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When looking for the best Safari clothing brands, one should consider their needs and style. Whether it’s a safari adventure in Australia, or trekking through African game reserves, the right outfit can make all the difference. While function is important, fashion can still be considered when choosing which brands are best to go with.

Top Safari Clothing Brands

When it comes to outfitting yourself with apparel that can protect you from harsh weather conditions, not just any regular clothing will do. Today’s safari-style clothing is made to withstand the elements while looking sharp and stylish.

Whether you’re taking on one of nature’s grand adventures or just going for a quick hike in your local park, having high-quality apparel is essential. The following are some of the best safari clothing brands around that offer premium protection and chic fashion:

Patagonia is a well-known outdoor lifestyle company based in Ventura, California. Their mission has been to use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis since 1973, and have grown into one of today’s preeminent outdoor solution retailers. Patagonia offers a wide range of safari items including hooded sweaters, yoga pants, sun stretch shirts, shorts, and even long sleeve heathered shirts for those warmer days.

Fleetwith by Patagonia is made from lightweight performance fabrics designed specifically for activity in hot climates. Their Long Sleeve Sun Stretch Shirt contains UPF50+ sun protection while providing liberating airflow due to its vented cuffs and underarm gussets.

Columbia Sportswear Company has been churning out legendary outerwear since 1938 when founder Gertrude Boyle set up shop in Portland, Oregon. Taking on Columbia means taking on apparel like the Bora Bora Booney II cap with Omni Shade sun protection technology as well as their Silver Ridge Cargo Shorts with an adjustable waistband built for comfort during strenuous physical activity.

You can also turn to items like their Tamiami II performance shirt which has vented ventilation panels at each side seam allowing your skin to breathe even during extensive hikes or treks across open fields in higher altitudes.

REI Co-Op combines courage and vitality with technical expertise creating reliable outdoor clothing perfect for trails over hills and beyond expectations.

Danner Mountain Inc., makers of waterproof rugged footgear since 1932 specialize in mountain boots crafted with lifelong durability and repairability against any terrain imaginable whatever kind of adventure you take on – Danner has got your feet covered every step of the way!

Danner also creates lightweight hiking boots made from a waterproof breathable GoreTex lining featuring Dry technology which keeps water out while eliminating perspiration build-up so you remain comfortable throughout your journey outdoors!

Filson has something special for everyone who enjoys being outside no matter what activities they pursue – from travel bags that hold all the essentials you need when hitting up faraway lands; medium rugged twill duffel bags perfect for day trips or weekend excursions; oil finish shelter cloth field coats ideal for wet winter days; eight pocket tin cloth trousers able to withstand even rough wear; wool camping blanket designed to keep temperatures warm all night long! 

Luxury labels such as Prada and Gucci both offer styles that are functional and fashionable, perfect for safaris around the world. For more affordable options, Banana Republic and Tommy Hilfiger both offer pieces that will get you from dawn till dusk without compromising on style.

For a smart casual look that prioritizes practicality over all else, Burberry makes stylish pieces suited to desert climates with its dust resistant fabrications combined with lightweight silhouettes in muted colorways—think flannel trousers earned shirts teamed together with a hat or bandanna tied around the neck.

Another favorite amongst safari enthusiasts is Lululemon whose line of technical wear looks chic with its range of utility shirts and tailored shorts in earthy tones ideal for scorching temperatures under the afternoon sun.

What is African Safari Experience?

Good safari clothing brands

Best Travel Clothing Brands

An African safari experience is an adventurous journey in the wilds of Africa. From exploring the savanna plains to tracking the Big Five (lions, elephants, rhinos, buffaloes, and leopards), this can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for anyone looking for a unique outdoor adventure.

Before planning your own African safari excursion, you need to make sure that you have all the appropriate safari clothing for the unpredictable weather and harsh terrain. Here is a comprehensive guide on the best safari clothing brands for every taste and budget.

When traveling around Africa, having good quality and lightweight garments could mean easier movement in a hot climate and protection from scratches or bug bites.

Investing in high quality apparel not only ensures you stay comfortable during long treks across open landscapes but also protects you from any surprises nature may have on offer along the way. With so much competition out there within the casual wear sector, it’s difficult to determine which brands are truly worth investing in before beginning your adventure.

To narrow down a few of our top picks we recommend Khaki Wildlife which has a range of Prene performance fabrics designed to maximize breathability alongside great fashion options many people wouldn’t usually associate with Safari gear such as bomber jackets and drawstring pants.

Another great choice is Outback Trading Company — apart from its solid apparel range, it also offers hats for sun protection which is essential when outfitter yourself for safari trips across sunny countries like Tanzania or Kenya.

Overall preparing your wardrobe correctly should be taken seriously when booking an African Safari excursion, as comfort can directly influence how enjoyable your trip might become during long periods away from civilization.

Make sure you purchase all vital items such as hats or sandals separately items that are often overlooked when pushing yourself deeper into less controlled surroundings in order to provide yourself with unmissable experiences!

Safari Clothing Basics

Best brands for safari clothes

Safari clothing is important for adventurers planning to explore wild, remote places. It should be lightweight, but also durable and provide sun, insect, and weather protection. Neutral colors are typically recommended for safari wear as they blend in well with the natural environment as well as providing camouflage.

Bright colors stand out against the natural background and could scare away wildlife. Neutral colors such as khaki or olive can easily be mixed and matched while still staying functional and comfortable. Staple colors such as navy blue can also be utilized in a safari wardrobe.

Lightweight materials such as cotton or synthetic fabrics are best suited for jungle environments due to their potential breathability, ability to wick sweat, quick drying properties, and moisture management capabilities.

Weather adaptability is essential when exploring jungles so opt for layering options that allow you to regulate temperatures without feeling weighed down by heavy materials like leather. Linen, silk, and wool blends also offer useful protection from heat gain in areas with direct sunlight exposure.

Choosing a comfortable design tailored to fit your body type is also very important when selecting clothing for a safari adventure; items like zip-off cargo pants feature both style and functionality while providing comfort even during long treks on rough terrain.

Design features like pockets should be accessible so you don’t have to constantly search through your bag looking for things. Consider adding other items with insect repellent properties such as bug nets or light hats that cover your neckline for extra protection against night insects around campfires or laneways in more rural parts of the traverse ahead of you.

Finally, think about impromptu scenarios where you may need additional rainwear depending on climate conditions – pack accordingly!

Women’s Safari Clothing

When it comes to safari clothing for women, there is a range of stylish and adventurous options that make it easy to dress appropriately for your adventure. Dresses and skirts are often a great choice for safari, as they provide good sun protection, don’t impede your movements too much, and look incredibly elegant.

The Kuhl Vantage Dress is a particular favorite amongst female safari goers, made of lightweight UPF fabric and featuring multiple pockets including a secret zip-off one. The discreet pattern adds sophistication and contrast which makes this perfect attire for the African plains or anywhere else on your travels.

Apart from dresses, various jackets, and pants have also become popular with ladies going on safari. The Halle Pant is an interesting option in this regard, providing style while still offering excellent practicality thanks to vented gussets and multi-pocket design. Although designed with hiking in mind these trousers look stylish enough to wear in most casual encounters around the campfire or even at the beach bar if you decide to end up your tour by sea.

Safari Footwear

Safari footwear is a collection of durable and comfortable boots, shoes, and sandals perfect for hiking. Whether partaking in a walking safari or trekking cross-country, these specially designed footwear items have been crafted to provide expert support and protection for avid hikers in all climates and environments.

Hiking boots created for safaris are designed with extra cushioning and heavy-duty material that can withstand the wear and tear of adventure. They feature reinforced toe caps, treaded soles, shock absorbing midsoles, water-repellant uppers, padded collars, and breathable linings – all of which show an emphasis on both protection and comfort for the wearer’s feet.

The market for hiking boots has grown significantly over the years following an increased interest in outdoor activities such as safari experiences. As more people become enthusiastic about open air elements incorporated into their lifestyles they seek apparel meant to endure long areas of terrain while keeping the wearer comfortable throughout their expedition.

Apart from intense flair in fashion trends design shoes intended to be used in safaris have come to life with manufacturers implementing technologies that keep up with a dynamic lifestyle while providing necessary performance adaptations to extreme conditions.

Fortunately due to their reliable strength whatever the trail may offer adventurous travelers have taken it upon themselves to target specific footwear key attributes guaranteed to bring reliability durability and versatility complete with crucial safety considerations when partaking in areas known as topographically diverse weather changes during seasonal visits.

Therefore avid hikers now have access to safe comfortable dependable resources located in highly specialized stores devoted entirely towards outfitting passionate consumers geared towards indulging nature from countless terrains around the world.

Such investments made towards purchasing proper footwear ultimately benefit wearers enthusiasts more than ever as more improvements are implemented each season allowing travel enthusiasts to explore every hike through ultimate fitting ensconced giving momentum boundary free enabling better traversal capabilities than ever before!

Safari Accessories

Essential Safari Accessories enable any traveler to have a great time exploring the outdoors. One of the most important accessories for safari is a pair of binoculars – having an elevated view of the landscape, wildlife and other animals that you might come across can be invaluable.

Additionally, protection for your head, face, and eyes is paramount as many safari destinations offer strong sunlight and harsh weather conditions. It is always best to sport a wide brimmed hat and make sure that your eyes are well shielded with sunglasses or goggles.

Besides these basics, many veteran safari explorers often opt for convenience-centric travel accessories such as the Grayl GeoPress Purifier Water Bottle – a device capable of hydration replenishment on the go from any water source through purification technology.

A great companion traveler bag can also be highly beneficial which is why products like Nomatic Travel Bag or Base Camp Duffel Bag provide ample room to store needed equipment for extended trips along with a rugged design suitable for outdoor excursions.

For those looking to embark on their very own African Safari adventure, owning essential accessories can certainly bring added confidence while they take in all the habitat has to offer!

Sustainable and Eco-friendly Options

Sustainable materials in safari clothing are derived from natural sources, fair trade certified products, and efforts to reduce plastic waste and combat waterborne illnesses. These materials provide a safe and breathable protective layer for any outdoorsman or woman on their adventures in the wild.

Natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, wool, and hemp are often used for their durability and breathability, which helps to keep the wearer cool even in the hottest climates. In addition to these fabrics, sustainable materials may also be made from renewable resources such as bamboo or even recycled plastic bottles.

Fairtrade certified products guarantee that the production process of items under this label has been sanctioned by an independent organization to ensure ethical labor practices at every stage of production. This means that workers receive a fair wage, and have access to improved healthcare resources and healthy working conditions throughout the process.

Reducing plastic waste is another crucial step toward creating sustainable materials for safari clothing.

When synthetic plastics break down into smaller pieces called microplastics, they can enter our ecosystems and find their way into our watersheds where wildlife is exposed to them through their drinking water or food sources – leading to serious health risks like contamination of water sources and impairment of kidney function among aquatic creatures.

This drastically reduces biodiversity globally due to the volume of pollutants being released into marine ecosystems each year.

Besides reducing plastic waste, sourcing natural materials with insect repellant properties also helps protect against harmful water-borne illnesses encountered while adventuring in remote areas like Africa’s Great Lakes Region or Congo River Basin.

Mosquitoes are one of the major causes of diseases caused by communicable bacteria picked up from stagnant bodies of water or infected hosts; using natural clothing treated with repellants or investing in items like Grayl GeoPress Purifier helps travelers stay safe without causing further harm to their surroundings whilst on expedition trips!

Tips for a Successful Safari Experience

When embarking on an African safari adventure, there are many elements to consider in order to be fully prepared. Packing appropriately and choosing the right clothing and accessories are vital to ensure that you have a successful experience. Appropriate clothing should ensure that you blend into the environment while being comfortable and practical. Here are some tips for ensuring your safari attire is ready for whatever nature throws at you:

Packing for Different Weather Conditions – The weather can vary quite drastically on a safari so it is essential to make sure that you pack the correct apparel for any eventuality. Pack some lightweight layers; such as vests and thin t-shirts, as well as hats, scarves, and gloves if necessary. It’s also important to bring protective items such as sunscreen or raincoats should the elements surprise you on your travels.

Choosing the Right Colors and Prints – Neutral shades of olive green, khaki, beige, and grey work best when opting for camouflage among shrubbery or grasses during game drives – try plain cotton T-shirts or trousers rather than polyester fabrics which can look more artificial against the foliage. Accessorise with practical jewelry whose color palette blends in with neutral shades like wooden beads or sandalwood bangles/necklaces in lieu of silver or gold metals which shine brightly even in low-light situations.

Animal Prints – Animal prints like zebra stripes look great if blended subtly alongside properties of nature itself but should remain muted within considered styling approaches i.e., pairing block color pieces with subtle spotted fashions. Try teaming an animal print maxi skirt with a peach off-the-shoulder top for an eye-catching look that won’t cause too much disruption during your game drives!

Classic Off White Look – Opting for white may not sound like the wisest choice, but cooler ivory tones reflect heat from the African sun better compared to starker whites & creams offering more breathable options during hot climates especially if the recycled fabric has been used wisely throughout product construction e.g., tencel fibers create softer fabrics with moisture wicking abilities perfect for layering over swimwear/gym wear styles in balmy climes!

Preparing for Various Safari Activities – While game drive activities require comfortable outfits providing protection against mosquitoes & ticks alike; walking safaris necessitate sturdy footwear such as ankle-cuffed canvas trainers ideal paired with shorts paired depending upon climate dependent variables & scuff free boots to cover longer distances at heights above sea level e.g., Cape Town Safari terrain provides steeper trails requiring appropriate hikes across higher altitude regions often needing stricter safety measures plus anti fatigue shoes ideal suited due mountain terrains, etc,.

Beach Lodges – One of Africa’s biggest treasures has to be its unrivaled landscapes often flanked by beaches adorned with various activities including swimming/deep sea diving so packing plenty of swimwear choices preferably made from recycled materials is highly recommended accompanied by practical beach bags intended multi-functional use e.g., laptops pouches plus bottle holders; aid daily essentials well protected from the sand!

Conclusion: Best Safari Clothing Brands

Choosing the right safari clothing and gear for your adventure matters for an enjoyable experience. Investing in quality products is integral in preparing for a memorable safari. Embracing the classic safari style as envisioned by early adventurers gives one a sense of exploring the world with true insight and nostalgia.

When packing, dark colors work best to reduce heat and can be incorporated through pants, a warm jacket, lip balm, shorts, or even a pair of safari boots for extra support on long hikes. Comfort should also be taken into consideration when selecting materials such as synthetic fabrics with water resistance or lightweight pieces for warm weather travels.

Accessories such as binoculars can augment any trip while special hats and sun protection are perfect solutions when venturing into East Africa or South Africa. For those with seamless fashion sensibilities, Patagonia has created an ideal item that combines comfort and sleek design with their Long Sleeve Sun Stretch Shirt while having practical elements like breast pockets to store items essential to daily lives when away from home on busy safaris.

It’s important not to forget that gorgeous and stylish don’t always equate comfortably making sure to double-check the functionality of these clothes before heading out on the trail. Altogether this wardrobe allows you to explore the wilds with confidence knowing everything needed for an excellent safari wear outfit is secured!