Best Men’s Swimwear Brands: Good Brands For Guys

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Men’s swimwear includes a variety of garments that are designed to be worn while swimming in the water. These garments range from traditional briefs and trunks to form-fitting wetsuits and competition swimsuits.

The styles of men’s swimwear reflect the latest trends in both fashion and function. Traditional fabric choices include nylon and spandex for lightweight and breathable coverage, but new hybrids combine these fabrics with new technologies like waterproof compressive fabric for athletes looking for an edge in their performances.

What are Popular Styles?

Popular styles in men’s swimwear reflect current trends in fashion as well as practical options for those looking to pursue competitive swimming or other aquatic sports and activities.

Brief-style suits remain popular due to their coverage, while form-fitting long trunks provide a more modern look amongst younger swimmers. Fun prints also come into play when selecting styles, with popular choices including animal prints, palm frond leaves, boat stripes, evergreen trees, polka dots, designs inspired by nature scenes, and much more.

Best Men’s Swimwear Brands

When shopping for men’s swimwear there are many top brands to choose from.

Speedo remains one of the go-to names in swimming apparel worldwide due to its quality craftsmanship and innovative fabrics.

Hurley is known for its quality materials and comfortable fit that make it a must-have item for your summer wardrobe. Their bright colors and patterns burst forth with energy and immediately draw attention on the beach or poolside. It also has an excellent selection of board shorts available so you won’t have any trouble finding something that fits your style perfectly.

Billabong also produces sleek designs with high-end synthetic materials lasting as long as you need them to. You’re sure to get head turns no matter what piece of Billabong swimwear you choose to wear this summer thanks to its wide variety of attractive designs and eye-catching details.

Volcom is famous for carrying classic designs with contemporary updates that deliver both comfort and unique design elements in one package. Its board shorts feature vibrant colors along with built-in stretch panels for maximum freedom of movement which results in a board short collection designed for guys who live life to the fullest.

Rip Curl is another big name in men’s swimwear with its signature logo appearing on many different styles over the years from day-to-day shorts to high-end designer pieces inspired by professional surfers around the world. Its trunks are simply outstanding when it comes to giving you a special look while still maintaining durability through extended use in salt water or other harsh conditions that would damage standard apparel quickly.

Also, well respected among swimming brands is Quiksilver whose boardies bring together striking stripes, awesome prints, and trendy cuts that provide extra depth regardless of whether you choose plain colors or stand-out colors such as salmon pink or powder blue! Add into the mix loads of features – including UV protection layers – offering more than just good looks in return!

Orlebar Brown stands above many other mainstream brands due to its higher quality standards when it comes to fabric technology like quick dry abilities as well as water resistant properties making their shorts perfect going from relaxing at the beach during the daytime to hitting up dinner at night!

Fair Harbor is a sustainable men’s swimwear company that creates unique designs using recycled materials and repurposed plastic bottles. They also have signature prints as well as solid block colors, so there is something for everyone. Their range of board shorts looks great paired with one of their simply designed t-shirts!

Kelly Slater is a legendary surfer whose brand covers diverse and stylish items from head to toe. His exclusive selection of swimwear consists of sporty and comfortable pieces with bold stripes and prints, creating a distinctive look both in and out of the water.

Frescobol Carioca creates timeless silhouettes that radiate chic style – from leisurely activities to beachside walks. Their classic, long side-stripe trunks come in an array of bright colors offering an effortlessly cool look that will stand out all year round.

Birdwell Beach Britches has a range of iconic nautical cuts inspired by vintage lifeguard trunks, made with hard-wearing fabrics that ensure durability no matter the wave size! The classic stripes remain popular each season thanks to their stylish minimalism.

Calvin Klein and Hugo Boss produce luxury, technical trunks as part of their permanent collections every year; functional yet smart enough for any fiesta. Their logo branding makes them recognizable worldwide while offering practicality combined with fashion-forward trends fully adorning your style this summer season!

J. Crew has become a popular swimwear brand for men due to its affordable swimwear collections that offer a variety of styles and colors. Their Naples Swim Short is breathable, lightweight, and fast drying, which makes it perfect for all water activities.

Ralph Lauren is another top brand when it comes to men’s swimwear. The iconic designer offers great quality and timeless style with its stylish selection of shorts and trunks. Their designs come in a variety of colors and prints, all featuring a subtle script logo detail on the waistband.

Birddogs Bathing Suit offers an innovative men’s swimwear line that features high-tech fabric technology to keep wetness away while still remaining comfortable during long days at the beach or pool. Plus, they incorporate silver compound threads in their trunks to create an anti-odor material that will stay fresh even after multiple uses.

Epic Ombre and Gold Board Shorts offer vibrant colors with long length coverage while adding eye-catching details such as colorful logo-emblazoned waistbands and contrast stripes down each side as well as drawstring closures for an adjustable fit. They provide excellent sun protection and quick drying fabrics for optimum comfort all summer long!

Fabric and Materials of Men’s Swimwear

Good brands for mens swimwear

Men’s swimwear is made from a variety of fabrics and materials, including sustainable materials such as recycled plastics. Stretch-materials like spandex, nylon, and polyester are also common components in men’s swimwear to provide extra comfort and flexibility when swimming.

Mesh liners specifically designed for men’s swimwear offer breathability, while extra fabric can give added durability in certain places. Some garments may also have comfortable lining with special wicking technologies to absorb sweat or moisture quickly.

Sustainable materials are becoming increasingly popular when making men’s swimwear. Brands now offer products created from recycled ocean plastic, meaning consumers can shop with the environment in mind without compromising on quality or functionality.

Tighter-fitting styles generally require four-way stretch capabilities, so that a tight fit is achieved without being uncomfortable when worn in the water. Nylon and polyester are both acceptable choices for material in this case as they are popularly considered strong yet lightweight fabrics, aiding flexibility when moving swiftly through the water.

Mesh liners create breathability as an option for more complex pattern designs while remaining strong and secure enough to provide support under high-stress activities like diving into deep waters or performing acrobatics.

Swimming action leads to increased movement thus increased heat retention; providing extra fabric helps counteract this heat build up and increases user satisfaction – this could be through built-in ventilation systems found within training suits, additional paneling within the suit, or multiple layers of mesh fabric which promote air circulation but protect the wearer from any external irritants.

Due to heightened perspiration levels often associated with fast pace swimming activities adding comfortable linings provides a soft layer preventing skin from abrasion caused by stretching fabrics over wet skin surfaces whilst reducing drag due to slick surface technologies applied beneath the liner.

Shorts and Trunks As Men’s Swimwear

Swim shorts and swim trunks are the two main types of swimwear for men, but there are some subtle differences between them. Swim shorts tend to be worn at or below the knee, while swim trunks often reach slightly above the knee.

When it comes to inseam sizes, three different lengths are usually available – long (10”), mid (7”), or short (5”). Both types come in a wide range of styles and colors, from solid patterns to fun prints. Board shorts also have a relaxed fit and feature an elastic waistband, plus an adjustable drawstring closure.

Best men's swimwear brands

Shorts typically have a sturdier waist size than trunks because they must provide more support in addition to comfort when swimming or playing beach activities. They are also designed with plenty of pockets which allow users to carry items like keys and wallets without worrying about them falling out during physical activity.

Patch pockets can be found on both legs for added convenience. Dressier trunks may feature concealed zipper pockets instead of patch pockets.

Overall, the main distinction between shorts and trunks is style: swim shorts offer a more conservative look while still allowing maximum comfort, while trunks provide a relaxed feel great for casual beach days or sports.

Conclusion: Best Men’s Swimwear Brands

Choosing the right men’s swimwear depends on personal style and preferences. Men looking for a beach-day look can opt for traditional shorts or printed swim trunks, while more active types will benefit from trunks with 4-way stretch, breathable mesh liners, and elasticated waistbands for a range of motion.

For the eco-conscious, materials such as recycled polyester or nylon are great sustainable options. Popular brands such as Nike, Sanmarc, and Vilebrequin offer both simple styles such as boxer briefs to casual shorts with drawstring fastenings – providing a myriad of choices perfect for any occasion.

As men’s swimwear continues to evolve in accordance with fashion trends, these staple brands continue to produce high-quality styles that are bound to last for seasons to come.