The Best Trash Can For Kitchen With Lid That Dogs Can’t Get Into

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Is it possible to fall in love with a trash can? If you are looking for the best trash can for your kitchen then the Tramontina looks so attractive it will actually complement your kitchen decor…

The lid closes slowly and softly – no more banging lids… The lid fits so securely even your most persistent dog will not be able to break in… It takes any bags… is foot pedal operated (look mom no hands!)

… And it is beautiful stainless steel.

8 Reasons Why The Tramontina Step Trash Can Is The Ideal Kitchen Trash Can!

Tramontina 13 Gallon Step Trash Can Stainless Steel


Tramontina 13 Gallon Step Trash Can Stainless Steel Includes 2 Freshener Cartridges …

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Here Is WhatconsumersHad To Say About The Tramontina 13 Gallon Step Trash Can…


A Beautiful Step Trash Can That Is Just The Right Size For Your Kitchen!


I never thought I would rave about a TRASHCAN…Until now. It really is BEAUTIFUL, easy to keep clean and fresh smelling, AND love the slow closing mechanism. It is virtually silent. MUST HAVE!


  • Beautiful!! I love this. At first, I couldn’t get my arms around spending this much money for a trash can, but it isn’t just a trash can. It is a beautiful addition to my kitchen.
  • Extremely well made and is like a piece of artwork!
  • Never thought I would actually love a trash can!!
  • Totally convenient & attractive in the kitchen.
  • Its appearance and clean lines make it suitable for keeping in my kitchen.
  • Adds flair to our kitchen!
  • A beautiful trash can looks great in our new kitchen.
  • Blends into my kitchen decor… people have to ask where my trash can is, even though it sits out in the open next to my entertaining space/dining area.
  • It’s easily pretty enough to have in a prominent place in the kitchen.

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 It Is Aesthetically Appealing, Functional, Decorative, And Really Enhances The Décor Of My Kitchen!


  • Very good quality, solid and looks great in my kitchen (has a sleek modern look).
  • This can is perfect! Just the right size for our kitchen.
  • After careful research of numerous brands and models, this is by far the best kitchen trash can I have found.
  • Never thought I’d spend so much on a garbage can, but this is worth it! Wonderful appearance, shape, and size for our kitchen.
  • Great Trashcan – good looking in the kitchen.
  • I am no longer embarrassed by my kitchen garbage can and that is a big deal! Just love it!
  • Very nicely made can that doesn’t take away from the look of a new kitchen.
  • I never thought I’d say this but I LOVE my TRASH CAN! IT looks great in my kitchen

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Step Trash Can With Slow Close Lid – No More Banging Lids!


Tramontina 13 Gallon Step Trash Can Stainless Steel Includes 2 Freshener Cartridges …

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All the features work well and the slow-close feature is great. Never again get yelled at by your wife for waking the baby with a clanging metal trash can lid!


  • This is a very well-made waste can, the size is good, the foot pedal works well, the lid opens and closes with ease.
  • The soft-close lid is so quiet that you can barely even hear it close.
  • I didn’t even expect the soft lid closure and it’s nice not to hear lids banging.
  • The lid closes slowly and quietly.
  • This trash can is pricey…yes. BUT it’s terrific. It looks great, the liner is easy to lift out, and the soft-close lid feature is even nicer than I expected. 
  • Very sturdy, strong lift for the lid and closes slowly and quietly.
  • The lid slowly closes it doesn’t slam shut.
  • Love the slow-close no slam (bang) lid.
  • The pedal is solid (not flimsy) and the lid remains up for a couple of seconds and then slowly goes down.
  • It came in perfect shape and has been great to use… an easy pedal opening and a slow-closing lid to prevent any banging shut.

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Who Keeps The Dog Outs? The Tramontina Trash Can!


This was the BEST decision EVER! We had been battling with our dog getting into the trash can and this works PERFECTLY! The lid is flush with the can, so our dog cannot get his nose up under it and lift the lid! Super easy to clean and looks GREAT! Would re-purchase again for sure!


  • Prefer this one over the automatic open ones because my dogs haven’t figured out how to step on the pedal – yet.
  • The nice closing mechanism keeps my nosy dogs out. Why didn’t I do this sooner?
  • Also, I have some very smart determined dogs that cannot get into it which has made life so much easier.
  • The best feature is the lid is so secure when closed there is no way for my dogs to get into the can! Love it.
  • Bought this trash can so that my dog would stop getting into the trash… it works perfectly.
  • Also, my dog can’t knock it over which is a huge benefit.
  • So much more convenient stepping on the foot pedal and watching the lid slowly lower to closed (before either dog can get into it!). Perfect!
  • Large Kitchen Bags fit perfectly and dogs cannot get in.
  • The lid fits well enough to help contain odors (and has enough heft to keep your dog out if that’s a problem).
  • My sheltie puppy can’t knock this one over!

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The Inside Is Very Roomy As Well, It Completely Fills Up A 13 Gallon Trash Bag!


Tramontina 13 Gallon Step Trash Can Stainless Steel Includes 2 Freshener Cartridges …

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15 gal tall kitchen bags fit perfectly. It’s very easy to put bags in AND get them out. The “breather” port in the liner prevents the bags from creating an annoying vacuum.


  • The liner makes it very easy to remove/replace bags – it has air holes in the bottom to make pulling the bag out easy.
  • I love the fact that it has an interior plastic liner. This helps hold the bag so it doesn’t fall down in the can when you are putting stuff in there.
  • My six year old can easily replace the trash bag.
  • The inner container is easily removed and the 13-gallon trash bags fit well and are also easily changed.
  • Since it’s rectangular, the 13-gallon bags will accommodate more trash than an equal-sized round can.
  • No more tugging to work the bag out when it’s full.
  • The lip of the lid covers the bag completely for a sleek, clean appearance.
  • Perfect for a trash can. Love how it pinches the bag so it doesn’t slip in. Allows one to use the whole bag.
  • The best design feature to me is it makes optimal use of the trash bag size so no space in the bag goes to waste before it’s full.
  • This more than met my expectations! You can use any kitchen trash bag and it will not show on the outside.
  • It’s quiet, looks sleek, the trash bags are not visible at all, and most importantly the liner makes it easy for both removing and adding a new trash bag

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Stainless Steel Trashcans Can Be A Little Pricey, But This One Is Certainly Worth The Investment!


Really like these trash cans in stainless steel. Looks great in out kitchen with stainless steel appliances and black quartz counter tops.


  • This is a great waste can… I love the shape and the beautiful brushed stainless steel finish.
  • I have stainless steel appliances so this fits in with the look of the kitchen.
  • This is one beautiful stainless steel trash can for those looking to upgrade their old can or to match their new stainless steel appliances.
  • Matches my stainless appliances and looks classy.
  • Attractive. Probably the best stainless steel product in our kitchen.
  • It is so beautiful and fits so well with our stainless steel appliances.
  • Awesome Stainless Steel Trashcan! It’s perfect for my kitchen it matches all our stainless appliances!
  • No specialized bags are necessary, and the stainless steel is beautiful with a slow closing lid.
  • Overall its stainless steel blends with the kitchen colors and most of all it goes with the other stainless still appliances.
  • This is a really nice looking trash can that fits in great with a kitchen with stainless steel appliances. 
  • I recommend this for anyone that’s looking for a stainless steel trash can.

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Even The Grandkids Can Open This Hands-Free Trash Can And Not Get Their Hands Contaminated With Trash!


Tramontina 13 Gallon Step Trash Can Stainless Steel Includes 2 Freshener Cartridges …

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This garbage can is so pretty. I have it out on my deck by the pool and it is great. The slow close lid helps too when your hands are full and you just have to push the foot pedal to open it.


  • The liner makes changing the bags easy without getting your hands dirty.
  • Love this trash can and being able to be hands-free to use it.
  • I needed a trash can that would help neutralize odor and make it so my sons would not have to touch it. This gets the job done.
  • I like the broad and sturdy foot peddle and the rectangular design.
  • The finish is very nice, the step-to-open function works well and the lid is hands-free closure.
  • Easy hands-free lid opener, bags fit in neatly, very attractive too.
  • You never have to touch the can or trash anymore because of the smooth working foot pedal.
  • It is nice to have a garbage can that you do not have to touch.
  • I’ve had this for one year now and it still looks and works as great as the first day I purchased it, love, that you don’t have to touch it.

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A Kitchen Trash Can That Doesn’t Allow Those Yucky Smells To Escape!


Not only is it a elegant looking trash can, but also it keeps the stinky garbage smells to a minimum.


  • The air freshener on the inside locks in a great smell so every time you open your trash, you are refreshed instead if disgusted.
  • Excellently fitting lid that doesn’t allow “smells” to escape.
  • Quite nice I love the air freshener! I never had a trash can smell so nice! 
  • Sturdy, classy, keeps smells inside.
  • For a trash can, it surpasses expectations. Looks elegant, works smoothly, keeps smells at bay.
  • It is very nice, the lid has a soft shut on it, and under the lid is a place to put an air freshener to make the room smell better every time you open it.
  • Fluid opening/closing mechanism contains smells, standard-sized bags work great with no plastic sticking outside the bin while closed.
  • It came with an air freshener compartment when you lift the top you get a nice fragrance smell every time.
  • A great bonus that it has a freshener to keep it smelling nice.
  • It seals smells in when the lid is closed and we only have to empty it once a week on pick-up day so there aren’t stinky diapers in the outside bin.

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In summary, the Tramontina 13 Gallon Step Trash Can Stainless Steel is the ideal trash can for your kitchen and of course, it is also an excellent bathroom trash can as well or for anywhere really.

However, because it is stainless steel and looks so attractive it is the perfect kitchen trash can and even more so if you have matching stainless steel appliances.

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Here Is A Quick Recap Of The Benefits Customers Mentioned About The Tramontina Trash Can!


  1. It is the right size for kitchens. The design is very clever and the shape is space-saving while still having a large capacity.
  2. The Tramontina is very attractive and enhances your kitchen decor.
  3. No more banging lids! Thanks to the slow-close lid you can hardly hear it close.
  4. Pet resistant – It stops those pesky dogs from breaking into the rubbish.
  5. Very good capacity and takes regular trash bags – no more wasting money on specific brands.
  6. It is stainless steel!
  7. Even the kids find it easy to use without getting germs all over their hands.
  8. It contains all of the odor for a smell-free kitchen.


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