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Best Mattress In A Box (Better Sleep Without Waking Your Partner)

What Is So Special About Zinus Mattress In A Box?

The best mattress in a box is made by the top-class company Zinus and what is so impressive about it is all of the things it does without…

For example… This mattress provides a great night’s sleep and you wake up without back pain, neck pain shoulder pain, etc. It is firm without being hard, you can move about or get out of bed without disturbing your partner, and it’s so comfortable some people can even sleep without a pillow on this mattress.

You can go without the box springs with this mattress, get a good night’s sleep without tossing and turning, lay comfortably without sagging, and so on.

Zunus’ unique mattress in a box design not only eliminates the hassle of dealing with messy, heavy boxes, it also reduces shipping costs and increases the efficiency of their delivery.

I am going to show you how good the Zinus mattress is by showing you what people are saying they can now do without all of the things that annoy you with other mattresses…

Discover Why People Are Saying They Can’t Live Without This Zinus Mattress!


Zinus 12 Inch Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress / CertiPUR-US Certified / Bed-in-a-Box / Pressure Relieving


Zinus 12 Inch Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress / CertiPUR-US Certified / Bed-in-a-Box / Pressure Relieving, Queen

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Here Is What Consumers Said About The Zinus 12 Inch Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress:


Love Waking Up In The Morning Without Extreme Pain!


It has a soft, conforming memory foam top layer and is firm enough underneath to allow sleeping on my stomach without experiencing back pain from being on a swayback mattress.


  • This bed cured my sleepless nights. I can sleep on my side without my spine feeling broken in half. I can sleep on my back or stomach no problem. I can’t remember the last time I slept through the night.
  • I awoke without the usual neck & back pain, the first time in a long time!!
  • This has been the best thing for my aching joints and I am able to hop right up in the morning without my “old lady” stumble that I used to have.
  • I wake up without shoulder or hip pain.
  • Slept like a baby. Woke up fresh without groaning in pain.
  • It is firm enough to support SO’s back issues, but soft and conforming to my “curves” so I can sleep on my side comfortably without it hurting my hips.
  • This mattress is so awesome! I can sleep on my side without my hips hurting. As soon as I lay down I immediately feel at rest and it is perfectly soft yet firm. Perfectly supports every part of the body yet not hard.
  • I wake up more rested and without the associated aches and pains as before. I also seem to have less conscience waking time.


It Was The First Time In A Long Time That I Woke Up Without Lower Back Pain!


  • I must say this is the first time since my lower back surgery I have gotten up without any pain and with energy ready for my day.
  • Now, we wake up so much less throughout the night and wake up in the morning fully rested without all the aches & pains we’ve been used to.
  • I just want to say the first night of sleeping on this mattress was amazing I woke up without no back pain the mattress did go back to its original shape after getting up.
  • Game changer!!! We are getting great sleep and wake up without so many aching joints.
  • I woke up without any back pain. It’s not hard like most memory foam mattresses it gently conforms to your body and is really soft.
  • Seriously, and I know this sounds so cliche but, the first night I slept on this, I woke up without feeling sore or tired. I was completely amazed!
  • I’m an athlete who suffers from chronic low back pain and sciatica from disc issues and after the first night I slept on it I woke up for the first time in over a year without back pain!
  • I wake up without my back screaming. My husband hasn’t had a bad morning since. Forget expensive mattress stores.

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I Love That My Partner And I Can Get In And Out Of It Without Waking Each Other!


We have had this mattress for 2 nights total, and for the 1st time in 3 years, my wife has slept all night without me waking her from moving around.


  • I can move on this mattress without waking up my wife, heck, I’ve even tried jumping on the bed with a glass of water on the other side — no spillage!
  • What I just realized is that I can sit or lay in one spot on the bed without disturbing anything else on the bed.
  • If you are asleep, someone can get in and out without disturbing you at all.
  • The mattress hugs your shape and you can move without moving your partner when getting up.
  • I can literally stand on one corner and walk around without the hubby feeling much movement.
  • The mattress is FIRM and as a wild sleeper, this mattress allows me to somersault without disturbing my partner.
  • Another neat aspect of this mattress is that you can’t feel the bed move when someone gets out of bed. So we can wake up, or go to the bathroom in the middle of the night without disturbing each other.
  • It is so nice being able to get out of bed without waking my wife.
  • If you sleep with a partner, you can move about without disturbing their position.
  • The mattress is comfortable and provides support without causing pain or pressure. I also like the lack of motion transfer when you change positions.

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It Is Without A Doubt, The Most Comfortable Mattress I’ve Ever Slept On!


HEAVEN! Oh, my sweet goodness!! Easy peasy set up. The moment you lay down you melt without being trapped or sucked into the bed with no hope of escape like some other brands. No sir! This bed is FABULOUS!


  • It is without a doubt the most comfortable bed I’ve ever laid in in my life.
  • I literally fell asleep on my back and slept for 6 straight hours without moving (would have been longer if the dog didn’t wake me to go out! It was the best night’s sleep I’ve had in years. This bed is so freaking comfortable and is so supportive, you melt into it.
  • I can even sleep on it without a pillow and I still sleep like a baby.
  • Without a doubt, the most comfortable mattress I have owned.
  • I love it it’s wonderful I can even sleep without a pillow now.
  • When I lay down, there’s no ‘getting comfortable’ period, no matter how I lay down I’m automatically comfortable.
  • This bed is without a doubt the most comfortable bed I ever slept on.

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It Provides Needed Support Without Being Too Firm And Is Insanely Easy To Fall Asleep On!


This mattress is hands down the best thing I’ve ever slept on. It hugs or absorbs every muscle, making it super soft without sagging.


  • It is firm, without being hard, and supports so much better than an innerspring mattress.
  • More to the firm side, but you can definitely feel the memory foam-forming to your contours without sacrificing support.
  • I love the feel; you can turn in bed without feeling like you’re stuck in memory foam and it’s just the right amount of firmness.
  • It contours to your body without you sinking in, but still supports you.
  • This bed is Medium Firm… it will cup your hips or bottom without letting you sink it. It’s soft but very supportive
  • It doesn’t make you feel hot, you can’t feel the other person moving around in bed, and it has great firmness and comfort, but soft without feeling like it is sagging.
  • For me, it’s the perfect mix of soft and firm, without too much sinkage and without holding too much heat as some people have suggested. we’re even waking up in a better mood.
  • I find the firmness of it just perfect and allows me to relax and fall asleep without any trouble.
  • Now, on to the comfort…wow!!! Perfect support without being too firm or too soft. My sleep-tracking watch showed an immediate increase of 1 hour of sleep as well as an increase in deep sleep time just from switching to this mattress.

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No Tossing And Turning – Better Sleep!


It’s not too firm or too soft and just hugs your body. I’m normally a stomach or side sleeper but I can sleep comfortably without worrying about my positioning.


  • I can actually lay comfortably without having to constantly reposition.
  • I slept through the night without tossing and turning. It was a completely different kind of sleep than I was used to.
  • It is a seriously comfy mattress. No need for a box spring, just open and enjoy. My wife loves it, our kids love it (too much), Not overly soft and we can both move around without disturbing the other.
  • I sleep through the night without having to keep changing sides to stop my hip pain.
  • My daughter is a grown woman and has friends who stay over sometimes, so we know it comfortably sleeps two without them rolling into each other due to strange sags in the mattress.
  • I slept on my side all night, without going to my stomach, to the other side, or to my back, which I’d been doing all night every night for years. It is so soft and comfortable that I felt no pressure in that position. A new experience!
  • It’s been a long while since I’ve slept an entire night, without waking up numerous times. This mattress has fixed that – I get a great night’s sleep, every night! I find myself wanting to go to bed early at times, just to sleep on it!

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We Weigh In At Over 500lbs Between Us And This Mattress Has Not Sagged In Any Way!


I find the overall feel to be firm and the memory foam has just the right cuddle factor without smothering. No sagging at edges so if you’re an edge sleeper no problem.


  • You can also sit on the edge of this without slipping off as the foam compresses, and you can also sleep near the edge without getting dumped off.
  • The edges will crush down if you sit on the edge, BUT if you are laying on the mattress you can be within an inch of the edge with no sagging, crumbling, etc; in consequence, the mattress actually feels bigger than it is because every inch is usable.
  • No sign of any sag or depression in the middle after a year.
  • Doesn’t overheat you, doesn’t sag and I don’t feel my husband rolling over, the bed doesn’t bounce around when he moves or gets up.
  • Here I am 6 months later after purchasing writing my . My husband is a big guy and I am petite. There have been no sagging or comfort issues.
  • No noticeable difference and no-sag after nearly a year.
  • We have had it for over 3 months and there is no sinking, sagging.
  • Two years later this bed is still in perfect shape, no denting or sagging or anything. 150lb woman and a 230lb man sleep in this every night.
  • Now I’m a large guy (350 lbs) and it has not sagged or worn any at all.
  • I and my girl combined are 450-500 pounds and no issues or sagging at all.

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You Don’t Need A Box Spring!


If you’re in need of an affordable, yet still comfortable memory foam mattress that’s thick enough to go without a box spring if you want, then this is it


  • I would like to add that a huge advantage of the memory foam mattress and platform without the box springs foundation is it is quiet. The bed makes absolutely no noise when you lay down or get up or turn over.
  • THIS BED IS AMAZING. Feeling impartial about the nonconforming bed of the future? Think you’ll miss the springs? No way. I promise. I felt the same.
  • I have it on a metal frame with no box spring and it’s not an issue.
  • The mattress’ design allowed us to skip the box-springs and go straight to a base, which saved a bit of money.
  • This mattress is incredible. It is very comfortable and is an amazing combination of soft and firm. I love that I could totally do away with my box springs.
  • All told – this bed and frame (both by Zinus), plus the mattress pad and a good set of sheets cost less than a local bare mattress, not even including the box springs! Couldn’t be happier – just about as good as it gets for a high-quality bed. Thanks, Zinus!
  • I’m also not using any sort of box spring; this is just sitting on a piece of plywood. This bed is thick and comfortable. My back doesn’t hurt when I wake up and I just snuggle into it at night.

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What About Side Sleepers?


Been sleeping on it for 3 weeks now and I used to wake up with sore shoulders(side sleeper) or I’d wake in the middle of the night and my arm would be numb. Not a single time so far. 


  • I definitely recommend especially for side sleepers (me). No sore shoulders or back when I wake up. GET ONE!
  • Extremely comfortable and sturdy for a side sleeper.
  • I don’t wake with my arm numb and tingling (I’m a side sleeper). I also feel very refresh and well-rested.
  • We are both side sleepers so we held our breath when we first tried it in our guest room. We loved it! It was perfect, it rebounded and puffed up as it should, we followed all the directions and I can’t say enough good things about it.
  • I am a side sleeper and this looks to be a perfect match for me.
  • My wife and I are both very different sizes and body types, with her being a stomach sleeper, and me being a side sleeper, and we both sleep great on it.
  • I’m 9 months into this mattress. I absolutely think it’s the best 9 months of sleep I’ve had in my 38 years on this earth. I’m a side/stomach sleeper. The mattress hugs me ever so gently.
  • I am a side sleeper and this bed is great for me!
  • This mattress is great as I am a side sleeper and my wife is a back sleeper.
  • I am a side sleeper and I felt like the bed perfectly cushioned me as I slept! The price is unbeatable for such quality.

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What About Stomach Sleepers?


It has a soft, conforming memory foam top layer and is firm enough underneath to allow sleeping on my stomach without experiencing back pain from being on a sway back mattress.


  • I am a big lady with a large chest and I stomach sleep, it is comfortable for me, my husband is a side or back sleeper and he really enjoys our bed.
  • For the first time in about 3 years, I was able to sleep on my stomach with no pain.
  • I laid on my stomach which I haven’t done in years and could t believe it was even possible but flipped to my back and woke up on my back which is a never happen since I had my injuries and kids- always had to sleep on my side.
  • Now that I’m not pregnant, and can sleep on my stomach again as I usually do, I can say even more how comfortable it is. My husband is a side sleeper and finds it incredibly comfortable as well.
  • I roll between my stomach and my side and both were perfectly comfortable.
  • One of us is a back sleeper, and the other a stomach sleeper and we both sleep soundly.
  • I sleep on my stomach and side and I didn’t have a problem with either position.
  • I’m a stomach and side sleeper and it feels very conforming.
  • I can sleep on my stomach again without discomfort!

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What About Back Sleepers?


It’s soft but supportive. I’m usually cold so I can’t really speak to whether it gets hot easily. I’m a lifelong back sleeper but have found myself falling asleep in new positions based on how super comfy this thing is!


  • I’m a back sleeper most often but sometimes sleep on my side and the 8 inch is perfect.
  • One of us is a back sleeper, and the other a stomach sleeper and we both sleep soundly.
  • Great for back & side sleepers, amazing.
  • My husband is a back sleeper with some sciatic problems and he noticed a difference within the first week
  • Back sleepers this would likely be perfect.
  • I’m strictly a back sleeper and I have no issues with this bed.
  • My girlfriend is shorter and thicker than I am and a back sleeper and she sleeps well and is comfy on this mattress too.
  • 10 inch which is PERFECT for us. My husband is a back sleeper with a lower back injury and I am a pregnant side sleeper so we knew we needed something with support for his back but soft enough I could sleep on my side but still have support.

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Many Customers Declare This To Be The Best Mattress!


Great mattress with an irresistible price. Quality comfort. I never purchased a mattress online before, took a chance and it turned out to be the best mattress I ever owned.


  • I can live without a lot of stuff in my life but I WILL NOT live without this mattress.
  • We are so blessed to have it; I don’t know what I would ever do without it.
  • I got this because it had good and because of the price. I never thought it would be the best mattress I’ve ever slept on!
  • It’s honestly one of the best mattresses that I’ve ever slept on.
  • If I use my head and think back… “What purchase was the best bang for the buck, which purchase positively impacted my life?”… I have to give it to this mattress.
  • I thought I had a good mattress but this Zinus is the best I have ever had.
  • This mattress is the absolute BEST. It is ridiculously comfortable and not a hot mattress like you come to expect with memory foam.
  • I’ve had this mattress over 3 years, and I cannot stress this enough—it is the BEST mattress I have ever slept on, inclusive of swanky hotels, and my “sleep snob” friends’ houses.
  • Best mattress ever!!! It is amazing and I literally recommend it to everyone. It is so affordable and amazing quality.
  • As for comfort well let me say this is the best mattress I have ever owned.

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Get A Better Night’s Sleep!


I awoke with no aches, no pains and can only remember turning in my sleep once throughout the entire night. I literally woke the next morning and said aloud, “WOW! I can’t remember sleeping like this since I was in my 30’s!”


  • This mattress has let me sleep like a normal person again.
  • I can honestly say I’ve had the best sleep ever in this mattress.
  • Now I sleep through the night and my back is fine.
  • The Zinus mattress is so comfortable, it conforms to your body around you and feels like laying on a cloud lol. I get great sleep now and I don’t toss and turn often.
  • My kids got the best night’s sleep they have had in a very long time because of these.
  • The quality of Zinus mattress is high quality and I feel like I’m sleeping on clouds when I roll into bed.
  • I don’t think I’ve ever felt a more comfortable bed! It’s squishy and soft the way a cloud looks in one of those old cartoons and I sleep so hard and long!
  • I continue to sleep incredibly long each night as it’s always super comfortable!
  • And the sleep… well, like I said, best sleep ever.

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In summary, the Zinus 12 Inch Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress has everything going for it and is one of the best mattresses you could ever wish for. It is available for 6, 8, 10, and 12-inch Single, Queen, King, and plenty of other sizes as well.

Let’s run through some of the highlights again…

  1. The Zinus is a mattress that doesn’t sag.
  2. Produced by a top-class company.
  3. Get a better night’s sleep.
  4. Wake up with no pain.
  5. The mattress doesn’t transfer movement so you won’t disturb your partner.
  6. Amazingly comfortable.
  7. The perfect balance of not too firm and not too soft.
  8. Easy to fall asleep.
  9. No tossing and turning.
  10. You don’t need box springs but can still use one if you want to.
  11. Great for all types of sleepers including side, stomach, and back sleepers.
  12. Ideal for couples who sleep the same or different.


All in all, you will be hard-pressed to find a better mattress in a box. It is easy to set up and there are way too many people singing the praises of this mattress to ignore it.

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