Best Men’s Sunglasses Brands: Good Brands For Men

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When it comes to fashion, men’s sunglasses are an important accessory. With a wide variety of styles and designs, it can be difficult to decide which sunglasses brands offer the best combination of quality and style.

To help you make the right choice, here is a list of some of the top men’s sunglasses brands that offer classic looks with excellent craftsmanship and long-lasting construction.

Best Sunglasses Brands For Men

Ray-Ban has been a leader in men’s sunglass fashion for decades and offers a huge selection of iconic styles like aviators, wraparound frames, and classic wayfarers. Ray-Ban lenses feature polarized options for ultimate sun protection without obscuring your vision.

Oakley is another leader in men’s sunglass design offering both sporty and stylish models perfect for any situation. Many Oakley designs include lenses made from Plutonite – their proprietary composite material that filters out 100% of all UV rays as well as some blue light and infrared light emission, making them ideal for activities such as hiking or mountain biking.

Persol is an Italian brand renowned for its high quality, classic styling, and attention to detail. Persol makes prescription glasses as well as regular sunglasses in traditional shapes like aviators or wayfarers with polarized or mirrored lenses depending on your preference.

Costa Del Mar also produces polarized lenses in many stylish frames with design elements perfect for fishing enthusiasts including mirrored lenses for perfect visibility on sunny days spent on the lake or ocean. The Costa580 polycarbonate lens blocks yellow light so you’ll have better clarity when sighting schools of fish under the water’s surface.

Maui Jim is an American company dedicated to providing the most advanced sunglasses technology available while pushing fashion boundaries with unique frame styles! Their “PolarizedPlus2” technology blocks 99% of reflected glare plus 100% UV rays so your vision will always be clear regardless of outdoor conditions.

All these brands provide excellent men’s sunglass styles that promise good visibility, comfort, and style no matter what you’re doing – be it sunning yourself at the beach or playing an intense game of squash – there‘s always a pair out there just right for you!

Sunglasses Frames

Best mens sunglasses brands

Sunglasses frames form the foundation of any pair of shades and their primary purpose is to protect our eyes from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. Different types of sunglasses frames, such as aviator, round, or rectangular frames, can be used for different faces and outfits. Moreover, materials range from plastic to metal frames, and many have elements like arms and temples that provide additional strength.

Metal frames are often more durable than other materials such as acetate or TR90 plastic because they’re constructed with much finer details and higher intolerance for movements.

Classic metal frames include aviators—named after the pilots who wore them during World War II—and wayfarers first popularized in the 1950s by Ray-Ban. There are also oversized sunglasses with larger lenses for a fashion-forward look or thin round ones reminiscent of John Lennon’s style in the 1960s.

Plastic is a light material allowing manufacturers to experiment with shapes like angular cat-eye sunglasses that were very common in the 50s and 70s. High-end designer brands even use luxury plastics such as monel or titanium alloys coated in bold colors like black, gold, gunmetal grey, or silver to create stylish statement pieces taking up the main focus on face shape and color choices.

Craftsmanship plays an important role when it comes to choosing high quality yet fashionable sunglasses frames; even if an item looks expensive but it’s poorly made it must be discarded immediately!

An example of a well-made frame using luxury materials is Gucci’s Navigator Frame Sunglasses which feature circular lenses with a flat top and a double bridge structural detail that reads “GG 2566/S” etched onto acetate temple tips for added sophisticated feel.

Then there are Calaveras styling glasses combining vibrant colors mixed with edge parts packed into slight lense shapes – perfect for casual outings! The possibilities are almost limitless!

Sunglasses frames have evolved over time along with fashion trends. While classic designs remain timeless, more daring styles will come up sure to last beyond their moments – just remember all sorts exist so pick something that complements your facial features first then move on to affectations afterward!

Types of Lenses

Lenses are an essential part of our everyday life, from reading glasses to sunglasses, and come in a wide variety of style options. Different types of lenses serve different uses and feature various advantages depending on your needs.

Some popular types of lenses include polarized lenses, scratch-resistant lenses, blue lenses, UV protection, UVB protection, nylon lenses, prescription lenses, and interchangeable lenses.

Polarized lenses are tinted consisting of synthetic filters placed between layers that reduce glare and restrict ultraviolet (UV) rays entering the eye. They provide excellent color enhancement while eliminating brightness issues caused by reflected light. This type of lens is ideal for outdoor activities such as fishing and driving.

Scratch-resistant lenses come with an additional coating added to the surface to give extra protection against scratches as well as smudges and dirt build-up over time. Adding this protective layer it reduces the amount that traditional cleaning can damage the actual lens material itself.

Blue light-blocking lenses play a role in minimizing potential damage from exposure to blue light due to prolonged periods spent using digital devices or spending time outdoors during the middle of the day or near bright lights in night environments like stadiums or restaurants with prominent lighting schemes.

UV protection refers to blocking out harmful UVA/UVB radiation from penetrating through sunglasses lens material used for outdoor usage; these types offer total shielding from UV rays and also help boost visual clarity for enhanced visibility outdoors.

This is especially helpful for people who work outdoors consistently such as fishermen or golfers that require greater vision abilities under sunny conditions; nearly all name-brand sunglass brands will have some form of “special” UV protection coating applied at the manufacturing level even if they don’t specify.

Nylon lenses provide excellent durability when compared to other materials because of their high plasticity properties; they are also very lightweight yet still capable of providing strong resistance against shocks due to impact trauma; Nylon lenses can be found integrated into some high-end designer frames like Oakley’s Frog skins range due being more aesthetically pleasing than Acrylics while also offering greater flexibility when compared with Glass based designs models; they are much more forgiving financially since they cost less too!

Prescription Lenses can only be fitted by authorized optometrists upon presentation times an official prescription from their health care professional; these will approach based on specific diopters strength required based on an individual’s relative sight accuracy levels often taking multiple measurements during consultations ensuring correct set ups matched perfectly specific requirements (such as astigmatism).

Interchangeable Lenses can offer great benefits, especially for progressive wearer who might need a distant corrected lens while driving but works with computers on a daily basis and also needs computer corrected lens.

Polarized Sunglasses

Polarized sunglasses are specialized sunglasses designed to reduce glare from reflecting surfaces such as water, snow, or glass. Glare can cause significant and uncomfortable vision issues including difficulty seeing in certain environments and even physical discomfort due to the intensity of the light.

Polarized lenses are constructed with a special filter that blocks intense reflected light, reducing glare for improved visual clarity and comfort.

Oakley is a leading manufacturer of polarized sunglasses and offers several options that provide both practical protection from glare and stylish designs. The Oakley Sutro is an excellent choice for moderate climates due to its increased coverage area and sporty shape.

Its wide lens provides full coverage from all angles, while signature High Definition Optics technology ensures precise optical clarity.

For a more vibrant style, Oakley also makes sleek models like Turbine and Frogskins. Both feature fashionable frames and lenses that offer crisp optics with minimal distortion across their entire range of protection.

Ryders Eyewear is another trusted manufacturer of polarized camera-grade lenses that own a variety of styles designed for specific activities like surfing or sunbathing. Their Native Eyewear Sightcaster model has UV400 lenses with tinted blue colors designed to protect eyes while offering clear visibility at maximum depth under the sea or in bright environments alike.

Similarly, Jacques Marie Mage’s collection offers dazzling colors perfect for fashion trends and is also crafted with eye-protecting polarizing tech to reduce glare at all distances.

Finally, Shady Ray’s shades boast an impressively large field of view ideal for fishing or bike rides due to durable materials plus detachable side shields for added protection against debris when needed outdoors.

All in all Polarised Sunglasses utilize cutting-edge technology so wearers no longer have to worry about squinting from intense reflections caused by sunlight, helping people experience better vision on any given day.

Designer Sunglasses Brands

Designer sunglasses brands are high-end sunglass manufacturers that create and distribute designer eyewear for fashion-savvy consumers. These brands are crafted from the highest quality materials with attention to detail and original design concepts.

With frame shapes, color options, and lens coatings, the possibilities are endless when it comes to finding an individual style. Popular designer sunglass brands include Oakley, Warby Parker, Saint Laurent, Garrett Leight, Thom Browne, Smith Guide’s and Smith Parallel, Costa Del Mar, and RAY-BAN aviator styles as well as Gucci’s Navigator Frame.

Oakley is a California-based designer brand specializing in high performance sports eyewear. With a selection of frames made from unique materials such as titanium alloy and carbon fiber, Oakley offers an array of sleek designs perfect for active individuals who need sunglasses that won’t get in their way.

Warby Parker prides themselves on providing frames with superior construction captivated by vintage inspired styling. Warby’s iconic prescription frames have become a go-to option for young professionals looking for timeless designs without sacrificing functionality or quality.

Saint Laurent Sunglasses offer luxurious shapes in classic colors like black or tortoiseshell along with contemporary models giving fashion lovers complete flexibility.

Garrett Leight offers up classic American looks paired with retro references ideal for taking one’s look back to the past while staying ahead of the trends in the present day.

The most modern of these designer glasses comes from Thom Browne who has a selection of cutting edge sculpted acetate styles perfect pairing with luxury ready-to-wear outerwear apparel by the eponymous label itself.

Smith is known for catered innovation when it comes to function and protective eyewear offerings featuring Polaroid lenses based on two progressive silhouettes — Guide’s and Parallel respectively — designed specifically for everyday wear adventurists alike.

Costa Del Mar features durable frames constructed for the great outdoors in tandem with their award winning lens coating technologies allowing wearers to experience vivid color definition during any type of outdoor activity from fishing to golfing activities alike.

Finally, RAY-BAN remains one of the world’s most iconic eyewear lines offering up classic aviators in golden metal hues ideal for men or women aiming at achieving timeless vintage appeal that never goes out of style supplemented by beautiful acetate styles from Gucci’s own navigator frame line adding flair and zest whenever needed while exuding fashionable confidence no matter where you choose to take your unique look next!

Affordable Sunglasses Brands

Affordable sunglasses brands include Sunglass Warehouse, Blenders Eyewear and Sunski. Each of these brands provide attractive sunglasses that won’t break the bank.

Sunglass Warehouse is an American-owned brand with a global reach, offering eyewear for a whole range of lifestyles and budgets. They offer all sorts of styles – from full-rimmed to rimless frames – constructed from top grade materials and superior craftsmanship, without sacrificing on quality or style.

Blenders Eyewear is designed with modern trends in mind for the fashion-forward consumer. Their range includes both men’s and women’s glasses from aviators to round frames priced between $50-$90 USD per pair. Blenders have something for everyone no matter their style preference, price point, or face shape!

Sunski was founded in 2012 on the premise that beautiful products shouldn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Their mission is to create eco-friendly sunglasses that bridge the gap between style, performance, and affordability so no one gets left out of looking good in classic shades.

Sunski has come up with a clever concept called “Pick Sunski Yuba” where shoppers can choose their own frame shape, materials, and color at stake starting from just $38 USD per pair!

Classic Styles

Classic style is an aesthetic that embraces timeless designs, classic shapes, and shades in fashion, furniture, and accessories. This timeless look originated many decades ago with the design of aviator and military styled sunglasses. This style has managed to remain relevant, incorporating unique features each season.

The classic aviator style was introduced by RAY-BAN in 1937 adding a fine metal frame around teardrop shaped lenses. Since then, many variations have been made including brilliant colors, reflective mirrored lenses, and premium materials like gold and titanium frames.

Good brands for men's sunglasses

The Wayfarer-style sunglasses are also a popular classic design originating from the 1950s. Its characteristic angular black or tortoiseshell frame paired with darker lenses maintained its iconic look over the years. Models like Clubmaster, Outdoorsman, and Erika are also all part of this classic collection. A recent addition to folding Wayfarer sunglasses further increase convenience by allowing you to easily keep them on hand.

Ray-Ban’s Aviator style has gained particular fame over the last few decades; recent interpretations like gradient versions pay tribute to their original design yet manage to remain modern with their contemporary updates such as aluminum frames for added durability and comfort bridge pads for improved weight balance.

Overall classic styles may be reinterpreted for each new generation but always remain lightly inspired by older models without seeming dated; this enduring appeal keeps these designs fresh every season making them suitable for men, women, and children alike no matter what age they might be!

Fashionable Styles

Fashionable Style features bold designs and popular looks, with designer brands often seen as a hallmark of a well-dressed individual. Iconic style figures like Johnny Depp or Brad Pitt are perfect examples of how to combine classic styling with a modern look. Whether it’s aviators or cat eyes, fashionable style often involves tinted lenses to add an extra bit of flair.

Beyond sunglasses, everyday fashion can incorporate various trendy pieces that evoke a particular mood or aesthetic. Ranging from contemporary streetwear to grunge-inspired styles, fashion can be adapted to suit any lifestyle or preference. Accessories such as backpacks and rings can be used to accessorize while vibrant colors and patterns help create eye-catching ensembles.

A timeless way to stay fashionable is by infusing classic items with modern designs. By pairing oversized blazers with straight-leg trousers or vintage-looking jeans you can create a unique outfit that will always remain in style.

Whatever trend or staple item one chooses, the most important part of a fashionable look always remains confidence! Being comfortable in any ensemble helps make any individual stand out in their own stylish way.

Comfort and Protection of Men’s Sunglasses

Men’s sunglasses provide comfort and protection for your eyes against sun exposure, strong light reflection, wind, dust, and other environmental factors. Many pairs come with adjustable nose pads for an additional degree of comfort as well as adjustable nose pieces to ensure that the glasses fit comfortably on the bridge of the nose.

Since men are more prone to participating in outdoor activities such as fishing and cycling than women, having comfortable and protective eyewear is essential. A perfect pair should offer good eye protection while providing maximum comfort. Possessing features like scratch resistance will also help extend the life of your sunglass lenses.

It is particularly important that men’s sunglasses contain special UV rays protection lenses since they spend more time out in direct sunlight which increases their susceptibility to UV-related eye damage. Depending on personal preference and budget, various polarized lenses with different levels of protection can be purchased in a range of tints and styles.

Another factor to consider when investing in a quality pair of glasses is how you will use them. Do you need them for sports or do you just want them for day-to-day use?

Different types of frames offer different degrees of coverage depending on usage, so it is important that you think carefully about what activity you plan to participate in most often before making a purchase.

When in doubt, try several different pairs until you find one that fits your face shape best then decide if premium features are worth the extra money in order to get proper protection from sun rays and extended durability over time.

Conclusion: Best Men’s Sunglasses Brands

The eyewear industry is filled with options for men’s sunglasses and styles that include classic, aviator, plastic frames, and oversized frames with different colored lenses. Finding the best men’s sunglasses brands can be difficult as there are many options to choose from.

However, when shopping for quality men’s sunglasses, there are certain key features to consider. High-quality sunglasses have Polarised lenses which give optimal clarity during the day when we need it most.

A stylish pair of sunglasses should not just provide protection from UV rays but also ensure a comfortable fit on your face. Moreover, look out for a warranty after purchase in case you’re unhappy with your choice or want to exchange them in the future.

Shady Rays is one of the top brands in the market today offering stylish pairs of high-quality polarized sunglasses at an affordable price point thanks to their value-packed deals like buy 1 get 2 free.

Additionally, they offer other less expensive non-polarized pairs of sunglasses which boast tonnes of style without breaking the bank. On top of this, they provide prescription sunglasses too so you can get exactly what you need while buying stylish shades or plastic black frames, or angular frames with cheap prices and popular designs while staying classy on the hot summer days!