Best Projection Alarm Clock Even If You Have Poor Eye Sight

If you are looking for the best projection alarm clock then we can help you out…

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We have researched what people have said about their experience with each clock and narrowed it down to just 4 projection alarm clocks for you to begin your own search…

The Best Projection Alarm Clock With Two Separate Wake Up Times For You & Your Partner


Sony Projector Dual Alarm Clock with Extendable Snooze




New & Improved - Sony Projector Dual Alarm Clock with Extendable Snooze, 5 Nature Sounds, AM/FM Radio, Built-in Calendar, Large LED Display & USB Port (Black) + 2 Sony Rplc. Batteries + HeroFiber
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Easily get the correct time on your Sony projection clock radio. You can project the time on your bedroom wall or ceiling, adjust the tilt swivel and focus to make sure it is as clear as can be.


Here Is What Reviewers Said About This Projection Alarm Clock:


Awesome Big & Easy To Read Time Projection Feature 


  • The time projected on the ceiling is awesome and can be adjusted.
  • I love the projection feature! HIGHLY RECOMMEND for those of us who are aging and can’t read the standard clocks anymore!
  • The small cube clock has good performance and a great projector.
  • It is nice and bright with a very large projection so that I do not need to put my glasses on when I wake in the night and want to know the time. 
  • The projected time display is bright and focused.
  • I love the time projected on the ceiling. It makes it so simple to see the time if I wake up during the night.
  • The projection light is on the correct side and super clear.

Very Clever Alarm Clock Options


  • I need to set the alarm for several different times during the week and this makes it super easy.
  • Nice have weekday and weekend alarms.
  • I love that there are two alarms and you can choose the alarm for weekday, weekend or every day.
  • We love nature sounds and set up the alarm to use the sounds of sea waves and birds.
  • The wake-up sounds are pleasant, not jarring. The ability to set the alarm for the entire week is efficient. 
  • The dual alarm is perfect. 
  • Easy to set, multiple alarm options, very good projector option
  • This alarm clock has every feature I was looking for.

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Other Projection Alarm Clock:


The Sonic Blast – Super Loud Projection Alarm Clock with Bluetooth Speaker & Sonic Bomb Super Shaker

The Sonic Blast - Super Loud Projection Alarm Clock with Bluetooth Speaker & Sonic Bomb Super Shaker (Black)
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The Sonic Blast is the ultimate alarm clock! With its built-in Bluetooth speaker and super loud alarm, it’s perfect for deep sleepers.

It also has a built-in projector that projects the current time on the wall or ceiling.

The alarm clock has many other features like ‘Project A Time’, AM/FM radio, weather function, snooze, temperature display, digital tuning, and much more.

The Sonic Alert Sonic Blast is a sonic super project blast of an alarm clock!


Reviewer Comments:


  • Projection on my ceiling makes it so I don’t have to roll over to see the time (didn’t think I’d like/use that, but it’s a big help).
  • This thing kicks ass, I can sleep through most alarms due to CPAP, but this thing woke me up right away.
  • Finally, something that will wake my daughter up from her slumber in the morning!
  • I bought this clock for our daughter to get her out of bed for school/ work in the morning. She is NOT a morning person and has slept through every alarm clock we have tried!
  • I was worried that she would miss her classes once she was off to a college dorm this fall. This works for her!
  • The key is the device under the pillow that vibrates and buzzes in addition to an alarm.

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Kalawen Weather Station and Projection Alarm Clock

Kalawen Weather Station and Projection Alarm Clock Color Multifunctional Time Date Weekday Temperature Humidity LCD Display (Projection Clock)
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The Kalawen Weather Station and Projection Alarm Clock is ideal for those that want to wake up to world time and more!

In addition to the date and time, you’ll be able to see what the weather is like outside.

This projection alarm clock features a large LCD screen for easy viewing in any light.

You can program it to display in 12 or 24-hour format as well. The bedside panel can rotate 18 degrees, allowing you to set your ideal angle for viewing.


Reviewer Comments:


  • This projection clock comes with a temperature and relative humidity indicator wireless censer.
  • The coolest thing is the projection function, it tells the time and temperature (both indoor and outdoor).
  • Totally awesome alarm clock. A true jack of all trades, indoor and outdoor weather, time, dual alarm, plus projection, this thing can do it all.
  • The time projected on the ceiling is so easy to read even for me without my glasses. It is also nice to know the temperature outside when I wake up.
  • This clock is freaking amazing. I love how it reads the weather and the temperature inside and outside of the house.
  • What is also cool about it is how the timer is projected into the ceiling.
  • Instead of waking up in the morning and having to look for my phone, the timer and temperature are projected into my ceiling with red led light.

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Dr. Prepare Projection Alarm Clock, Digital Clock Projector on Ceiling

Dr. Prepare Projection Alarm Clock, Digital Clock Projector on Ceiling with Indoor/Outdoor Temperature Display, Dual Alarms, Snooze, Colored Backlight, Weather Forecast, and Battery Backup for Bedroom
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This clock projects the time, current temperature, and humidity on the ceiling, or other surfaces.

The projected time is clearly visible from across your room as it’s displayed in large digits on the ceiling or any wall.

This high-quality projection alarm clock features 4 levels of brightness (including pitch-black night light) and includes an indoor/outdoor temperature display (in °C/°F).

Because it does not need to be plugged in, you can use it in places where you don’t have access to electricity.


Reviewer Comments:


  • This is a great projection clock.
  • I’ve had it for about a week and it works better than any projection clock I’ve had before.
  • As for the features, projecting the time is a great feature for me, since it helps me in the morning, no more checking phone or looking for alarm clocks.
  • Very nice clock, I have had quite a few of the projection clocks, this is the best I’ve had.
  • I absolutely love this clock. It’s so much easier to read at night than an alarm clock.
  • Looking up at the ceiling instead of directly into the light is easier on my eyes.

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In summary, there are quite a few very good projection alarm clock products available however we still favor the Sony Projector Dual Alarm Clock with Extendable Snooze as our top pick.

I must give a special mention to the Kalawen Weather Station and Projection Alarm Clock also as reviewers gave a really good endorsement for it as well.

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