Best Mobile Kitchen Island With Deep Drawers & Good Counter Space

When it comes to the best mobile kitchen island the Liberty Kitchen Cart with wheels provides plenty of storage space with drawers and shelves, has a generous counter space, drop leaf design, and it looks absolutely gorgeous…

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The Mobile Kitchen Cart With Drawers By Home Styles Provides Plenty Of Storage & Counter Space For Your Kitchen!


Liberty Black Kitchen Cart with Wood Top by Home Styles


Liberty Black Kitchen Cart with Wood Top by Home Styles

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Here Is What Reviewers Had To Say About The Mobile Kitchen Cart…


Mobile Kitchen Island With Wheels That Is Easy To Move!


I would definitely recommend this to anyone that needs a portable storage solution for their kitchen/dining area.

  • The wheels are a big bonus, along with the fold-out extra tabletop space.
  • I love how it is mobile so I can move it around where I want it. 
  • Perfect mobile island!
  • I can roll it into a corner or move it out when I need a table or additional counter space.
  • When not in use I keep it under my windows, then wheel it over like a kitchen island when needed.
  • Looked at more expensive carts. Can’t beat price and quality. Very sturdy. Easy to move around.
  • It’s perfect for my little kitchen as I can move it away and it makes serving our 6 kids meals so simple.
  • Wheels on the island allow ease in relocating as needed.
  • I have it up against a wall with two stools on either side when I’m only using it for storage, but easily moves and opens up for more counter space.
  • Love this little island on wheels
  • Cart moves when you want it, and stays put when you don’t.
  • I like this kitchen cabinet very much more space and easy to move from one place to another.
  • Sturdy, lots of storage, easy to move.
  • Can wheel it around wherever you need.

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Great Mobile Kitchen Cart For Added Counter Space!


Liberty Black Kitchen Cart with Wood Top by Home Styles

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Provides ample counter space for working all your cooking needs. Opened up counter space in the kitchen by having storage capacity… especially for items in the kitchen I just wasn’t sure where to put them.


  • So far this is working out perfectly and has really cleared up a lot of counter space and cabinet space.
  • We love the foldable extra counter space.
  • My kitchen now has more counter space and looks a lot less cluttered.
  • We purchased this for more counter space in my tiny kitchen. It is a perfect size and can extend more if need be.
  • Awesome for extra counter space.
  • Looks beautiful and gives my rental unit kitchen tons of extra storage and counter space when needed.
  • It looks fantastic in my kitchen and it’s wonderful having the added counter space.
  • Very sturdy and gives me so much more counter space in my small kitchen.
  • This has been a live saver for extra counter space for food prep and storage for the kids to have their cups, water bottles, and plates instead of climbing on the counters!!
  • I’m using this for extra counter space, eating space, and food storage in my cabin.
  • Needed counter space to cook and bake and this was the best addition I have purchased in the kitchen.
  • It’s perfect for my need for storage and extra counter space!

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Mobile Kitchen Island With Deep Drawers & Adjustable Shelves!


Liberty Black Kitchen Cart with Wood Top by Home Styles

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The drawers, surprisingly, hold a lot. For depth, one drawer has a 2c measuring cup with tons of room above. Also, one drawer is holding a set of 10 dinner plates, plenty of room around them


  • The drawers are deep and hold a lot.
  • Lots of storage with drawers and shelves.
  • The inside cabinet is roomy and the drawers are deep.
  • It’s amazing, sturdy, drawers are nice and deep and I was impressed by the amount of room the cabinet has.
  • Lots of room on the shelves and the drawers are deep and sturdy.
  • The drawers are a nice size and open and close easily.
  • LOVE this island! The cupboards are deep, the drawers are huge. I highly recommend this item!
  • Deep drawers and good storage space. Very convenient since we lack countertop space and cabinets.
  • The drawers are nice and deep, the shelves have a ton of storage.
  • My husband loves this little island… It has deep drawers and a lot of cabinet space too.
  • Love the adjustable shelves and deep drawers!

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Portable Kitchen Cart With Drop Leaf!


Liberty Black Kitchen Cart with Wood Top by Home Styles

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Solidly constructed, takes up little space with fold-up leaf to expand counter top.


  • The extender leaf also works great and holds a fair amount of weight.
  • I can pull the unit away from the wall and utilize the fold-out leaf as extra counter space if I am preparing a large meal.
  • The added workspace with drop leaf for flexibility is an awesome feature.
  • We kept the leaf up for extra surface space. Love the amount of storage space.
  • The leaf pulls up to use as a bar.
  • Extra space for my small kitchen and the large leaf is a bonus.

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Gorgeous Mobile Kitchen Island!


Liberty Black Kitchen Cart with Wood Top by Home Styles

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The cart is elegant, and doesn’t look cheap, even when you are close to it. The finish is decent, and all the parts fit well, without issues.


  • It is a gorgeous piece and serves as the perfect addition to my previously island-less kitchen.
  • The selected black color looks amazing with my stainless steel/black appliances.
  • Omg, I love it so much and it looks so good in my kitchen.
  • I love the black look in my kitchen and it now gives me more room for the kitchen products I use to cook and bake!
  • Very sturdy, large, and looks like it cost much much more.
  • It changed the whole look of my kitchen in a very positive way.

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In summary, the Liberty Black Kitchen Cart with Wood Top by Home Styles is the ideal mobile kitchen cart that provides the convenience of easy moving and plenty of storage with great counter space as well.

This review was written to complement the kitchen cabinet with the drawers section of our article: 20 Different Kitchen Cabinet Styles To Consider, where you can learn about other types of kitchen cabinets.

Utilizing A Kitchen Cart

A kitchen cart is a useful tool for anyone who is looking for more room to work, more storage, or just a great looking element in their kitchen. The kitchen cart is designed in many ways to allow each individual to find something that specifically suits their needs.

Choose The Style You Need

The kitchen cart is a cart that can be moved from place to place within your kitchen. In choosing one, figure out what is the best solution for your needs.

Here are some things that a kitchen cart can do for you.

Do you need extra workspace?

Some kitchen cart options will have a large countertop to work from. Or, they will have part of the counter folded down for easy storage when you do not need it. This is ideal for someone without a lot of room to work on countertops.

Do you need more storage?

Often, you’ll find a kitchen cart that has shelves. You can also purchase them with drawers or bins as well. This adds much-needed storage space to a kitchen in a neat and tidy way. And, when you don’t need it, you push it to the side as necessary. Movable storage!

Do you need a wine rack?

An elegant option to many kitchen cart options is a wine rack. These are excellent options for storage of wine bottles safely yet out of the way enough not to clutter your much-needed storage space. The kitchen cart is a great tool to use for a wet bar during parties and get-togethers too.

Roll out your kitchen cart when you need it, put it back when you don’t. Utilize a kitchen cart for serving tables for guests. Use it to serve beverages. Use your cart for any reason imaginable. The kitchen cart is versatile for your busy lifestyle needs.