Best Timing Light For The Money (This Timing Light Does It All)

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Best Timing Light

A timing light is a device that lets you see when the spark in your engine is occurring. It can be used to diagnose stalling problems, misfires, worn-out ignition wires, and other engine problems.

There is no better way to find the best timing light for the money than seeing the feedback from paying customers who have put the timing light through its paces and after reading through the one timing light stood head and shoulders above the rest…

The most common use for timing light is to check the ignition timing of an automobile engine. Ignition timing is critical in most modern engines and must be set correctly for proper combustion.

Introducing The Best Timing Light For The Money

Made from a heavy-duty, ABS, shockproof housing it has a molded boot for extra protection against the engine fan blades and a backlit screen for easier viewing in hard-to-see places…

The INNOVA Pro Digital Timing Light is the professional choice for a high-quality timing light that will stand up daily shop use.  The slim, rotating barrel offers better aim at the timing mark.

The Innova 3551 entry-level Inductive Timing Light works with most ignition systems (DIS, conventional, electronic, and computer-controlled systems – domestic and import), providing a simple and efficient means to check timing, diagnose a no-spark condition, and more.


INNOVA 5568 Pro-Timing Light with Tool Case

INNOVA 5568 Pro-Timing Light with Tool Case
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Consumers Said This Is The Best Timing Light For Money:

Great timing light for the money, handy for the situations where there is only a single mark on the balancer and the timing cover and no other timing marks, I was able to set the gun to 8º BTDC and just line up the 2 marks on my boat engine since there was no timing tab on the timing cover.

This Is A Great Timing Light For The Money

  • The components also seem more heavy-duty and it seemed very accurate on the RPMs. My advice, spend a little more money and buy this unit- FANTASTIC!!!!!
  • Good value for the money and easy to use.
  • Don’t waste your money on anything more expensive.
  • Works as well as the expensive ones.
  • Timed it with this inexpensive gem then double-checked with my friend’s 150 dollars fancy timing light. Same results a fraction of the cost!
  • This timing light is well worth the money!
  • Very accurate readings and well worth the money
  • This light is well worth the money, works like a champ and the light is bright enough to see during daylight hours. The advanced setting is a huge time saver.
  • Really nice timing light for the money. Used on a bright sunny day and could see timing marks easily making the timing job a breeze. Easy use the quality product is well worth the price!!
  • I’m so glad I spent a little more money and bought this digital timing light. It is super easy to use and works great.
  • I think it was well worth the money compared to the junk one I got from harbor freight that quit after one use
  • If you’re in the market for the timing light with timing advanced features, don’t waste your money on a cheaper dial-type timing light. You’ll regret it. Save your lunch money for another week and get this one instead because it works right and doesn’t cost that much more.
  • Good simple to use straight-up timing light good value for the money.
  • Another fine tool well worth the money what an awesome addition to any toolbox. It is the best timing light I ever used.

This Timing Light Does It All

The Innova 3551 is an ideal tool for novice or professional mechanics, as well as automotive enthusiasts who want to keep their vehicles in top condition. It works with six volt through 32 volt ignition systems. This includes all domestic market 12 volt through 32 volt ignition systems, including conventional, DIS, electronic, computer controlled systems.

  • This timing light does it all. I can check the dwell, rpm, timing, and advanced timing. Solidly built and quality construction. Could have spent less money, but this unit will last forever if not damaged by abuse.
  • It is also quite nice to have the advantage of a tachometer combined with the timing light… no need to hook up (or purchase!) a separate tach, since knowing the RPM’s is usually a requirement for proper setting of the timing. Also, you might just wish to use the tach to adjust the idle speed, etc., and it’s nice to have one tool that does it all.
  • If you have any older model engine that uses breaker points this is the timing light for you. Tach, Dwell, Timing, Voltage, and Advance timing. That would have been three separate tools minimum back in the day. Now it’s all in one. and for around $100 you can’t beat it.
  • I was very happily surprised by the good quality look of this timing light. It works very well as a bright light and all the functions I need plus more.
  • I work on old VW Beetles, and this unit is excellent for working on older cars where dwell, RPM, and TIMING can all be displayed on the unit. It shows the actual RPMs while you are adjusting the timing which makes it all so simple.
  • So nice having the RPMs show up on the screen so that you can perform all timing adjustments by yourself instead of having someone in the driver’s seat as well.
  • If you are working with conventional ignition systems that still require dwell and timing this is fantastic all in one unit that also gives you RPM.
  • This one’s an excellent choice, in my opinion. Clear and bright digital readout, dwell, tach, breaker-point/HEI/distributors ignitions – it does it all

This Timing Light Is Very Easy To Use

This is an invaluable tool for professional mechanics as well as any do-it-yourselfer who wants to keep his or her vehicle in top condition. This tools is easy to use and easy to read; it measures dwells of 0-100 ms (0-10 crankshaft degrees) on all popular V8’s, V6’s

  • What can I say… it’s easy to operate, easy to hook up, works perfectly.
  • It’s easy to use, the display is readable, and (most importantly) the light is very bright.
  • The Innova is nicely made, easy to use and the instruction booklet is explicit.
  • Make easy work of timing 1970s Honda bikes, just hit the LF mark, and you are done.
  • The built-in digital advance makes setting total advance easy, also makes it easy to check different advance totals, vacuum, mechanical, etc.
  • Super easy to use and really bright.
  • The unit also displays RPM at the same time, so it is easy to set a given advance for a given RPM.
  • Easy to use with an adjustable dial. Just turn the dial until at TDC and look at the dial for the amount of advance.
  • The advanced feature makes it really easy to set timing.
  • I’ve only needed it a few times but made the jobs easy, and it worked well.
  • The tach and battery voltage make it easy to get everything taken care of for a tuneup.

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Other Timing Light Options:


Performance Tool – Self-Powered Timing Light

The Performance Tool W80578 Self-Powered Timing Light is a must-have tool for all automotive enthusiasts.

This light will make it easy to get started on those cold winter mornings no matter where your location may be.

It is designed for all gas engines, outdoor power equipment, motorcycle, snow mobile, mowers and tractors. Works with magnetos.

Performance Tool - Self-Powered Timing Light (W80578) Ignition
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Consumers said:


  • It’s definitely worth the money.
  • Works as advertised, good value for the money.
  • This is the better quality it’s less than 3rd of the price.
  • I’ve used the other manufacturers that look the exact same with a way bigger price tag. This thing worked like the more expensive ones and was actually a brighter light.
  • Very substantial 1/2 price of Snap-On and high quality.

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PMD Products Timing Light Xenon Inductive

This trigger-activated inductive pickup ignition unit features a bright xenon flash in an ultra-compact housing. The bright, eye-catching bright lamp draws attention to the test area making it easier to locate the probe.

It employs a safety cap for storage and transport, and has long 4ft. leads for easy placement in any vehicle. The inductive coil will pick up 30,000+ RPM mechanical triggers without requiring adjustment.

PMD Products Timing Light Xenon Inductive with 0 to 60 Degree Dial Advance Ignition Spark Checker
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Consumers said:


  • It is an excellent buy for the money. FYI, the dial type advance adjustment is easier to use than the digital type advance adjustment featured on some of the much more expensive timing lights, don’t waste your money on the digital type.
  • Excellent timing light! Does everything I need to do! Save your money! If you’re on the fence about this one, buy it!
  • Great price and seems to work just as good as higher-priced timing lights.

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Actron CP7527 Inductive Timing Light

The CP7527 2-in-1 Inductive Timing Light by Actron is the perfect tool to use for initial timing, checking and measuring centrifugal advance, and measuring vacuum advance.

This multi-purpose light works on gasoline-powered vehicles with conventional, electronic, computer-controlled or 2-cycle ignition systems…

The super bright Xenon flash makes it easy to see timing marks. It’s an especially great tool to check the timing on smaller displacement engines that are difficult to see.

Actron CP7527 Inductive Timing Light
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Consumers said:


  • Great timing light for the money. If you are like me and only use a timing light about once a year, this is the one for you.
  • This worked perfectly as I had hoped and for the price, it worked GREAT!!!

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In summary, the INNOVA 5568 Pro-Timing Light with Tool Case clearly gets our vote as the best timing light for the money based on the feedback provided by people who actually own and use the tool.

All of the other timing lights mentioned also had many people very satisfied with how they worked for the price as well and if you only use a timing light once or twice a year they could well be worth considering also.

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