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Urban clothing brands have become increasingly popular, providing stylish apparel for both men and women from all backgrounds. From streetwear to high fashion, there is a brand that caters to any style and preference. Here are a few of the best urban clothing brands that are out there.

What are the Best Urban Clothing Brands?

Forever 21 is one of the most recognizable names in urban fashion. The wide selection of clothing, accessories, and beauty products for both men and women makes it easy to create any look imaginable. They offer affordable items with bright colors and trendy designs that appeal to many fashion-forward individuals.

H&M is another great option for urban apparel. Their vibrant collections include everything from classic staples such as denim jackets to modern fits such as cropped shirts. There’s something for everyone here – they even have exclusive collaborations with top designers! Prices remain reasonable yet still provide quality materials and construction on their garments.

PUMA is a global athletic brand that has been around since 1948 producing sportswear with an edgy twist. In 2015 their Bold division was launched, featuring different graphics and fresh silhouettes crafted for those who are bold enough to step outside the lines of fashion norms. Blazers, sneakers, windbreaker jackets – PUMA provides hip options without compromising comfort or style no matter what activity you engage in.

Champion is an American heritage brand with vintage appeal updated for modern times. There’s nothing quite like their iconic hoodies – they fit snugly while keeping warm at the same time making them perfect for colder temperatures or layering underneath coats come winter season!

They also stock soccer training gear if you’re ever in need of athletic pieces as well! It’s easy to see why Champion remains one of the most popular urban clothing brands over time – everyone needs at least one hoodie in their closet.

Ronnie Fieg is an exclusive streetwear designer who specializes in collaborations with top-tier brands like KITH, Supreme, Adidas, and more. His designs have become iconic staples in many collections of men’s fashion.

Cav Empt is a Japanese brand known for its stylish graphic-heavy T-shirt designs and distinctive logo. The garments feature bold colors and abstract prints that give them an eye-catching futuristic style.

Demna Gvasalia is the leader of the Vetements collective. He has earned himself a reputation as one of the most influential designers on the current fashion scene due to his innovative approach to streetwear design which makes use of asymmetrical shapes fabrics and graphic heavy prints.

Boys Club is a London-based label that takes pride in its unpretentious approach to streetwear design. The creative energy used to create garments with unique styles promises a sense of individuality that makes them stand out in the market. This includes pieces such as tees, hoodies, and even accessories like socks – all at affordable prices to suit every budget.

Brain Dead brand emphasizes exciting graphics in wear like hoodies, t-shirts, jackets, hats, and footwear for men and women alike. The founder’s passion for skateboarding culture speaks through this brand offering skaters an exotic way to express themselves visually on the streets.

10DEEP represents All-American aesthetics focusing mainly on sports jerseys highlighting urban nostalgia within youth culture alongside their own selection of essential basics such as sweatshirts t-shirts long sleeve tees and headwear.

County Of Milan brings a combination of minimalist visuals into street styles creating iconic logos and prints reminiscent of music posters inspired by scenes from the ’70s and 90’s Europe transcending time through inspiration alone

Ice Cream takes influence from animated cartoons faithfully capturing the signature motifs that come along with it including vibrant pop art prints across menswear items such as polo shirts sweaters shorts tee shirts headwear sneakers bags etc providing both luxury statement pieces that boast loud colors as well as subtle muted everyday wear staples.

Other influential urban clothing brands include Alyx by Matthew Williams and Palace Skateboards, owned by Lev Tanju who opened his first store in London in 2010.

Martine Rose is a self-taught designer whose namesake label features oversized silhouettes, chunky fabrics, and earthy colors inspired by the ‘90s indie youth cultures of the UK. Each of these labels provides distinct takes on urban style while contributing to its continued evolution.

Beyond men’s wear and luxury labels like Off-White or 424 (founded by Guillermo Andrade), other successful urban clothing brands include Fear Of God (created by Jerry Lorenzo), Heron Preston (helmed by Justin Saunders) Seventh 7th Letter (co-founded artist Estevan Oriol), Stüssy (launched in 1980 founder Shawn Stussy) The Hundreds (run by Bobby Kim & Ben Shenassafar) Vans Vault (an offshoot from the original brand created 1966). 

Club Ride is one of the most popular urban clothing brands for streetwear enthusiasts. Their collection includes classic cuts and modern fits with contrasting colors and unique shapes to provide an eclectic look. Their pants, jeans, jackets, and shirts make it easy to customize any outfit to your own personal style.

Crenshaw Skate Club draws inspiration from traditional skateboard culture while also offering contemporary features like oversized hoodies and T-shirts with vivid graphics. They create quality clothing items that feature cutting-edge fits as well as innovative fabrics so you can achieve a fashion-forward look that is also comfortable.

Ministry of Supply brings together technical engineering elements with elegant styles for professional but comfortable pieces in both women’s and men’s apparel collections. From sleek suits to cozy sweaters, they have elevated basics in refined forms ready for styling versatility.

Bephie’s Beauty Supply creates timeless yet edgy casualwear that gives you major street cred when out on the town or running errands during your spare time. This brand focuses mainly on t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, and hats that feature retro vibes but utilize modern materials like lightweight cottons for breathable feel good wear all day long. 

Evolution of Streetwear

Best urban clothing brands

Best Underground Clothing Brands

Streetwear has been a mainstay fashion trend since the 1970s when it began to be noticed in cities around the world. It evolved from skate culture and street culture, expressing an individual style that included loose-fitting hoodies, graphic T-shirts, quirky motifs, and orange branding.

As skateboarding became more popular among blue-collar workers and inner-city youth in the 1990s, so did streetwear. This casual fashion was embraced by burgeoning hip-hop stars who had a huge influence on how people dressed during this era of course.

The influence of Japanese styles in streetwear led to box logo hoodies, baggy jeans, and asymmetrical trainers all coming into vogue. Successful designers emerged who drew inspiration from Japan’s Harajuku district which gave a unique twist to urban fashion.

Designers incorporated vintage and contemporary effects along with bold imagery which attracted celebrity attention so much so it spilled onto the red carpet at various Hollywood events

Today streetwear has not only won over celebrities but also become accepted as a serious fashion staple rather than a skatepark subculture statement. Streetwear is now featured on some high-end runways as well as combined with genres like aavant-gardeor minimalism to bring new life to our closets each season.

Major sportswear brands cloned similar silhouettes as a homage to its root; however, there are still innovative independent labels designing exceptional quality apparel with that Japanese touch that keeps streetwear alive year after year. 

Urban Clothing Collaborations with Fashion Industry

Good urban clothing brands

Best European Clothing Brands

Urban Clothing Collaborations with Fashion Industry are collaborations between today’s fashion designers, luxury conglomerates, and fashion houses. While these collaborations may take place in a variety of forms, some of the more high-profile ones usually occur during a season’s major fashion weeks.

Following a successful boutique brand collaboration featuring the work of Ditto Angelo Baque, Central Saint Martins announced their own version of an urban-style showcase. This event featured the work of several young streetwear labels, as well as collaborations with established brands like Nike and Diesel.

Other collaborations have taken place across different markets including music, social media campaigns, and cultural events. For instance, recording artist Pharrell Williams announced his collaboration with Adidas Originals to coincide with his 2014 album release. Similarly, luxury conglomerate LVMH partnered up with contemporary streetwear designer HBA for its Spring/Summer 2015 collection launch.

Urban clothing collaborations help bridge the gap between high-end runway garments and accessible everyday essentials by integrating popular design aesthetics from each respective sector in order to create crowd-pleasing items that suit a wide range of consumers.

Furthermore, luxe sportswear is becoming a growing trend on runways all over Europe. As a result, fashion insiders are increasingly turning towards partnerships between athletic companies and assorted urban creative talent in order to craft cutting edge designs for both ambitious streetwear veterans and casual enthusiastic fans alike.

Luxury Brands in Streetwear

Luxury Brands in Streetwear is an emerging category of fashion that combines cutting edge streetwear with ultra-luxe materials and designs. Luxury brands are major players in the streetwear space, represented by pioneering designers like Rei Kawakubo and Jun Takahashi.

These designer labels often feature elevated materials such as cashmere, silk, leather, or fur to create garments that stand apart from traditional streetwear designs. Luxury prams are another type of product being developed in the luxury streetwear market, with many high end brands creating opulent strollers and buggies to transport babies and small children.

Luxury brands also offer customization options so that customers can purchase unique pieces of clothing tailored to their exact specifications. With recent advancements in technology, luxury items are now being made available through mobile applications for easier accessibility for consumers.

This renewed interest has brought about a whole new generation of luxury customers who understand the importance of acquiring quality over quantity.

Iconic Graphics and Logos in Urban Clothing

Iconic graphics and logos have always been associated with streetwear culture, from 80s hip-hop tracksuits to today’s contemporary fashion pieces. These bold, instantly recognizable designs adorn everything from retro baseball caps to luxury sneakers, not just for their aesthetic appeal but also for their significance as cultural emblems of identity.

The most iconic graphic within streetwear is undoubtedly the bug-eyed heart logo, popularized by the likes of Supreme and BAPE (A Bathing Ape) in the early 2000s. This graphic has since become known worldwide, often replicated by up-and-coming designers trying to capture a piece of its success.

Such duplicitous designs have led to aggressive legal action taken by brands like Supreme in order to protect their trademarks, rightly crediting them as pioneers in this field.

That’s not to say that solely urban designs subscribe to such popularity though; motifs found in sportswear hold almost equal weight with skate and hip hop fans alike due to Nike’s use of the swoosh or classic Adidas branding found on many staples like tees and hoodies.

Such Graphic Tees (GTs) allow creatives of all stripes to express themselves without compromising their own personal style – a crucial part of streetwear culture even since its inception amidst late 90’s New York City graffiti subculture.

Combining artistry and apparel can be classified as iconic graphics – whether it’s Calvin Kleins oversized typography or Louis Vuittons lv-speckled raincoats – so long as they embody universal influences that remain relevant across generations.

From Givenchy logos hoodies seen on Travis Scott at his Astroworld Tour, loud Drippy typeface styles carried through modern-day rap lyrics, or Alexander Wang letting no expense be spared – iconic graphics in urban clothing are big business these days.

Skate Culture in Urban Clothing

Skate culture in urban clothing is a style that pays homage to the skateboarding lifestyle and its related fashion trends. It includes a wide array of clothing staples including T-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, pants, and shoes.

The look often features bold graphics, bright colors, and expressive designs that reflect the carefree attitude of skating. Contemporary brands like Diamond Supply Co., founded by designer Bobby Kim, have helped bring skate culture into popular streetwear collections.

This style has experienced a surge of popularity over the last decade as major apparel companies have embraced skate culture for inspiration. Many elements of traditional sportswear are seen in urban collections including logo prints from iconic skateboard companies on everything from hoodies to hats.

Style enthusiasts have also been influenced by various regional scenes around the world which have become part of an international backdrop for trendsetters looking for something new and exciting.

For those seeking to explore the streets with an authentic edge or dive deeper into their own subculture, skate culture in urban clothing provides an outlet for self-expression at its finest.

From colorways inspired by vintage skate graphics to silhouettes borrowed from turn-of-the-century streetwear, this style continues to push boundaries while respecting nuanced histories in fashion and storytelling alike.

Affordable Streetwear Brands

Affordable streetwear brands offer clothing items that embrace edgy and trendy aesthetics with a variety of affordability options. These brands create approximately the same look as their more expensive counterparts, but at a fraction of the cost. The appeal of affordable streetwear is attractive to those who want to make an impact on the fashion scene without needing to break their budget.

Some popular affordable streetwear brands include Supreme, ALIFE NYC, Obey Clothing, RIPNDIP, and Thrasher Magazine. Many of these companies specialize in classic styles that have been around since the late 70s and early 80s, while others focus on current trends in urban areas or within skate culture. Items such as hoodies, caps, t-shirts, and jeans are incredibly common in this type of attire.

Designers often take inspiration from classic looks like hip-hop gear or skatewear to create unique pieces that can fit into any budget’s bottom line. Whether it be a simple logo shirt or an intricate pair of high-top sneakers made with leather accents, affordable streetwear gives shoppers access to designer pieces for much less than their original asking price.

These looks can also vary from season to season depending on which design houses gain traction during the year. Street style trends usually last for about two years before changing directions once again. However affordable streetwear helps keep fashion lovers up-to-date by offering great deals throughout each season so there is always something new for shoppers to choose from at any given time.

Emerging Urban Clothing Brands

Emerging urban clothing brands are collections of independent young fashion creators and labels who are making waves in the streetwear industry. Their collective passion for fashion has resulted in a dynamic community of designers, brands, stylists, and media influencers who have come together to make their foray into the exciting world of streetwear.

The trend has been led largely by trends originating from Asia—leading the way is South Korea’s vibrant youth culture, which is heavily influencing the global streetwear scene.

The phenomenon has seen well-established and emerging labels turning out products created with innovative shapes, prints, and styles. Designs bring a unique flavor to timeless items such as jeans, t-shirts, and hoodies—allowing for a more creative take on classic garments.

In Europe it’s Paris that’s home to many of the most exciting emerging urban clothing brands—fashion hub Rue de la Folie Méricourt (aka Lafayette Street), renowned for its galleries, boutiques, and nightlife scene is now bustling with small shops displaying designs from up-and-coming local fashion collectives.

A significant number of these offer pieces featuring an eclectic mix of elements drawn from traditional Korean style—including colorful manga graphics, embroidered patches, and vivid color combinations of green, blue, yellow, and pink hues on plain cotton tees or crewnecks.

Streetwear aficionados flock to these stores seeking out quality craftsmanship paired with some truly original creativity, creating a vibrant vibe in Paris’ streets in the process. As with any major urban city throughout Europe, there is always something new happening in streetwear right here at its epicenter.

Streetwear Brands with Social Impact

Streetwear Brands with Social impact refer to fashion brands that focus on connecting their customers to the stories and causes behind the clothes they wear. This type of streetwear embraces issues such as sustainability, charity, and inclusiveness, using creative messaging to draw attention to these important topics.

Streetwear brands with social impact often have partnerships with charitable organizations and use their platform to spread knowledge and understanding.

Angelo Baque, who co-founded influential forces such as Supreme, A-Cold Wall* and Awaydays NYC, serves as an example of leaders in this space. His “Urban Resiliency Project” connects his work in fashion back to his roots in New York City as he partners with prominent organizations such as Parley for Oceans and The Reuse Network.

Other influential figures include Cynthia Lu’s collaboration with Made Line – a project dedicated to creating meaningful change within communities while celebrating identity through merchandise – to create The Streetwear Map of Fashion Pioneers worldwide.

The heart of streetwear culture is reflected through the exciting collaborations between larger corporate companies like Nike or Adidas who join forces with small independent streetwear brands that produce high quality clothing made ethically and sustainably. These partnerships allow greater exposure for smaller brands even if their budget constraints won’t allow them to achieve meaningful social objectives.

Companies also recognize their responsibility for making a positive difference beyond just selling products. It has become increasingly important for younger generations whose approach to purchasing items stems from trust rather than brand loyalty alone; it’s all about awareness coupled with cultural engagement.

Conclusion: Best Urban Clothing Brands

When it comes to urban clothing brands, there is no shortage of iconic names and renowned labels. From Japanese labels to American skate apparel, streetwear trends have been popping up for years and dominating the fashion world. Take Supreme, the eponymous label from James Jebbia out of San Francisco, as an example of a successful foray into streetwear.

This iconic clothing label has seen its way to success through high-profile collaborations like Air Jordans, Nike Dunks, corduroy caps — you name it.

But Supreme isn’t alone when it comes to iconic streetwear brands. Stüssy is another renowned enigmatic label that has served as a major influence among sneakerheads since its inception in 1980s California skate scene.

The Australian-based Ksubi also deserves credit for sparking new trends with its edgy fits and washes, while luxury ready-to-wear brand Fear of God remains at the forefront of contemporary street style.

Club Ride Apparel has also made waves with its unique blend of performance cycling apparel that nods nicely to its origins in the sports world. To put it simply, there’s something deliciously rebellious about modern urban wear that keeps inspiring collaboration between brands and refreshes our wardrobes season after season.