Best Portable Propane Fire Pit (Warm Camp Fire Without The Smoke)

Say Goodbye to wood fires because with the Outland Propane Firebowl you get all the benefits of a fire with no ash, no wood, no embers, no smelling of smoke, no expense for wood, no wasted time trying to find wood, no frustration trying to light wet or green wood, no matches, no kindling, no paper, no fuss, and no mess…

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Quick and easy to set up, starts instantly, and ideal for camping, backyards, patios, decks, the beach, and RVs. Perfect for fire ban restrictions, set up a fire wherever you want, and it is compact and portable.

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Outland Firebowl 870 Premium Outdoor Portable Propane Gas Fire Pit with Cover & Carry Kit


Outland Firebowl 870 Premium Outdoor Portable Propane Gas Fire Pit with Cover & Carry Kit, 19-Inch Diameter 58,000 BTU Auto-Ignition

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Here Is What Reviewers Said About This Portable Fire Pit With Cover:


Could This Be The Best Fire Pit Ever?


Best fire pit ever! This is so amazing. Love love love this. No more wood, compact, fits in our RV compartment, buy the storage bag so it doesn’t get banged up. I could see where this would be great in a small space like a condo, etc.. Trust me you’ll love it!


  • To me, this is the best one you can buy.
  • One of our best purchases ever!
  • The best invention ever works as advertised and quality construction.
  • We use this on the patio, at our barn, at our camper, at the beach, etc.
  • This is a must-have portable fireplace for camping and outdoor activities during the fall, winter, and early spring.
  • Extends the summer season and makes for a beautiful outdoor setting for family and friends.
  • It kept us warm. I did not have to worry about starting a campfire. This is the best!!!
  • We use this all the time! Best investment!


Next Best Thing To A Real Campfire!


  • As a retired couple who camps a lot and this is the best thing we have done for ourselves in a long time.
  • Best little fire pit! 
  • We were tired of all the wood smoke so we got this and it’s perfect.
  • Best fire pit out there!
  • We even take this camping with us since everything uses propane it’s really easy to switch between stuff.
  • Can be used even in fire ban areas.
  • Absolutely love this firepit! Very easy to use straight from the box. Starts easy. Very easy to change tanks. Best thing I’ve purchased all year.
  • The flame is just the right size and provides nice heat and best of all NO SMOKE!!!
  • The best piece of camping equipment I purchased in a while. You can forget about burning wood with all the restrictions and chasing around trying to find it.

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Best Portable Fire Pit For Camping! (Especially Where There Is Campfire Restrictions)


We were the only ones with a fire in the entire campsite (because of a burn ban), I guess not too many have caught on to this idea yet.


  • I will definitely be recommending this to anyone/everyone who enjoys camping!
  • We bought this for safety reasons as we were camping all this summer and no open wood fires were allowed. I wasn’t real thrilled because I love wood campfires but now I wouldn’t use anything else!
  • We used this on a backcountry trip a few weeks ago where the campfire restrictions were in place and it worked really well.
  • I would recommend this fire pit for backcountry camping for sure.
  • On a three-day camping trip, we didn’t even finish using the 20 lb propane tank we got. And we had the flames on high for quite a bit. This thing is perfect.
  • Very portable, perfect for taking camping or sitting in the back yard.
  • Bought this so I could have a fire while camping during stage 1 fire restrictions. I saw a lot of jealous campers when we were hanging out around a nice fire at night.
  • It will be ideal for camping at campgrounds that do not allow open fires. Just love it.


Outland Firebowl 870 Premium Outdoor Portable Propane Gas Fire Pit with Cover & Carry Kit, 19-Inch Diameter 58,000 BTU Auto-Ignition

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It Was Nice To Be Able To Place Our Camp-fire Where We Wanted It As Opposed To Where The Campsite Fire Ring Was Located!


  • If you camp year-round and don’t like to deal with the campfire but would still like to enjoy hanging outside by the fire, do not hesitate to pick this up!!!
  • Love this fire pit. Took it on two long camping trips to a State Park that had a burn ban in effect. This fire pit was so nice to have to replace a real fire.
  • It was perfect for our Memorial weekend camping trip in Arizona, no fire allowed, but propane was!!! 
  • Won’t go camping without it. Looking forward to ice fishing in our wheelhouse and sitting around this outside on a cold evening.
  • Everyone wants to sit around a campfire in the evening. This fire bowl was fun to have during our last camping trip. 
  • I use this product living in Arizona when we have light fire restrictions that ban us from having wood fires while camping and this thing sure does the trick!
  • This is a wonderful firepit to use while camping or on the deck. It saved many cool camping evenings when campfires were not allowed.
  • If you’re looking for something to take camping…..this is it. Don’t mess with the cheap-looking ones, this has lots of class and looks expensive.

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No More Having To Take A Shower After A Camp Fire!


Sooo convenient. With small kids you can light it and enjoy and then just shut it off and there is no mess. No more smelling like smoke.


  • Much cleaner and don’t go to bed smelling like you just ran out of a burning house!
  • I like that I don’t smell like a campfire after using it. Just turn it off and go to bed.
  • Although I enjoy a real burning fire, this won’t have you smelling like it.
  • Love that my wife can sit with me by the fire and not have her hair smell like smoke (big Plus).
  • Kind of tempts me to use it all the time since you don’t need to chop wood and don’t smell like smoke. 
  • I do not like the smell of campfires so this is the perfect solution for me! 
  • No firewood needed, and no smoke smell on your clothes.
  • Also nice to go to bed and NOT smell like smoke. It can even be used under the canopy of our trailer (the awning doesn’t even begin to get hot) and creates a very nice cozy space.
  • It’s definitely nice to wake up when camping and not smell like a bonfire.

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You Can Go From Zero Setup To A Full Fire Within Minutes!


Now when we go camping we don’t have to worry about bringing or getting wood when we arrive. We just hook that thing up and instant warmth and fire. The amount of flame is optional, which is really handy. If you are getting too warm, but still want to have a fire, you can just turn the knob down and the flame goes down with it.


  • It’s so great to have a clean instant fire. We used this at a wedding reception initially.
  • My husband liked the idea of having an instant campfire and not paying a ridiculous price for firewood.
  • I use it at home on my deck and it’s so nice to just turn the knob and have instant fire without the smoke.
  • It was wonderful to have an instant fire, even if I wanted it for just for a few minutes.
  • Very nice puts out a nice flame. Seems very sturdy. Still like real fires but I do like the instant fire and no firewood to deal with.
  • Sweet little instant fire for some cozy outdoor sitting in the afternoon sun on a winter day, or to extend dusk outside in any season.
  • It’s so easy to just turn the knob and instant fire! Awesome when it’s windy.

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A Camp Fire Without Buying Or Gathering Wood!


No more worrying about trying to get a fire going with wet wood! I am a girl that loves outdoor fires. These past rainy months in Washington State, I have struggled to get my fires going ie wood not dry enough.


  • NO MESS, NO SMOKE, NO ASHES, and NO gathering, storing firewood (that’s a mess too!). Just do it!!
  • Most places don’t allow you to bring in your own firewood and then the gauge you on price. 
  • No more wood, paper, kindling, SMOKE, and mess. Great product is well worth the money.
  • Beats building a wood fire!
  • No more buying wood or getting smoked out for me. It even comes with an extra package of lava rocks.


Big Question Is It Cheaper Than Wood… Yes!


  • No smoke, no chopping, you can use it under fire restrictions as well as your backyard. A must buy.
  • Super easy setup love it! No more dealing with the state to state firewood issues or weight of wood.
  • Awesome fire pit, use in our camper, sure beats carrying firewood, highly recommend.
  • This is the greatest no mess or smoke and cheaper than wood. Out west you can’t use wood anymore.
  • I use this firepit while camping out of my truck because it has allowed in more areas than a regular wood fire. 
  • You can forget about burning wood with all the restrictions and chasing around trying to find it.

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Instantly Starts – Now You Can Start A Fire With No Matches!


Best feature is the auto start no matches necessary that is the only way to go.


  • I like the built-in igniter so I no longer need to throw a match and pray.
  • The auto start is awesome( no matches or stick lighter needed). LOVE THIS!!!
  • This is very warm, even on medium, and starts up instantly.
  • I LOVE IT! Use electronic start and it starts right up. Easy to control the flame.
  • Works great, turn the switch and it starts right up. 
  • So much easier than starting a fire and it can be used during a burn ban.
  • Love this fire pit! Works just as described! Especially the auto start feature! Handles make it easy to transport for camping etc.

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This Portable Fire Bowl Even Comes With An Extra Bag Of Lava Rocks!


Outland Firebowl 870 Premium Outdoor Portable Propane Gas Fire Pit with Cover & Carry Kit, 19-Inch Diameter 58,000 BTU Auto-Ignition

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We like the fire pit very much. There is really nothing to set up other than putting the rocks in it. We found that by playing around with the rock placement you can get a nice flame even with the gas turned down low.


  • This particular pit is well constructed, comes with plenty of rocks, plus a lid and strap for transport.
  • The lava rocks get red and will stay warm. 
  • It comes in two sizes of the rock that you can put in there.
  • The “rocks” are lightweight and the bulk of the weight is the main pit.
  • The set-up was very easy…put the lava rocks in the bowl, connect the hose to your propane tank, and light it up.
  • I like how I can leave my lava rocks in it to transport. 
  • The lava rocks help keep the warmth. This fire bowl is so convenient.
  • Well thought out so it works well – various rock sizes and quality stones. I have another one of another brand and this one is hands-down better.
  • The “lava” rocks that are supplied do a good job of retaining heat so even on low this thing will keep you warm.
  • I like that it came with some “extra” rocks in case some fall out or get lost.
  • The larger rocks are nicer than the traditional lava rocks many of these firepits come with from the factory.
  • I didn’t even mind the fire rocks as they look pretty good to me.
  • There is even an extra bag of rocks with the unit should you need to replace some later on.

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Best Portable Fire Pit For Backyard & The Beach!


This gizmo has led to a whole new evening routine of “fire pit moments” in our backyard when the sun goes down in So Cal (ie it’s not arctic conditions we’re up against but does get a bit chilly.


  • We can also use this in our backyard during the fire season.
  • This is the size of the car tire rim. We are going to use this a lot! We’ve already used this in our backyard.
  • We love the flexibility of where and when to have a fire. Safe portable backyard or tailgate fire!
  • This firepit puts out a lot of heat. It is great for camping or the back yard.
  • Love it for our backyard. It kicks out the heat and is portable. Can’t wait to take it to the beach! Also with our 50+ days with no rain, this is a firepit we can legally use.
  • I purchased this Firepit for my backyard. I love that it is portable.
  • Works well in the downdraft area of my back yard and is compliant with H.O.A/ Association.
  • I use it to have a social gathering for some of my Neighbors & me.
  • Excellent for occasional back yard use. So glad I didn’t spend hundreds more on fancy table models that don’t look nearly as sharp as this little unit.
  • This is a great easy to use fire pit we bought it for back yard use.
  • It was so nice to have at the beach and it worked very well no problems at all easy to use and to store.

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Best Portable Fire Pit For Patio Or Deck!


We had it set-up on a covered porch, and it didn’t get hot underneath (no burning the deck) and the heat above did not get the ceiling hot either.


  • I use it at home on my deck and it’s so nice to just turn the knob and have instant fire without the smoke.
  • Works just as well for those impromptu evenings on the patio. 
  • Great Patio or RV Fire Pit!
  • We got this for our RV’s “patio” area. It is relatively small and easy to store.
  • We even use ours on the patio at home. Love not smelling like smoke after smores
  • It doesn’t get hot underneath so it’s been great to use in our wood deck


Outland Firebowl 870 Premium Outdoor Portable Propane Gas Fire Pit with Cover & Carry Kit, 19-Inch Diameter 58,000 BTU Auto-Ignition

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We Liked It So Much We Use It At Home On Our Patio!


  • Impressed with the quality of the Fire Bowl. We use it on our deck, and also take it camping with us.
  • We use it on our small patio… best fire pit for our space.
  • Gave out lots of heat, is cool on the bottom so you can put it on a wood deck or anywhere.
  • I got this to take camping. Works great. I also use it on my patio.
  • No heat underneath so you can use it on a composite or wood deck without danger of damage to the surface underneath.
  • Bought this as a gift for my mother to use on her deck. She loves it especially on a cool morning with her coffee.
  •  It is not just for campers. It works in our gazebo on the back deck. 

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Do RV Owners Like This Portable Fire Pit?


Great product. We’re currently snowbirds in an RV park where we use the fire bowl all the time. So far every RVer who saw the fire bowl in operation has purchased one. We are all so glad we don’t have to lug any firewood around, and the fire bowl turns on and off with just one click.


  • We gave it an initial run in our back yard and a second run while RV camping at a municipal park that did not have fire rings.
  • Outstanding Addition to Our RV! Fantastic Product!
  • Great to take on trips with the RV!
  • This is an easy and nice way to enjoy evenings at camp with our RV.
  • Works like a charm! We bring this on the Rv with us with a spare propane tank.
  • We bought this primarily for our winter travels in an RV.
  • My wife loves this. We bought it for the motor home. We use it at RV resorts that don’t allow fire pits.


Outland Firebowl 870 Premium Outdoor Portable Propane Gas Fire Pit with Cover & Carry Kit, 19-Inch Diameter 58,000 BTU Auto-Ignition

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Great Size To Use When Camping In Our RV!


  • Love this fire bowl. It’s perfect in RV parks that don’t allow an open wood fire.
  • It’s compact and fits in our RV just fine and the extra-long connection lets the propane tank stay out of sight.
  • Compact size for easy storage in RV and amazing heat output.
  • We use it outside of our RV and it stores underneath easily and doesn’t take up much space.
  • This is a great firepit. Easy to set up, compact to fit in the RV, and extremely convenient compared to making real fires.

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Portable Fire Pit With Lid And Carry Strap!


Nice portable firebowl that comes with lid and carrier. Plenty of warmth and adds a nice touch to sitting outside on cool evenings.


  • It has various heights for the flame, lid so you can turn it off and you are done! No more making sure the fire is completely out.
  • The fire bowl looks very well made and the lid and handles make it easy to carry. It works great on camping trips, then it’s perfect on the lanai.
  • And the lid and strap that comes with it are super convenient for packing it in your car and carrying it.
  • We really like the lid so that we can close it up and the rocks stay put.
  • The lid is great for keeping the rain out.
  • Great flame height, generates really good heat, and comes with a convenient lid and carrying strap.
  • The lid and carrying handle that came with it works well and makes loading into the car a snap.
  • I like that this one comes with the lid and handle to keep everything together while traveling.

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Best Portable Propane Outdoor Fire Pit!


The best thing about camping is sitting around the fire. Unfortunately with my worsening asthma, campfires were becoming less enjoyable. I just about did a somersault when I discovered propane campfires – all the warmth & ambiance, none of the smoke or filth.


  • One bottle of propane lasted for the whole 10-day trip.
  • This portable propane fire pit was amazing! It really was the easiest campfire I’ve ever set up
  • On a three-day camping trip, we didn’t even finish using the 20 lb propane tank we got. And we had the flames on high for quite a bit. This thing is perfect.
  • The self-starter works great, it put out a lot of heat, easy on how much propane it uses.
  • It comes with a sleeve that holds a 20lb propane tank in a standing position (nice bonus). 
  • Two nights and two mornings (I’d guess about 5 or 6 hours total? ) and I think I used only half a propane tank on medium heat.
  • We got 4 good fires of a few hours each, fire bowl on low from a single propane tank.
  • Easily warms a small group in a 20-degree chill. Haven’t yet run through the entire tank of propane, so it’s a little early to gauge how long the tank will last, but, so far so good.
  • Outstanding warmth without excessive propane consumption. Wish I would have gotten one of these a long time ago!

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In summary, the Outland Firebowl 870 Premium Outdoor Portable Propane Gas Fire Pit with Cover & Carry Kit pretty much just leaves me speechless about how good it is. WOW!!!

This portable propane fire pit makes life so easy. Want to go camping? Just pull it out when you need it and within minutes you have a campfire.

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Have an outdoor party on a chilly afternoon or night? Again no problem… just whip it out and quickly set it up – keep everyone warm.

Spend a lot of evenings out on the patio or deck? Once again easy peasy… now you can stay warm without worrying about burning the place down.

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