Best Thatched Umbrella That Provides Plenty Of Shade

Tiki Hut Umbrella

The Hula Thatched Umbrella is a perfect choice for those who want to enjoy their favorite book or weekend project in the patio garden outdoors…

Finally, an affordable artificial thatched umbrella that looks amazing. This is the best-thatched umbrella that provides plenty of shade, is heavy-duty, looks amazing, and is just the coolest umbrella you will find at this price…

This umbrella is easy to set up, remove and store. It is perfect for patios, decks, poolside or restaurant use. The umbrella is waterproof so it can withstand rain showers, hot days, and strong winds…

The Best Thatched Umbrella That Provides Lots Of Shade and Looks So Good Everyone Will Give You Compliments

The Hula Tiki is a new concept in outdoor shade and cover. The Hula Tiki is an all-weather umbrella made from durable, fade-resistant polyester fabric. It has a beautiful wood pole and a new tilt adjustment system that will track the sun and provide maximum shade and coverage of your patio area or poolside.

Now you can have the same great umbrella that you have seen at resorts across the USA, from Maui to Miami Beach, in your own home.

The sunshade canopy material does not fade in color. You can enjoy your outdoor patio throughout the year in a protective shade. The top edges of the umbrella are woven together with a natural rope for a casual appearance. This umbrella is easy to open and close with a pull-cord system.


Bayside21 Hula Thatched Tiki Umbrella Natural Color 6′ 8′ & 9′ Options

Bayside21 Hula Thatched Tiki Umbrella Natural Color 6' 8' & 9' Options (8ft, Natural)
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What Consumers Said About This Thatched Umbrella:


The Best Thatched Tiki Umbrella On The Market!

My best purchase on Amazon so far. Very happy with the quality. I was expecting to find straw in the pool from the umbrella but the thatching is made of plastic and it’s attached really well; you can’t pull it off. It’s full too. No bald spots. I also like that the umbrella has vents. I don’t know who would be unhappy with this.

  • We were really wanting to get a genuine thatch umbrella for the pool, but we couldn’t find a company that could make one with the size pole we needed. We settled on this one, and it looks much better than all of the other artificial ones currently on the market!
  • I highly recommend it if you’re looking for a thatched umbrella. Neighbors saw them over the fence and love them too!
  • These are so nice. The thatch looks and sounds so relaxing when the breeze blows, almost feels like you’re in a tropical location if you close your eyes.
  • I love my tiki bar with its new thatched umbrella.

If you want something that will add a thatched roof/tiki hut look to your patio, you have found it. Everyone who has seen it, loves it. It is definitely the coolest umbrella I have ever seen, and I would buy another one in a heartbeat.

  • I absolutely love this 8′ Thatched Tiki Umbrella! I have set this up on a table around the pool and gives a very tropical feel around the pool.
  • We purchased two of these thatched umbrellas for our backyard and we are pleased with them.
  • I was concerned that the “thatching” would come off quickly, however, it is holding up very well.
  • Great Looking Thatch Umbrella. We are using it at the end of our dock.
  • Love the thatch blowing in the wind and it is the perfect height.
  • Does a good job of blocking the sun. Just a note: the thatch is made of a plastic-type material– but it still looks and feels great.

I LOVE this Hula Thatched Umbrella!! I searched every thatched umbrella in this price range on Amazon and due to the great ended up purchasing. This umbrella is beautiful, it is heavy so get a strong base to put it in. The thatch is pretty and it is a large umbrella. Good quality and so glad I picked this one.

  • We didn’t want to spend the money on a real thatched umbrella and this is perfect for us.
  • The quality of the plastic thatch and pole is really good and it provides a LOT of good shade over my pool and BBQ.
  • I love the shape of this umbrella.
  • It looks good on the deck with our thatched roof below. 
  • The thatch is strongly sewn to the umbrella material.

Folks, I am not one that normally writes but when I purchase a product worth sharing, I feel the need to let others know. I searched for quite a while trying to find a quality yet affordable Tiki Umbrella for my pool and this one turned out perfect. The synthetic thatch cover looks very nice and authentic.

  • The thatched umbrella is a perfect size and very well constructed!
  • Do yourself a favor and quit looking for a thatch umbrella because you are not going to find a better one than this one.
  • This is a top pick, for sure. We use this daily and not one thatch has come off so far! It’s heavy-duty.
  • I searched for a few years to find a Hula Thatch umbrella that I liked. This is it.
  • Much better than the real thatch.
  • We’ve always had a thatch umbrella but they’re not always easy to find and you never know how it’s going to look, ordering online. This one looks great! 

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 Get Ready To Receive A Lot Of Compliments When People See This Thatched Umbrella 

We had a fabulous time being able to use our entire boat in the shade. We had so many compliments and everyone had a great laugh at our tiki boat party. HIGHLY RECOMMEND EVEN MORE!! I absolutely love this thing!!

  • If you are looking for this type of umbrella that is affordable… Look NO FURTHER! I bought 2 of them and have so many compliments on how great they look.
  • They make me happy to look out at them and have gotten lots of compliments
  • Looks great with the decorations around the pool. I got a lot of compliments and very useful.
  • I have had many compliments on the umbrella. I feel like I have a little piece of the tropics in my backyard.
  • Looks great by my pool and I get a lot of compliments on it.
  • I get a lot of compliments each time we have a pool party.
  • They are awesome! So many compliments. We bought 2 for the decks.
  • So much fun. It makes my yard look more tropical. I get many compliments, I will be getting another for the other side of my yard this summer. Just too cool!
  • I have enjoyed this umbrella SO MUCH and received SO MANY compliments on it. 
  • We got a lot of compliments on it the day of the party!

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This Thatched Umbrella Provides Plenty Of Shade

Really well made and plenty of shade on our hightop poolside table, this was a huge talking point at our Luau Pool Party.

  • We’re now able to fish and relax on the front half of the boat in the shade… BRILLIANT!
  • Adds a lot of tropical charm and shade.
  • Use it in the backyard next to the pool, it looks great and provides a lot of shade.
  • I use them and they do what we need… provide shade and look fun!
  • They make the deck look beautiful and give cool shade.
  • The large size keeps the table in the shade.
  • I dig it, it looks great and provides plenty of shade
  • Cute as can be….well made…. a large shade area….will buy another when this one wears out.
  • I use them around the pool where they offer shade and beauty.
  • It gives great shade over our bar and looks so beautiful!

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This Tiki Umbrella Takes It To Whole New Level

One of my favorite places in time was on the beach of Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Two lounge chairs, a small side table, and this tiki umbrella help take me back there. We almost never used our deck except when we had friends or family over; now I’m out there all the time.

The lounge chairs alone are great but this tiki umbrella took it to a whole new level. It’s now my new happy place and I just love it.

  • I can’t wait for the next Aquapalooza float-in where our little tiki party will be the envy of all the other boats.
  • The world needs more laughter and these tiki umbrellas will do just that.
  • I have a tiki bar on the back deck I use this as the roof and add a Bluetooth speaker and lights to it and it looks awesome!!
  • Hula Umbrella was well made and added more atmosphere to my tiki bar area.
  • We love this Tiki umbrella. It looks very natural. Has a vent at the top to help on windy days.
  • I love my Tiki umbrella. It lived outside all summer and it’s in great shape. It’s the “ceiling” of an outside bar.
  • It looks like a real Caribbean grass tiki umbrella.
  • Looks awesome, just like if you were at a tiki party in Hawaii.
  • Fits in a table and in the pool shelf hole. Well made and give the pool a tiki flair!
  • Perfect for my Luau party. I have a bar with a hole for the umbrella and this just completed the whole Tiki Hut look. 
  • It has held up well and adds a tropical flair to my backyard along with my tiki bar. 
  • I love my new tiki umbrella, the natural color is perfect and the size if perfect

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The Best Thatched Umbrella For The Money

We have purchased other umbrellas with similar descriptions, but they were junk. THESE are finally, finally, finally what we have been hoping to find someday, and we are super, super glad that we bought them!

These are ABSOLUTELY GREAT umbrellas! Extremely, extremely pleased with this purchase!!! Oh, and the other junk ones we bought in the past cost way more than these cost. What a deal and what a wonderful product!

  • I was shocked at the quality of the price.
  • For the money, you can’t beat it.
  • Very nice quality for the money and looks great on my deck!!!
  • Love this umbrella – worth the money.
  • My best purchase on Amazon so far.
  • You rock, Amazon. This is a five-star purchase for sure!!!
  • The price was great and the color and material are much better, I am very happy with my purchase.
  • Folks, I am not one that normally writes but when I purchase a product worth sharing, I feel the need to let others know.
  • The most durable umbrella I have purchased, and I have purchased many!
  • Read other before purchasing and they were all true Fantastic products.
  • A wise purchase for my garden home deck!

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Other Excellent Thatched Umbrellas To Consider:


9′ 8 Ribs Thatch Tiki Umbrella with Crank and Auto Tilt

9' 8 Ribs Thatch Tiki Umbrella with Crank and Auto Tilt Aluminum Outdoor Patio Market Umbrella (Thatched Tiki, Beige)
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er Comments:


I shopped around a lot for a sunbrella fabric umbrella in the teal color I wanted. This was the best price and it is perfect. Looks great. Easy to put together. Crank and tilt are easy to operate. Fabric quality and color are exactly as expected.


  • Just the pop of color I was needing for my deck!
  • This is a bit bigger than our last umbrella which is nice. Great fabric!
  • We have used it for 3 to 4 years and it has been great!
  • Love how it tilts and the coverage it gives.
  • Best umbrella I’ve ever owned.
  • Smooth operation.
  • Thick shade.
  • Beautiful fabric.
  • Love the quality and sturdiness of this umbrella.
  • The final piece to our SUNBRELLA collection. Such great material.

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Hawaiian Style Outdoor Umbrella 9 FT Round Outdoor Market Patio Umbrella with Auto Tilt and Crank

Hawaiian Style Outdoor Umbrella 9 FT Round Outdoor Market Patio Umbrella with Auto Tilt and Crank Lift Tiki Hawaiian Patio Umbrella Thatched Umbrella (Polyester, Tiki Natural)
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er Comments:


Love this!!! I sit it on its side on the ground under the upstairs porch and not only have shade, but privacy as well. Well made


  • It is a great addition to my deck.
  • They are well-made the fabric is heavy and looks durable.
  • Great umbrella! Exactly what we wanted!
  • Works great! Excellent purchase!
  • Nice color, the crank handle opens it easily. Good product

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In summary, it’s hard to find a good quality thatched umbrella however the Bayside21 Hula Thatched Tiki Umbrella has shown it is not impossible.

Even though it is an artificial thatched umbrella it will meet all of your requirements as it is beautiful to look at, provides that wonderful tropical Tiki vibe, endures better than real thatch, and offers plenty of shade.

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