Best Kitchen Cart On Wheels – Ideal Coffee Cart (Microwave Cart)

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If you are looking for the best kitchen cabinet on wheels that can be used in multiple ways to save you space in the kitchen then this cabinet is the ideal solution.

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Mobile kitchen cart for microwave or coffee

It is ideal as a microwave cart, coffee cart, or kitchen cart and it looks beautiful as well…

The Winsome Wood Kitchen Cart On Wheels… Microwave Cart, Coffee Cart, And More!


Winsome Wood Single Drawer Kitchen Cabinet Storage Cart


Winsome Wood Single Drawer Kitchen Cabinet Storage Cart, Natural

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Here Is What Reviewers Had To Say About The Winsome Wood Kitchen Cabinet Storage Cart…


A Quality Kitchen Cart Made Of Real Wood Will Last For Years!


Solid wood is used for the whole frame and it looks great. I’ve seen more expensive units that are far less sturdy. Excellent value.


  • This is a quality wood cabinet/cart and is very sturdy.
  • The cart is solid butcher block wood everywhere and will last for many years without warping.
  • This is a cart that will last a lifetime in my humble but accurate opinion.
  • We’ve had this cart for over two years, and it still looks brand new.
  • The storage cart is solid wood, a very nicely finished surface, solid piece of furniture, worth every dime.
  • This is an excellent cart, all solid wood, quite heavy, and very sturdy.
  • Solid hardwood top, doors, drawer front, drawer pull, and handles.
  • The framework and nearly all the components are made of solid wood, and the construction is very solid and sturdy.
  • This is a much more solid item than comparable ones I saw at local stores.
  • Solid hardwood, good workmanship, easy assembly, great value.
  • One of the best purchases I have made in some time. As in the other reviews, this is made from solid wood. 
  • Well built and great materials for the price. Solid wood with no synthetic or particleboard parts.
  • The storage cart is solid wood, a very nicely finished surface, solid piece of furniture, worth every dime.

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Mobile Kitchen Cart For Microwave!


It is EXCELLENT and I would highly recommend it if you are looking for a microwave cart with extra storage!


  • This cart is perfect for my small convection/toaster oven and has storage behind the cabinet doors for anything I don’t want out.
  • It holds a mid-sized microwave easily and has a good storage room for my stand mixer and a couple of other small appliances that I also wanted to get off my counter.
  • We needed a small microwave cart with storage underneath for our tiny kitchen.
  • It is perfect for my microwave and to store miscellaneous appliances like slow cooker and blender.
  • This little cart was purchased for me to set a microwave on top.
  • I really like this cart. We have an extra-large size microwave and it fits fine.
  • The size is perfect for a small kitchen, and you can fit a large microwave on top if you want to.
  • It will definitely hold a large microwave or be used as a handy kitchen cart with a drawer and two shelves enclosed.
  • I would recommend the product to anyone needing a microwave cart to free-up counter space.
  • It is great because it will get my microwave off my small counter and it gives me more space in my pantry.
  • The microwave sits on top, my kitchen towels and magnetic fridge lists are in the drawer, and all my Tupperware is in the cabinet.

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Mobile Kitchen Coffee Cart!


We use it for a coffee cart. Our 12-cup coffee maker sits on top, coffee canister, sugar/sweetener bowl, etc. Towel bar on the side is super handy.


  • This is now our coffee cart and can even keep extra coffee and filters in the drawer.
  • It works great as a coffee bar.
  • Now I have a beautiful kitchen cart that serves as our coffee station.
  • I used this cart to create a coffee bar and allow me to get the coffee pot off my counter. Has good storage space for extra supplies.
  • This coffee cart is exactly what I needed, and I can see that it will last a very long time due to its sturdy solid-wood construction and quality hardware.
  • It holds quite a few pots and pans as well as a coffee maker and a tea kettle.
  • This is a perfect addition to my dining area/kitchen. Makes a perfect coffee station and has plenty of extra needed storage space.
  • Works as my coffee stand (Keurig/coffee grinder/French press, pour-over station). yeah, I’m that coffee guy.
  • Use it as my coffee bar. It holds my coffee maker, grinder, sugar/creamer, and still has extra room. Stores all my coffee beans, sugar, cups, etc.
  • Perfect cabinet for my Keurig coffee maker and the drawer is great to store coffee or hot cocoa pods and plenty of extra storage under the cart for appliances I don’t use so often.
  • We use it for the coffee maker, to avoid steaming the kitchen cabinets.

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Nice Looking Kitchen Cart!


It is an attractive addition to anyone’s kitchen and the ability to roll it around makes it very convenient.


  • Really impressed. This cart is sturdy, handsome and I like the handles a lot.
  • It’s beautiful and of much better quality than other items out there in the same price range.
  • This is a very nice looking and quite sturdy little cart that I do like a lot!
  • It looks beautiful in my kitchen. Has great space inside for storage and was easy enough to assemble.
  • This cart is not only functional (microwave fits perfectly on top! The extra drawer and cabinet space a big plus!)… it looks great too!
  • It is a truly beautiful piece of furniture. 
  • Definitely the nicest and classiest cart I’ve seen for its size and price!
  • It is quite smart-looking with a deceptively spacious interior.
  • The cabinet is attractive and has a nice solid feel.
  • This is a gorgeous cabinet. It’s real wood too! Looks great in my kitchen.
  • Just beautiful… my kitchen has been enhanced with this piece of furniture.
  • The finish is good, rolls easy, and have had many compliments about it.

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Kitchen Cart With Storage!


I would definitely recommend this small kitchen cabinet cart that actually holds a lot without taking up a ton of space!


  • For the money, I would recommend this cart to anyone looking for a little extra storage.
  • This storage cart really filled a need I had.
  • Great piece of kitchen furniture or could be used in other areas of the house where storage and work are needed.
  • This is exactly what I was looking for as extra storage in my kitchen.
  • It’s fairly compact but still has good storage inside with a shelf, and I can even use my crockpot on top, freeing up counter space.
  • I would recommend it to anyone who needs additional storage or in my case, a microwave stand for a reasonable price.
  • The doors open to provide an easy storage volume for large pans (e.g., woks).
  • It’s sturdy, great looking, easy to maneuver, and offers plenty of storage.
  • Pleased with the storage space and that it looks upscale.
  • This is very sturdy and very attractive…matches my natural hardwood floors perfectly and I couldn’t be happier with this storage cart.
  • We bought this to put our “food saver” on something mobile, and with the amount of storage underneath I get lots more perks!
  • It has a lot of storage space and makes a great addition to my kitchen.

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Kitchen Cart On Wheels Rolls Easily!


Love that this is on wheels. So easy to roll it where I need it when baking and push it into it’s corner when not.


  • It’s solid, strong, and rolls very smoothly.
  • We can roll it up to the sink and roll it away.
  • It is an attractive addition to anyone’s kitchen and the ability to roll it around makes it very convenient.
  • The drawer works smoothly and the casters roll quietly and smoothly.
  • I can roll it to my work area and storage is a plus.
  • We keep it in a corner by the kitchen table and just roll it out to where ever we need it.
  • It looked great (and got lots of compliments) when we rolled it into the dining room to serve coffee from during Thanksgiving.
  • I roll it around my kitchen almost every day and it is the best.
  • Rolls effortlessly and is a perfect aide in the kitchen.
  • It has become a rolling workhorse in our kitchen.
  • I purchased this so I could roll it in there whenever I want to use my mixer.
  • The cart rolls well on both hardwood floors and also carpeting.
  • If you need extra counter space & storage, I would recommend this to all you ladies, you just roll it up next to you by the stove.

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In summary, the Winsome Wood Single Drawer Kitchen Cabinet Storage Cart is the ideal little cart for your kitchen.

The mobility is wonderful, the extra storage space is a bonus, and it is mostly made of solid wood.

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