You Will Love The Convenience Of The BLACK+DECKER Toaster Oven

Discover why the Black + Decker countertop convection toaster oven is one of the most popular toaster ovens with consumers…

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With its easy-to-use pushbutton settings, the amazing convenience, and the attractive look provided by the stainless steel exterior the Black + Decker continues to be a kitchen favorite with consumers…

11 Reasons Why Customers Love The BLACK+DECKER Toaster Oven!

BLACK+DECKER Countertop Convection Toaster Oven

BLACK+DECKER Countertop Convection Toaster Oven, Silver, CTO6335S
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This Is The Best Toaster Oven Ever It’s Big Enough To Hold A 9 X 13 Cake Pan Or 12 Inch Pizza!


This one is the best of its’ kind if this is the size for you. Don’t waste your time searching for others. This is worth the money, especially if it lasts as long as my last model!! I am pretty confident that it will.


  • It is one of the best kitchen purchases we’ve made.
  • This was the best purchase I’ve made in a long time! We use it EVERY DAY! Toast bread, melt sammies, mini homemade pizzas, anything you would use an oven for but easier.
  • I’ve cooked everything from fish sticks and pizzas to a full stuffed chicken, and lasagna! It’s the best! I highly recommend this oven to everyone, even families.
  • This is 100% better, Love the convection this one has. It cooks my food now with ease. Best priced one too.
  • Best Countertop Oven EVER!
  • This is the only Toaster oven I buy. Over the years I have bought a few. By far this is the best one ever.
  • One of the best purchases I’ve made in a while. This thing cooks like a beast. Easy to clean, pre-heats pretty quick, plenty of settings. All around a great machine.
  • This was my best cooking buddy while living in a studio!!
  • I’m now writing a review after owning it for 4 years and it still works amazingly –  the best toaster oven.
  • This is by far the best thing I ever bought on Amazon!
  • Best countertop toaster oven I have ever owned. I absolutely love how it cooks salmon.
  • After reviewing several different models, we selected this black and decker, and we love it, the best toaster oven we have ever owned.
  • This is the best oven I’ve had. Big and easy to use. Convection heat is awesome.

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I Use This Oven On A Daily Basis And It Has Really Added A Huge Convenience To My Life!


Really like toaster ovens for their convenience; ours is used almost daily for toasting, baking, and reheating items much more than a large oven. In my opinion you would be hard pressed to beat this B&D model for its capacity, easy of use, reliability, and pricing.


BLACK+DECKER Countertop Convection Toaster Oven, Silver, CTO6335S
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  • It’s SO convenient, heats up fast, I like the timer feature so it shuts off at the right time and everything cooks evenly. I wish I would’ve bought one sooner.
  • We’re able to toast 6 pieces of bread quickly and the cleanup is very easy and convenient with the debris catcher below.
  • Also, love the removable crumb drawer… a simple yet quite convenient feature. 
  • We use it weekly and it is super convenient and easy to use.
  • The convenience is wonderful and it is quick to heat up. It has lots of good features that make it very versatile to use with different foods.
  • We don’t own a microwave and this toaster makes it so convenient to reheat food.
  • Great capacity! All of the different settings and programming are easy to use and very convenient!
  • My wife didn’t think we needed another appliance but she was wowed by the convenience of the unit compared to our full-size stove.
  • There are plenty of food items that you really can’t microwave, they really need to be baked or broiled. Now that I have this toaster oven, though, I use it practically daily because it is so quick and easy, and convenient.
  • Works as advertised, everything cooks really nice in it, and it is way more convenient than a conventional oven.
  • The convection feature has been wonderful and I’ve enjoyed the convenience of having it.

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I Can Even Just Press A Button Go To The Pool And My Dish Is Ready To Eat By The Time We Come Back!


This toaster over is awesome. FINALLY one without those dials that never work and are so inaccurate. Nice and digital. You want toast? Press the “toast” button, set your desired setting (1-7), and hit start. Perfect. Different pre-sets for things like pizzas, etc. Nice and big. And what a great price!


BLACK+DECKER Countertop Convection Toaster Oven, Silver, CTO6335S
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  • This toaster oven is exactly what I’ve been wanting and at an affordable price! I bought this for the push-button features.
  • Buttons are really easy even for a non-tech savvy person.
  • This is quick and I love the preset buttons that I was able to adjust to my likings for each item.
  • I wanted this one because it has buttons instead of dials, and I wanted to make sure I knew exactly what it was set on.
  • That is one reason I picked this oven because of the button controls.
  • Very happy to find an oven with a toast button instead of knobs.
  • I really like the way the buttons are laid out and it also has a removable tray for the food catcher so you can clean it easily.
  • A panel of clearly designated buttons down the right side makes it easy to operate.
  • Easy to use pre-programmed buttons as well.
  • It has dedicated buttons for things like potatoes, toast, and bagels that save the last setting the next time you use it.
  • Perfect size for our counter. Buttons are intuitive and easy to use.
  • I love that it has buttons vs knobs.
  • The automatic program buttons make cooking pizza, frozen snack items, and potatoes come out perfectly.
  • Love the frozen food button!
  • We like the fact that you only have to push buttons.
  • I love the capability to switch from toaster and convention to convection with one button.

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Great Size For Toasting Multiple Slices Of Bread Or Leftover Pizza!


My studio apt didn’t come with an oven so I figured I would buy one of these. It’s seriously amazing. A mini oven I call it. I can fit a small-medium pizza inside no problem and I have even placed an entire cast iron skillet inside to make a quiche and it fit easily! It cooks evenly and quickly and is a great little oven.


BLACK+DECKER Countertop Convection Toaster Oven, Silver, CTO6335S
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  • We love not having to turn on the oven to heat up pizzas or wings or pretty much any leftovers we have.
  • I love that it has a little extra room at the back so a pizza will fit.
  • It’s great for making frozen pizza and grilling things.
  • And it’s the right size for all foods like pizza, roast dinners, etc.
  • It fits on a small space on the countertop but you can put full-sized plates to bake and pizzas in it. 
  • The midnight pizza maker is particularly thrilled, the pizza setting turns out perfect pizzas with no burned bits.
  • I got this for my husband as a gift. He loves it! He likes to eat frozen pizzas for a snack and they cook in 1/2 the time than in the oven!
  • It fits an average size casserole dish or a full-size frozen pizza.
  • We use this mainly for pizzas but we also use it for other small meals.
  • It’s great for heating a large pizza or baking a small dinner, cakes, rolls, etc.
  • Finally, I have crispy shrimp tempura and pizza that does not burn when reheated.
  • The large bowed compartment accommodates a 12-inch pizza.

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The Toaster Easily Fits 6 Pieces Of Bread And Toasts Evenly!


Oh man, awesome! It does all my oven will do and it toasts bread!! Whoohoo! Why crank up a full oven when I am just cooking a small pizza or chicken breast? It’s large but not so big it doesn’t fit on counter well, I really like they went upward with the unit rather than take up counter space. Would highly recommend!


  • We like to put butter on the bread for our sandwiches (along with other toppings) and toast them, they come out like subway.
  • It saves time and money, from heating up your oven, which always takes forever or having a separate toaster for bread on your counter.
  • This works really well and really fast for toasting bread, sandwiches, etc.
  • It’s perfect for cooking up a loaf of bread, and for cooking up side dishes during busy holidays like Thanksgiving when sometimes there just isn’t enough space in a full oven.
  • Ordered this for my grandmother and she loves it always cooking garlic bread, great product!
  • Also, it can really toast 6 pieces of bread, without overlapping them.
  • I love this toaster oven! It toasts bread to perfection! 
  • It’s used frequently, I bake cakes, pizzas, casseroles, roasts, and it toasts bread beautifully.
  • The controls are easy to use and it toasts sliced bread to perfection.

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It Times Toast And Bagels Perfectly With Adjustments To Suit Everyone!


The Black and Decker 6 slice convection oven has plenty of space for a wide variety of stuff to toast from bagels, muffins, and your quintessential toast.


  • So far we are extremely pleased. It has several features; bagel is great, convection oven works perfectly, toaster, etc. Great value!
  • This is my third toaster oven and by far the best. Bagels, English muffins, and rye bread toast to perfection.
  • We use this bad boy up at the office and it’s great. My office manager warms up her bagels every morning in it.
  • This unit has served me well for bagels, biscuits, and small casseroles.
  • Very happy with this unit and its ease of use. Easy to clean and works very well. Toasts the bagels just right!
  • It is VERY easy to just heat up toast or bagels and adjust the level of heating.
  • A great toaster oven that also has a convection option. Large enough for an 8×8″ baking dish. We use this toaster oven daily for bagels, toast, and/or biscuits.
  • As far as toasting an English muffing or bagel – it works GREAT.
  • It heats up quickly – toasts quickly and evenly – works well for melting cheese on open-faced sandwiches. 
  • I haven’t used convection yet but the other functions work as promised and it toasts bagels perfectly!!

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The BLACK+DECKER Countertop Convection Toaster Oven Has A Great Auto Feature For Baked Potatoes!


I have made whole (smaller) turkeys, chickens, pizzas, baked potatoes, cakes, pies, fritattas and pastries – I absolutely LOVE that it has convection too! I can make thawed seasoned boneless skinless chicken breasts -cooked at 395 (f) degrees, set the timer for 14 minutes, hit the convection button…. after microwave steaming my veggies and taking the dogs outside for a wee POOF – dinner is done!


  • We have used this oven for baked potatoes, pizza, and toast.
  • I cooked hamburger Pockets, scalloped potatoes, and baked beans all in little containers all on the same tray.
  • It has dedicated buttons for things like potatoes, toast, and bagels that save the last setting the next time you use it.
  • Replaced our toaster with it, but it’s also great for things like baked potatoes, small pizzas, etc
  • We’ve made toast, baked potatoes, baked pies, and a cake – with and without using the convection! They’ve all turned out marvelously!
  • The automatic program buttons make cooking pizza, frozen snack items, and potatoes come out perfectly. 
  • There is nothing it will not bake or cook. Potatoes are amazing.
  • I often bake sweet potatoes as a healthy, packable snack so I use the “potato” function and I never have to worry about it. I’m really enjoying this oven.
  • My 13-year-old loves the potato feature. Great for baking in the summer, since it doesn’t heat the whole kitchen up.
  • The preset for potatoes produce the best potatoes I have ever had.

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Bought It For My Office At Work… I’m Having Toast And Fresh Baked Cookies In My Office Now!


I have used this several times a day it is easy to use it bakes cookies just right, also like the 4 positions with the rack that turns either way up. Really enjoying it and it is so quick to use, convection works as well.


BLACK+DECKER Countertop Convection Toaster Oven, Silver, CTO6335S
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  • A very versatile device easily substitutes having a full-size oven for daily tasks of reheating snacks and baking small batches of cookies, muffins, medium size pizza, and many other items.
  • I use it to reheat pizza and even used it to bake cookies and the convection made them turn out great, I’m so glad I got it.
  • So far it is the perfect size for a pan of cookies, a whole chicken, and a nice pork roast. I will use this almost every day.
  • The convection function has worked well for baking cookies
  • I cook anything from spaghetti squash… cookies hotdogs… and the perfect corn tortillas.
  • We use it for everything from toasting, to warming pizza slices or chicken tenders, to making a small tray of nachos, and baking a half dozen cookies when the sweet tooth strikes! 
  • It’s big enough to bake cookies and even a large crescent roll.
  • So you can keep it simple with this thing, or put it to the test and go make some homemade cookies!
  • The cookies come out perfect, slightly brown on the outside and warm and gooey on the inside.
  • It is great and cookies come out amazing especially when using the convection setting.
  • My wife has also baked cookies in it, and they came out great.

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One Of The Nice Features Is It Goes Well With Your Other Stainless Steel Appliances!


APPEARANCE – looks amazing and is stainless on all sides. It will look right at home even in the fanciest of kitchens (I really don’t care that much about that, but my wife wants the kitchen to have a certain look, and this one fits right in).


  • The stainless steel appearance looks great on my countertop.
  • Large, countertop stainless steel appliance looks really impressive.
  • The stainless steel exterior is quite nice looking and has stylish curves.
  • At our house, it lives on the counter and looks great with our other stainless appliances.
  • It is really pretty stainless steel all over.
  • This toaster looked good, was stainless to match our Kitchen, and was big enough to fit anything we would throw at it so we bought it.
  • I was somewhat surprised when we opened the box to discover it was all stainless. My previous one was black. As it turns out the stainless is even better since all our kitchen appliances are stainless
  • I love the style too, the whole thing is stainless, not just the sides, so it looks great on the counter.
  • Stylish – stainless steel with the digital display looks nice on your counter.
  • Stainless steel touch just adds beauty to the overall product and not to forget the blue backlight.
  • It’s a really sleek looking polished stainless steel that’s easy to clean.
  • The stainless steel exterior adds to any kitchen decor.

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I Would Highly Recommend This Excellent Countertop Appliance – A Great Value For The Money!


I moved to a country that doesn’t always supply ovens in the apartments because most of the country doesn’t bake anything. This is a life saver! It works well and I love the digital features. I would recommend it to anyone as an oven or if you’re just looking for a quality toaster oven.


  • This product was worth the money spent, which was actually a great deal given I got the convection feature as well.
  • These ovens do a lot for the money!
  • So many different features! It is well worth the money.
  • The precision that a digital toaster oven provides is well worth the additional money.
  • I highly recommend it for the value, functions, and quality, especially if you like the feel of real buttons instead of a dial or touchpad.
  • Great value for the money!
  • This is a heck of a lot of toaster oven for the money.
  • You can not beat the price for the quality of this fine Black and Decker oven.
  • I’ve had a couple of other brands of toaster ovens before buying this Black & Decker model but they don’t even compare in quality and functionality.
  • Excellent quality and ease to use make this toaster oven the most used appliance in our kitchen aside from the refrigerator.
  • Very good price for the best quality.
  • I can’t believe the quality and workmanship that went into this beautiful oven.
  • This is a High-Quality Oven that can be used to cook almost anything and worth every penny.

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In summary, You can now cook like your favorite chef in a compact space with the BLACK+DECKER Countertop Convection Toaster Oven.

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Featuring BLACK+DECKER’s patented one-touch settings for bagels, pizza, frozen snacks, potatoes, and cookies, this oven is perfect for smaller spaces or for when you need quick results the BLACK+DECKER Countertop Convection Toaster Oven is a very popular cooking appliance for your kitchen!

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Here Is A Quick Recap Of The Benefits Customers Mentioned About The BLACK+DECKER Countertop Convection Toaster Oven!


  1. The Black + Decker is the best countertop oven ever!
  2. The convenience of this toaster oven is wonderful.
  3. The pushbutton features make it easy to cook almost anything.
  4. For a countertop oven, it is a great size.
  5. It can toast 6 slices of bread at once.
  6. Bagels are toasted perfectly with a Black + Decker Toaster Oven.
  7. Baked potatoes are cooked perfectly.
  8. The Black + Decker Toaster Oven bakes cookies just right!
  9. It looks amazing and the stainless steel exterior fits in nicely with other stainless steel appliances.
  10. The Black + Decker Toaster Oven is a great value for money.

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