10 Best Traditional Coffee Tables (Classic Look For Living Rooms)

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Discover the 10 best traditional coffee tables that are very attractive and practical for your living room. You will be proud to have any of these traditional coffee tables in your home…

We have provided the following options for you so we could complement Lisa’s great article: Coffee Table vs. Ottoman for the Living Room: How Do You ChooseIn a section of that article, she lists all of the different types of coffee tables, and traditional coffee tables are one of those on the list and this page will show you what is available in this style…

Traditional coffee tables

So let’s take a look at the best 10 traditional coffee tables…

Best Traditional Style Glass Coffee Table Top


Ashley Furniture Signature Design - Nestor Glass Top Coffee Table - Cocktail Height - Oval - Medium Brown


Ashley Furniture Signature Design – Nestor Glass Top Coffee Table

A lot of reviewers commented on the beauty aspect of this coffee table. One reviewer writes, “This table is really lovely.” And the compliments about its beauty and quality continue to pour in with reviewer comments like these:

  • “I gave 5 stars because of the beauty and quality for the price.”
  • “As others have said, looks far more expensive than we’re paying.”
  • “These tables look great, feel high quality, and are a great deal.”
  • “What a beautiful addition to my living room.”
  • Elegant and beautiful.”
  • Beautiful well made table.”
  • Everybody sees this, they say it is so beautiful.”
  • “I love this table. It is absolutely beautiful.”
  • Extremely beautiful table.”
  • “Table is absolutely beautiful. Received a lot of compliments.
  • “This table is gorgeous and well made. “

Other customer reviewers report… “The glass coffee tabletop is easy to keep clean and the wood frame protects the edges.” And speaking of the edges this reviewer explains how safe this table is for a family home by saying… “The oval coffee table shape is great for little kids since there are no corners to run into.”

Reviewers also make mention of how expensive it looks with one saying… “I absolutely loved this table it is so classy.” And another says… “Easily assembled, good workmanship — not your typical cheap Chinese product!” And this… “I love the old world charm of this table.”

This reviewer points out the wrought iron feature under the glass that is more beautiful in real life than what the picture could possibly reveal by saying… “Love the table, very nice look with wrought iron under glass giving it a very expensive touch.

Another reviewer points out… “The glass top also makes the space in the room look more open.” Other reviewers were happy with customer service being helpful with one reviewer mentioning… “The bottom part of the table came in with some damage, but they immediately send me the replacement. They were so easy to work with. Great customer service.”

And finally, will this coffee table look good in your house? Other reviewers think so with comments like this… “The wooden and metal design compliments my living rooms perfectly. Truly a great buy.” And this… “The finished product is something I’m proud to have in my house.”

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Best Traditional Style Round Coffee Table


Rafferty Vintage Traditional Dark Brown Round Coffee Table Ashley Furniture


Rafferty Vintage Traditional Dark Brown Round Coffee Table Ashley Furniture

Many customers raved at how nice this traditional style coffee table looks including comments like this… “This table is gorgeous and well made”  And more complement its beauty with the word gorgeous a common statement along with the following statements…

  • “This table looks even better in person.”
  • “I get lots of compliments on this.”
  • “This table is beautiful and goes great with my leather furniture.”
  • “Table is even richer in color than it appeared and the embossed top is gorgeous.”
  • Everyone who visits loves it.
  • “Very sturdy as well as beautiful.”
  • Beautiful table. I have had many compliments.
  • Beautiful table – looks great in my living room.”
  • “Absolutely beautiful and elegant, quality is excellent.”
  • Much prettier than they show in a picture.”


Many of the reviewers also spoke about how classy it looks with comments like this… “I love this coffee table, like others on here it does look so classy, easy to assemble.”  Another reviewer says… “Gives you a very luxurious rustic look for a not so luxurious price.” And this from another customer… “It’s a very heavy and sturdy table and I love the inlay, looks much more expensive than it was. ” Another also says… “Very classy look and easy to put together.”

Customers also pointed out how big this traditional coffee table is… “It is huge so consider the size of your living room when purchasing. It will give any room charm!”  And this customer review also pointed it out… “Beautiful table! It’s a larger-sized coffee table but looks elegant in a big living room.” And another… “It’s bigger than I expected and I love it!

Then there are customers who also explained how durable this coffee table is with one saying… “My 3-year-old has beat on this table… he plays fighting games with spiderman and has spilled his drink 50+ times on the outer part and I was scared it would mess up the table but it has withstood all of his attacks and still looks brand new 3 months later.”

That’s some testimony about the tables’ resilience and another customer also says… “It’s beautiful and very sturdy. My grandchildren have put it to the test and it’s all good. It cleans easily also.” And more say similar things such as this one… “Gorgeous detail, sturdy and well coated. It is one of our favorite household purchases, especially after seeing how well it held up to the abuse of our 18-month-old.

Some of the comments above also mentioned how easy it is to clean as does this one… “Can prop my feet up on it with ease and not worry about it tipping over, and it polishes up so shiny with spray wax cleaner. I have it in an L-shaped sofa situation where it looks just great.”

Others expressed how it was truly value for money such as these comments… “I can tell you for the money, this is a fabulous find.” And this… “The price is great and this table is extremely sturdy and heavy.” And again… “Nice sturdy, elegant table and well worth the price.”

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Best Small Traditional Style Rectangle Occasional Table


Winsome Wood 94234 Craftsman Occasional Table, Antique Walnut


Winsome Wood 94234 Craftsman Occasional Table, Antique Walnut

Many reviewers mentioned how this small coffee table was the perfect size for small rooms and a lot of customers were using it in the RV’s. Comments such as…

  • Perfect for my studio-sized apartment. Perfect size table to flatter my love seat. This is a very sturdy table.”
  • This little coffee table is great.”
  • “It’s absolutely lovely, elegant, and a very nice walnut. If you are looking for a small coffee table that looks great but doesn’t want to spend hundreds, I can recommend this one.”
  • “Absolutely beautiful! Not too big and not too small — everything I need in a coffee table.”
  • It’s big enough that it’s very functional, but not too big where it takes up too much space.
  • “It is beautiful!! Color is the rich, perfect size for a smaller space, solid, and very easy to assemble.”
  • Beautiful table in a compact size.”
  • “Very sturdy. Excellent quality. Easy to keep clean. Not too big and not too small. It’s just right.”


A lot of reviewers raved about it being made of REAL WOOD including comments like… “Gorgeous real wood coffee table.” And this… “Easily worth double the price. Beautiful finish and thick wood.” Another reviewer stated… “Great deal for real wood coffee table.” And another backs it up with… “The coffee table is sturdy, and the solid wood is very nice.

Many customers reported how it looked more expensive than the price. 5-star reviewers left comments like these…

  • “It is a quality piece for that low price, looks like it cost much more.”
  • It’s a lot better quality than expected.
  • Amazing quality product for the price.”
  • “This may be cheap in price, but very sturdy.”
  • It is worth the money.”
  • “The table looks more expensive than expected.”
  • Looks like it costs more than it does.


A few pointed out the extra storage shelf with one saying… “The finish is nice and the extra shelf if great for storage.” Another also said… “It’s well-made looks nice and has a lower shelf area for storing anything like magazines, napkins, and whatever you want. ”

Finally, the 5-star reviewers were also impressed with the customer service with this comment standing out… “I did find a flaw on the top and it was cosmetic enough to be concerned. I called the company and they responded positively and immediately. In less than two weeks I received a replacement top and thought was awesome customer support and give them praise for working with me on this.”

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Best Traditional Style Round Occasional Table


Winsome Wood 94231 Concord Occasional Table, Antique Walnut


Winsome Wood Coffee Table Concord Occasional Table, Antique Walnut

This awesome round table with drawer is made by the same manufacturer as the rectangular table above and not surprisingly the 5-star reviewers have a lot of similar things to say so we will just briefly summarize it for this one rather than repeating what was already said.

Once again reviewers raved about it being made from real wood and the quality of the table. They commented it looked way more expensive than the price. Similar to the one above it is great for small spaces. The reviewers also liked the lower shelf for holding magazines.

The significant comments that were different to the rectangle table are of course the round shape but most of all the little drawer was a huge hit with many reviewers stating how much they liked it and how hard a round coffee table with a drawer was to find.

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Best Long & Narrow French Country Wood Coffee Table


Convenience Concepts French Country Coffee Table, Driftwood / White


Convenience Concepts French Country Coffee Table, Driftwood / White

Lots of reviewers made comments about how cute this table is with its slim profile and how it looks great with their current decor, with the following comments from reviewers just a small sample… “It’s gorgeous!!” Another says… “Super cute and fits just right in my little southern cottage.” And… “Looks perfect in our farmhouse style living room.”

Yet another said… “This table looks great with my farmhouse decor. It’s lightweight but looks great.” And… “Cute little coffee table for a small living room. Love the farmhouse look! Isn’t too wide but looks great.” And there are many other such comments of reviewers very happy with the aesthetics of the coffee table.

This brings us to the reviewers’ most favored feature of this table – it is long and skinny which enables it to fit into small rooms…

One customer said… “It’s nice and long so that it reaches everyone no matter where you are sitting on the sectional, and it’s skinny enough so we still have room to move around it.

Another also commented on the size by saying… “I live in a small apartment and this table is small enough to fit with my loveseat and is a bit more narrow than an average coffee table.

More customers agree with one saying… ” I would definitely recommend this table for small living space!” and another said… “I needed a coffee table that wasn’t too wide.

This fits the bill. It’s long but a lot skinnier” and yet another commented… “Not too wide or bulky. Fits my living area very nicely.”

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Best No Assembly Required Lift Top Coffee Table


Ashley Furniture Signature Design - Bolanburg Liftside Cocktail Table, Two-Tone


Ashley Furniture Signature Design – Bolanburg Liftside Cocktail Table, Two-Tone

The 5-star reviewers spoke very highly about this coffee table with the major excitement being over the fact that it comes fully assembled, the lift-top was a huge hit as was the ample storage, the hidden wheels were very popular making it easy to move about despite being a heavy table, plenty tough, durable and easy to clean.

Here is what some of the reviewers had to say about each of these items and this is just a sample we could have easily written many more similar comments from reviewers who were in agreement…

Top Lifts Up, Plenty Of Storage, Good For Laptops

  • “There are 4 functional drawers (2 in the front & 1 on each side). The top lifts and there is ample storage for a laptop computer, mail, books, etc. The top has a durable finish. It’s perfect for my family room!”
  • The top lifts up with ease and does not give under the weight of laptop, games, or food/drink.”
  • “Love the extra storage!”
  • “The lift top is the big selling feature: it works perfectly!
  • “The lift mechanism operates very smoothly going up or down.”


Reviewers Love The Hidden Wheel

  • “It is rather heavy (more than 100lbs), so the wheels are helpful to move it around with ease.”
  • “Having the hidden wheels make it so nice. It is very heavy and with the wheels, you can move easily to clean.”
  • The wheels make it very easy to move!


It comes fully assemble!

  • “The fact that this table arrives completely 100% assembled is AMAZING! Literally, all I had to do was remove the packaging and this bad boy was ready to go!”
  • Big plus it comes assembled.”
  • “This table came fully assembled! All we did was unwrap it and put it in our living room.”
  • The fact that this came built alone is worth a five-star review!”


Looks Great, Easy To Clean and is Durable

  • “I love it. It looks very nice and expensive.”
  • “It’s solid, perfect size, easy to clean, and durable with the perfect look for our living room.”
  • “This table is very beautiful and the perfect size.”
  • It’s good for daily rough and tough use. I had it for a few months now and still holding strong with kids using it daily. “

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Best Farmhouse Traditional Style Coffee Table


FurniChoi Farmhouse Coffee Table, Wood Rustic Vintage Cocktail Table for Living Room with Shelf, 47 White and Brown


FurniChoi Farmhouse Coffee Table, Wood Rustic Vintage Cocktail Table for Living Room with Shelf, 47 White, and Brown

The 5-star reviewers commented on how beautiful this table is and they love the rustic look. They raved about the quality of the coffee table being made of real wood.

They were happy with the storage space and there were a lot of compliments about how sturdy this table is as well. Here is just some of what they had to say…

Beautiful Sturdy Wooden Rustic Coffee Table With Storage Space

  • “I prefer wood furniture, so I finally chose this one, and it didn’t let us down. This coffee table is made of pure solid wood without any other material, like glass or metal.”
  • “It is very beautiful, durable, and offers enough storage space. Recently some friends visited our home, and all of them gave compliments on the color and design of this coffee table.”
  • “It is beautiful, sturdy, offers a lot of storage space, and is the perfect size for my apartment.”
  • It looks way better in person.
  • I couldn’t believe how sturdy this is, it’s real wood pieces, not plastic!

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Best Traditional Cocktail Table


Ashley Furniture Signature Design - Shellmond Accent Cocktail Table - Casual - Two-tone


Ashley Furniture Signature Design – Shellmond Accent Cocktail Table – Casual – Two-tone

If you are looking for a very cute small coffee table that packs plenty of storage and is fabulously unique then according to the happy reviewers this coffee table provides all of those features.

It is certainly very unique which for many customers was the main attraction. Here is some of what they had to say…


Very Unique

  • I’ve never seen anything like it, so original.”
  • “I am very pleased with this table, it looks perfect in our living room. We have received many compliments on its unique features!
  • “This table has surpassed my expectations! It serves its purpose and then some… AND it’s unique!!


Great Coffee Table

  • “I’m seriously impressed by the size and quality of this piece for the price. It’s adorable and well made and much larger than I expected! Using it as a side table but it’s definitely coffee table-sized.”
  • “I used this as a coffee table for my living room! So perfect!”
  • “This is exactly what I was looking for a small coffee table for my family room.”


Gorgeous & Plenty of Storage

  • “These pictures don’t give this table justice. It’s beyond gorgeous, easy to assemble, lightweight. It’s beautiful and the best part is storage.”
  • “It opens up with good space to store my grandkid’s games.”

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Best Unique Traditional Style Coffee Table


FirsTime & Co. 70084 Factory Cart Coffee Accent Table, 45" x 17" x 29.5", Rustic Espresso/Antique Black


FirsTime & Co. 70084 Factory Cart Coffee Accent Table, 45″ x 17″ x 29.5″, Rustic Espresso/Antique Black

Okay after raving about how unique the coffee table above this one was we go to a new level of uniqueness with this one and wow… doesn’t kit look one of kind!

Here is what happy reviewers are saying…

  • I am absolutely in love with this accent table.
  • The finish is so pretty and modern, yet the factory cartwheels and design have a timeless feel.
  • This table is definitely a statement piece.
  • The top and side wood is a rustic hand-hewn look.
  • It has a matte finish, and has held up to coffee and drink spills, toddlers and dogs “counter surfing”
  • Quick and easy to assemble, we were totally shocked at how nice this piece looks!
  • Looks more like an accent piece than a table. Great find!
  • It’s so unique and pretty I’ve gotten a ton of compliments on it.

You would need to have the right kind of home, space, and design for this one to fit in but if you do can you just imagine how every visitor that comes to your place will react? It would be such a standout piece of furniture everyone would be gushing over it.

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We hope we have provided to you what real paying customers have found to be the most pleasing aspect of each coffee table, all in one place in an easy-to-read format which will help you in your purchasing decision.

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