We Have Found The Best Workstation Desk For Your Home

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If you are looking for the best workstation desk then we have you covered…

Normally we pride ourselves on being able to narrow it down to one clear top choice in order to make it as easy as possible for you however in this case we admit defeat.

Best workstation desk

We could not separate two workstation desks. So we have decided to list the best L-Shaped Workstation Desk and the best Mobile Workstation Desk. 

The Best L-Shaped Workstation Desk Even For Small Spaces & Fits Perfectly In Your Home Office, Bedroom or Living Room


LITTLE TREE Rotating Corner Desk & Modern Office Study Workstation, for Home Office or Living Room


L-Shaped Computer Desk, LITTLE TREE Rotating Corner Desk & Modern Office Study Workstation, for Home Office or Living Room (Pine finsih)
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The L-shaped Computer Desk in the elegant style, it can be placed anywhere in your house. Organize your works or other items with hutches and storage drawers.


Here Is What Reviewers Said About This Workstation Desk:


The Ideal Workstation Desk For Your Home Even In Small Spaces!


  • I work from home as a writer/edit in the medical field so I needed something that was ergonomically correct but offered versatility with space consolidation that my conventional L-Shaped desk doesn’t offer. This desk ABSOLUTELY fits the bill.
  • The thing is that I only had about 50 inches to spare in my room, so that really cut down on my options until I found this!
  • This is a great desk if you like to/need to do projects and keep a full-sized computer in the same room, but lack a lot of space.
  • I purchased this desk for my workspace at home. I have a small apartment so space is at a premium. This was perfect. It fits in the corner of my bedroom.
  • The desk expands and goes back to its original size after you’re finished using it. It’s very sturdy and functional, and I’m very pleased with it.
  • I have a very small, awkward space to work with. It’s crowded, but I need desk space for my monitors and papers. I LOVE how I can slide out the second part of the desk so I have it to work during the day and when I’m done – poof – I can slide it right back under and now it feels much more spacious.
  • Perfect size and so nice to have the extra section roll out. 

This Workstation Desk Has Plenty Of Workspace & Storage


  • I have two-23″ monitors on the top-tier along with my speaker monitors, a full-sized Microsoft 4000 keyboard on the keyboard pull-out shelf, and the mouse on the middle-section the pushes out to form the L.
  • The bottom deck holds my tower and other internet devices.
  • I have enough room on the push-out section for any research materials I may need, writing material, etc.
  • There is tons of room on the top surface, and the part that swings out almost doubles the usable area.
  • The highest shelf also has plenty of room for my speakers on either side of my large curved-screen monitor. There is a shelf near the bottom on which I have the computer and a multiple-plug unit. There is plenty of extra space between them.
  • I love how it rotates even if I ended up not keeping it in the “L” shape – and the storage shelf at the bottom is great! The keyboard tray fits a full-sized keyboard (with numeric pad) and the mouse itself fits as well
  • I’m using this as a computer station to hold a 27″ All-in-one Lenovo desktop and a 21″ iMac. Both fit perfectly with room left over for a mouse pad, a table lamp & even a keyboard.
  • Lots of room for a computer, office supplies, books, etc, and yet still leaves more than ample workspace. EXCELLENT design.


The Best Workstation Desk For The Money


  • This desk is just awesome and has a great price.
  • If you look online you will find desks for a similar price or even more expensive but not as useful and good as this one.
  • The price is a bargain. This is the best desk I ever have owned.
  • I love that I can just roll the side part of the desk back in with such ease. I also love the keyboard tray height low enough to relax my shoulders while I type and wide enough to keep a pen/tray behind the keyboard. Stellar design for functionality, sturdy, nice to look at, and a nice price to boot.
  • This desk is absolutely brilliant, very reasonably priced and it was super easy to assemble.
  • This is a great desk for the price.

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The Best Mobile Workstation Desk With Plenty Of Storage Space And You Can Easily Move From Room To Room


Mobile & Compact Complete Computer Workstation Desk


Mobile & Compact Complete Computer Workstation Desk. Color: Graphite
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The Compact Computer Cart is perfect for your home office, study room or dorm. It’s extra tall, so you can store a computer tower underneath the pull-out keyboard.


Here Is What Reviewers Said About This Workstation Desk:


A Mobile Workstation Desk On Wheels


  • I really like that this desk is on casters and can be moved around so I’m not limited to a specific room. I currently have it in my living room, but should the company come over, I’d really like to move this item out of here for a more formal setting.
  • This little desk is a perfect fit for my needs. Sturdy, mobile, and it has a small footprint.
  • I’m using it as a mobile cart for my laptop, printer, files, etc.., to tote around my house with me, because I have special needs kids, and multitasking is the only way things are accomplished. I’m always looking for ways to make things easier, this does it.
  • The top shelf can be put on any edge on the top. It’s easy to move that around as needed.
  • It rolls easily from carpet to wood floors.
  • This is a great mobile desk. It is compact, yet sturdy, and has all the space that you need for your monitor, keyboard, and tower.
  • This is an excellent, compact mobile computer desk for the price.
  • I love that it’s mobile so that I’m not confined to one location and I can fit my laptop and school books onto one platform.
  • We are simplifying our life, decluttering, etc. This gives us a small, mobile computer station and did away with a huge old desk setup.

This Mobile Workstation Desk Is The Perfect Size


  • The desk is actually bigger than it shows in the picture, making it perfect for a laptop and a large monitor.
  • I actually use 2 monitors and a laptop and thanks to the movable top stand, all 3 monitors fit perfectly! I use the upper space for my largest monitor, the extra desk space for my other monitor, and my laptop.
  • This desk is awesome, and I do mean awesome!!! I wanted one for a small workspace in my bedroom and this little baby did the trick! It’s not too big, and it’s not too small, it’s just right! 
  • I needed something that would fit in a fairly small space and this desk is perfect for it. 
  • All in all, this is a good quality, low priced, well made, easy to use the desk and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for small but very usable desk space.
  • I am an at-home freelancer so I am at this desk 10+ hours a day and don’t have a single complaint about it. It’s got plenty of space and several different configurations for more.
  • If you have a small space then this is the best you can find. It seems to be small, however, I can put my laptop and a 27′ DELL monitor on the top, and a Brother all in one printer, and a Dynamo turbo 450 label maker on the bottom shelf and still have enough room for my Panasonic home phone and small LED desk lamp.

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More Impressive Workstation Desks To Consider:


Computer Workstation Desk with 4 Tier Storage Shelves

Computer Desk with 4 Tier Storage Shelves - 41.7'' Student Study Table with Bookshelf Modern Wood Desk with Steel Frame for Small Spaces Home Office Workstation Walnut
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This multipurpose table is a great addition to your home, work, or school study room. It works perfectly as pc, laptop, wire-bound notebook, or writing desk.

This storage table provide enough space for a computer, printer copier, books and small accessories in the 4 tier storage shelves underneath the desk surface.


Reviewer Comments:


  • The shelf attached to it has helped to create a big working space by allowing all of my accessories to keep organized on the shelf.
  • I can grab my required file, books, and pens easily from the shelf without needing to getting up from my chair. It also looks good aesthetically. This is the product that I was looking for.
  • Works great for computer desk lots of usable space you do not feel crowded when you use it.
  • This desk has a lot of space to work with which is great.

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Tower Computer Workstation Desk with 4 Tier Shelves

Tower Computer Desk with 4 Tier Shelves - 47.6'' Multi Level Writing Study Table with Bookshelves Modern Steel Frame Wood Desk Compact Home Office Workstation (Black)
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Beautiful, unique, and multifunctional, this computer desk with 4 levels and shelves will fit into any space without compromising on storage.

The open top shelf is perfect for display of your favorite photo frames, vases or other decor.


Reviewer Comments:


  • My daughter and I picked this desk for her room. She absolutely loves it. It has storage space for all her school work.

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In summary, depending on the style of workstation desk you are looking for we still lean towards the LITTLE TREE Rotating Corner Desk & Modern Office Study Workstation as the overall best workstation desk however if you are looking for something more mobile than the Mobile & Compact Complete Computer Workstation Desk would be the obvious choice.

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