The Best Shiplap Wall Clocks (Big Beautiful Accent Clocks)

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Shiplap Wall Clocks

Add a rustic touch to your decor with the Shiplap wall clock. A perfect accessory for any country or industrial theme, these clocks blend in with almost any setting and allow you to get the most out of your decor. These clocks are easy to hang and don’t require assembly.

The shiplap wall clocks are big, eye-popping, the perfect accent and conversational pieces for your decor. Shiplap wall clocks look amazing and are the perfect companion for farmhouse design and will look good in a variety of other styles as well.

The shiplap is a classic wall clock that has been around for many years. It’s very popular because it’s very cheap and also because it has a lot of great features. This clock can be a great gift idea, a centerpiece in a room, or even a home decoration piece.

The Shiplap Wall Clock is a great gift idea if you want to buy someone a gift for their birthday or for Christmas since they will probably love getting one of these clocks.

I have listed the current top 5 shiplap wall clocks which all represent a different and unique touch.

FirsTime Shiplap Wall Clock

irsTime & Co. Shiplap Farmhouse Wall Clock is a unique timepiece that features distressed white coloring, black Roman numerals, and an open face. This round clock is crafted of wood with a distressed white coloring, making it a unique timepiece that can also be placed on the wall above your fireplace mantel or bookshelves to dramatize your living space.

Add a touch of shiplap farmhouse goodness to your home with the FirsTime & Co. Wall Clock! This home accent is made from reclaimed wood and features a distressed white coloring, black Roman numerals, and an open face.

You’ll love this stylish yet budget-friendly addition to any home’s coastal or farmhouse chic decor. Combine it with other wall decors for coastal or shiplap chic looks in your home or office.


FirsTime & Co. Shiplap Wall Clock, 18″, White

FirsTime & Co. Shiplap Wall Clock, 18", White


  • The FirsTime & Co. “Shiplap Farmhouse” Wall Clock is a great size at 18 inches in diameter with a 2-inch face depth that is easily seen anywhere in the home or office.
  • It features an antique look that can fit with most decor styles, whether it’s modern, rustic, farmhouse, lodge, cottage style – you name it!
  • At 18” in diameter, it makes a big statement without dominating a room.
  • It displays a simple, efficient design with an easy-to-read hour dial and a rustic, shiplap-effect frame in a choice of colors.

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The Best 3D Shiplap Wall Clock

If you are looking for the best 3D shiplap wall clock, then this unique-looking wall clock could be exactly what you are after. This clock looks great with multiple decor styles including the farmhouse, antique, vintage, coastal, industrial, cabin, art deco, modern, and classical styles.

PresenTime & Co 13″ Farmhouse Series Wall Clock will bring valuable and valuable time to your life. Our high-quality quartz clock uses advanced optical digital components to display time accurately and precisely all the time.

No matter at the home, office or other places, it is good for you to show your unique taste. Thanks to its unique retro style, this wall clock can also be a great decoration in your house and it is easy to be placed anywhere.


PresenTime & Co 13″ Farmhouse Series Shiplap Style Wall Clock With Raised 3D Arabic Numeral and Galvanized Finish


PresenTime & Co 13" Farmhouse Series Wall Clock, Quartz Movement, Shiplap Style,Raised 3D Arabic Numeral, Galvanized Finish


  • This elegant Farmhouse Series Wall Clock features an entire hand-finished process. A unique, quality clock designed for durability and functionality.
  • This gorgeous clock will instantly become the centerpiece of your room or office space. An absolutely gorgeous addition to any space.
  • Delightfully versatile, this charming wall clock blends seamlessly into any space, putting style first.
  • Measuring 13″ across with a natural wood frame accented with metal horses on the face, it’s the perfect on-trend timepiece for your home or office.
  • A great accent piece that isn’t just cute, it keeps good time too.

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The Best Chic Shiplap Wall Clock

If you are looking for the best chic shiplap wall clock, then you will love this very large and beautiful rustic farmhouse clock. This exquisite round clock is crafted of wood with an open face, with Roman and Arabic numeral mixture and aged white shiplap design.

Add a rustic touch to your farmhouse with the FirsTime&Co. Farmhouse Chic Open Face Wall Clock. This 27-inch clock is crafted from wood and aged white shiplap with roman and Arabic numeral mixture. It makes a chic update to your kitchen or any room in your home.

Adding a chic farmhouse touch to your décor has never been easier. This beautifully designed open face clock features an aged white shiplap design with Roman and Arabic numerals. The distressed look is perfect for any modern or rustic decor. This round clock makes a great gift for friends or family who are remodeling their homes or are into home decor.


FirsTime & Co. Shiplap Chic Wall Clock, 27″, Aged White

FirsTime & Co. Shiplap Chic Wall Clock, 27", Aged White


  • This genuine wood shiplap wall clock is perfect for any room in your home. Aged, white shiplap design set upon a dark stained face adds an instant update to your décor.
  • With Roman numerals and Arabic numbers displayed on each of its four sides, this clock is both versatile and functional.
  • No matter which way you hang it, this round clock will remind you of the beauty that comes with nature through its open design.
  • This round wooden clock features an aged white shiplap design that will look right at home in your farmhouse, lodge, or rustic-style home.
  • Satisfy your craving for shiplap style.

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The Best Shiplap Gears Wall Clock

If you are looking for the best shiplap gears wall clock, then this large clock is the perfect addition to any farmhouse or country-inspired home.

Perfect for a garage or all-purpose room in the home, this rustic clock is a great fit in any space. Its aged white shiplap color and faux silver gear design complement its traditional style. Crafted of wood, its open face allows for easy wall mounting.

Decorate your walls with this unique round wall clock. This clock features a faux silver gear design and aged white shiplap coloring. The gears do not move, which adds a layer of authenticity to the clock.


FirsTime & Co. Shiplap Gears Wall Clock, 27″, Aged White

FirsTime & Co. Shiplap Gears Wall Clock, 27", Aged White


  • Picture yourself traveling the sea of life, like a mighty ship. Sail through the day with this beautiful round clock.
  • The white shiplap style matches any decor, and the decorative faux silver gears are sure to catch visitors’ eyes. This clock is made of wood with an open face.
  • The gears are designed to look like faux silver and the clock comes with a white face and shiplap-colored frame.
  • With the unique design of this round clock, your guests are sure to be left in awe. The clock gives off a rustic appearance with its aged white paint and faux silver gears.
  • It is crafted from wood with an open face to easily illuminate the time.
  • This wall clock is geared towards the modern home.
  • The subtle silver gears provide an interesting, yet minimalistic design with the white shiplap lending charm to this clock.

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The Best Distressed Shiplap Wall Clock

If you are looking for the top-rated distressed shiplap wall clock, then this wall clock is a beautiful clock for a farmhouse bedroom, dining room, or living room.

This oversized clock is an eye-catching addition to your home. The white hands against the black wooden frame make it easier to read, and this rustic clock’s large numerals are easy to see from across the room. Crafted of wood with an open face, it also features a distressed black finish that gives it extra character. Hang it in your living room or kitchen for a stylish touch.

Its large size makes it easy to read from across the room without obstructing your line of sight. The open-face features a small-scale distressed black frame with large, easy-to-read numbers.


FirsTime & Co. Midnight Shiplap Wall Clock, 29″, Distressed Black, White

FirsTime & Co. Midnight Shiplap Wall Clock, 29", Distressed Black, White

  • This oversized clock with a distressed finish is a stylish addition to any farmhouse or country cottage.
  • The distressed Black finish creates a chic and shabby chic look and feels while the large easy to read face makes this clock a functional piece of Farmhouse Decor.
  • A wonderful addition to any home decor, available in 2 sizes and several colors this wall clock is sure to be loved for years to come.
  • Whether on your mantle or on the wall of your studio or living room, this clock will add that special touch that you have been looking for!
  • With a distressed black wood frame and a large, open face, this FirsTime & Co. Wall Clock is a great addition to any vintage-inspired décor that you want to create.
  • The accented wood with several dimensions makes adding style that much easier.

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In summary, These shiplap wall clocks are huge, one of a kind, and they make a statement every time you glance at the wall. Add some color and interest to your otherwise boring walls. It will give your home a warm and cozy feeling.

If you love the shiplap look consider getting shiplap wallpaper which can be used on your walls and for bringing back to life old furniture.

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