Best Sliding Bath Transfer Bench That Swivels: Caregivers Love It

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Sliding Bathtub Chairs

Discover the best sliding bath transfer bench that swivels. This bench is perfect for both caregivers and the patient…

The caregiver will save much wear and tear, back pain, and frustration by having the ability to easily slide and swivel the person they are caring for while the patient will feel more comfortable, secure, and safe with all the features of this excellent swivel chair...

A transfer bench also called a Sliding Bath Transfer Bench, is a portable chair that is used for transferring people into and out of the bathtub without putting too much strain on their backs or legs. The Sliding Bath Transfer Bench is a great way to transfer someone who is unable to walk or stand, into and out of the tub, shower, or anywhere else you need to take them.

Designed for transferring patients who are unable to get in and out of the bathtub on their own, the sliding bath transfer bench is ideal for use in medical, nursing, rehabilitation, hospice care, home health care, and private duty settings.

Best Rust Proof Sliding Bath Transfer Bench That Swivels

The Eagle Health Supplies Swiveling and Sliding Bathtub Transfer Bench offer a safe, secure transfer from your tub to your shower or from your tub to the toilet. The Swiveling and Sliding Transfer Bench features a strong, heavy-duty steel frame with a textured seat to prevent slipping and patented locks at each end. Anti-slip rubber tips and a safety belt add extra security.

The Eagle Health Supplies Swiveling and Sliding Bathtub Transfer Bench is a sturdy, comfortable bath chair designed to safely and securely assist you in and out of the tub. No more need to fear slipping and falling, this bath transfer bench features anti-slip rubber tips on both ends.

The unique swivel action makes it easy to maneuver around objects such as showers, toilets, and bidets. This heavy-duty tub transfer bench has a wide, textured seat to prevent slipping, locks at each end for safety, and a safety belt for your added security.


Swiveling and Sliding Bathtub Transfer Bench and Shower Chair


Swiveling and Sliding Bathtub Transfer Bench and Shower Chair (Reg) (77662). Swiveling and Sliding system, Multiple Safety Features, Tool-Less Assembly, Height Adjustable and High Weight Capacity.
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The Swiveling Bathtub Shower Transfer Bench and Sliding Tub Shower Chair are all you need for every step of your tub or shower care routine.

The tub bench can easily be positioned directly in the bathtub; when you enter, the back of the tub bench raises up the same height as most bathtubs. Once you’re in, simply push in on the two side levers, allowing the shower chair to slide directly under you.

No more awkward repositioning with a transfer bench that pivots! The shower chair features four adjustable locking legs that allow it to glide across any wet surface.


Here Is What Consumers Said About This Sliding Bath Transfer Bench That Swivels:


This Is An Awesome Bath Swivel Seat


  • This bench is really great. My mom has only been able to use it once due to illness, but when she did it worked flawlessly. Couldn’t have showered her without it. Love the swivel seat.
  • The chair swivels around so it is easy for her to sit down and just swing her legs over the tub’s side and we just slide her in place. No more shaking, afraid that she’s going to fall!
  • My husband is handicapped and blind, I have to get him in a manual wheelchair and push him into the bathroom, with this Swivel Seat I can turn it so he is in front of it, and I can help him up and he can get straight into it.
  • My mom can hardly walk anymore and this makes bathing her so much easier. I can have control of her the whole time during the shower. The swivel chair adjusts to whatever position we need and we put it diagonally in the shower to make room for her legs.
  • The swivel seat made it easier for me and her to get her up from the wheelchair to the seat.
  • This product has saved the day for my 88-year-old mother. The swivel seat is critical, as it prevents my mother from having to “scooch” across a standard bath bench…my mother has had 3 spine surgeries to date.
  • Bought this item to help in caring for an aging parent. The swivel seat is a lifesaver!! 
  • Its swivel features make getting into and out of the tub easy.
  • The shower seat swivels so that she can sit down on it while she is actually outside the shower on a more stable footing. Then it swivels and slides her right into the shower. PERFECT!

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The Swivel Seat And Sliding Features Make Giving A Bath To Elderly Parent So Much Easier

The backrest offers added support, and the tub seat is made of comfortable contoured foam designed to fit the natural curves of your body. The leg rests swivel out of the way as you transfer into or out of the tub, allowing you ample room to maneuver.

The swivel transfer board can be used as a chair to transport an individual from one place to another, or as a sliding board that allows for safe entry into the bathtub or shower.

  • This is great also with it being able to slide, very easy, I can slide him in the shower and it is so easy. When he is finished with his shower, slide the seat out and he can sit on it while he dries off.
  • My Wife is an amputee (right leg cut off at mid-thigh) and she can transfer from wheelchair to bench and slide to the other end with ease.
  • The seat then slides at as slow a pace as you like, all the way to the other end, getting the patient into the bathtub.

The New Eagle sliding bath bench allows my 90-year-old mother to sit down outside of the tub and slide into the tub securely. She loves safety and convenience. This is an outstanding product.

  • This seat with the swivel and slide has worked out great. I originally had the one that did not swivel and it was difficult to use with my wife and the stand-up lift.
  • It is strong, the seatback gives security, the swivel seat and sliding features make giving a bath to elderly parents so much easier.
  • This chair is so easy to use! It turns and slides without any jerky movements or catches.
  • It is so much easier to slide her into the shower than trying to help her scoot over with a regular transfer chair…and the swivel works so well in the small room.
  • This swivel sliding bath chair is ingenious. It has allowed the patient to be moved safely from the chair to shower, enjoy a full shower, and be removed without any fears or issues.

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Takes The Strain Away From The Caregiver

If you’re caring for someone with mobility problems, getting them in and out of the bathtub can be a painful struggle. Now you can make bathing easier and safer with this adjustable, easy-to-install bath transfer bench.

No more bending over to lift a heavy person into a tub. No more struggling to sit upright after sliding a person across a slippery tub floor.

Within minutes, you can have the essential safety equipment that will help protect your back, knees, and joints as you bathe or shower anyone who has difficulty getting in or out of the bathtub.

  • This is a miracle to me, it takes so much strain off of me.
  • Great device for the patient AND caregiver.
  • This enables the caregiver to move my mother into and out of the tub easily.
  • As my mother’s caregiver said, this product is a Cadillac.
  • This is perfect for a caregiver. Very easy to rotate the seat, and also very easy to unlock and slide the seat. The height adjustment for the legs is simple.
  • I can’t walk so my caregiver gets me on the bench and slides me right on the shower. 
  • It makes showering much easier for the caregiver to help!
  • Caregivers love it for my mom who has Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.
  • Super back saver!
  • So much easier and safer than trying to move the person yourself. Saves your back for sure! 

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Feel Safe While Using This Bath Transfer Bench

This bath bench is a great way to help loved ones maintain their independence and dignity. The bath bench offers a sturdy, non-skid platform for bathing, shaving, or performing other personal grooming tasks in the shower or tub. Adjustable clamping brackets secure the bench to any tub or shower tile surface.

Bath benches and shower chairs make showering and bathing safe and comfortable for seniors and those with limited mobility.

Eagle Health Supplies’ Swiveling and Sliding Bathtub Transfer Bench make it easy to move safely from a seated position to standing and back again without strain or discomfort.


  • It works very well! My mother is weak, obese but we are able to safely and comfortably get her in and out of the shower.
  • This is great for anyone who needs to sit down and shower. My mom is 80 years old and can not stand too long. This was perfect for her to safely shower.
  • Very easy to assemble and works great for my 100lb 90yr old parent. It makes her shower safe. A must-have for anyone challenged to step into a shower or stand to the bath.
  • It’s sturdy, easy to use, and best of all, my mom feels safe when she showers.
  • Great and very easy to use and feels safe for the patient.
  • This works like a charm! Very easy to use and safely make transfers.
  • A quality product works great for my mom. She feels very safe using it.
  • This shower transfer bench worked beautifully transferring my husband safely from wheelchair to shower bench and back.
  • We feel safe operating this chair and our mom feels supported and confident in using this adaptive device in our home

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Other Excellent Sliding Bath Transfer Benches That Swivel To Consider:


Carousel Sliding Transfer Bench with Swivel Seat


Carousel Sliding Transfer Bench with Swivel Seat. Premium PADDED Bath and Shower Chair with Pivoting Arms. Space Saving Design for Tubs and Shower.
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The Carousel is the only transfer bench, that allows caregivers to easily slide their charges from bed to chair to shower and back to bed.

There are no hard parts like old-style bath chairs, just soft, comfortable, slip-resistant padding.

The Carousel has a built-in handle in the seat for one to pick up and carry their charge from one location to another or for one to give them a gentle raise into a standing position and allow them to take a few steps without using their legs.

It’s self-righting when tipped over so it can be left in place beside your toilet.


Customers said:


  • I really love the fact that I am able to slide the bench out to the side of the tub and sit down and then swivel and slide into the shower.
  • It has everything we need-arms, swivel, slide, and compact size that doesn’t go out so far in the room.. Do not hesitate.
  • No more worrying about slipping and falling getting in and out of the shower!!!
  • It is easy to swivel and slide and is not as cumbersome as the other bench that we used. It is easy to lift it out of the tub.
  • My mom LOVES this chair. It’s padded and comfortable and the size is perfect. It doesn’t get in the way at all. The swivel seat allows her to walk straight into the bathroom, turn around once and sit down.
  • This one makes her feel more secure and the padded seat is more comfortable, as well as the seat belt is helpful in reducing the fear of sliding off the seat.

We really love the combination slide and swivel functions of the chair. The dual-arm design is also a function that enhances safety and flexibility during the showers.

  • This model allows for the swivel, slide, lock, AND seat belt.
  • All the features are easy to use. It slides with ease, swivels, and locks, and does not tip. It is worth the extra money over the plastic chairs, just for peace of mind.
  • This sliding and swivel show chair is totally awesome. I am now able to move my daughter from her wheelchair to the bench while the chair is forward. Once there I am able to turn/swivel the chair while she is in it, lift her legs over the tub and then slide her seat into the center of the tub.
  • The swivel seat allows easy access for anyone struggling with mobility since the seat can be turned out to the bathroom itself then, once the person is in place be turned into the shower.
  • With the swivel seat, I can make a safe transfer from my wheelchair with the seat facing me, then easily swivel it and slide over a tub or the lip on a shower.
  • This chair made it so easy. She just plopped me on the seat, pushed me over, swiveled the seat, and voila, I was getting clean!
  • Boy, I’ll tell you I am so happy with my new sliding transfer shower bench.

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Gateway Premium Sliding Bath Transfer Bench with Swivel Seat


Gateway Premium Sliding Bath Transfer Bench with Swivel Seat-Padded (Blue)
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The Gateway is constructed of heavy-duty steel with padded medical-grade, closed-cell PU upholstery for the ultimate in comfort.

The premium quality seat and backrest are easy to clean and disinfect, and will not absorb any water.

With no metal parts to rust and all surfaces sealed from humidity exposure, the Gateway can be used in practically any environment-including outdoors at your pool or spa area.

The pivoting legs make it easy to maneuver onto a toilet seat. The aluminum tray provides a useful counterweight for the legs.


Customers said:


  • The Gateway Premium Transfer Bench has made showering so much easier for my mother who has limited mobility because of Parkinson’s Disease.
  • Showering before was always very difficult because of the effort required to maneuver her legs over the side of the tub, but with the transfer bench that problem has been totally eliminated and the swivel seat makes getting into and out of the seat a breeze.
  • The slide and swivel really help and it is very comfortable.
  • If you’re looking to purchase a transfer bench to make showering safer and easier for yourself or a loved one, this is the one to get!
  • It’s made life a whole lot easier for our Dad.
  • The swivel and slide are a HUGE help to my Dad and to his home health aide.
  • It makes getting in and out of the shower much easier as he can still raise his legs over the side of the tub with ease while sitting down.
  • The swivel seat and sliding chair make getting my mom into and out of the tub so much easier than a solid bench.
  • No worry about falls in the shower.
  • The seat is more comfortable than the standard hard plastic bench.
  • This product made showering my mother so much easier!
  • The size is really good too because it doesn’t take as much space as others. 

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The Hip Solution(TM) Bath and Shower Transfer Bench


The Hip Solution(tm) Bath and Shower Transfer Bench
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Bring your comfort into the shower or bath with The Hip Solution(tm) Transfer Bench. The adjustable, safety-tested seat swivels both in and out of the shower/bathtub and is made of FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic).

Its design makes it extremely easy to use, much safer than a fixed seat transfer bench, and less intrusive when not in use.

Because it is lighter weight than standard transfer benches and will fit easily into small bathroom spaces, this product can also be used in children’s bathrooms.


Customers said:


  • This has been a wonderful solution for our family. I care for a person with multiple disabilities and have tried several different shower chairs.
  • Has full swiveling capability, seatbelt, sliding mechanisms, a non-skid chair, and 2 armrests to assist when standing, which most do not have.
  • This chair allows for easy transfer from a wheelchair and offers added security with the seatbelt.
  • Solved all the problems. Swivels and slides. Slides sideways into the shower area without having to step over the shower edge. Safety. was a big problem. Not any more.

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In summary, when deciding what is the best sliding bath transfer bench that swivels it really came down to a split decision between two products and they are the Swiveling and Sliding Bathtub Transfer Bench and Shower Chair and the Carousel Sliding Transfer Bench with Swivel Seat.

Honestly, they are both fantastic sliding transfer benches however we decided to list theSwiveling and Sliding Bathtub Transfer Bench and Shower Chair as our top pick because it is under $250

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