Best Recliners That Look Like Chairs & Not Like Recliners

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Recliners That Don’t Look Like Recliners

Here you will find the best recliners that look like chairs including our best recliner that doesn’t look like a recliner…

This chair is a beautiful accent piece in its own right and looks fabulous in your living room and is compact enough to be the ideal solution for smaller spaces. But of course, it has the added bonus of being a very comfortable recliner as well…

Putting your feet up after a long day sounds good, doesn’t it? This modern recliner is both stylish and comfortable. With clean lines and a smooth finish, no one will even know that it’s a recliner until you are putting your feet up after a long day.

Best Recliner That Looks Like A Chair

An instantly up-to-date addition to any mid-century modern or contemporary living space, this compact recliner features clean styling and a smooth finish. While not seating the tallest of humans comfortably, it does offer ample support for curling up to watch a movie after a long day at work.

This chair is as comfortable as it is stylish. With a smooth, clean look and hidden reclining mechanism, this chair will fit into any room and look like a regular chair until you need that little bit of extra comfort after a long day.

Ideal for relaxing, the Macedon features a smooth finish, a sturdy wide base, and a waterfall front-to-back cushion for more complete relaxation. It’s up to you how far back it reclines – there is a stop located on the side of the chair that will help you find your most comfortable position.


Christopher Knight Home Macedonia Mid Century Modern Tweed Fabric Recliner


Macedonia Mid Century Modern Tufted Back Fabric Recliner (Light Grey Tweed)



Here Is What Consumers Said About This Recliner That Doesn’t Look Like A Recliner:


This Recliner Chair Looks Look A Beautiful Chair


I hate recliners because they typically look swollen and awful against minimalist decor, but this recliner is both comfortable and compatible with most living room styles, including mid-century modern…

  • I love that it doesn’t look like a recliner, which is often bulky and ugly.
  • It’s really beautiful, and I’ve already received tons of compliments.
  • This has a beautiful classy look that fits in your living room or cozy reading space perfectly.
  • Great price, very nice sleek modern look for a reclining chair.
  • I love them because they are still nice-looking chairs for recliners.
  • We were looking for the perfect mid-century chair and this was it.
  • They do NOT look like an overstuffed recliner–they don’t look like recliners at all!
  • We wanted chairs that looked like chairs but were recliners. 
  • They look very neat and attractive and are pretty comfortable.
  • It looks great in my mid-century modern home.
  • The chairs are very sleek looking; very transitional, they go well with anything.
  • These chairs are beautiful!! We brought 4.. Doesn’t look like a recliner at all.
  • I get lots of compliments on how nice they look.
  • We love that it’s a recliner but looks like an accent chair. 
  • I got 2 and they look great in my living room.
  • They have a slim profile and sleek design, not your dad’s bulky recliner.
  • It’s a well-designed chair. It’s appealing without the recliner.
  • These chairs have really upgraded my living room!
  • Nice, compact design makes it fit in smaller rooms when a recliner typically wouldn’t be an option.

A Very Comfortable Recliner Chair

This piece features a moderately padded seat cushion covered in a soft fabric, as well as a matching back cushion for added comfort. The back cushion is also padded for extra support and comfort, while the side arms have been designed to provide support as well. The two armrests have also been padded for added comfort throughout your use.

This piece is not only stylish but extremely comfortable as well, perfect for those looking for an easy way to relax at the end of their day.

This mid-century modern recliner is all about comfort. The push-back reclining mechanism lets you adjust your position with ease, while the tall back adds plenty of support. Padded arms offer even more comfort when you want to kick back and relax. The durable frame ensures this piece will last through years of use in your home.



Macedonia Mid Century Modern Tufted Back Fabric Recliner (Light Grey Tweed)

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I chose a recliner to lay back at times to watch TV. It reclines easily, with just a push back, and easily returns to upright…

  • These are surprisingly comfortable.
  • The reclining function feels secure and reliable, and the fabric and cushions are resilient.
  • Reclining is super comfy.
  • It is pretty comfortable and reclines nicely.
  • The recliner feature is just perfect for kicking up your feet.
  • Heck of a chair! I love it. Comfortable, sturdy, the most compact recliner anywhere.
  • If you want a cool-looking, comfortable, reclining chair, this is the one!
  • The reclining makes them so much comfier than normal armchairs!
  • They are comfortable, and space-saving, and don’t forget they have the footrest that comes up to make them even more versatile!
  • Easy assembly and very comfortable!

The Perfect Compact Recliner For Small Spaces

The Mid Century Modern Tufted Back Fabric Recliner is the perfect addition to your home. You can use this recliner in your favorite reading area or in your home office.

It’s a great little chair for a small room or if you don’t have a lot of space. It doesn’t take up a lot of room and it looks really nice too. It’s very soft and comfortable too!

Whether you are watching tv, reading a book, or just resting after a long day at work, this recliner will soon become your favorite piece of furniture in the house.



Macedonia Mid Century Modern Tufted Back Fabric Recliner (Light Grey Tweed)

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I bought this chair because I wanted a recliner for my office, as space was at a premium this chair is more compact as well as being comfortable…

  • Excellent chair, perfect for small space with all the comfort you would want!
  • Love that they recline without taking up a lot of space.
  • Good value, nice for small space.
  • Lovely, small footprint chair. 
  • Great chair for a smaller space.
  • Perfect for a small living space!
  • Recommending these chairs for those who have small spaces in their house.
  • It’s big enough and comfy, yet visually it doesn’t take much space.

The Best Chair Recliner For The Money

It features an adjustable backrest and armrests, as well as a comfortable padded headrest which ensures total relaxation no matter what position you are in.

I bought this chair because I wanted a recliner for my office, as space was at a premium this chair is more compact as well as being comfortable…

The reclining mechanism is smooth and effortless. You will not have to press any buttons or make any hand movements to change position, all you have to do is lean back or forward to your desired position.

  • Just WOW- let’s first start saying this was a decently cheap price for a really Great Quality chair.
  • What beautiful useful chairs for the price.
  • Great price for these beautiful chairs and I highly recommend them!
  • I had been looking at chairs for a while and almost spent triple the price on basically the same exact thing.
  • They are comfortable, and for the price- they are fabulous!
  • Great price, very nice sleek modern look for a reclining chair.
  • The quality is superb and the price is even better. I love these chairs!
  • I can’t believe we got this chair for the price!
  • Wow, these chairs are perfect for the price
  • This chair is shockingly comfortable and stylish for the price

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Other Excellent Recliners That Look Like Chairs:


Best Choice Products Faux Leather Upholstered Modern Padded Executive Recliner Club Chair


Best Choice Products Modern Sleek Upholstered Faux Leather Padded Executive Recliner Club Chair w/Leg Rest - Brown
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The recliner looks like a regular chair when not reclined and it looked nice with our new love seat and full sofa…


er Comments:


  • A stylish chair fits in well with most decor.
  • Looks sophisticated but isn’t too formal for a casual living room or entertainment area.
  • Easy to recline to the reading mode or napping mode.
  • Very comfortable recliner, especially for the price.
  • I sit in it every day, comfortable, easy to recline, looks great.

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Ravenna Home Pritchard Classic Recliner


Ravenna Home Pritchard Classic Recliner, 29.1"W, Light Grey
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There is so much I love about this chair. For me it is therapeutic not just comfortable furniture, When I recline it all the way back it gives me goosebumps! Somehow it stretches my spine after a long day of standing…


er Comments:


  • It’s comfortable yet firm and sturdy.
  • I like that the chair is more sized for a woman and not huge/bulky like most recliner chairs.
  • It’s a small-scale and elegant design — not big and clunky like other recliners.
  • The chair is a small size which is exactly what I was looking for.
  • Perfect in the corner of my bedroom.

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Best Selling Davis Fabric Recliner Club Chair


Best Selling Davis Fabric Recliner Club Chair, Light Beige
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I love that the chairs are not too big and clumsy looking. These are comfy, attractive, perfect size and reasonably priced. They look awesome in my retro bedroom. Thank heavens for the manufacturer that realized that not every one likes an ugly over-sized recliner…


er Comments:


  • I love my new reading/ grading nook!
  • It’s comfy and the perfect size for the corner of my bedroom.
  • For the price, these chairs are absolutely amazing.
  • They are not big bulky chairs but are comfortable enough to lounge in.
  • I love the fact that even though it’s a recliner it doesn’t look like one and the color is perfect!

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White and Blue Floral Fabric Recliner


Great Deal Furniture | Dufour | White and Blue Floral Fabric Recliner
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We LOVE these chairs! They match our family room perfectly and are very comfortable. We got the comfort of recliners in our small family room without the large bulky size that usually comes with a recliner…


er Comments:


  • I’m in love with this chair!! It’s comfy, sleek, and gorgeous!
  • Very easy to put together and we get tons of compliments on them from everyone who comes to visit.
  • The chair was absolutely beautiful in the room.
  • Perfect for my wife’s reading corner.

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JUMMICO Fabric Recliner Chair Adjustable Home Theater Single Recliner Sofa


JUMMICO Fabric Recliner Chair Adjustable Home Theater Single Recliner Sofa Furniture with Thick Seat Cushion and Backrest Modern Living Room Recliners (Light-Blue)
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Please don’t overlook these chairs based on the price! I was skeptical at first, but for the price I had to try them. We were redoing a smaller bedroom, converting to a overflow TV room. These chairs were a perfect fit…


er Comments:


  • It was easy to assemble and much more comfortable than anticipated.
  • This is a great recliner, comfortable, and fits in tight spaces, can’t beat it for the price
  • It is lightweight so you can easily move it around a room.
  • This chair is much better than I expected it to be due to the price.
  • It is really comfy and doesn’t take up a lot of space.

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ANJ Accent Recliner Chair for Living Room


ANJ Accent Recliner Chair for Living Room Easy to Push Mechanism, Single Chair with Roll Arm Elegant Khaki-P6003
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This chair is very comfortable and would work well in large or more compact spaces…


er Comments:


  • Well worth the price for a great quality chair. Looks expensive!
  • Very surprisingly comfortable.
  • This is a great recliner for the price, looks good, feels good
  • Perfect size for the corner in my bedroom.

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In summary, if you are looking for a recliner chair that actually doesn’t look like a recliner chair then we just can’t go past the Christopher Knight Home Macedonia Mid Century Modern Tweed Fabric Recliner as our best recliner chair that looks like a chair.

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