing existing at-home users to get even more from their workout while providing novices a means to participate in and acquire knowledge about strength and conditioning through top-tier machines.
  • Body-Solid draws on decades of experience – accumulated through thousands of hours spent in the industry – to guide the design process, ensuring that every product they manufacture looks great and functions flawlessly.
  • You will have everything you need at home to build strength and endurance in your entire body.

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Body Solid Is A Good Brand For Multi Stack Gyms

Body Solid Is A Good Brand For Multi Stack Gyms

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The following Body Solid product has a MIND-BOGGLING 100% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

Body-Solid’s G9S Two-Stack gym is one of the most versatile, multi-purpose home gym sets available. It can be used for weight training, plyometrics, and cardio, and can be used as a commercial gym for workout areas and storage. The G9S Two-Stack gym is a great way to get in shape and stay fit at home.

The G9S Two Stack Rev with the G80 & G93 Iron Grip Olympic Bars has all the features you need for both traditional free weight exercises and pre-stack equipped movements like smith machine, pully machine, leg press and squat. This machine will give you every opportunity to accomplish your fitness goals in the comfort of your home or commercial gym.

This all-in-one system offers upper and lower body muscle development, and amazing exercise versatility with a fully scalable weight stack…

Body-Solid G9S Two-Stack Gym for Weight Training, Home and Commerical Gym

Body-Solid G9S Two-Stack Gym for Weight Training, Home and Commerical Gym
  • The new design of the G9S Home and Commercial Fitness Gym utilizes a two-stack weight system for users.
  • This revolutionary design allows for optimal spacing between large and small weight stacks for better exercises.
  • The upright area is divided into two sections with the small stack on the right and the larger on the left.
  • Each of these sections can be adjusted independently utilizing pin-select technology which provides nine different weight settings.
  • This provides a total of 18 different exercises that can be performed on this one unique piece of equipment.
  • Enjoy the fitness benefits of using a fully loaded resistance-training facility right in your own home.
  • This model also features an integrated V-shaped pull up bar that accommodates the widest variety of exercise applications.
  • Technically advanced and athletically appealing, the G9S brings pure performance and value to your home gym performance while delivering a total body workout solution you can both see and feel.
  • The Body-Solid G9S Personal Gym is a cost effective commercial quality, multi-function exercise training machine.
  • The G9S Home Gym features an innovative weight rack that allows users to work out using a handlebar or free weights, two different selectorized machines, three different cable based machines and also includes an abdominal exerciser.
  • The Body-Solid G9S provides a total body workout that requires no electrical connection and can be built anywhere.

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Body Solid Is A Good Brand For Single Stack Gyms

Body Solid Is A Good Brand For Single Stack Gyms

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The following Body Solid product has a good 66% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

In the home gym world, it can be hard to find a balance between quality and price. There is always a compromise, where one element suffers and another is compromised. But for the money you pay, the Body Solid BSG10X Home Gym by Powerline is a well-rounded, compact gym that delivers on all fronts.

The gym is made of steel and is very heavy, weighing almost 200 pounds. And it is not just designed for one type of exercise either: you can do upper body and lower body workouts with the weight stack. And the gym is not just a stationary piece of equipment either: it can be moved around easily almost anywhere, even in a narrow hallway.

The convenient BSG10X home gym packs strength-training, toning, and cardio into one space-saving package. An innovative 160-pound weight stack supports leg extension, arm curl, chest press, low row, high row, and more-suites for upper and lower body workouts…

Powerline by Body-Solid BSG10X Home Gym with 160-Pound Weight Stack for Upper and Lower Body Workouts

Powerline by Body-Solid BSG10X Home Gym with 160-Pound Weight Stack for Upper and Lower Body Workouts

  • Seize control of your surroundings with the Powerline BSG10X home gym.
  • The new look of Powerline incorporates timeless design and durable construction that is built to last for years to come.
  • The durable frame is made from steel while the pulleys have been crafted from high-grade aluminum.
  • This home gym features a 160-pound stack that is made from solid cast iron, a reinforced heavy-duty nylon pulley strap, and a horizontal cable crossbar designed to withstand more than three times its rated weight capacity.
  • Precision engineered for maximum comfort and quality, Body-Solid BSG10X home gym is great for full upper-body workouts.
  • It features a 2-position, high-quality padded bench with back support, plus all the attachments you need to perform an effective workout.
  • The BSG10X from Body-Solid is a complete home gym system that allows you to perform upper and lower body exercises with high intensity.
  • With plate weights included, this package offers everything you need to get started and achieve your goals.
  • The BSG10X provides you with exactly what you need to begin a successful strength training program.
  • If you are just starting out, the BSG10X will assist you in building a solid foundation of strength and muscle.
  • If you are already into fitness and sports conditioning, the BSG10X will let you add more variety and intensity into your current workout.
  • Whether building or maintaining your ideal body type or just being fit for overall health, the BSG10X is the perfect choice.

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Body Solid Is A Good Brand For Functional Trainers

The following Body Solid product has an AMAZING 81% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

The Powerline PFT100 Functional Trainer Cable Machine is a total body-weight training solution that features a cable column with an adjustable pulley system for over 200 exercises targeting every muscle group. Stack weights to work your major muscle groups or select the integrated body-weight option to tone without added bulk.

The Powerline PFT100 comes with a pair of 160-lb. (peak weight capacity) integrated weight stacks. The training system mimics the natural, free-weight exercise movements of the arms, shoulders and upper body along with the lower body’s ability to balance your entire frame.

The PFT100 High-Function Fitness Machine includes dual 160 lbs. weight stacks to fully leverage the power of cables and deliver dynamic, free weight motion for maximum toning and strengthening of the entire body in virtually any workout…

Body-Solid Powerline PFT100 Functional Trainer Cable Machine, Dual 160 Lb. Weight Stacks

Body-Solid Powerline PFT100 Functional Trainer Cable Machine, Dual 160 Lb. Weight Stacks

  • Enjoy the convenience of home with this Powerline PFT100 Functional Trainer.
  • It offers all of the same functionality of a high-end gym at a fraction of the cost, allowing you to power through your workouts at your leisure.
  • The cable machine’s simple design makes it easy to use, even with no assembly required.
  • Each workout is simple and effective, allowing you to stay in shape for years to come.
  • Get the Powerline PFT100 functional trainer today, and strut your way to a better body.
  • This multi-functional machine features a power sled, Multi-Gym accessory station, leg pulley, leg extension/leg curl combo, and an abdominal crunch/leg raise combo.
  • Everything you need for toning and strengthening every part of your body so you can enjoy the journey of fitness.
  • Utilizing exercise principles and equipment movements, the Functional Training system strengthens your body in virtually every functional movement.
  • The Powerline PFT100 includes a pulley system with revolving handle, premium quality chain that is easy to grip with hook grip and over-sized vinyl-dipped handles.
  • The PFT100 Functional Trainer is the perfect machine to perform high intensity cardiovascular workouts.
  • Whether training for sports performance or just looking to get in the best shape of your life, this functional trainer utilizes different positions, handgrip placement, and foot position to work your whole body.

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Body Solid Is A Good Brand For Elliptical Trainers

The following Body Solid product has an excellent 76% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

The Body-Solid Elliptical Trainer is a powerful, commercial strength machine engineered for the demands of your home. Standard features include an extra high 11″ to 16″ elliptical motion with no-slip pedals, oversized stride length, and double-sealed precision ball bearings that promote smooth motion for hours of continuous workout.

The fitness Body-Solid elliptical trainer is a portable 3-in-1 device for the home exercise which can be used as a step machine and as an inversion table. It is foldable so it can be efficiently stored when not in use. Well, you are what you eat, so eat right and exercise regularly.

The rear drive features large 12″ wheels and a fixed front wheel for smooth movement on all floor surfaces…

Good Fitness Body-Solid Elliptical Trainer

Good Fitness Body-Solid Elliptical Trainer (BFE2), red

  • The Body-Solid elliptical trainer is designed for maximum performance and comfort. It features a quiet, high-torque, direct drive motor that will power users through a 15-20% incline.
  • The speed and incline are independently adjustable as are the dual pedal resistance settings.
  • You can also vary stride length easily with eight position adjustment settings.
  • The Body-Solid E1000 elliptical cross trainer offers a smooth, natural riding motion that engages your upper and lower body muscle groups simultaneously, allowing you to get the most out of each exercise session.
  • This elliptical trainer combines technical features like the Body-Solid exclusive Frictionless MotionTM rowing-style foot pedals with built in shock absorption for a smooth ride.
  • It also includes a multimedia system that makes your workout more enjoyable than you’ve ever imagined.

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In summary, the Fitness products by Body Solid are very high quality, well-crafted, and have proven to be quite durable. The products offer a variety of options for the home gym enthusiast and can be purchased as individual pieces or in great value packages.

Fitness products by Body Solid

The company makes a range of home and commercial gym equipment, from weight and fitness benches to treadmills. If you are looking to expand your home gym at an affordable price, then this brand should certainly make its way onto your list.

Body Solid is a manufacturer that specializes in home gyms and weight lifting equipment. These products are the best workout machines ever designed for tightening, strengthening, and toning your whole body safely and effectively.