Is Black Diamond a Good Brand? (Climbing Boots, Ropes, Harnesses)

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What Is The Black Diamond Brand Known For?

Black Diamond is an iconic American company that is the most recognized name in climbing. While the Black Diamond brand is known for its high-quality climbing gear, it also has a broader range of products that includes backpacks and apparel.

The Black Diamond brand is known for its design, quality and durability. The company operates exclusively in the outdoor recreation industry, selling a variety of equipment and apparel designed to enhance your next outdoor adventure.

Black Diamond Equipment produces equipment for mountaineering, climbing, backpacking, adventure, racing, and skis touring through specialized product design research development manufacturing distribution support, and educational programs.

Black Diamond designs award-winning equipment that optimizes performance in the world’s harshest environments. From rope, bags, crampons, ice axes, helmets, climbing harnesses, pickets, boots, skis, backpacks, sleeping bags, tents, pads, stoves, ski poles, water bottles, hydration packs, and accessories they make sure you’re ready to endure whatever nature can throw your way.

Below I have listed some of Black Diamond’s most popular products so you can see how good this brand is…

Black Diamond Is A Good Brand For Climbing Shoes

Since their inception, climbing shoes have gained a reputation as being the shoe of choice for outdoor traditional climbers. These are shoes that are designed to have a tight fit, be exceptionally grippy on rock, and feature lacing systems that help you dial in the fit so it conforms to your foot.

If you want a comfortable shoe for low-intensity or even all-day sessions at the gym or crag, look no further than the Black Diamond Momentum.

The Momentum manages to pull off all of these traits thanks to its unique use of Engineered Knit Technology that provides exceptional levels of comfort for long days at the crag, along with outstanding durability that helps this shoe perform like an endurance-specialized hiker.


Black Diamond Equipment – Men’s Momentum Climbing Shoes


Black Diamond Equipment - Men's Momentum Climbing Shoes - Black/Anthracite - Size 10.5

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The Momentum is padded in all the right places for comfort and durability, while its low-profile toe box allows for edging on steep routes. And when you need to take a break from climbing, the high friction rubber rand will keep you standing in one place rather than sliding down the wall.

Pliable enough for comfort, supportive enough to optimize your performance, and at a very competitive price, they are certainly worth considering for your next purchase of climbing shoes.

  • These shoes are best suited to climbers who are looking for an all-around shoe that can be used anywhere from gym climbing to multi-pitch trad routes.
  • If you’re looking for a comfortable, affordable shoe to help you get started with indoor climbing, the Black Diamond Men’s Momentum Climbing Shoe is a great option.
  • The thin midsole also makes this shoe feel incredibly nimble when it comes time to test out those new heel hooks. Engineered Knit Technology allows your toes to breathe during long climbs or bouldering sessions, so you can focus on your technique instead of your feet.

This efficient design gives you everything you need in a climbing shoe without spending too much money. And with its black/neon yellow color scheme, you’ll look good too!

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Black Diamond Is A Good Brand For Climbing Rope

Black Diamond 9.9 mm Climbing Rope – Whether you’re soloing a big wall or taking your partner out for a day of cragging, the Black Diamond 9.9mm ropes have been a top choice for decades. Featuring a lightweight, high-strength sheath and a durable, supple weave that resists kinking, our classic 9.9 mm ropes are an excellent balance of performance and durability.

The skinny diameter and low impact force make this rope a great option for taking on multi-pitch climbs, as you don’t have to worry about the weight of the rope or how tightly you have to coil it up when you’re done climbing.

The handling balance is also very nice on this rope, which means even if your leader takes out half the slack on the first pitch, your follower will still be able to pay out the rope easily on the second pitch. The handling balance also contributes to its durability as you’re less likely to break the sheath by taking in too much slack at once.


Black Diamond 9.9 Mm Climbing Rope


Black Diamond Equipment - 9.9 Rope - Dual Blue - 40 m

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Experience the luxurious feel and durability of our all-purpose, 9.9mm rope, suitable for lead climbing and top roping in most climbing areas. Diamond Dry treatment keeps this rope from getting soggy in the rain and increases its lifespan. And if you like to tie knots, rest assured that this rope is not too stiff and not too soft, so it’s easy to go through your belay device — just the way the experts intended it.

Black Diamond 9.9 mm climbing rope is a versatile option that can handle any type of lead or top roping where you need the ultimate in durability. Unlike most other ropes in this diameter, it doesn’t wear out fast, letting you use it over and over again.

  • Performance: A new sheath formulation reduces water absorption by 50 percent while retaining the same skid resistance as our original Dry treatment. This lets the Black Diamond 9.9 hold up under a barrage of use in wet environments, while also providing more friction when weighted, so it feeds more easily through your belay device on lead climbs or top-ropes.
  • Durability: In our testing lab and in the field, we’ve found that our new Black Diamond 9.9 will last longer than most other single ropes on the market — making it great for gym climbing and outdoor cragging alike.
  • Handling: Our testers raved about this rope’s handling comfort and ease of clipping — whether they were using it for top-ropes or sending it on long pitches in Red Rocks and Yosemite.

This dynamic single rope is great for harsh routes or sport climbs and will help you rough it through the toughest terrain. Black Diamond’s Permatic sheath gives you secure handling without having to worry about wear and tear.

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Black Diamond Is A Good Brand For Climbing Harnesses

The Momentum harness provides all-day comfort on moderate terrain, with a pre-threaded Speed Adjust waistbelt buckle for on the fly, on-the-go sizing adjustments. The bullhorn-shaped waistbelt is built using Dual Core Construction to offer durability and comfort.

For even more comfort, Black Diamond included trakFIT adjustment technology in the rear riser webbing of this harness. trakFIT allows you to adjust leg loops individually and independently to find the perfect fit and keep it that way.

The Momentum is a great choice for all-around climbing, from multi-pitch routes to trad cragging. Its pre-threaded Speed Adjust waistbelt buckle makes it easy to quickly get the right fit, while its pressure-molded gear loops make it easier to clip your way up steep terrain.


Black Diamond Momentum Harness


Black Diamond Equipment - Men's Momentum Harness - Kingfisher - Medium

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The Black Diamond Momentum harness is a comfortable, versatile harness for climbers who want a solid all-around choice. The dual-core padding construction keeps it lightweight and easily adjustable while still providing a cushy fit that’s comfortable for hanging out on the wall.

The Black Diamond Momentum Harness is the perfect choice for trad climbing, sport climbing, ice climbing and mountaineering.

The dual-core padding construction keeps this harness lightweight and comfortable, while its simple design makes it easy to clean and maintain. Four gear loops provide plenty of space for your accessories, and the elastic riser webbing makes it easy to stash small items so you won’t have to go digging when you need them most.

The harness’s pre-threaded Speed Adjust waistbelt buckle gives you immediate, on-the-fly adjustment, so you can find the perfect fit every time. Dual Core Construction combines two different densities of foam to create a lightweight, rigid structure that’s still comfortable to hang in.

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Black Diamond Is A Good Brand For Trek Poles

The Distance Carbon Z is the lightest Z-Pole ever built. Stronger, more durable, and now with improved joint support, it’s the ultimate in folding-pole performance. It’s perfect for backpacking, mountaineering, and thru-hiking adventures.

The ergonomic dual-cuff strap has been redesigned to create a more secure fit, and now also features a secondary elastic strap to prevent pole slippage on the move.

The Distance Carbon Zs feature Black Diamond’s tried and trusted Speedlock 2 system, which offers a one-handed deployment and adjustment, as well as an anti-snag mechanism that allows you to fold the pole without it catching on clothing.


Black Diamond Trail Back Trek Poles Hiking


Black Diamond Equipment - Distance Carbon Z Z-Poles - 120 cm

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A trekking pole is a tool; like any tool, it only works if it’s designed and built properly. And when you’re in the backcountry, you don’t want to take chances with your equipment. That’s why this brand has worked hard to create the best possible trekking pole: lightweight, durable and functional.

Leaving no trail behind, this pole is constructed with an exclusive carbon composite that is ultra-lightweight yet incredibly strong.

  • Roll-up Flicklock: We’ve replaced our traditional twist locks with a flick lock system that is fast and easy to use. The system enables you to quickly adjust your poles on the fly without removing gloves or fumbling with buttons and straps.
  • Dynamic Spring System: Our patent-pending system reduces shock and vibration so you can walk further with less fatigue. This makes our pole both more comfortable and more efficient for day hikes or backpacking trips.
  • Asymmetric Flicklock Pro: A low profile, ergonomic design that is easy to open and close while wearing gloves. Includes a rubber grip for comfortable handling of pole tips while walking
  • Composite Construction: Our 100% carbon fiber shafts are light yet incredibly strong. And they’re backed by a five-year warranty against breakage. They use Carbon Alloy Matrix construction for lightweight strength, durability, and stability.

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Black Diamond Is A Good Brand For Headlamps

No matter what kind of ride you’re on, the BLACK DIAMOND Spot 350 Headlamp is ready for action. Featuring our PowerTap Technology, the Spot 350 instantly transitions between full and dimmed power with just the push of a button. It also offers up to 350 lumens of high-performance light on its maximum setting, so you’ll never get caught in the dark.

If you’re looking for an ultra-lightweight headlamp that’s still durable enough to take on your toughest adventures, look no further than the Spot 350. With its compact size and low weight, you won’t even notice it’s there until you need it most.

And when the sun goes down, you’ll be prepared with three different lighting modes: high (350 lumens), medium (175 lumens), and low (50 lumens). The high setting provides enough light for fast-moving activities like running or cycling; while the medium setting is great for walking or hiking at night; and the low mode is ideal for a long stroll through camp after dinner.


Black Diamond Equipment Spot 350 Headlamp


Black Diamond Equipment - Spot 350 Headlamp - Aluminum

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With two light modes, you’re sure to find the perfect light output for your situation. On high, this lamp emits an impressive 350 lumens, creating enough brightness to illuminate the most challenging terrain. Low is perfect for close-range tasks or reading maps during long treks.

The Spot 350 also features PowerTap Technology, which allows instant transitioning between full and dimmed power with just a single press of a button.

This is a great headlamp for running because it’s lightweight and bright. Its 3-hour run time on full power is sufficient for most trail runs, and the dimmed setting can last much longer if you don’t need as much light.

The rugged, water-resistant housing stands up to wet conditions, while the 180-degree tilt mechanism allows you to adjust the beam up or down to suit your needs. Use the lock mode to prevent the headlamp from turning on accidentally in storage.

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In summary, Black Diamond is known for solidly built, well-designed climbing equipment that allows the climber to reach new heights. This brand’s philosophy is focused on safety and stewardship of the environment.

The brand has become the recognized leader in technical outerwear. They may not necessarily be known for their exciting new cutting-edge research and ideas, but rather for creating gear for the real-world situations that most people find themselves in.

Black Diamond is known for its smart design, which is expressed in its use of strategic materials.

From mountain climbing to hiking, there’s a Black Diamond product for just about everything. The company has a long history of making quality gear, from their first ice ax to today’s most advanced headlamp. Their products have been used on most of the biggest mountains in the world, from Everest to Mount Vinson.

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